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  1. When I was in high school I would routinely tell people I was from Slovakia only for them to insist that I was from Russia or Ukraine, or that there was no difference between the three. This sadly rings true!
  2. Came back home from vacation only to find that the microSD card that was in my dash cam looks as though it has died, leaving me without hours and hours of video. For Christ's sake, I am SO fed up with posting in this thread.
  3. 4002 appears to have tracked this morning, last seen in the lake around 12 minutes ago.
  4. Why? What would this achieve? We've only got two of the things and no one has seriously considered running them in revenue service. They're heritage vehicles. Two ran in mid May for a few days, 4207 and 4221.
  5. TTC 9074 spotted westbound on the 401 at Victoria Park just now
  6. 4010 is at Hillcrest. 4049, 4069, 4192, and 4195 are at Roncesvalles. 4004 hasn't run since June 25. 4114 was last seen on June 28.
  7. Tonight, 2544 was the final ever 20 bus that pulled into Milton station. It was a good service 😔
  8. Thanks for sharing that article. It's interesting to note that even after having 10 years to work them out they were so dissatisfied with how the CLRVs ended up turning out. Did they ever end up getting better?
  9. What sort of service was this? Unless this was some kind of historical bus rally out in the sticks it seems unlikely that you'd be very far from the nearest transit service. That being said, I'm not familiar with Medicine Hat, and I've been in bigger cities with shitty bus service, so YMMV.
  10. Some choice CLRVs that you will never see again, from over the years: Toronto Transit Commission 4014 - 02 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 4016 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 4027 - 02 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 4078 - 02 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 4083 - 02 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 4172 - 03 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 4175 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr
  11. That someone is legendary transit historian John F. Bromley
  12. To clarify: 4230 is the only one that is presently reporting fresh GPS data. The locations of the other previously mentioned units are cached and don't necessarily correspond to reality.
  13. Wouldn't it make sense then to leave the light cycle as is at College, Dundas, Queen, and King, and implement transit priority phases at all the rest? Surely the car doesn't need to idle at every other traffic light along the route for ages?
  14. 4486 was spotted in King service today. It appears to have some sort of unusual equipment installed just above the driver's cab, and it's missing its pantograph. This is a new development, as it still had its pantograph when it returned to service on April 18, 2019 (the Flickr photo is from that day). Toronto Transit Commission 4486 - 04 by Andrew P., on Flickr
  15. In the fall, the following post was added to this thread, and verified as being quite accurate. Whether the frames on 4002 were cut before any of the others is not known, but what we can say (based on the information posted here) is that 4002 was completed the first, in quarter 4 of 1977, and was followed in quarter 1 of 1978 by 4003. 4000, 4001, 4004, and 4005 were not completed until quarter 2 of 1978.
  16. I believe the plan is 6 over the next couple of years
  17. Is that an issue that falls under the BBB's jurisdiction? Their site says: https://www.bbb.org/consumer-complaints/file-a-complaint/get-started " Disputes that relate to marketplace issues experienced with the services or products a business provides. BBB reserves the right to reject complaints that use abusive or foul language. " Surely, some scammer trying to dupe people on the internet wouldn't fall under their jurisdiction? I was pondering how best to handle the situation and my first thought was to report this story to the company that was being impersonated, but I'm not really sure, now.
  18. Then why were we told that they were mulling over whether to repair it or not, at one point? Surely, they wouldn't have to think twice about a $0 fix, especially for a heritage vehicle contender? According to the most recent info in this thread, it is undergoing repairs. But perhaps the fact that it wasn't back in service the next day or two should tip us off to the fact that there might be something that happened to the car under the hood that we didn't see. Odd, and why?
  19. The job search saga continues, as it appears that I have been duped by a scammer. I was contacted by the HR rep of a major company, explaining that they were looking for an administrative assistant and whether I would be interested in the position. I presume that they got my resume off Indeed. I was very interested in this, especially since they were offering quite a good pay rate - so I replied back saying as much, and they replied with an application form that asked me for my personal details, employment references and educational history, etc. They also asked me for my phone number, to contact me if they felt that they needed more information. Fast forward about a day. I came upon my phone and saw that I had missed a call from an unknown number, and had an email from these people telling me that I had been offered the job, with a pdf contract attached. Something started to smell off about this, so I wrote back saying that there must be some mistake - why would they hire me without having interviewed me? - but if they cleared this up I would still be interested in coming aboard. They replied, in a very curt manner of voice, that they had attempted to contact me, but I didn't pick up. I replied back by saying that I had been away, and asked for a phone number to call them back at if I missed their call again. Well, I didn't hear back from them all day the next day, and I started to suspect that something was off. After being unable to locate said HR rep on LinkedIn, and being unable to find the offices of their company at the given address in Toronto, I discovered that the email had been sent from an unusual address - companynamehrteam . info, instead of companyname.ca, as emails from that company usually came. A quick interaction with the company's Twitter, and I found out that this was not a legitimate email. Absolutely fooled me, though - everything was formatted super professionally, including their forms. Bastards! Heaven only knows what sort of shit I would have been roped into if I'd ended up signing that contract. When it rains, it pours.
