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  1. I'm not sure the old site needed redesigning, but I don't really see any ground breaking problems with the new design. I think it's fairly intuitive and straight forward, took me less than 30 seconds to find route information, which at the end of the day is all that is really important to me. I don't go to the TTC for award winning website design. One nice to have would be to be able to punch in your route of choice right from the homepage, there's a touch too many steps going on right now to make it efficient when you're in a hurry. And it would be nice if the "latest news" section had some teaser images, the way they've gone about it now looks very cheap.
  2. October 23, 2011: Classics 6221 and 6223 photographed in the deadline at Mount Dennis in the presence of some other GM buses. This was one of the most interesting catches I grabbed in my early days of taking photos, as I'd been hoping for a chance to get 6221 with its GM plate since 2008. I cannot believe it's been 10 years since then
  3. In the winter, does the TTC have to deal with concerns of too many streetcars leaving the yard for service with the heating on straining the power supply to the yard? If so, how do they deal with this?
  4. "We don't have enough personnel." The excuses write themselves.
  5. In the worst case scenario, though, another bus will come along eventually. The massive gap will suck, of course, but it's Toronto - they're used to it (or should be). There won't be another 8 coming along unless someone fills the trip, and while a walk may not be a problem for those who are able-bodied, those with mobility challenges may struggle, especially in the winter. If the above speculation is correct, and there's a crew that is not filled, then that means they will know what time every single day there will be a gap in coverage. When you can predict the future with 100% accuracy, there's really no excuse for not arranging for another bus to take over.
  6. Wouldn't the opposite be true? No one is going to notice or care if a bus drops out from a major line along Eglinton or Lawrence Avenues, but if you lose the only bus on a line, that is going to have massive negative impacts on the people who have no other option but to utilize said line.
  7. It also leaves people needing to go to countries that don't recognize provincial vaccine documents completely in the lurch. I don't know how true this still is, but a few months ago I found out that the Czech Republic doesn't recognize any Canadians as being vaccinated at all, on account of our lack of a federal level vaccine passport. I'm lucky I had no urgent need of going there this year, but eventually I would very much like to go back and I wonder who's going to yield first, if anyone, or if I'm going to have to waste my time in quarantine. I suspect bothering to hope we'll ever dispense with needing these documents for travel is a pie in the sky fantasy that should've been left behind in February 2020.
  8. Wow!!!! I had to slap myself hard in the face just to make sure I wasn't dreaming this. What a disgraceful abdication of duty.
  9. Ughhhh, no greater annoyance! We still have someone at my work who insists on setting up merchandise displays down the middle of any wider aisle, making the job of pushing a wide cart filled with building materials a huge pain in the rear. Funnily enough, this piece of meaningless security theatre was nowhere to be seen when our store was in lockdown, when COVID cases were supposed to be at their highest! There's a memo tacked on the wall in the break room stating that apparently us employees are expected to follow the one way signage. Funny. I don't think I've seen anyone respect those stickers ever.
  10. It appears I may have misunderstood what the intention was behind the creation of the book, which is fair enough. I have to ask, though - are there any books which cover the 1971-present period? I have all the big old era ones - Bromley, Pursley but I don't know of any text dedicated to more recent history besides Mike Filey's The TTC Story, which is lovely, but light reading. I'd be happy to find I've just overlooked something, of course. The closest I've come upon in my searches is Subways of The World by Stan Fischler which devotes a chapter to the Toronto subway - not hugely detailed, of course, but it did have some nice late Hawker photos in colour which did not go unappreciated.
  11. I'm not necessarily sure I agree, but only because I keep asking myself the question... what would the people who would be dropping $50+ on the history of the TTC want to read about? Surely you can only read "And then a politician arrived and proposed a new plan. And then a new politician arrived and scrubbed that plan and proposed his own" so many times before you to start to go mad. Of course there are other things that happened too, but without these vehicles they wouldn't have been able to provide the service that they did. They are central to the TTC story in my opinion, not a side detail. For the general public? Sure, I wouldn't expect anyone who's been parroting the TTC = Take the car joke for the last 15 years to show the slightest of interest. But I would expect that anyone who thinks the history of the TTC is interesting enough to buy a book on it wouldn't necessarily turn their nose up at fleet information.
