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  1. 4079 is out on the 501 4091 is back at Hillcrest for some reason. According to the photos I took at Russell yesterday, 4181 is sitting behind the scrap line of cars lead by 4041, with its pole down, right in front of 4182 which still tracks. 4022, 4101 and 4065 are parked on one of the western tracks behind some of the ALRVs. 4022 indeed looks very shiny and clean, meanwhile 4101 is faded, rusted, and has already had a panel removed (right before the rear doors), so I have marked it as retired.
  2. 4002 was trolling around Russell without a skirt today. Did a lap around the yard and then into one of the service bays. Sadly the best photo I could get.
  3. PCC Guy

    Current TTC Wraps

    The general procedure in this thread is to report any sighting of a wrapped vehicle until such time as it's no longer wrapped.
  4. PCC Guy

    TTC in the news

    Isn't that problem nullified by the fact that all the stops are far side, though?
  5. PCC Guy

    7575's a dad!

    Consider it a prototype
  6. PCC Guy

    TTC Electric Buses

    3700 is here https://twitter.com/TTCStuart/status/1117878364063162368 https://twitter.com/TTCStuart/status/1117878364063162368
  7. PCC Guy

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/15/world/europe/notre-dame-fire.html Fuck everything about this.
  8. PCC Guy

    7575's a dad!

  9. Hmm. Maybe not. It's still reporting there as of right now. I wish I knew what exactly is going on here. It's not the first time, either... back in September this sort of thing happened with 4011. Its GPS got jammed at Gerrard and Broadview, and I walked along the street from Pape to find that the car was nowhere to be found. It would be like that for another couple of hours before it finally stopped reporting that the data was fresh.
  10. Unless there's something the photo above doesn't tell us, the damage should be pretty mild. A lesser CLRV would probably retire from it but if they're keeping 4002 for historical purposes then this should be a minor set back at best. It's the people injured in the accident you should be worried about.
  11. It could literally be anything, same deal with all of the other cars up at Hillcrest. It could be up there for repairs, for decommissioning, whatever. I am not a TTC employee, i just report what I observe on the trackers.
  12. I have it since October 15, but I don't know when the car came back into service looking like that. In any case: 4187 is booked out on the 501 this morning. 4001, 4003, 4039, 4079, 4086, 4087, 4091, 4127 at Hillcrest 4181 MIA since March 28 on 506 4144 MIA since April 1 on 506
  13. PCC Guy

    Any bus owners here?

    While I understand 7575's reason for keeping the info on the buses on the DL, you can hardly blame the people in this thread for being interested. How often does something in this city get saved from the scrapper's clutches? A TTC bus continuing to exist justifies every bit of interest it generates.
  14. This is fairly recent, I think. Back in 2014 the car had the regular forehead font.
  15. If there is a list out there, I haven't been able to find it. It also doesn't help that it seems like some of the cars that used to have 2+2 seating lost it over this decade, for example 4041 had 2+2 seating when I rode it in 2012 but by 2016 it was 2+1. That being said, I know of: 4001-4004 (4000 was the only SIG unit to lose the double seating), 4110, and 4182. I believe 4057 is one of them too but I'm not 100% on that.