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  1. You know you've been reading entirely too much about viruses when you read "Škoda HN2" (the name of an axle used on old Škoda trolleys) and your mind instead thinks of H2N2 influenza.
  2. The Antonov today. Antonov AN-225 YYZ 1 by T3G, on Flickr Antonov AN-225 YYZ 2 by T3G, on Flickr Antonov AN-225 YYZ 3 by T3G, on Flickr Antonov AN-225 YYZ 4 by T3G, on Flickr Antonov AN-225 YYZ 5 by T3G, on Flickr Antonov AN-225 YYZ 6 by T3G, on Flickr
  3. https://www.thestar.com/news/city_hall/2020/05/22/mayor-john-tory-outlines-devastating-cuts-required-if-other-governments-dont-bail-toronto-out.html
  4. Did I trip and fall through a membrane into another reality on New Year's? How is this a real tweet I am seeing?
  5. You are correct! The 212 is the longest route, 12.1 km in length. The second longest is the 201, which is 10.9 km. The 204 is 9.0 km in length. 53 and 152 are Škoda 9 Trs. Not my favourite of theirs (that would be the 15 TrMs, which are numbered 6617-6639), but undoubtedly a handsome vehicle. Interestingly, this type of trolleybus made it out as far west as Bergen, Norway.
  6. Sure! Imhd.sk is the largest transportation enthusiast resource in Slovakia. They cover most large cities in the country, and they have a huge section just for Bratislava. They are both in Slovak and in English, so I am attaching their trolleybus photo gallery, where you can browse photos of the vehicles according to their type: https://imhd.sk/ba/gallery/26/Trolleybuses?gsd=0 Hope you enjoy
  7. As a retail worker, one thing about these restrictions that I wouldn't mind sticking around forever, though I know it's unrealistic to expect it to, is the capacity limits on stores. My store reopened to the public a few weeks ago. At first, it was relatively calm, but lately it's turned into a total zoo, even with a capacity limit on people. Fair play if you've lost your fear of the virus, but a] not everyone has, and b] customers who crowd around one spot and are all shouting in one voice asking questions the newbie is not qualified to answer in any way continue to be the worst, virus or no virus. It feels like it's so much worse than it was during regular times, though admittedly my old job was at a much smaller store so I might be lying to myself. I can't imagine how bad it would be if everyone and their dog got to go into the store all at once.
  8. There has not been much to celebrate this year, but this really cheered me up: my grandparents sent me a package with three books - one on the history of trolleybuses in Bratislava and two on the histories of individual bus manufacturers in the former Czechoslovakia - I had ordered and sent to their apartment, in the hope that I'd get to read them when I arrived in Europe. Well, if they can't bring me to the trolleybuses, at least I could, in a small way, have the trolleybuses brought to me. Hopefully I catch the live show before I'm old and grey!
  9. Something I haven't really done in great numbers before is nature photography (that is, zeroing in on flora or fauna - I have been doing landscapes for a really long time), or shooting in manual. These are some of my first attempts at doing so. All feedback is welcomed! Always Watchful by T3G, on Flickr Faded by T3G, on Flickr Chipmunk 1 by T3G, on Flickr Chipmunk 2 by T3G, on Flickr Chipmunk 3 by T3G, on Flickr Yellow Daffodils by T3G, on Flickr Chipmunk 4 by T3G, on Flickr Red Winged Black Bird by T3G, on Flickr Woodpecker by T3G, on Flickr The Angry Lake by T3G, on Flickr The Meeting of Two Roads by T3G, on Flickr The Path Not Taken by T3G, on Flickr Hidden Away by T3G, on Flickr Desolation by T3G, on Flickr Peeking Through the Mist by T3G, on Flickr
  10. Seems like a practical and workable solution! https://www.timeout.com/newyork/news/the-mta-could-consider-a-reservation-only-system-for-nycs-subways-and-buses-051320
  11. Are all the cars with VISION receiving the metal crowns over the cab like 4486?
  12. The problem with this notion is that it takes a long time to get a new order of vehicles built. IIRC a reasonable time frame for getting a new bus order online, from conception to entry into service, should be around a year, if we go by the timeframes presented on our wiki for various orders. And that doesn't account for any difficulties that manufacturers may have run into over the last few months. I haven't seen any articles on this front so I can't know for sure, but I assume business is not booming for transit manufacturers. What do you do in the mean time? And what will we do in a few years' time when these hundreds and hundreds of overflow vehicles are no longer required? To say nothing of infrastructure limitations. Building a garage takes a fairly significant amount of time. And the TTC is not known for their long headways - just how frequently will the Queen line have to run, if they want to entertain this idea? Are there going to be kilometre long streetcar lines down Queen Street while a single vehicle lays over inside Neville loop? I think that social distancing is going to go out the window once the economy gets restarted.
