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  1. I still find their choice of livery shocking. If memory serves, the original ideas thrown around called for green and white trains, which would've been far more visually appealing than this grey on grey on grey dreck, even if it would cause the intellectually challenged to confuse it with a big honking GO Train. I do not understand this modern era at all. It seems that the only objective is to make everything around you look as dull and dreary and depressing as possible. To match the times, perhaps? Not that I particularly enjoy 70s era kitsch but I would welcome that a million times over instead of grey/white & black/anthracite everything.
  2. Self check out is starting to really grate on my nerves. I have no idea how anyone could've thought this was a viable business proposition, because any cost savings that are made by having one person in charge of monitoring various stations are cancelled out by the fact that the slightest niggle in a transaction (which are common, because the average shopper is dumber than a brick) will cause lines to pile up and customer satisfaction to plummet. I don't really know of anyone who actually, genuinely, prefers self check out over a regular cashier except for the asocial, but the amount of problems that they generate are biblical in scale. Shipping label not removed from the box - customer scans this - invalid scan - employee has to interfere Customer has item without barcode - employee has to interfere Customer has item with a bin number instead of barcode (screw, etc) - employee has to infere Customer has discount slip - employee has to intefere Customer wants to pay cash (bonus points if they want to dump all of their change on you) - employee has to interfere Customer is lazy and doesn't want to "do someone else's job" - employee has to interfere Customer is confused and doesn't know what to do - employee has to interfere Now try to do all of this while being on the look out for sketchy people and woe betide you if you didn't notice someone walk out! And of course, it's the summer, so hours are down, because apparently it's "not as busy" (utter nonsense that could only come from an office dweller), so we have to make do with less employees. So now you're stuck there, on your own, you don't have any cashiers that can open any regular lanes and help clear up the line, so crowds build, and customers take it out on you. Be they old people who are angry that there's no lanes open because they don't understand technology (this is excusable, the verbal abuse is not); or entitled contractors who don't feel like doing the work. One of my most notable interactions, if you can call it that on account of there being no words from the customer, featured him pulling his cart up in front of me, and then jerking his head in the direction of the register! I am going to have to start playing dumb with these people. And speaking of dumb, if any action requires an override, the customer gets to see the employee back end screen, which is a terrible idea, because the unwashed masses have no idea how to do your job but think they do. Today at the self check out, there was a customer that wanted to pay a credit card bill with cash. For cash transactions with exact amounts (say, rounded up to $65), there is a button that the cashier can press instead of keying in that same quantity manually. This woman was owed a higher amount in change, but pointed to the screen and said "no, no, that's not right", before I even started counting up the change. Yeah, I know it's not right, did you SEE me giving you $65 in change?! Mind your own business! How exactly does it make sense from a scheduling perspective to have two people finish at 1 pm, but the next person doesn't come in until 4 pm?
  3. Legendary Toronto historian Mike Filey has passed away at the age of 81. https://www.torontomike.com/2022/08/mike-filey-dead-at-81/
  4. Quoted for truth. Related, something that's been getting on my nerves a lot lately is how every modern contraption seems to be equipped with some shrill, loud, and usually superflous beeper. We have lots of these at work; most recently, I've been getting extremely irritated by scan guns that beep every 3 seconds if their battery is low and they are charging. More than once while on duty I've taken the scan guns if they are not on a regularly used register (we have two overflow registers for busy times) and shoved them in a drawer for the duration of my shift. Then there are security tags on various high value products, which constitute the biggest and most pointless waste of time and most headache inducing "security measure" ever devised. No theft has ever been deterred by these, and we have a million different models, all deactivated a different way, and all of them trigger an alarm inside the register if you place it down on the register to remove the security tag. So now you have to drop the product on the dirty ground if you don't want some stupid alarm going off in your ear. The same goes for stuff like Toronto's new streetcars, which for some ungodly reason have to have beeps to signify that the doors are opening (two of them), then door chimes (for every door, which frequently don't close together), and then another high pitched beep... to signify that the doors are locked? It's a small wonder that anything productive gets done in this day and age when the only jobs that still exist seem to be charged with making life as headache inducing as possible.
