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  1. I think the consequences of this are going to be very vast and far-reaching. I can't imagine what viewing other people as walking vectors of disease, and treating each new case of the virus as a moral failure on the part of both the person who got it and the person they got it from, rather than a natural thing that viruses do, is going to do to the psyche of our society in the long run, but nothing good, I imagine. It of course doesn't help that many public health officials seem to be set on pinning various groups of people against each other when they point out that it's young people driving the spread of infections, leading everyone else to get angry and mistrustful of them (the fact that young people are the ones predominantly breaking their backs so these people can do their shopping is of course never mentioned). I've never, in all my life, seen so many people act so vicious and cruel to each other as I have in the last 6 months. With a bit of luck, I won't have to participate in this rat race much longer, though. I'm just working to save up as much money as possible to make an escape to Europe come next spring. And thereafter, I won't lose much sleep if the people I leave behind want to get up in hysterics every time their neighbours have visitors over - which I know they're going to keep doing, long after I've ever forgotten I used to live here.
  2. You left out quite a few buses there Good link, though. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I've only ever once been recognized by a customer that didn't want to give me hell for something I did (didn't*) do. Must be nice.
  4. http://ttc.ca/News/2020/September/07_09_20NR_ebus_advisory.jsp
  5. Please excuse the atrocious formatting of this post. I tried 4 times to correct it to no avail. Nevertheless: Lungs damaged by coronavirus can repair themselves in three months - The Telegraph https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/09/06/lungs-damaged-coronavirus-can-repair-three-months/ Tweet from Prof. Darrel Francis, cardiologist, in an interview with Eike Nagel, senior author of the JAMA Cardiology paper that started the storm of heart damage worries: https://twitter.com/ProfDFrancis/status/1299608444526309378 https://jcmr-online.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1532-429X-11-S1-O3 Another quality source if you want the raw facts instead of contextless hysteria: https://twitter.com/BallouxFrancois
  6. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/08/wear-your-mask-and-stop-talking/615796/ "COVID-19 transmission would go down if we spoke less, or less loudly, in public spaces. Why aren’t more people saying so?" For heaven's sake, is there no ceiling on this thing? Is there no point at which even the most apocalyptically minded people throw their hands up and say "hey, maybe chill out a little bit"?
  7. With (hopefully) about half a year to go before my family makes its escape to Europe, our car's motor just crapped out on us for good, and now we have to buy a new car. When it rains, it pours!
  8. The camera does have selectable metering patterns, and on checking my menu for it, it turns out I was on...... spot metering. Well, that should do it. -______________- I remember your post from a few weeks ago to set it to centerweighted averaging, but I guess I only made a mental note to do it and didn't actually. I've done it now LOL. I don't know when I'll next get to do some bus photography, but I'll report back here once I've experimented enough and see whether that's fixed the issue or not. Thanks for your feedback!
  9. To follow up on the ISO issue I was discussing in here earlier... I think I figured out what the problem is, and it's not that I don't know how to use my camera settings, but my camera seems to read some scenes in a very strange way. Lined up my shot, checked the light meter reading (a feature I only discovered after my previous post LOL), it says it's in the middle, my exposure should be good... 1/1000, f8, and... 1250 ISO: RAW files to the rescue: Lined up to take a second shot some minutes later, the light meter still says 1250 ISO. The car was moving very slowly so I had time enough to go into the menu and bump the ISO down to 200, and got a "correct" exposure for my eyes: Another shot, another place, 1/1000, f8... 500 ISO. Post-production saved my ass yet again: I understand that the camera wants to expose for medium grey, and in some environments, such as if you're shooting in the shade of the trees, or just past a bridge underpass with lots of shadows and dark, it could get confused, so in a circumstance like that the easiest way to deal with the problem would be to change to live view, choose an ISO speed manually, and stick with that (or move), but I have no idea what the issue could be with either of the scenes depicted here; they're all pretty standard. There's nothing really extreme here that could cause the light meter to get confused. Would anyone happen to have any advice?
  10. I have no real horse in the race of streaming services, as ultimately whatever has got the music I want to hear is what I'll be paying for. However, of the platforms I've tried, I favour Spotify's UI and colour scheme, so... that. Wide angle lens or telephoto lens?
  11. How do you reckon she could've taken it? We're both in agreement that the store is an extremely boring place, I can't imagine what it was that she thought I was inviting her out to...
  12. nvm, maybe things are all good between us after all??? honestly hard to say
  13. https://nowtoronto.com/news/maps-illustrate-24-bus-routes-that-risk-being-cancelled/ Does anyone know how factually accurate this article is? I was not aware that any potential candidates for cancellation had been listed yet.
  14. In times like these, you have to take whatever victories you can get, because sometimes it feels like they're all that's keeping you sane. As it happens, I've had a few such moments in the last while: -The history of buses in Bratislava book that I won back when COVID was starting that was in limbo for a while finally arrived to my grandparents' place a few weeks back -I've picked up copies of both of Louis Pursley's books on electric traction in Toronto despite them being extremely rare... early Christmas gift -Co-worker of mine who I get along with extremely well has had her contract extended, meaning that the farewell can has been kicked further down the road than initially expected. She's the first actual friend I've managed to make since I left school a few years ago, so this is pretty cool news -next week, I'm going to be meeting someone in Toronto to pick up a copy of a CLRV manual -also next week I'm going to be meeting up with all my college friends for the first time since before the shut down started -I have next week off work Sometimes, things are okay.
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