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  1. Very impressed by all the jurisdictions who are only instituting mandatory mask wearing in indoor public places now, nearly 5 months into the pandemic. If it was possible to be any more behind the curve than we are, we'd still be prattling on about how there is no community transmission going on in the country.
  2. The cars that went to Halton were 4040 (left Wednesday) and 4053 (left Thursday), both as parts unit. 4123 was for scrap.
  3. There was no hyphen because the announcer on the TV said it out loud. I'm just too snarky for my own good.
  4. At work, there was an ad playing on the TV with CP24 on for some kind of product that was touted as "killing disease causing bacteria". I realize now that they were trying to say it was bacteria that causes the disease, but because I'm a moron, I made a snarky comment to my co-worker about how "that doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about science to disprove it" because it sounded to me like they were saying the disease causes bacteria to exist. I'm sure she must now think I failed grade 6 science.
  5. Because of reliability issues with the new trolleybuses in Bratislava, they are reactivating a few of the older ones that haven't run in service since 2015/2016. Forget wondering if they'd be scrapped before I get to go there, I might even get to ride some of them in service again!!
  6. So what's going to happen when a passenger in the window seat needs to exit the aisle, and pass by the passenger sitting next to them?
  7. I did see this, but sadly I'm unable to take advantage as of yet. For one thing, the quarantine coming back is not something I am up for handling, so I'm staying put until that has been cancelled. For another, I don't have enough money for my plane ticket yet... and now my hours at work are being cut, so Lord knows when I'll actually get to go. And yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the EU walks back on their decision to let Canadians in based on the total lack of reciprocation. Absolutely agreed. There's so much empty, high minded rhetoric being thrown around, and it feels like very few countries out there are actually trying to figure out some way to live around the virus instead of placing their hopes in a vaccine which may never come. This is like racking up an insane gambling debt and expecting to pay it off by winning the lottery. You might, but it is foolish to behave as though that's a sure thing.
  8. Is it? I always thought the idea of immunity passports was aggressively stupid and unjust. Subjecting people to all these horrible restrictions and telling them they're not allowed to be rid of them unless they've successfully cleared the virus seems like a great way to get a lot of people to put themselves in harm's way unnecessarily. The idea should've been thrown out for being batshit insane the moment it was floated. As for herd immunity potentially not being on the table, well, then we'll learn to live around the virus. We did it for thousands of years with tons of other pathogens and somehow we're still here.
  9. Things are very different in Bratislava as of today: the last of the legendary Škoda 14 Tr trolleybuses, in service since March 1982, were removed from regular service last night and moved into storage. The modernized Škoda 15 TrM articulated trolleybuses are now the last regularly operating representatives of a nearly 40 year trolleybus dynasty. The 14 Trs were numbered 6201-6315, and arrived in the city in 12 batches built from 1981 to 1991. In the mid-2000s, several of these buses were "modernized" to type 14 TrM with a brand new body: these were 6304II, 6293II, 6263II, 6291II, 6271II, 6222II, 6226II, 6265II, 6283II, 6306II, 6260II, 6301II. these w Finally, 14 TrM buses 6267/II and 6261/II were bought second hand in 2010 to replace the original buses, which were too far gone to repair, and in 2014, buses 6316 and 6317 were temporarily leased for a period of several months to deal with a trolleybus shortage. These buses began to disappear en masse in 2015, and after early 2016 became a rare sight, with usually only two buses making it out onto evening runs of route 203, which then operated all night on the night routes. This job will now be done by the last two 15 TrMs. As for what will happen to the remaining buses on property? Only heaven knows. Two 14 Trs, 6207 and 6293/II, are currently indicated as historic vehicles, but it will be a long time before any of this family, including the artics, will see restoration. The remaining buses may be put into storage, to be used in an equipment shortage, they could be sold to beleaguered trolleybus operations in Ukraine, or they could be scrapped. Only time will tell. There are two 15 TrM trolleybuses which are still in service: 6621 and 6632. The overwhelming majority of the fleet now resides in dead storage in a tram yard since 2016, their futures unknown. I can only hope that these God forsaken restrictions will be lifted and I will be allowed to travel to Slovakia before they scrap them before all of humanity dies out. Here are some of my choice photos of the 14 Trs over the years. DPB 6207 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6234 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6238 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6262 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6269 - 02 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6270 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6272 