  5. No one was talking about the stub track. Since you mention it, however, its length is 136 feet from junction to end. It's less than that if you want to ensure the car does not block another vehicle's access into the loop, but it should be plenty enough to fit a Flexity car, and this is clearly viewable if you look at it on Google Streetview, too. This is all a moot point, though, as the track is not connected electrically to the network and I know of no plans to change this. TTC '28 does not make any reference to the east to north curve track. Its only track diagram is dated to February 1928, prior to the TTC takeover of the Lakeshore track, so that is also out. The earliest reference I have found to it is in the foldout track diagrams that come with 50 Years of Progressive Transit - according to that, the track has been there since at least May 1, 1936. Personally, despite the low probability of it needing to be used, I think that intentionally handicapping yourself by omitting a curve wouldn't make much sense from an operation's perspective. This is my theory as to why the west to north curve at Queen and Kingston Road exists. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it, and all that.
  6. The flaming imbeciles who do this shit: I spilled a bit of someone else's coffee on myself today while cleaning up this mess. Is it that fucking hard to hold onto your garbage until you come across an emptier garbage can? It's a big box store, we have more of those than we have personnel. Christ.
  7. It's hard to be sure given how vague the tender description is, but I assume this is exactly the case. I suspect they may be making a push to recolour all of the remaining old livery BiLevels. I don't remember them tendering any painting services up to this point.
  8. RQQ-2022-LCLO-694 - RQQ-2022-LCLO-694: Painting Services for Bi-level Rail Coaches & Other Rail Eqpt https://www.metrolinx.merx.com/public/solicitations/2244024508/abstract?origin=0 I presume the days of the old livery BiLevels are numbered.
  9. This is what I assumed was the case as well. I have no idea why stale or otherwise incorrect tracker sightings keep being reported in this thread. Obviously there is a lot of value to sightings from these services, but it can only go so far.
  10. Sorry, how exactly can 4460 be tracking in Pickering when the GPS is disconnected in transit and there are no TTC receiver towers in an area not served by the TTC?
  11. Hell hath no fury like a bus prematurely retired.
  12. When you're trying to negotiate a purchase and the seller ends up backing out without telling you. There was a guy who was selling some old TTC memorabilia including some out of print books I inquired about. He told me to make an offer so I did, for the books. He told me he wanted to sell the whole thing instead of piecemeal. I told him I don't have that kind of money. This was a week ago and he hasn't responded. So I guess that's it? Can't even bother to let me know that we won't be able to reach an agreement? Chrissakes.
  13. The whole implementation of the door requests has been quite a mess. What is the point of having those buttons in the streetcars in the first place if they're just going to open all the doors at every stop anyway? Nothing like being on the car in the dead of winter and stopping to pick up one person and throwing all the doors open, especially when you're sitting right next to a door. Then again, given the omnishambolic approach to everything on the streetcar network, maybe this is really a blessing in disguise. Can you imagine if you missed your stop because the pushbutton wasn't working and you couldn't make your way to another door in time? I'm currently staying in Bratislava where this solution is used universally and this just happened to me a few days ago, busy bus so by the time I made my way to the next doorway the bus was already halfway to the next stop.
  14. You know you're getting old when people are unfamiliar with the vehicles of your youth!
  15. Certain circumstances being the key phrase in your post. There is nothing mandating a slowed down speed into the station under regular circumstances, unlike streetcars which still have to follow all these silly regulations even at 4 am when there is precious little traffic to worry about. There are certain circumstances under which it makes sense to restrict vehicle speed, like during overcrowding conditions on platforms, bad track conditions, high amounts of intoxicated pedestrians milling about uncomfortably close to the roadway, etc. The streetcar regulations are more like having such rules in place to deal with a theoretical possibility of such circumstances existing.
  16. 4466 was only gone a few months. The first retrofit, 4400, was absent for a year and a month. It seems highly unlikely to me that they would've been able to fix up 4466 so quickly, unless the quality of workmanship was considerably less shoddy than that of 4400-4465.
  17. More specifically, RAD buses operate as standbys, they fill in wherever coverage is needed, and they are not bound to a specific division's routes. So any bus from any division that has RADs can appear on any route from any division.
  18. Question about the BiLevels: what is the purpose of this wall/divider right next to the row of 3 seats under the stairs, and why don't all the BiLevels have it?
  19. T3G

