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    Best sounding buses

    I've always felt that the only TTC buses that have been able to measure up to the GMs in terms of engine sound were the 9400s. The M11 sounds real good.
  2. PCC Guy

    General FML moments

    For the second morning in a row, I've woken up with excruciating pain in my right shoulder. I've done some stretches, as I did yesterday, and managed to clear up most of it, which is good, but clearly I must be sleeping very wrong.
  3. I would personally like to see this.
  4. According to my notes and what is viewable through TransSee vehicle history: 4203 last operated on June 26 on 501 4204 last operated on January 19 on 501 4207 last operated on December 17 on 501 4208 has not operated since before May 15 4210 ditto, and now it's stripped 4225 last operated in revenue service on December 17 on 501 4226 last operated on December 27 on 501 4228 last operated on September 16 on 501 4229 last operated on January 17 on 501 4230 last operated on January 19 on 501 4236 last operated on December 14/15 on 501 4242 was last in service at the end of May 2018 on the 501 4249 last operated on January 18 on 501 Not all of these dates may be accurate, for example 4217 was reported in the fall as being service on the 501 while tracking in Lake Ontario. I also discovered recently that TransSee deletes vehicle history data after a while, so that's unpleasant too. For CLRV news: 4022, 4039, 4091, 4143 at Hillcrest 4120's tracker has died, this one may have completed its duties as a mule now too 4164 last ran on March 7
  5. PCC Guy

    Celebrity Death Thread

    Richard Erdman, of Stalag 17 and Community fame, has died at 93 https://news.avclub.com/r-i-p-richard-erdman-stalag-17-actor-and-communitys-l-1833358570?rev=1552843585433&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_content=Main&utm_source=Facebook&utm_campaign=SF
  6. Huh! That is very strange. According to the TTC website, the last bus at Dufferin WB is 11:03 PM. So perhaps you're right that those may be arrival, not departure times, which is very odd. What does anyone have to gain by knowing what time a bus arrives at Finch West before going out of service?
  7. I was counting the ones that still report current data. There's a bunch of others with cached locations, 4204, 4208, 4221, 4229, 4230, and 4236, but it seems a bit silly to count those anymore. Two of those have been reported as being stripped too, 08 and 30.
  8. None of us are privy to that information, we can only speculate. But it appears astonishingly unlikely. 4251 should still be around too, in February it was parked right next to 4237 and both were viewable from over the fence on Minto Street. 4203, 4207, 4225, 4226, 4228, 4243, 4249
  9. It's almost certainly going to be departure times. 2255 it was.
  10. What was the 415x, if you remember? A stripped 4240 was towed along Queen by 4053 last night. https://www.instagram.com/p/BvGK-Wbn06b/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  11. PCC Guy

    TTC Orion VII Movement List

    7935 is tracking at Queensway.
  12. 3400 is out on the 939. The damage must have been exceptionally light.
  13. Unless they neglected to reprogram the fleet number I feel we may have our answer:
  14. There is an as of yet unverified rumour going around the Toronto Transit facebook group, by a yard worker at Leslie Barns, that 4002 is retired. Anyone know more?
  15. Been like that for at least a month now. I have no idea why, or why it doesn't track. I really don't anticipate the ALRVs coming back, least of all for a final fantrip. The more of them whose trackers die, the more bleak their comeback seems. The RTS was pretty unique in our city and those ended up coming and going on a random weekday in 2015 without any kind of celebration at all. So I think that 4204 will be the first and last ALRV in revenue service, and 4225 the last one overall to run in our streets without being a scrap or historical vehicle. Hopefully they're working on saving one.
  16. 4204 and 4229 have joined the ranks of ALRVs that no longer track.
  17. PCC Guy

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Where is that early spring that GTA residents were promised?
  18. 4244 has been retired for a year. As for the others, I'm sure they could come back, but at what cost? If the commission is moving to retire all the legacy cars by year's end what would they have to gain by fixing up some of the ALRVs for a few months (if they could last that long)?
  19. PCC Guy

    What's your favourite transit system and Why?

    Toss up between Bratislava and Prague. Prague has an enormous collection of historical T3s, but I personally prefer Bratislava's variants more.
  20. It's a fair question, I think - when the H6s were getting delivered deliveries were halted for 5 months while the bugs were worked out. Unless the newer ones are coming from the factory with the issues corrected.
  21. 4068 is booked out on the 506 too.
  22. PCC Guy

    TTC Service Changes

    What is the relationship between Roncesvalles and the 29/929 buses?