  12. There are many words I have become allergic to as a result of this circus. A non-exhaustive list: -distance -distancing -test -curbside -mandatory -mandate -virtual As for the issue of the mask mandates, I would be sufficiently satisfied if I wasn't required to wear one at work while doing heavy lifting, outdoors, all by myself. Wouldn't want some lumber to breathe on me.
  13. I felt the same way. Very happy with the quality of the photos chosen (the original H5 interior in particular was really nice to see) but I did find myself, as a fan of vehicles, wishing there had been some more information given on that front, especially when it came to vehicles built in the lost half-a-century since Bromley. The H5s and T1s were only lightly referenced (not by name, I don't think), the H6s may as well not have existed, no references made to prototypes like 5796 or 4041, or the failed CLRV rebuild and what factored into that not happening. I didn't necessarily expect a text as detailed as 50 Years of Progressive Transit, but there was much more to the TTC story that I would've liked to see. Maybe it's high time I put my own journalism training to good use...
  14. Is there a testing schedule out there or is it just luck?
  15. The Orion I appears to be owned by a limo operator of some kind, too. The text on the rear windshield:
  16. Is this the most Toronto sentence ever written? I think so. From Louis Pursley's Street Railways of Toronto 1861-1921. Nonsensical community opposition to transit is an art older than time itself.
  17. Would you rather the TTC deprive Queensway of buses, seeing as there's no new ones in circulation that they could possibly send them?
  18. I've heard of a thing exactly like this happening in Bratislava in the 1990s, all onboard power died and the car was at the mercy of the drum brakes being able to stop it from speed. They did, but not before the car ran away and nearly collided with the one ahead of it. The driver blamed it on bad maintenance of the brakes in that circumstance, though, and seemed confident that were they in good shape the runaway could've been prevented (that, and if the track speed had been set to such that a car with no dynamic or track brakes would be able to be safely brought to a stop using only drum brakes). Were there any alterations made to the braking systems on the CLRV or Flexitys (perhaps ones that come with their own set of risks?), or is this exact problem a possibility on those cars too? Scary to think what might have happened if that ALRV had run out of control.
  19. In the early days of this thread, the following photo was shared to the thread, with the accompanying caption, which was subsequently stated as having a lot of information that didn't make sense or was impossible (I would quote, but I don't want to unnecessarily ping people, the discussion is at the bottom of page 10 from June 2007). Would anyone happen to remember what exactly happened here, or at least have any theories as to what? The part about the car accelerating uncontrollably is the first thing that sets off alarm bells as, if my information is correct, these cars were supposed to be designed to be failsafe so that this exact thing couldn't happen.
  20. In person pumpkin parades are on!! Finally.
  21. Lately I've been having a really difficult time trying to access the site on my phone when not connected to my home wifi -always get a "site can't be reached message". Has been going on for about a week now, sometimes even when I'm connected to wifi. No issues on desktop.
  22. Picture attached from the TTC's Instagram. Not sure I like this very much, the area between the blue and grey is just another crevice for bedbugs to go into. If they want to eliminate fabric seating (which I fully support, not just from a hygienic perspective, the current seats are dreadful, switching over from the leatherette seating was terrible from a passenger perspective), I personally would rather like to see something like what they installed on a handful of trams in Prague instead. You can tell by looking that there's nowhere for the bugs to hide and cleaning should be much easier.
  23. Could I have my username changed to T3G? Please and thank you.
  24. Here's a random question that I've been pondering: does each RAD driver get assigned their own bus, or does the relief driver take over the originally dispatched bus? If it's the latter, what's the procedure if the relief driver shows up and the bus is currently out on a route with its driver?
  25. Today, a customer was trying to purchase a tree that didn't have a barcode on it. The cashier told him that she was the only one there so she couldn't go and verify the location in the store where the tree was sold to find the barcode, so in a fit of rage the customer shoved his cart at her. She went to a manager, who said she'd deal with the problem... and it transpired that the manager gave the customer a discount! It's high time we finally woke up and realized customer service is a load of bunk. All it does is embolden the sociopaths in our society to behave like spoiled children, since it evidently yields them results. These people should be banned from stores for life, not given discounts.
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