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  1. Just got word that my grandfather has an appointment for the beginning of February to receive his first dose of the vaccine. Slovakia right now is doing 28 days between doses so this is an encouraging piece of news. He also told me that they have around ~500 vacancies on the day of because of low vaccine uptake. I wonder if this would mean that my grandmother, who is younger and therefore not yet eligible, might also end up getting her foot in the door and getting her shots too. Not exactly an encouraging prospect for the society-wide easing of restrictions, but from a personal perspectiv
  2. Arghhhhhhhhhhh... the health minister of Slovakia said today that it would be optimal to get to a point where people are getting tested for COVID every 5 days before they can ease restrictions. Beautiful circular logic, isn't it? There's not enough tests being done, we can't reopen! We can't reopen, there's too many cases!
  3. It's good to know that Torontonians complaining about absurd things is a tradition as old as time itself
  4. It's hard to say. This looks like no LED tube I've ever seen, but there was no mercury warning on the back of the case so... who knows? We carry gypsum boards in our store, which according to a quick google search don't appear to cause any long term health issues, at least not in the doses that we are exposed to it at work. I certainly have no intention of staying there long term. Even so, that doesn't make it at all pleasant to inhale in any circumstance. Do you? In our store, you don't need a driver's license to operate one, you are trained internally, as you only drive on s
  5. Today at work, I was helping a co-worker lift a temporary metal shelf into one of the big, fixed shelves we have in our aisles. In doing so we accidentally hit a light tube which is there to light up the display, and it came loose out of its fitting and toppled right toward me. Fortunately, the cable holding it was strong enough that it didn't fall to the ground, and double fortunately there was no mercury warning so even if it had broken the circumstances probably would've been more agreeable than they would've been if it was a fluorescent tube, but even so: if things were different, a whole
  6. A huge thanks to CP24 for informing me that Garth Brooks sang most of his song at the inauguration with his eyes closed. Really gripping journalism. Chrissakes.
  7. To tie into the conversation about tail tracks from the previous page, the track maps that come with the supplement to Bromley's 50 Years of Progressive Transit shows that there was another wye that ran down Maclean Avenue south of Queen. According to Pursley's Street Railways of Toronto 1861-1921, if I am reading the map right it looks like Maclean might have formed the eastern entrance/exit tracks to the Scarboro carhouse, though that was not inherited by the TTC and was marked on Bromley's earliest track diagram (1923) as being defunct. Meanwhile, the Maclean wye was still present on track
  8. I haven't heard anything one way or the other about the frequency of PCR test returning false positives, so I'm not going to comment on that, but there's also this alternative possibility, which suggests that remnants of the virus RNA can stick around in your body months after you've cleared your infection, and which makes all these places requiring negative test results to be pretty exasperating. In any case, I too wish @captaintrolley's mother a safe and speedy recovery. I wouldn't be surprised if people were less than truthful about their opinions polled because of societal pressure
  9. Ontario patients expected to live more than a year will get priority care if hospitals are overwhelmed: documents We live in a first world country, folks.
  10. Ontario government considering delaying second doses of COVID-19 vaccine amid likely shortages
  11. Indoors, obviously! Who knew that the solution to homelessness was so simple and elegant? I don't know how true this is, because I didn't watch the press conference, but apparently when they were announcing the latest round of measures they said that the vaccine was supposed to constitute that "iron ring" that they were distributing now. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if it was true because it basically admits we had no strategy except for banking on a vaccine we had no idea would be successful. What if it hadn't been? Would the plan be to stay locked down forever? After all, when all
  12. I was referring to those measures being in place in the timeframe between when the vulnerable have been vaccinated and before we have reached total population immunity.
  13. I am extremely skeptical it will take that long. What's most crucial is getting the vaccine out to those who are most at risk of severe COVID and protect them and our health care system. Once we reach that point, there will be precious little justification for all but the most mild of measures, such as masks and a ban on superspreader events like conventions, concerts, and the like. ...or at least that's what I tell myself, because the thought of waiting until the majority of the population is vaccinated, at the glacial tempo we're going at, is too awful to contemplate. Then w
  14. Ontario declares 2nd state of emergency, issues stay-at-home order
  15. So now that the Flexitys have been in service for a while, how are they doing, from a reliability standpoint? Is the TTC satisfied with what they got? Ignoring the frame issues on the first 66 that is.
  16. It was on my cell phone. However, I searched through the app store and found something like this that exists for cell phones, so I'll be grabbing that. Thanks for the tip!
  17. Sorry, could you clarify: you don't want to see any hand me downs at Queensway? I don't think you've quite gotten your point across. I would like to propose one better: let's never transfer any buses to Queensway ever again. Let what lives there live out its life and then shut the garage down. Then you'll never have to deal with hand me downs ever again.
  18. I have received at least 6 voice messages today that consist of nothing but pure silence, or, occasionally, the sound of a phone ringing. Some of these show up in my call log and I immediately block; when I came home from work I checked my messages and found THREE of them and not one showed up in my call log. Leave me alone!!!!
  19. I do agree with the points you bring up. I'm just thinking about how the guidance was that there was nothing to worry about for weeks until suddenly shit hit the fan. I think we could've taken action at some point during those weeks that probably would've left us in better shape than we are. It's all hypothetical at this point though. Meanwhile, in Slovakia: massive crowds have flocked to the ski hills. This is in the spirit of the restrictions, apparently, because the stay home order doesn't apply to going out into nature in your district. Apparently, it's cool to stuff mountains of peop
  20. Probably because no one knew anything unusual was happening until New Year's Eve. https://www.who.int/csr/don/05-january-2020-pneumonia-of-unkown-cause-china/en/ That being said, a bit of early panic to kill the pandemic before it became one probably wouldn't have hurt.
  21. Rules for thee, but not for me, edition 666,111,004,771: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-hospital-ceo-resigns-over-trip-to-dominican-republic/?cmpid=rss&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  22. This, I think, may be the most infuriating thing about all of it. We've seen no end of self righteous finger wagging any time anyone found themselves within a 5 km radius of another human being all year long, we've seen them dredge up dreadful old memes, (Jesus Christ, I hate Twitter) but all Tory could offer about Rod Phillips is that he made a "regrettable mistake"? Where is this compassion for people living in shitty, tiny apartments; for people suffering of loneliness, for people whose livelihoods have evaporated? And does anyone have any hope that after the pandemic is going to be ov
  23. Ugh, I am really starting to get fed up with these shitty 24 hour news stations (for the Toronto area folks, I'm talking about CP24) that play on every tv in public places. We have this garbage on the tv in the break room at work day in and day out and it's a wonder that I manage to keep my lunch down. It's not bad enough that the world is collapsing around us, we also have to be reminded of it and all the ramifications of every piece of bad news (and there is no shortage of this stuff) every second of every day.
  24. This should surprise no one. That strain was identified in the UK in September. Pretty much this entire saga has been nothing but humanity trying to play catch up long after any chance of meaningful action has evaporated.
  25. Phew, I'm so relieved that we've learned lessons from the dark days of the spring and are now reacting in a measured, reasonable, humane, and fair way to the threat currently before us! ...oh I do wonder how effective all of this will be though. We are, thankfully, far removed from the days when we thought sitting on a park bench could throw you in the hospital. I see more people out and about than ever before, and not all of them due to work related things. The horse has left the barn. I will say though that the one area where I greatly benefit from all of this is the the fact
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