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  1. 15 minutes ago, Ed T. said:

    It's going to go on for a while, since the entire area is being reconfigured and then rebuilt.



    I have mostly avoided the area. Getting to Kipling station from the west seems reasonable in the mornings. Getting back out of the station is a bottleneck though.


    I wasn't referring to the six points rebuild, although that certainly wasn't helping. There was roadwork closing St. Albans as it ran parallel to the bus terminal, right in front of the condos, so they couldn't use that road to get in or out of the station.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Transit geek said:

    Well, I've been noticing the microphone-like device mounted in front of the dashboard and physically connected to the TRUMP units. Probably meant to keep the CIS functioning for at least the time being after Bell shuts down CDMA...

    You mean this thing that's been on the buses since time immemorial???

    33875891872_699b354a53_z.jpgToronto Transit Commission 7400 driver controls - 03 by Andrew P., on Flickr

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  3. So now that the first quarter of the year is nearly over, how's everyone doing on meeting their goals?

    I've completed my photoing of the 7900s (my total is 75/80) and I'm well on my way to finishing the 8000s (79/100). With the Nova hybrids out of service for a while it was getting a bit dicey but I've managed to grab some worthwhile photos of them by now too.

  4. Feel sorry for anyone using Kipling station in Toronto today, the closure of St. Albans Road between West Service Road and Aukland Road for some kind of roadwork meant a lot of the routes were diverting via the eastern arm of St. Albans. That, combined with the new traffic lights just north of the station on Kipling at Dundas, meant that there were insane traffic jams trying to get out of the station this afternoon. At one point traffic was backed up from Kipling/Dundas to about midway along the Kipling station bus platform.

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  5. With the retirement of 4037 and 4140, we are now unofficially past the halfway mark in the CLRV tracking fleet. 97/196 left.

    As promised, here are some shots of Russell today. It is eerie how few active cars there are, it's become one huge graveyard for these beauties.

    4075 and 4080 are at the front of the two westernmost tracks. 4075 has been missing since March 6.


    The row with 4177, 4157, 4126, and 4014.


    4210 in its regular spot with 4215, 4226 and 4065.




    4041 leads a line up containing 4221, 4084, 4176, and 4094. 4094 I've realized has been missing since Feb 26 so I've marked it MIA again.


    4140 and 4090.


    4029. They certainly worked fast on stripping this one.


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  6. Had a rather unpleasant encounter with a rent a cop at Scarborough Town Centre today. I was standing on the sidewalk by the west side of the mall (this is the place), waiting for Nova hybrid #3400 to arrive. As I photographed it in the loading bay, the rent a cop pulled up in a mall security SUV and told me that I needed permission to take photos of the buses. Realizing that this was mall property and that they were well within their rights to make this request, I grumbled about moving my activities to the intersection and walked away. In reality, I wasn't looking for anything besides 3400, so as soon as she was out of sight I turned around and made for the SRT.

    Again, this is their right to do, but where is all the pushback against people taking photos and video for Instagram to document their shopping trips? Somehow, I doubt they would've met the same reaction.

    Later, at Kipling, a handful of Arrow drivers ogled at me like I had three heads as they made their turns, and a Queensway driver gave me an okay hand symbol  👌 to which I responded with a thumbs up. Nothing new under the sun.

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  7. I was just by Russell.

    4029 and 4041 are definitively stripped, you can kiss those goodbye forever 

    4140 is missing its front skirt.

    4037 looks to still be in tact but is boxed in between stripped cars and dead ALRVs.

    4177, 4157, 4126 and 4014 are stripped in a line near the workshop.

    There were only a couple of active cars in the yard, 4004 and 4185 are the numbers I remember. We are in the end days folks, grab your photos while you can.

    Photos when I return home.

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  8. Over the winter I applied for a paid internship at a newspaper in Slovakia. I did an interview with them on Friday and felt I'd done fairly well, but today they asked me to translate an English text (the company's mission statement) into Slovak, to see the level my writing is at. I just finished up and my prose is so sloppy that if I actually get the job I'll be amazed.

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  9. 10 minutes ago, bus_7246 said:

    I’ve been eyeing the threads over the past while, and noticed that 8428 hasn’t received vision. Though I noticed that the bus was noted as transferred from Queensway to Birchmount without confirmation. Can anyone dig up more info on this bus in question?

    It's been at Hillcrest for a couple of weeks, and there was a rumour going around last week that it would be used as the prototype for the 40 foot Nova rebuild.

  10. 11 minutes ago, TTC 9701 said:

    Are they? Don't call out places as that could and will ruin the chances for any to be preserved.

    It's been previously confirmed in this thread that Seashore are interesting in acquiring a CLRV. There was a longstanding rumour that they wanted one of the three that went to Boston, but with 4029 being as shabby as it is and the other two long gone I'd be surprised if that was the one they ended up going for.

  11. 1 hour ago, 63 Ossington said:

    People are even reluctant to pay $3.25 to ride a fully functional CLRV.

    To be fair, I don't imagine there is much overlap between people who would be interested in visiting a transit museum, and those who are so repulsed by the CLRV that they think stealing from the TTC is an appropriate course of action. The people who look down on the older vehicles we've got probably aren't going to fall over themselves to see one in a museum, either.

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