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6275 - 02 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6278 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6279 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6284 - 03 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6288 - 03 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6290 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6292 - 02 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6297 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6300, 6301 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6302 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6315, 6283 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6283 - 03 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6222 - 03 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6293 - 03 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6226 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6226 - 02 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6265 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6261 - 02 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6304 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6263 - 02 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6263 - 04 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6263 - 05 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6274 - 01 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6302, 6294, 6271, 6307 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6307, 6276, 6298, 6306 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6276, 6298, 6306, 6260 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6265, 6222, 6269, 6267, 6300 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6306, 6260, 6265, 6222, 6269 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6269, 6267, 6300, 6291, 6297 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6300, 6291, 6297, 6244 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6226, 6303, 6238, 6281 by T3G, on Flickr DPB 6281, 6232, 6231, 6274 by T3G, on Flickr
  10. Right on, thanks. To follow up on that question, does anyone know what is meant by "Repainted in the two-tone Metrolinx livery in (date)" that is given in the notes section for all the 2014 Series VIII BiLevels? As far as I am aware, those cars came from the factory in the Metrolinx colours. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/GO_Transit_Series_VIII_Bilevel_cars
  11. Does anyone know what series of BiLevels the Crash Energy Management cars fall under? Back when I was sorting my online galleries, our wiki referred to them as Series IX. Now I see they are referred to as Series 10. Any idea of what the correct nomenclature is?
  12. Well, this explains the nontroversy that was Trinity Bellwoodstock... https://academic.oup.com/jid/advance-article/doi/10.1093/infdis/jiaa334/5856149
  13. My dad was digging around in storage this evening and found a circular polarizer from Tiffen that we've had for something like 10 years, meaning I don;t have to purchase one. Just saved $40. FY!!
  14. Tonight, a customer came into the store to pick up a product, and wanted to open the product in store, to check that it was the same colour as a can of paint she had bought. The box was very awkwardly packaged, difficult to cut open using a knife, and difficult to pull apart with your hands, so, natural genius that I am, I took off my cut resistant gloves in a bid to try to get a better grip on the box. In my other hand I took the knife back. I don't know how this happened, or what I thought would happen, but I ended up cutting myself under my fingernail. All of this happened right in front of a cute co-worker. FML! It is astonishing how clumsy I have become since I started this job. In the last month and a half, I have managed to cut myself twice while handling a customer's order, almost impaled myself twice on rusty nails, pulled a muscle while lifting heavy stuff and continuously aggravated it, nearly dropped a 40 kg toilet on my foot, and dropped a shelf (which was being held up by another person, so the fall was cushioned and the full weight didn't fall down) onto my foot, on a day I forgot my steel toed shoes. Whatever next?
  15. Meaning it had better self isolate for the next 14 days.
  16. Maybe you're right. Perhaps a more workable solution would be to create a whole bunch of Google accounts, since they offer 15 GB of drive storage, and store my RAW files on there if need be. I already have a subscription to G Suite but in case 200 GB is ever not enough... I'm a little concerned about physical hard drives at this stage in the game because my income, as someone who works part time for minimum wage, is still fairly limited, and there are other goodies I've got my sights set on in the (hopefully) not too distant future, such as plane tickets, that I consider to be bigger fish to fry. I'd definitely like to beef up my storage space one day but I also have to be realistic about what is the most important to me. I haven't, really, not only for the financial concerns outlined above, but also because the convenience of digital, IMO, seems to be much higher than film. I think the benefits of being able to see immediately how your photo turned out, and potentially retake it, if necessary, outweigh the benefits of film, undoubtedly cool as it is. Maybe I'll change my tune one day when I've got more disposable income, but right now I'm fairly satisfied with the tools available at my disposal.
