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  1. I presume it was the Zurich article which was being referenced. Which is not fully accurate. Even though it took eons to get the order off the ground, the cars should've still started delivery in late 2018 - if the article is correct:
  2. Heaven forbid people should cite where they get their information from.
  3. Would anyone happen to know what about the wheelchair lift installation on the ex-Utah GMs required that the little window just past the front doors filled in? Some equipment stored back there?
  4. Thanks for your feedback. I haven't done anything yet as my family has urged me to carefully think over what actions I can take to deal with this situation. I had no idea a Canadian could issue a DMCA takedown notice.
  5. I can try contacting the seller and requesting that they stop, and if that doesn't work out, then I could maybe turn to Amazon customer service and see if there's anything they can do, but otherwise I am doubtful that there's anything I can do. I suppose that will teach me to not watermark the stuff I put out on the internet. With over 10,000 photos in my collection it might be easier to just discontinue the public-facing side of my Flickr account rather than trying to figure out how batch watermark so many photos.
  6. OK I am officially fucking PISSED. Imagine my shock to open Amazon today and find that someone stole a photo of CLRV 4041 that I shot at Queen's Quay and Lower Spadina on the evening of June 7, 2016, and is making a pretty penny selling a t-shirt of it!! Holy crap!! Officially licensed my ass. I'm immediately looking in on what can be done about this. The NERVE of some people in this community!
  7. 4147 left for scrap today, per a post on Facebook.
  8. Campaign Cartographer 3+. It's regular use is to make fantasy-style maps (think Lord of the Rings and whatnot) for books or role-playing games. But it does have a small selection of add-on styles that allow you to do maps in styles such as a metro map, modern road maps, and so on.
  9. 4021 departed yesterday (i.e. January 15, 2020).
  10. +40 easily. Pictures or videos of transit?
  11. Beef for hamburgers, pork for hotdogs. Winter or summer?
  12. Had a chance to try out the Proterra this evening. Much has been said about its unattractive exterior design, but in all honesty I find myself more vexed by the interior. The choice of nearly all perimeter seating in the LF section, as compared to the more intrusive 2+1 seating, is a plus, but the lack of a dedicated standee area, though nothing new, is sorely felt, and the bars in the rear door area are ridiculous. Great work, let's cut back on the already limited amount of standee room even more. The rear high floor area is really crappily arranged. Is there a design consideration that prevents all these low floor buses from having the rear set up like the high floor buses of old (all perimeter seating shunted up against the wall)? Those were so much better. Seems the wheel wells on all these LF buses jut out way more. And what the hell is this? I really wish they'd just cut the seat seen to the left hand of this photo, and just made this into a proper standee area that an adult could fit in. Christ, I miss the Orion Vs.
  13. That's fair enough, though I suppose their inability to work with the upgraded signal system would be a case of them not being "able to deliver the service required of them". I was more speaking on the general notion of no one wanting to see the T1s operate until the mid 2030s... they may be a bit long in the tooth, but there's very little in the way of the passenger experience that they lack that couldn't be remedied with some interior upgrades (like the tactile strips on the floor).
  14. I don't see anything wrong with them running until then, if the cars perform well and are able to deliver the service required of them. Every subway class besides the H2 and H6 lasted to their mid 30s.
  15. Some works from me. Some of you may remember some months ago I posted a map of the Newman Transit route network. Well, I've updated it, changed some formatting, reshuffled some routes around, etc. Newman Transit Route Network - December 2019 by Andrej, on Flickr For the first time I also have a night network map. Newman Transit Night Route Network - December 2019 by Andrej, on Flickr Please excuse the low image quality. I used to upload my maps to Dropbox, but for some reason the image preview doesn't seem to work on any new content I upload, so I had to look elsewhere. Sadly Flickr compresses the map more than I'd like, but all the pertinent info should still be readable.
  16. Maybe I'm the fool here for trying to have a serious discourse about anything on the internet, but I really hate what a land of extremes the online transit community is. At times, I find myself having to be firmly against the car, in debates about things like transit only lanes against car owners from the 905 who think that a streetcar with a capacity of 250 people and a car with a capacity of 5 or 6 people should be given equal footing, or else it is tantamount to fascism. At other times, I have to defend the car, in conversations about why someone might choose to drive rather than waste 2-3 hours of their life every day in an area poorly serviced by transit. I am not a car advocate by any means but expecting anyone to waste so much time every single day is such a ridiculous fantasy that it beggars belief.
