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  1. ...aaand 4090 is done too.
  2. 4089 and 4098 are on the 501. 4164 is at Roncesvalles.
  3. 4200 is one of the retired ALRVs according to an operator in the Transit Toronto FB group.
  4. TransSee showing run numbers also lets you know if that particular run is going to go out of service after the rush hour or not. Which is useful if you're into looking for specific buses. however, I don't believe this exists outside of TransSee
  5. PCC Guy

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    The problem is that you're reporting it in here as a movement (i.e. a change of allocation). There's nothing stopping the bus from stopping by Queensway and sitting in the yard. Maybe they were moving personnel or transporting parts, and buggered off for lunch (or the bus broke down). But it's not newsworthy in any way, as buses can travel all over the city for various reasons.
  6. 4106 is on the 501, and 4115 is on the 506. It doesn't look like any ALRVs have made it out since the first deep freeze back around Jan 20. EDIT: 4051 on 501
  7. Cars can be out of service for a long time without being retired. It is my understanding that there is work being done behind the scenes to save the car for future generations, and I would assume that that remains true, unless the car suffered heavy damage or had significant structural failure.
  8. Couldn't have been, 4221 is at Russell. I photographed her on Sunday. It looks like the power is on, no idea why it's not tracking.
  9. Isn't 2444 earmarked for restoration as well? Unless something has changed with that unit I would be doubtful of anything changing about 7575's status, going solely off its absence in this chart.
  10. The car had its pole down, but whether it was tied down a la 4210 I couldn't see. The car has been missing for a while, it last operated on Nov 25/26 on the 506/306. Its GPS was dead for a while afterwards, and 27 days ago it was moved to its current location in the northwest corner of the yard and hasn't been seen since. EDIT: 4147 was deadheaded up to Hillcrest today, I photographed her running light on Queen westbound early this afternoon. 4023 on 501 and 4132 on 506
  11. Couldn't see, she was at the front of the line. I will swing by Russell today in better light and see if I can see.
  12. From a visit to Russell today: 4041 has lost a windshield wiper and side panel, and 4210 has had its catcher/retriever removed. The latter I will mark as retired when I get home - can anyone comment on 4041's fate?
  13. PCC Guy

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Excuse me sir, Toronto is no Prague. 🙄
  14. 4023, 4035, 4049, 4123, 4164 at Hillcrest 4051, 4089 MIA since Jan 26, 4080 since Jan 25
  15. What would be the point of rerouting the 28 to Lawrence? Is there some study that indicates there is more demand for a connection between the Brick Works and Lawrence as opposed to Davisville? These changes don't come for free and a lot of your suggestions feel like rerouting for the sake of it, rather than to fulfill some service need. There's no point in changing the 69 either. The bus runs in a primarily residential setting and those who need it will be familiarized with how it works at this point. Why add a new route into the mix and force them to relearn the service pattern? It's not even a comparable situation to the set up on the 59 at the turn of the decade, it's a very straightforward easy to follow square.
  16. PCC Guy

    Streetcar News

    Anyone know what's taking so long with 4486's repairs?
  17. Latest service summary indicates a mere 10 ALRVs left, and 107 CLRVs. With that in mind I've knocked all the unrefurbished ALRVs permanently off the active roster. I can speculate about which refurbished ones may have died (4210 and 4242 come to mind) but I'll leave them marked as active unless confirmation comes to light. https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service summary_2019-02-17.pdf
  18. 25 out right now according to Transsee, all on 506. Will this hell never cease?
  19. PCC Guy

    TTC in the news

  20. Anyone have any idea when they'll start running on a more permanent basis? Only one bus out right now.
  21. PCC Guy

    Transit Related Dreams

    lol I had the most frustrating dream ever last night. I was vacationing in New York and trying to cross off some stuff from my bucket list, but it didn't go fully according to plan. I was going to take a ride on the 7 train to Queens to photograph some R188 cars outdoors. I was waiting at a station in Manhattan for a train when I ran into some classmates of mine. When the train arrived it was a train of R62s (I can remember 1604) and there was an enormous gap between the train and the platform. The train took off and for some reason it kept swaying and lurching around, threatening to knock me off my feet. I was glad to get off at the first station outdoors, and I got out of the system and began to walk towards the yard when I realized, after walking 2 km away from the station, that I'd gotten off in the wrong place. I was walking along some suburban road with not much to it except for a couple of gas stations. I swore and headed back, but it was evening by the time I arrived at the station. Then I woke up (in the dream) in an R32 train, in the seat opposite the driver's cab. The train was parked in a mini yard off the Brighton line that doesn't exist in real life. The driver noticed I had woken up and told me to recharge the train and release the brakes. I had a look at a clock in the cab and noticed that it was 8 PM now, and I cursed myself for wasting an entire day in the city.
  22. PCC Guy

    General FML moments

    Nothing quite like being on hold with 311 for 24 minutes and counting trying to report a sleeping homeless person out in these conditions. The spring can't come fast enough. EDIT: The final call ended up taking 28 minutes. Par for the course, really.
  23. Not slime, looks like bird shit and dirt. This is a photo from the cab of H4 5599, which was retired in the early 2000s and abandoned for many years in the northwest corner of Wilson complex alongside mate 5598 and GM Classic #6227.
  24. Here's a labelled photo of the H4 console for some visual context: At the Controls by Mike Falkner, on Flickr