  13. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2020/05/11/a-quarter-of-ex-transit-riders-wont-take-the-ttc-again-without-covid-19-vaccine-study-says.html A quarter of ex-transit riders won’t take the TTC again without COVID-19 vaccine, study says
  14. Thanks for your feedback. I've given some thought before to the idea of buying used equipment, but this purchase will not be mine alone - me and my dad have agreed to split the cost of the base camera kit, and he says that he's been burned by buying second hand equipment before - inevitably, it ended up breaking - so I doubt I'd be able to convince him to agree to buy second hand. Getting up close to the buses might not necessarily be a huge problem. In my experience, If I'm at the point where I have to get right up next to it, I feel like it may be worth foregoing the photo anyway, because at such a close up range, depending on the camera, the distortion can be bothersome. And even if it's not, there's not much value to an in-its-face shot of a bus, in terms of documenting it, IMO. It's a neat visual but if I want to actually document what the bus is then I often have to stand further back, anyway.
  15. During quarantine, before I started going to work, I found I had a decent amount of time to update my map of Yorkland. So here it is, one of the biggest upgrades I've made to it so far. Something else I wanted to have ready by this point is a document briefly outlining the key features, facts, and figures of the country, but this is to be shelved indefinitely. In the interim, here is the newest export: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpjp8mzdrzscujv/yorkland may 2020.png?dl=0 The area of the country is (presently) 252,852.9389 sq km, making it the 77th largest country in the world. It's a unitary republic with a population of about 38 million, give or take. Feedback appreciated!
  16. Does anyone have any experience with the Canon SL3? I've seen reviews of it around and by all accounts it seems to be a good camera and relatively affordable for me, but I don't know personally know anyone in the community who has used it and whether it's the most optimal for bus shooting. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  17. What's the deal with the snow?? Back in 2016 I was incredulous that it snowed on May 7 and thought that it would be the #1 record for such a thing happening to me personally that I would tell everyone about in the future. Well, that record has been unseated today by the monstrosity outside. This entire year is backwards.
  18. Nope, just green triangle for now. Between carrying around double the weight on my feet, and the constant lifting of heavy objects, I am probably going to be more in shape by the time I finish at this job than I ever have been in my life!
  19. https://thehill.com/opinion/healthcare/495833-how-to-open-society-using-medical-science-and-logic
  20. You are assuming that every person who has contracted the virus is being caught, which is nowhere close to being the case. That's why you have to be so careful about the doomers who act like the sky is falling every time there is an increase in reported cases - expanding our testing capabilities enables us to find people who are either asymptomatic or have such mild symptoms that they don't seek out medical help, so the data is skewed, in many places, toward the critical cases. A much more helpful metric for how this crisis is going is the hospitalization and death rate - if 8000 people test positive, but all of them kick the virus without a doctor so much as lifting a finger, it is much less concerning than 800 people being hospitalized. https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2020/04/26/are-the-silent-spreaders-driving-covid-19-mounting-evidence-points-to-asymptomatic-cases.html Here in Ontario we are still not testing asymptomatic people, so it should come as no surprise that the death rate seems much higher than it actually is. "PHO is not currently recommending routine testing of asymptomatic persons for COVID-19 outside of those recommended in Ministry guidance, or as directed by the public health unit for public health investigation. Please note that given an incubation period of up to 14 days for COVID-19 disease after exposure, a negative PCR test result in an asymptomatic person should not be used to rule out disease." https://www.publichealthontario.ca/en/laboratory-services/test-information-index/wuhan-novel-coronavirus https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.14.20062463v2
  21. These days, I spend more time walking around in steel toed shoes at work than I do in regular shoes. The action of being able to walk without being considerably weighed down feels surreal.
  22. I feel like all of life is like a shitty B movie nowadays. https://www.forbes.com/sites/allenelizabeth/2020/05/01/this-beach-in-spain-was-sprayed-with-bleach-to-kill-covid-19/#7060e5386525
  23. https://thehill.com/opinion/healthcare/494034-the-data-are-in-stop-the-panic-and-end-the-total-isolation?amp
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