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  1. Everyone is a special interest group these days.
  2. Do I have to have a better idea in order to point out that your proposed solutions will also get the buses stuck? There was a photo of a bus that got stuck in the turn from Don Mills onto Fairview Mall Drive. This intersection is as flat as they come. If a bus got stuck here, why do you think they'd be able to handle a detour to Lawrence or Bayview stations? But to answer your question, I agree with the union. Temporarily suspending service for a period of time while the plows work seems to be the best in a bad situation. A lot of people in online comments sections are complaining about how they won't be able to get to work, but a lot of them weren't able to anyway when their buses got stuck, and their presence on the roads just makes it harder for the snowploughs now to dig the city out, especially when there's vehicles side by side on a major road.
  3. Kind of a false solution, as there were lots of photos of buses getting stuck in non hilly places too. There was a pair that got stuck in the middle of the intersection at Yonge and Finch and several got stuck in the area around Don Mills station as per the today's sightings thread, on either flat land or gentle hills. As for your concrete proposed solutions, Bayview and Lawrence is a two level intersection and there's a hill on Bayview leading out from under the 401 towards Sheppard too, so that seems like a pair of almost certain locations for those buses to get stuck if they managed to make it so far.
  4. Please don't get a job in urban infrastructure maintenance, hehehe.
  5. Not unless they built the crosstown to TTC specifications. Since it's an isolated line, it is being built to standard gauge and 750 V overhead wire instead of the TTC's 600 V.
  6. I know what their own press releases said about the subject matter at hand. Ditto Metrolinx's. Doesn't make it any less stupid of a choice of words on their part, nor does it make it a legitimate term to use in relation to the situation at hand, unless you wish to communicate to us that you're actually in favour of people with COVID coming to work anyway. Either these groups are malicious enough to conflate people out sick with COVID as being shirkers, or they're too stupid to learn what the words that they're using mean before using them. Either scenario seems believable to me.
  7. Please learn what absenteeism actually means, and then stop using it in relation to COVID.
  8. Not to be a rivet counter, but all of the hybrids that were repainted were just that. They did not undergo a second refurbishment.
  9. Blue and orange sounds like an absolutely garish combination. If they wanted to consolidate it all into one thing (which they should, the current distinguishing between local and express buses is just marketing nonsense) they should scrap the blue for express in its entirety.
  10. Sorry, why exactly do we need to colour code any post that references Malvern in blue? We are adults here, we can understand the location being referenced even without a colour coding chart.
  11. What does the history of Queensway division have to do with the fact that someone demanding brand new buses to replace their already fully air-conditioned, accessible buses is ridiculous?
  12. All garages have outdoor storage. The only one I'm not sure of is McNicoll as I have never seen any photos of it.
  13. We live in a first world country, folks.
  14. Twelve. TWELVE was the number of sick calls that we had today. I really hope corporate doesn't think we are actually able to run our store like this. And of course, all of our lovely clientele are still as impatient and entitled as ever. I'm almost hoping for another lockdown so that they'd at least be stuck outside instead of us having to deal with them. PSA to all hardware store shoppers or would-be hardware store shoppers: in the ancient days of 1997, Google invented a search option that enables you access to a wide ranging trove of knowledge. Use it. If you are coming into this store and asking college students and grandmas what tool you need for your project, you have no business doing any kind of home improvement project. And if you're a contractor, you should have your license revoked as you are a danger to society at large. 1/3rd of the workforce down with covid all at once but Ken has to get his home improvement advice now!
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