    Move away or not?

    Oh no, I totally get what you're saying, and I appreciate your input on this issue. When it's just me with my own thoughts it can be difficult to identify logical fallacies or flaws in my thinking. I do have a tentative plan in mind, I am aiming to go back by April 2023. I feel that that is a good amount of time to research my options and commit to something. I do have my Slovak citizenship, which is lucky as dual citizenship ceased being an option for new citizens back in 2010. As I recall there are numerous locations in the EU where uni is free or at least available at a heavy markdown for EU citizens which is significant as well. I know a lot of people who are in school right now and have seen them struggling big time with online schooling, so I consciously made the choice to defer going back to school until such a thing was much less widespread. I wouldn't say I've wasted those 2 years in total, though, I've been working since the outbreak of the pandemic and have saved up a pretty good amount of cash already which will come in handy down the line no matter what. I understand that there's a trade off here, but it's a trade off I felt was worthwhile - having an excuse to get out of the house and see real people has been hugely beneficial for my mental well being throughout covid, and having that money to spare will make it much less painful to relocate when I end up doing so. Since things are largely back to normal now, it's time.
  20. T3G

    Move away or not?

    Slovakia would be my first choice, as that is where the overwhelming majority of my family lives. Economically they have done rather well for themselves in the 30 years since they've booted out the communists, even if COVID has jeopardized that to a certain extent, but they are heavily reliant on Russian fuel for heating and power and I'm a bit dubious as to how this winter is going to look on account of that. Other places I have looked at are the Czech Republic (culturally very similar to Slovakia, but somewhat better off), or perhaps somewhere in Great Britain or Ireland. If truth be told I wouldn't be very bothered with any of those places, at the end of the day they are a hop, skip, and a jump away from Slovakia and they are all generally pretty well off economically, and GB/Ireland has the added benefit of not having any kind of language barrier. Switzerland or Norway was another idea I explored when I was younger, but I'm not sure how realistic that ever was due to the exorbitant costs of living. I guess it would depend on if I managed to land a decently well paying gig there. Which brings me to the other issue... I need to go back to school, because I am woefully unqualified for anything right now. I studied journalism for two years and while that was an interesting experience, it is in no way conducive to having an actual career. I've been waiting for COVID to die down so they'd stop faffing around with nonsense like online classes, so I'll have to start exploring my options soon.
  21. T3G

    Move away or not?

    I have absolutely nothing keeping me here. At this stage I'm waiting for the economic/geopolitical situation to stabilize so I can head on out, but it's very hard to set expectations for something you don't even know is going to happen. I would love to just pack my bags and leave, and were I in this same position in 2018 I may very well have done so, but I feel more than a little uneasy about the stability of the European continent to make such a move right now. This ^^ right here. I don't know what it is with North American suburbs and their car centric urban design. How are you supposed to make friends - and forget about dating - when you need a car to go anywhere and do anything? My local transit stops running at 10 pm on weekdays, at 7:30 pm on Saturdays, and doesn't run on Sundays and holidays. I badly need to live in a city with a decently usable transit system. Bratislava was a dream when I visited in September. Nothing like being able to hang out in the city centre late into the evening, and being able to make it back to my hotel within a reasonable timeframe.
  22. I disagree. There's having issues with a service being provided, and then there is this. I think that when 95% of a user's contributions to this forum is complaints about service and about how they personally are being treated like third class citizens because their service/rolling stock is trash, a reality check is sorely needed. Not that any of us on the forum can do anything about it, anyway - isn't this what customer service is paid to listen to?
  23. T3G

    Move away or not?

    I've wanted to move back to Europe for a very long time. I am much too far away from almost my entire family here. Seeing my grandparents is an unnecessarily rare experience, I barely know any of my cousins, etc. COVID has made that desire all the more acute since it was impossible for almost 2 years to travel back, and also all the more unattainable on account of the gargantuan economic crisis which Russia's aggressive BS in Ukraine has worsened. Will I ever end up fulfilling this dream? Only heaven knows.
  24. Fast food joints/grocery stores that don't open/serve food until 11 am. Because people working the morning shift can get fucked, right?
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