  20. TODAY'S UPDATES Bolded = new album TTC: CLRV L1 (4000-4005): 2 photos added CLRV L2 (4010-4199): 74 photos added ALRV: 26 photos added Bombardier Flexity Outlook: 5 photos added Orion VII (7900-7979): 4 photos added Orion VII Hybrid (1000-1149): 1 photo added Orion VII NG Hybrid (1200-1423): 13 photos added Orion VII NG Hybrid (1500-1689): 25 photos added Orion VII NG Hybrid (1700-1829): 18 photos added Nova Bus LFS (3100-3369): 8 photos added Nova Bus LFS (8400-8504): 5 photos added Nova Bus LFS (8510-8617): 7 photos added Nova Bus LFS (8620-8716): 3 photos added Nova Bus LFS (8720-8964): 3 photos added Nova Bus LFS Artic (9027-9152): 6 photos added Nova Bus LFS (9200-9239): 6 photos added Nova Bus LFS Hybrid (3400-3654): 24 photos added Wheel-Trans: 1 photo added Toronto Transit Commission 4030, 4103, 4094 by Andrew P., on Flickr GO Transit: Bus: MCI D4500CT (2354-2365): 1 photo added MCI D4500CT (2401-2419): 1 photo added MCI D4500CT (2483-2499): 1 photo added MCI D4500CT (2536-2553): 2 photos added MCI D4500CT (2554-2606): 1 photo added Alexander-Dennis Enviro500 "SuperLo" (8300-8337): 1 photo added Rail: MPI MP40PH-3C: 2 photos added Series I BiLevel: 1 photo added Series III BiLevel: 1 photo added Series IV BiLevel: 3 photos added Series VI BiLevel: 2 photos added Series VII BiLevel: 4 photos added Series VIII BiLevel: 2 photos added Series IX BiLevel: 3 photos added GO Transit Bus 8306 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr Metrolinx LRT: Doors Open Toronto 2019 (Metrolinx Eglinton Maintenance and Storage Facility): 59 photos added Metrolinx 6205 - 02 by Andrew P., on Flickr
  21. This is exactly the problem with transit preservation in this city. The point of preserving vehicles of the past is not to save only that which is special, but to tell the history of our transit, and that should also include the more mundane - after all, not everything is going to have the longevity of a PCC or a New Look. And the Orion VII was a massive part of our transit history over the last 15 years. For what it's worth, every European city with a large historical collection that puts ours to shame saves a diverse range of vehicles, even the ones that haven't become icons of their respective cities over the last however many years. No need to wait until something reaches the longevity of the GMs to decide it's worthy of being shared with our children and grandchildren. Sure, sometimes financial concerns mean that you won't be able to save everything, and I understand that - but if you have the means to do so, not saving something just because it's not as special as an iconic vehicle class that was in service for 50 years is a disservice to future generations.
  22. You know you're a transitfan have officially lost the plot when you attend the Raptors Victory Parade, despite all the overcrowding it poses, to photograph transit stuff. Today I walked around 8 km along the perimeter of downtown, photoing streetcars on diversion and events support buses where I could spot them. The GO Train into the city was rammed, the city was rammed, and the GO Train out of the city was rammed. It was worth it, though - have some lovely photos, and the energy in the city was electric. Haven't felt this good about being in Toronto in a very long time. 10/10 would not recommend.
  23. For anyone genuinely curious, here is a pic of the wrap on 2252. A big shoutout goes out to the supervisors and constables who were stationed inside ES-2 and ensured it lives to see another special event. I was there when a bunch of fans wanted to hop on the roof, no doubt for a repeat of ES-1/ES-4, but they put an end to that real quick.
  24. While Toronto celebrated the Raptors, poor old 4236 was hauled off today. Info thanks to Facebook.
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