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  1. I know that a lot of people make this into a downtown vs suburbia issue, but why you, as well? Has downtown gotten the relief line it's been clamouring for since time immemorial? How so?
  2. It wasn't a driver, it was just some random passenger on the bus. That makes it worse, IMO - if a TTC driver is being confrontational I can just move off and it's whatever, but a random person is not bound to the rules of professional conduct so you have no idea what they will do to you if you don't comply.
  3. The 506 uses the same number of cars for base service (28 CLRVs last board, 22 Flexitys this board) during rush hours as they do midday. The only difference is that the rush hour trippers go away after the morning rush hour, and the buses don't come out for the evening.
  4. 2017 photographed at York Mills station in March 2009, a few months before her demise. Toronto Transit Commission 2017 - 02 by Andrew P., on Flickr
  5. This post here: Sites like Streetcar Watcher (and really, like ours) are only as good as the data that is fed into them. If no one informs him that 4002 is done, then he can't update the database, now can he? Note also how 4051 is still marked as an active car on that site despite being partially stripped, stockpiled with parts, and only used as a yard mule since about midway through the summer. There are a few cars that had been retired for months before any of us got wind of them - in the past year or so I had 4153 and 4167 marked as active (not MIA), only to find out that the car had either been carted off to scrap, or would soon be.
  6. Streetcar Watcher is just some guy who runs a website, it's not an absolute source. Meanwhile we've had it confirmed by a reliable source that the car is being parted out for the other two Swiss cars, and it's been parked in the deadline at Russell, behind and in front of other cars also bound for the scrapheap. I know which side I'm taking...
  7. It's hard for me to make an objective comparison, because I've never had my work stolen (touch wood) or been bitten in the Canadian transit community in the same way that I have been in the American and Slovak ones. Sure, I've found the odd dingbat in my travels, but as a whole I've found that Americans and Slovaks are far more aggressive and confrontational, as a collective, than here. And it's not over anything significant or worth caring about - the community in NYC reserves the exact same energy for the morons who surf on the back of trains, break into cabs, or change rollsigns without permission (which is shitty, but rare behaviour), that they do for someone who goes out of their way, out of their regular path to go take a picture of something that has happened (most notably it was when the subway was knocked out in the Rockaways, so the MTA brought a bunch of creaky old R32s out there to run the H train, and a bunch of people travelled out there to go take photos). It's honestly kind of pathetic how deeply upset a bunch of grown men got over other grown men travelling around the city with a camera. Whatever happened to live and let live? And then there was the time that I got ganged up on on a Slovak transit forum for mentioning that I preferred their old T3 cars over the new low floor trams that were coming online at the time. I've tried to limit my activity on that site ever since.
  8. I disagree, considering the various unhygienic situations one might run into on transit having plastic seats that you can easily wash seems preferable to having fabric seats.
  9. Would it? This wouldn't be the first time - they tried to keep the GMs off the road as much as they could in the last year or so of operation, too. The requirements for all of the streetcar routes currently running such vehicles, save for the 511, is 116 on Sundays. They'd be able to make full Flexity service today pretty easily. If the MBDF statistics are as bad as the TTC says they are and the CLRVs need to go ASAP, one has to wonder what they're doing running them when they don't need to.
  10. Ah, there's 4011. Guess I can make her as done. Shame, this one was the last CLRV I was missing last year to complete my photo collection so this one had a special place in my heart. I realize that, the original post said " despite pausing long enough for me to press the button on the doors!" so I assumed that the car was docked in the stop. I know, but every other route that was converted from legacy cars saw larger and larger numbers of cars every day until full conversion was achieved.
  11. Where is this happening? The Flexitys open all their doors automatically at the stop, there's no reason for any of this to be a problem. There appear to be no Flexitys on the 506 at all at present. Aren't they supposed to do a nearly full switch over tomorrow? What gives?
  12. What demand is there for this service?
  13. Thanks for the info. Do you know which H4 replaced the H1 RT-14?
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