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  1. https://www.masstransitmag.com/safety-security/article/21288158/fta-issues-safety-advisory-for-nova-bus-steering-gearbox-bolt-failure Is any of our stuff affected?
  2. We are not talking about whenever any LFLRV goes out of service for any reason. 4400 has already had its welds attended to; whatever ails it is outside of the scope of the thread.
  3. There is a staggering host of differences between rolling stock in Europe vs. here. North American regulations generally require a vehicle to be overbuilt, so that in the event of a collision, the people inside are protected, while the EU approach generally favours much lighter rolling stock, with regulations such as more advanced signalling systems, grade separation, etc doing the heavy lifting in ensuring safety. It is worth noting that very few things in this world are consistent, unless someone proposes the idea of standardizing it on an international level, such as the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. To the best of my knowledge, nothing of the sort has ever been attempted for railways, and I'm not sure you'd get anywhere even if you tried. A toy operation like the SRT won't require rolling stock built to such heavy duty standards as, say, the New York Subway, with its 24/7 hours of operation and expanded lifespans (over 40 years seems to be the de facto standard, as cars age much faster than their replacements can be financed and sourced). I repeatedly fail to understand what exactly would be gained by shipping subway cars directly on the rail network vs. on flatbeds. About the only benefit that I can see is that you wouldn't have to source a flat truck (which doesn't seem to be a very difficult task). Everything else about the delivery procedure should, broadly speaking, remain the same: you need something to push the delivered vehicles into the consist, you need something to pull it onto the property when it arrives, and it has to undergo inspection and testing before it can be allowed to move under its own power. You also have to deal with potential problems like incompatible couplers and incompatible gauges. I have my suspicions that perhaps loading gauges may be the reason for this model railway logic operation in various parts of Europe, especially the UK which has an extremely restrictive loading gauge and loading a Tube car onto a flatbed may be in excess of the permitted height clearances. North America has, as a general rule, much freer loading gauges which allows them to comfortably load a vehicle onto a flat car and ensure it is not subjected to the forces of heavy rail operation as it goes.
  4. Word to the wise: if you are trying to build a forum reputation, attacking established forumers is not the ideal way to do it. Doing so damages your credibility, which is exactly what you need for your assertions to be taken seriously. As for your allegations, it is logical that as the time for the arrival of the newest buses arrives, the TTC will retire the least healthy ones and part them out to keep the balance of the fleet going. However, 2/3rds of the fleet being gone before their replacements even arrive does not sound credible in the slightest. As for the NGs and 3Gs, height clearance issues at Queensway garage preclude either of these from going there. IF anything from Wilson were to cover for Queensway it would be the 8100s, which are more or less identical under the hood to the 7900s and 8000s.
  5. The rigid Ikarus 260 will be ending its tenure on Friday along with the 435 class. The articulated 280s should still have a couple more weeks before them.
  6. Would anyone happen to know the history of the Orion V that was exported to Sweden? It was for Linjebuss in Gothenburg and according to their roster on busphotos.eu (may be incomplete), there seemed to have only been one built. I'm sure I could find some further information on the bus if I knew Swedish, so I'll have to settle for asking here. Anyone know how this came to be? It appears to have had a rear window. A great pity it was scrapped.
  7. Yes, I'd be curious to know exactly what sort of transit systems these are that have been replaced DDs with artics. They must be urban systems, surely. I don't know of any artic produced in the modern day that is suitable for commuter operations. I guess if a big enough operator were interested, they could redesign the bus to make it more suitable for such an operation.
  8. No, they didn't. They tried to impose a contract on education support workers, those being chiefly early childhood educators, librarians, custodians, etc., not teachers. Those education workers then told them to pound sand. Please inform yourself before posting. Also, the GO strike literally just started. I'm sure there's lots of bad faith threats against the drivers in the pipeline, just give it time.
  9. I believe the union agreement mandates them to find them alternative positions within the commission. As they should.
  10. GO bus strike looming: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/go-bus-drivers-strike-monday-1.6641181
  11. Why finally, if they still refuse to make their cards compatible with Google Pay? As bad as the app was, it was the only solution.
  12. Just before this gets out of hand with further accusations that I don't know how the system operates, I have managed to find the discussion where my "facts" about the lunch breaks, or lack thereof, originated from. This was in response to an article from January 2012 about an operator who was let go for eating a chocolate bar behind the wheel. Being that I am not in the employ of the TTC, nor do I have any personal relations who are, I'm not sure at what point I was supposed to sniff out anything in this discussion as being suspect. I try to keep myself as informed about the TTC as possible, but this comes with certain limitations. If you told me right now that all budgeting and financing is done on scraps of paper with a pen, I would have no basis on which to discern that information is untrue.
  13. I thought by my use of pronouns it was clear I was targeting the company who put forward the proposal to rebrand. I am crystal clear about the fact that this was not the TTC's brainchild.