  17. Photo of 2019: TTC CLRV 4057 and Flexity Outlook 4545 pass each other on The Queensway in 501 Queen service on December 21, 2019. Vehicle of 2019: the TTC CLRV, retired late in the year after 40 years of valiant service Event of 2019: the charter of TTC GM New look 2252 on June 8, 2019 Disliked move of 2019 by a transit agency: oh man! So many of these happened that I feel like I'd be easier off trying to list things transit agencies did that I did like. But sure, I'll try: how about the TTC scrapping 4041, the AC CLRV, without a second thought? How about the TTC restricting access to the final CLRV run to contest winners, and the subsequent lack of communication that prevented anyone from being able to be on the last publicly accessible run, unless they happened to have their ear to the ground at all times that day? Or, to change continents, yet another reorganization of tram routes in Bratislava, which lead to the discontinuation of route 5, one which not only provided valuable connections to the community, but which has run along its present path (extensions notwithstanding) for almost 55 years? Transit WTF moment of 2019: The restoration of the 508 Lake Shore line in Toronto, despite the TTC not having enough streetcars to run it. Transit agency of 2019: lol ____________________________ Photo of the 2010s: Tatra T3G 7843+7844 crosses Kamenné námestie in Bratislava, while entering service as a rush hour route 6 service, on August 19, 2013. Vehicle of the 2010s: Tatra T3G, Tatra T6A5, Hawker-Siddeley CLRV, 1996 Orion V with wheelchair lifts, Hawker-Siddeley H5 Event of the 2010s: the open house at Jurajov dvor division in Bratislava on September 19, 2015 Disliked move of the 2010s by a transit agency: the way Bratislava handled the fate of Škoda TrM trolleybus no. 6617. This bus, barely maintained during its 12 year lifespan, was absolutely wretched by the time it was removed from regular service and laid aside in 2015. Later, it was announced that the vehicle would be retained on property as a historical unit. Five years later, no movement has been made since the bus was sidelined, it has spent the last 5 years rotting under the wide open sky and the previous 12 slowly deteriorating, and rumblings are that it's fit only for scrap now. Gee, I wonder why that might be? Transit WTF moment of the 2010s: despite a reorganization of tram routes in Bratislava in 2012 which lead to the axing of all double-digit numbered routes, during closures and construction works, certain routes of that numbering persuasion (the 11, 12, and 17) came back briefly at one point or another this decade. Not that I was complaining, mind you. But with the recent reorganization of tram lines, they have plenty of free numbers, seemingly suggesting that all of these routes are dead for good. Transit agency of the 2010s: despite all the criticism I've dumped on them during this post, the transit operator in Bratislava is still one of the better ones out there.
  18. I tend to prefer all-electrics in terms of their visuals. There has never been, and never will be, a transit vehicle in Toronto that has been as handsome as the ex-Louisville/Cleveland A-12s, though obviously the ex-Kansas City cars come close. Wishing the IRM best of luck with their restoration of theirs, because I don't know of any other PCCs with that windshield style that weren't bastardized in the SEPTA GOH general style, with the ugly large windshield frames. No silly air lines freezing over in the winter to worry about, either. Related: both in Toronto, ex-Louisville/Cleveland PCCs, or ex-Kansas City PCCs?
  19. Wasn't sure where to post this, so I figure here's as good a place as any. I spent the last week or so recreating John Bromley's map of the streetcar network, as of February 13, 1945. Was unquestionably an interesting and informative experience. Hope you like it. TTC Streetcar Routes - February 13, 1945 by Andrej, on Flickr
  20. The flip side to that is that the TTC is not in the business of mollycoddling wayward manufacturers. They have an order placed and are reasonable to expect that it is fulfilled according to the terms of the contract, whatever those may be. To say nothing of your additional comment "All by yourself." to your original post. Is one person running the show at BYD? If they are not, I'm not sure why "TTC 9701" should have to do the same before criticizing their performance as a manufacturer.
  21. Orion III. At least in visual appearance, they resemble an Ikarus 280, which are much dearer to my heart than any of these new-fangled LF designs. Yonge subway or Yonge streetcar?
  22. Are you saying BYD is a one man operation?
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