  17. Thanks! Wow, that is crazy! For sure things have calmed down a lot since then. Were it not for the weighing knowledge at the back of my mind, and the odd person wearing a mask, I don't think I'd even know there was a shutdown going on when I was down on the harbourfrount. Now's probably the best time to be playing around with your camera equipment in the last few months, that's for sure. I am, yeah. I definitely don't have any intentions of keeping my RAW files for more than a week or two after a trip, unless it's for something massively valuable that I'd like to hold on to long term, should ever I want to refine my technique. It is a must, though, for me to give them a do-over at least once, particularly to correct over-exposure (if half of the photos I linked above were JPEGs in their original form, they would've been unusable garbage - see the comparison I'm attaching below) and to remove lens distortion, which is particularly present when zoomed all the way out or in on the 18-55 mm lens. It's not noticeable on a landscape photo, but on a bus photo, it could lead to some very unwanted results, which can be edited away in Canon's DPP software. Thanks!
  18. Personally, I have little faith that either side would come through at this rate. The lack of action from the EU has been very telling, but clearly, anyone over here who was hoping for a return to travel on our side was equally delusional. A few weeks ago I read this article that said that Air Canada was gearing up to offer flights to Europe again starting this month, so I thought that they must know something we don't to be offering that. Clearly I was deeply mistaken. I hope their lobbying is successful. Would be nice if I could take off by August time, once I've saved up enough money to buy some extra bells and whistles for my camera. https://dailyhive.com/mapped/air-canada-summer-schedule The knuckle dragging on this thing has been astonishing. Instead of closing the borders back when there still might have been an opportunity to contain the spread of the disease, we choose now, when Pandora's Box is opened and the virus is everywhere, to live like hermits. The mind reels.
  19. So a few days ago, I went ahead and bought the Canon SL3. I really like it so far. It checks off a lot of boxes for what I was looking for in a camera, particularly when it comes to the quality of night photos which were a big weak link in my collection so far. The focus will take a bit of working out since it behaves so differently (especially the manual focus) from what I'm used to, but once I get used to it, I'll be off and away. Grabbed a 55-250 mm telephoto lens for it yesterday too.
  20. The other night, I went out to do some night photography on the harbourfront with my new Canon SL3. I like it. Toronto Transit Commission 4594 - 05 by T3G, on Flickr Seagulls by T3G, on Flickr Seagulls by T3G, on Flickr Seagulls by T3G, on Flickr Seagull by T3G, on Flickr Summer Sunset by T3G, on Flickr Duck by T3G, on Flickr Peaceful Marina by T3G, on Flickr Peaceful Marina by T3G, on Flickr Peaceful Marina by T3G, on Flickr Bridge Over Untroubled Water by T3G, on Flickr Bridge Over Untroubled Water by T3G, on Flickr Pink Sunset by T3G, on Flickr Dockside by T3G, on Flickr Dockside by T3G, on Flickr Dockside by T3G, on Flickr Light Trails by T3G, on Flickr CN Tower Night by T3G, on Flickr RAW files are incredible. I can't believe I ever made due without them. Not that I had much of a choice, but still.
  21. Unless I am mistaken, this was right after Russell Hill, and this was a temporary thing until the trip valves were inspected or replaced.
  22. I think that countries like Australia, and especially New Zealand have dug themselves into a hole regarding their border closure, though. So there's no active cases in their country: now what? Do they stay locked down for the next however long, not letting anyone in or out? Considering how much of their economy relies on tourism dollars, this doesn't feel entirely thought through. And if we fail to develop a vaccine in the near future, as the WHO (and not just them) warned was a possibility, what then? Personally, I don't feel hedging your bets on something that is not guaranteed to occur is very sound public policy. I'm not saying to reopen the borders to the US right this instant, but it's going to have to happen, unless we wish to live like hermits.
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