  14. The yuppies of our fine city continue to be 100% in touch with the real issues plaguing the TTC: their logo. https://www.blogto.com/city/2022/10/someone-redesigned-ttc-logo-people-have-thoughts/ The obsession with branding in this modern era is a real stain on our civilization. Like putting lipstick on a pig. All the issues the TTC has and this is what they choose to go after? Who cares about brand? Just make the service good and then who cares if the buses are painted in 1940s era blood and custard!
  15. I do indeed realize that a bus is capable of being driven by another driver, yes. The last time this topic was rehashed on this forum some years ago it was indicated that TTC drivers do not get lunch breaks at all, that they are expected to work for the entirety of their shift. Was that information incorrect/has that changed in recent times?
  16. It's not (just) an issue of gridlock, if you take a look at the service summary there are many routes that have little to no terminal time scheduled. If those routes ran perfectly to time, drivers would still be expected to turn around and head back immediately, or very close to that. I have no idea why the union possibly agreed to this, or the lack of lunch breaks, this seems to be about as raw a deal as could possibly exist.
  17. Except for weekday rush hours, I'm not sure the 46 ever had a former glory to restore. The off-peak frequencies have always been so bad that you would have to be desperate to choose the 46 over driving. Every 17 minutes on Saturday afternoons pre-COVID? Who in their right mind would possibly choose that if they have alternatives? All of these new buses with their fancy features dispatched on routes in deep Etobicoke and Scarborough have always been putting lipstick on a pig. Make the transit attractive to use before bothering with stupid things like phone charging ports.
  18. T3G

    General WTF Moments

    Two lovely customer stories from last night: 1) One customer had a fluorescent tube he was looking to purchase and one he had brought from home. Each had a blue stripe on it and he kept pointing to it, saying that he wanted to buy it, and he wanted me to mark it as being black and wanted to make sure he could return it. I had no idea what he meant and said so and he kept saying it was black and when I still had no idea he pointed at something underneath the plastic end cap that looked either like some kind of glazing or the electrical connection inside bleeding through. And he kept saying he wanted me to mark it as being black on his receipt so that he could return it. I said I have no idea what it is that you want from me, so he stormed off without saying anything and went to go bug another cashier. I was afraid the cashier was going to call me over and there would be part 2, but fortunately this did not occur. The nerve of these people to get mad at you because they're awful at communication. 2) We had a customer that wanted to buy two extension chords that were scanning for $40 a piece but he said they were $10 a piece. He comes back with a picture of an unrelated barcode below the box and demanded that we sell it to him for that price. He met with another cashier first, who told him no; he started giving her attitude so she calls me over, I also tell him no - I told him we could offer him a slight discount (25%) for the inconvenience, but we couldn't do the full discount. He starts insisting that he knew my job better than I do and starts quoting the Ontario Scanning Code of Practice, I counter that said practice only applies if it's the same product marked differently on the shelf, not a random item being put back in a spot it doesn't belong. He kept arguing with me and insisting he knew how to do my job better than I do, so we summoned a manager... who proceeded to give the guy the discount to get him out of there. Instead of paying $80, he paid $20. Just absolutely lovely. So does that mean I can leave a $400 tool on the candy shelf, and then demand that I be sold the tool for $2? What is the point of there being any rules if they're just going to be ignored if someone is a big enough baby about it? But then they turn around and tell us that due to profits being down, we're cutting your hours. Yeah, you wouldn't have to if you didn't kowtow to every parasite that walks in off the street!
  19. Nitpick: neither the R62 nor R68 ever underwent a GOH. The reason for the GOH of the 60s era SMEE stock was because the subway was devastated from decades of deferred maintenance. The preferred solution these days is SMS (Scheduled Maintenance System), which tries to get ahead of the need for a large scale overhaul by replacing components as they reach their end of life (yes, that sounds to me like regular maintenance practice, too). As well, the R62s were linked into sets in 1991, long before they would've been ripe for anything resembling an overhaul, anyway. Also to keep this post at least somewhat on topic, the building of Kipling yard doesn't actually solve the space issues at Greenwood that necessitate the TR Mark IIs to be built in the way that they are. I know of no plans to decomission Greenwood yard, so unless they renovate it to make servicing TRs possible, linking the cars together will not be on the table.
  20. If you read the previous page of discussion, you will see that the present TR fleet is also fixed into 3 car sets.
  21. 3 plus? The closure is supposed to happen next year.
  22. Fair, but the post I quoted was alluding to trying to attract primarily younger ridership.
  23. I've never cared for the TR design either, but as far as I'm concerned the pinnacle of subway car design was the H5/H6/T1 kleenex box style of subway car so any deviation from that is something I'm not hugely keen on. Interior wise I find the TR to be more agreeable than the T1, which is far too dark.
  24. Just to clarify, you believe an aisle seat is more valuable than a window seat? They charge people in Europe for heavy coats?
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