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  1. Service Changes Coming to 506 Carlton in October 2019 https://stevemunro.ca/2019/09/18/service-changes-coming-to-506-carlton-in-october-2019/
  2. TODAY'S UPDATES TTC: CLRV L2 (4010-4199): 28 photos added Bombardier Flexity Outlook: 105 photos added Nova Bus LFS (3100-3369): 3 photos added Nova Bus LFS (8510-8617): 9 photos added Nova Bus LFS (8720-8964): 1 photo added Nova Bus LFS (9200-9239): 3 photos added Streetcar trackage: 3 photos added Toronto Transit Commission 4540 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr GO Transit: Bus: Alexander-Dennis Enviro500 (8432-): 1 photo added GO Transit Bus 8460 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr
  3. A pair of GO Transit MPI MP40PH-T4AC locomotives doubleheads a Lakeshore East service at Danforth station in August 2019. GO Transit Rail 679, 676 by Andrew P., on Flickr
  4. TODAY'S UPDATES Bolded = new album TTC: Orion VII (7900-7979): 2 photos added Orion VII (8000-8099): 7 photos added Orion VII (8100-8219): 13 photos added Orion VII (8300-8334): 4 photos added Orion VII (8335-8396): 11 photos added Orion VII Hybrid (1000-1149): 100 photos added Orion VII Hybrid (1200-1423): 56 photos added Orion VII Hybrid (1500-1689): 9 photos added Nova Bus LFS (3100-3369): 16 photos added Nova Bus LFS (8400-8504): 6 photos added Nova Bus LFS (8510-8617): 18 photos added Nova Bus LFS (8620-8716): 22 photos added Nova Bus LFS (8720-8964): 52 photos added Nova Bus LFS (9200-9239): 6 photos added PCC: 1 photo added CLRV L1 (4000-4005): 3 photos added CLRV L2 (4010-4199): 184 photos added ALRV: 268 photos added Bombardier Flexity Outlook: 157 photos added Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys/Wilmington Chapter NRHS Double-Header Charter (August 17, 2019): 256 photos added Toronto Transit Commission 4207 - 05 by Andrew P., on Flickr GO Transit: GMDD F59PH: 1 photo added MPI MP40PH-3C: 2 photos added MPI MP40PH-T4AC: 5 photos added Series V BiLevel: 1 photo added Series VIII BiLevel: 1 photo added Series IX BiLevel: 4 photos added GO Transit Rail 679, 676 by Andrew P., on Flickr
  5. Of course - my post was merely to answer Shaun's question about the theoretical capacity of Exhibition loop. I certainly didn't intend to suggest it was a practical solution by any means.
  6. The length of the northern tracks at Exhibition loop from the curves at the east end, to just before the curve on the southbound track, is 1253 feet, according to distance measurements on Google Maps. So the theoretical capacity is 12 full cars on each track. If you wanted to store further stock at the south end of the loop, the length of the south track is 911 feet from the western curve to where it merges into the northern track, and the northern track is about 900 feet. That buys you space for another 18 cars, and maybe another along the western curve itself? That does not account for other issues with using the loop, such as the pressing need to get it cleared out in time for the start of morning service. All you need is for one car to break down and there goes the railroad... Realistically, they could only use one track without posing major operational issues.
  7. An operator on Facebook said the car is going up there for repairs. Perhaps the plan changed?
  8. 4011, 4012, 4108 are MIA. All of these were parked in the dead area of Russell yesterday. Someone forgot to turn off 4011's turn signal 4119 at Hillcrest
  9. What is your fixation with these buses? These things are four years old. They work, they run, and they're not any more or less hygienic than any other vehicle in the fleet that's been in service for more than 3 days. The average passenger likely has no idea that they're on a Nova that's four years old, instead of one that was delivered a few weeks ago. Do you also get upset when one of the early Flexities shows up to a stop instead of the recent deliveries?
  10. And here she is at Russell this afternoon, along with the Officially Official ™ yard mule 4051.
  11. 4486 is MIA. It last ran on September 2/3 and doesn't appear to have been powered up since.
  12. Queen was a regular route that 511s used to get to Bathurst last spring. I know they used to use King earlier than that, and I don't know when they changed, or why.
  13. Thanks go to a TTC employee on Facebook for sharing this:
  14. Quick question: how, exactly, did the treadles on the old buses and streetcars work?
  15. Not yet there aren't. Only seven have retired, and three went up to Sault Ste. Marie so they would have to be left intact. I presume they were thorough in their stripping of the others before carting them off to scrap, but having additional spare parts never hurt anyone.
  16. Caught 4568 today on diversion on York. Out of the womb and into the fire!
  17. Thank you! 4429 is also wrapped for the TV series Power on Starz.
  18. Last night a friend of mine posted this on her story. Does anyone happen to know which Flexity this is?
  19. Here's a lovely, super cluttered map of the TIFF closures: Anyone know if there is a rhyme or reason to this madness? What is preventing them from running the 504A/504B as regular through services, diverting via Spadina - Queen - Church and York - Queen - Spadina? Why do there need to be two 504As, and what is going to be serving the Dufferin Gate loop during the diversions?
  20. 4079, 4146, and 4164 are presently MIA. These cars were spotted at Russell on Monday, playing musical chairs with the two ALRVs. 4169 is back out on the 506
  21. Ah, I see. So is there any way for the driver to open only all the doors that were requested? In the summer it's not so bad, but I imagine when it's -30 out opening all the doors for a non-existent passenger could be rather unpleasant for the people in the immediate vicinity of the doorway.
  22. The other day I was riding a Flexity on the 509. I was standing at the front, by the cab, and so as the car travelled I watched the driver doing his work. At every stop, the driver would hit the enable button for the doors, but all the doors opened, even if no one had requested them. Would anyone be able to shine a light on exactly what options exist for door controls? I thought all doors was supposed to open all the doors regardless of if they were requested or not, while enable was for door requests, and any door that was untouched would remain closed. Is my understanding incorrect?
  23. Unfortunately, I have no information on those two cars. The bulk of the last operated dates I pulled together (supplied on the wiki; if your notes contradict anything I posted on there feel free to let me know) were from the last recorded trips on TransSee. Vehicle history was only implemented as of May 15, 2018; both 4208 and 4210 had already disappeared from service by that point.
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