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    Transit Related Dreams

    I've been dreaming about this for atleast a few days now: The TTC closed the Yonge line from Eglinton to Finch, so that transit fans could take a look at the "transit 'playground'" north of Lawrence Stn. and the "attic" above the station.
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    Ban the user above you

    BANNED for using an exclamation point?!
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    Ban the user above you

    Banned for saying I did something I didn't!
  4. No, I mean how often do the trains go to the yards with passengers still in them?
  5. I've been wondering about this for a while now: How often do the TTC's trains go out of service with people still in them?
  6. Are you going to be huntin' for 6272 and 6284 on 512, 68 or 83? I'm going to be searching for it on 68.
  7. PCC Guy

    Lawrence Stn. - Ghosts?

    6 replies, and only one that actually relates to the secrets of Lawrence? You guys should know better. Thanks greekguy! That's a really interesting site you have brought up! I must ask a question, though. The page says "This area has a very tall ceiling and is as long and wide as soccer field, and it's simply breathtaking to behold. I really have to insist that you check it out." at the section describing the area. Umm, like, how can you check it out when the TTC's tunnels are off-limits to transit fans and passengers alike?
  8. That's good to hear! Still got plenty of time to ride 'em.
  9. PCC Guy

    TTC Stupidities and Annoyances

    Today my mom told me a story of a woman on a TTC bus. The driver asked the woman to show him her transfer (or ticket?) for some reason. The woman then started looking through all of her stuff to find it, but she didn't find it, and had to pay another fare. My mom said it took a pretty long time.
  10. This Friday (or Monday) I'm going to be riding another Classic as a Birthday treat! (My birthday's on the 16th)
  11. Awww man, that just complicates everything...5796 can be at Wilson or Davisville...how on earth will I find it? (You may answer this question if you wish, but It's not intended as a "random ttc question".
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    Ban the user above you

    Banned for lying.
  13. Along with that, I have another question: When a Wilson Div. Subway enters service, does it go to Downsview or Wilson Stn. first? And is H5 #5796 (T1 Prototype) assigned to Wilson or Davisville?
  14. According to the description of this Youtube video, "all of us transit "buffs" should take the time to take videos of these trains before it's too late. Note: we only have about a month and a half left, so I say that we make the best of it now." I thought the H4's wouldn't be retired until around October-November next year? Can someone confirm??
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    Banned for saying he used fake code.
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    Transit Photograhy = Injury???

    My parents are supportive of my hobby, and I've never had an issue with taking picture on public property or on TTC property.
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    Ban the user above you

    Banned for thinking his response was a joke (even though it was!)
  18. PCC Guy

    Gloucester cars

    Cool! I didn't know all this! Oh, the G cars lasted for 36 years (1954-1990, not 1953)
  19. PCC Guy

    Create your own TTC bus/streetcar route!

    How do you guys know what stops would be along the route! How do you when to add, Birchmount Rd., Kennedy Rd, Don Mills Rd, etc.
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    Ban the user above you

    Banned because I don't know what you mean.
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    Ban the user above you

    Banned because I like rollsigns aswell.
  22. Oh, okay, thanks. Does anyone know of any other TTC-related events during doors open toronto next year except for Lower Bay?
  23. Does anyone know when there is going to be another Doors Open Toronto event? I want them to open Lower Bay to the Public, like this year. Unfortunately, I missed the event this year.