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    Streetcar News

    Anyone know what happened to 4486? I know it's been used to tow a few of the newer arrivals, but has yet to return to service after the bulkhead damage on Sep 27 at SCW and now the tracker is dead altogether.
  2. 4178 was briefly out on the eastern 501 this morning. 4101 is at Hillcrest. 4004's GPS has been reactivated but it seems to be jumping all over the place. In a previous post I forgot to indicate 4157 as one of the MIA cars. This one may be done as it's been missing since around November/December. New additions to the MIA list: 4020, 4150 at Hillcrest. 4020 was used last night to tow 4106 according to a post on Facebook but it hasn't run since February 27. 4184 is MIA at Russell.
  3. Why would a 501 go on Roncesvalles? The yard is right there, and they can also loop in Sunnyside. Cars can be out without it meaning anything. Training, test runs, etc.
  4. Sorry about the 4100 report, I saw it was tracking at Roncy and assumed it had been missing for a while. (I usually check the last operated dates for the cars I report, but didn't remember to do so for this one). It's currently headed eastbound on Queen past Sherbourne so whatever took it to Roncy must have been minor. 4101 is at Russell too now.
  5. MIA CLRVs: 4002, 4004, 4029, 4037, 4067, 4068, 4073, 4084, 4094, 4100, 4101, 4144, 4178, 4180 Previously MIA but back in service: 4024, 4079, 4147, 4155 4094 was in service on Feb 26 but it appears to have gone missing again.
  6. PCC Guy

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Eh? 7575 was axed in late November.
  7. Thanks for the update. I have decided to take the liberty of striking all the ALRVs that haven't tracked in a while off the active roster. If there is anything inaccurate about the 11 that remain, let me know. Right now I have: 4203 4204 4207 4221 (MIA, pending news of stripping or reactivation) 4225 4226 4228 4229 4236 (MIA, pending news of stripping or reactivation) 4243 4249 One of these should be retired to coincide with the 10 car figure indicated in the service summary, but I don't know which.
  8. PCC Guy

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    Is there any word on how long it should take to get them all fixed up?
  9. PCC Guy

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    They are, but I presume that refers to amount of space that they can store buses for service and not overall room for vehicles. It didn't stop Eglinton from receiving all those 7700s to strip last year.
  10. PCC Guy

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    Not unless these are confirmed allocation changes and not just storage.
  11. They're entering service in larger numbers lately. 17 out right now, and over 30 were out yesterday in the afternoon rush hour.
  12. PCC Guy

    General FML moments

    I haven't, and honestly I'd never given it any thought... but it couldn't hurt to take a look. I'm getting a little desperate at this point.
  13. PCC Guy

    General FML moments

    Job search is going terribly. I've applied to around 50 jobs this year, both journalism and retail, and I haven't gotten so much as an interview offer. Every day when I check the job portals I find less and less available work, period, and the jobs that are there are either for senior producer positions (I have a mere 6 weeks of experience in journalism), foreign language journalists, or, for retail searches, it returns receptionist jobs that have some questionable qualifications. Why does a receptionist for a dental practice need 2 years of experience in the dental field? Only heaven knows.
  14. PCC Guy

    TTC GM New Look Fishbowl Preservation

    A bold assumption to think charters will be common enough to warrant their own thread. Cries in $1000 price tag
  15. PCC Guy

    Transit Related Dreams

    Had a dream that I attended the final run of the TTC CLRV fleet. There were two cars brought out for the occasion, 4002 and 4081. Will have to remember this to see how accurate my subconscious was when the time comes for the last CLRVs to retire.
  16. Anyone know why a car might be tracking at Exhibition loop for an extended period of time? 4029 has been reporting there all day.
  17. PCC Guy

    You know you're a transitfan when...

    When I was younger I used to drag my dad along to go looking for old subways come rain or shine. These days I understand what his gripe was with being out and about when it's -30! I theoretically could go out since it's just me but screw that lol. No amount of transit can force me to go outside when it's that cold.
  18. Thanks again. Has there been some kind of directive issued recently about which cars are and aren't to be fixed? It seems like they're going after the fleet with a vengeance these days. Seems hard to believe that just a few months ago they were repairing cars like 4011. I presume that one would be dead if the timeline was shifted by a few months.
  19. If 4208 has been stripped, it most assuredly is cut from active service. Much like 4210, the car hasn't run since at least May 15, probably longer, but unlike 4210 it looks like it was inexplicably revived a while ago and returned from Hillcrest to Russell. Evidently that was in vain. How does 4230 "seem" retired? Was it also missing parts?
  20. PCC Guy

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Shake my head my head? Shake my head my head?
  21. They're even putting VISION on some of the soon to be retired 1700s. The kit can just be taken off and put on another bus once those vehicles are done, I presume. However, to further fuel the rumour mill, I spoke with a TTC employee on Reddit who said that the carhouse rumour they heard was that the cars wouldn't be equipped with VISION, but that operators will be using TETRA radio. No word on how the operation would look, or how long that will be expected to last. 3 museum pieces? Are you referring to the existing ones, or have they decided to keep 3 CLRV/ALRV cars?
  22. Wow. So the legendary 4041 has fallen. I will miss this car.
  23. Please don't bite the hands that feed us insider information, or we'll really be in the dark. A big thank you to everyone who posts in this thread with fleet updates!! You guys rock.
  24. The next few months should be really interesting for the legacy fleet, that's for sure. I wonder if anyone's planning a charter to send off the CLRVs? 4024, 4068, and 4176 at Hillcrest. 4029 and 4032 haven't run since February 16. 4079 has been missing since February 18. 4073 hasn't run since February 14. 4094 hasn't run since February 2. 4135 was out in service this morning briefly according to the trackers, on a trip from Russell to Humber and back. However, its GPS has died again as of this posting.