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  1. I disagree, 2020's summer was considerably better in my books. More and more people are vaccinated every day, and there isn't the slightest hint of an exit strategy, the ghost of a whisper as to what activities we'll be allowed to do once vaccinated, when we'll be allowed to travel and see family overseas, when we'll be allowed to have any meaningful experiences at all. Last summer was, if you ignore the absence of large events and travel, basically a free for all. In Europe it was really only large events that were missing.
  2. 4464. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2021/05/12/1-injured-multi-vehicle-collision-involving-streetcar-in-the-beaches/
  3. I follow a lot of people from the UK and EU and seeing them getting back to it has made me really irritable too. I can't think of many places I'd rather have spent the winter over Ontario, given that we only ever had a toothless stay at home strongly worded request, but now that all those places have done away with that and are restarting life for real it's not enough that I can't be given a ticket for sticking my nose out my own front door anymore. The other day I saw some article where they were saying that at the current rate of going it wouldn't be safe to reopen until the end of the summe
  4. A bit of cause for optimism: BioNTech Says 'No Evidence' Its Jabs Need Adapting For Variants
  5. I too think we should bankrupt the transit system by ordering new buses everytime there is a change in vehicle requirements at a specific garage
  6. Just booked an appointment for May 25. I'm not at all thrilled about the long wait between doses (right now my 2nd shot would be September 14) and I'm really hoping that they'll close the gap at some point as our supply will hopefully at some point exceed demand, but at this point I'm so impatient to do anything at all that I don't really care anymore.
  7. 8045 can be seen from the sidewalk on Kipling between the Gardiner and the eastbound on ramp today.
  8. Another day, another completely meaningless policy imposed on us by the rich that will achieve nothing except get a bunch of people angry at each other: 'Overcrowding': Fears of COVID-19 spread prompt Town of Oakville to ban parking and increase fines in certain areas Thank heaven we had these forward thinking heroes to swoop in and correct this large oversight of there being something enjoyable still left to do. Can't have any kind of enjoyment, however slight, in a global pandemic! Every single day, things get just a little bit worse than they were the previous day. Why hope a
  9. Customer at work today grabbed a co-worker by the shoulder while she was out in the parking lot, spun her around, and demanded that she bring his order out to him. I'm just completely at a loss for words.
  10. They were more or less consolidated between 2012 and 2014. I have an allocation sheet dated November 30, 2012 that has 1200-1370 at Arrow, 1371-1398 at Wilson and 1399-1423 at Mount Dennis; 1500-1689 at Mount Dennis; 1700-1779 at Malvern and 1780-1829 at Wilson (retired vehicles notwithstanding, obviously). Obviously they didn't stay fully numerically organized and there was the odd bus sent elsewhere, but it was by July 2014 they had been broken up again and were all over the place, including some high 1300s and low 1400s making their way to Malvern, and 1500s and 1700s going to Arrow.
  11. I could also do without being barked at every time I have to walk side by side with someone and there's no room to be 6 feet apart. I wish the world was far, far less concerned about my physical well-being than it currently is.
  12. Winners of this NFT auction may destroy the original Basquiat drawing Well... fuck everything about this.
  13. Today, an agitated customer tried to enter our store, which remains closed to the public. An associate tried to block him from entering, but he replied "fuck you, I'm not waiting any longer". He was accosted by a second associate, to whom the customer said "If you don't bring me my order within 10 minutes it's going to get loud in here." The associate replied that he would be happy to sort out his issue outside, but if he remained in the store all that he would get is a fine. I always think that the people who shop here can't sink any lower and yet somehow, they always manage to.
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