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  1. 4052 and 4165 are back today, on the 501 and 506. 4041 is reporting back at Russell for the first time in a couple of weeks' time. 4066 is tracking at Roncesvalles.
  2. PCC Guy

    Streetcar News

    EDIT: Please delete, misread the above post
  3. 4093 and 4117 are both back today on the 501. 4154 hasn't run since October 10 and its GPS is dead.
  4. PCC Guy

    TTC Orion VII Movement List

    For anyone interested, unless the unit went out on a different service in the evening, 8100's last run at Birchmount was the 502 bustitution yesterday.
  5. PCC Guy

    Today's Special Sightings

    Not a special sighting... Legacy cars are supposed to run on the 504B in the event of a car shortage until they have enough Flexities for full time conversion.
  6. PCC Guy

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    Would you happen to know if there are any other legacy cars in for Vision installation at the moment?
  7. PCC Guy

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    She looks absolutely wonderful! It would be nice if they displayed her at the Leslie open house too.
  8. I'm not sure the 501 could be considered a very gentle route for cars to end their lives on. Maybe the 502/503? Also close to a yard, but shorter, and with far more limited service hours. Or the 508... if that ever comes back.
  9. PCC Guy

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    I've realized that even though I've made substantial progress on Newman over the last 5 and a half years, I have shown very little of it to the public. This is because the map is not fully complete, and I can't present it to the public, but I still think that it would be cool if I could share some snapshots from the city in here. So I'll do that every now and then. To start us off, here is a neighbourhood I've been working on the last few weeks, tentatively called Newman Valley. A skeletal concept for this neighbourhood has existed for years, but over the last few weeks I've gone in deep and tried to implement as many side streets as possible, trying to stick to a property spacing standard of 180-255 feet between blocks. The neighbourhood isn't fully complete yet - the further you go east, the less finished it is, but I'll be working elsewhere in the city for a while, and I wanted to share this image, anyway. For those of you familiar with my tram network map, you may recognize Dundas Street as the street that carries routes 5 and 10, and the street on the northern border of the image (Beethoven Avenue - needs labels) as the one that carries the 4, 5 and 10. There is some other transit, but it is currently a WIP. Newman Valley is a neighbourhood that exists on a gentle sloping plateau, down from Beethoven Avenue to Marlee Avenue. It is a quiet neighbourhood with lots of parks, walkways, schools, and a high quality of life. The lower part of the neighbourhood is noted for the Ansell Ravine/Newman Valley (names tentative), a large, sprawling park and ravine that is a centerpiece of the community. Though feared in the olden days and used as a dumping ground for waste, the ravine has undergone a revitalization since the 1990s and is now a popular community hub, with loads of trails and recreational activities such as pools, sports fields, etc (not yet marked on this map). In the winter, lots of families come to this park to toboggan down the park's slopes. Do note that despite Dundas and River Oaks being labelled as major thoroughfares on this stretch, they are not very busy streets - Dundas is most conceptually similar to Upper Gerrard Street East in Toronto, while River Oaks is a 2 lane per direction road, but is mostly residential and offers little of value to those passing through. Fairport, being mixed commercial and residential, with high rise apartment buildings (most of the neighbourhood is low rise), and shopping centres, is the most heavily trafficed of the north-south streets. The eastern half of this neighbourhood, primarily the area around Anglesey Square, is, architecturally speaking, heavily similar to the Wekerle estate in Budapest. Have a click around, it's an endlessly charming neighbourhood! Up next, I'll be rebuilding a considerable portion of downtown.
  10. PCC Guy

    Streetcar News

    And it is indeed, out on the 504B today. 4486's GPS has also been reactivated and is reporting as being in the outdoors storage tracks, so I supect service will come soon for this car too.
  11. PCC Guy

    Streetcar News

    #4423 kissed a car on Queen's Quay today.
  12. 4011 is back at Hillcrest for some reason. This car, man EDIT: 4052, 4093, 4152, 4165, and 4176 are tracking at Hillcrest, 4090 hasn't run for nearly a week, 4117 is tracking at Leslie - all marked as MIA as well. 4081 and 4084 have been in service
  13. When, in the history of this forum, has the word "bus" in a thread's title ever stopped people from writing about non bus topics? Most North Americans don't have trams in their cities, so they write to what they know. Of course no one would be daft enough to mistake a tram for a bus.
  14. I would give an arm and leg for this thing to be operational again. Halton County Radial Railway 4684 - 30 by Andrew P., on Flickr
  15. PCC Guy

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Personally if I had to choose one vintage vehicle to be fully restored and operational, I would go further back and say that I'd love to see an operational condition A12 class PCC. Those (along with the ex-Kansas City A14s) always struck me as having the most attractive windshield style of any PCC, and the fact that both 4684 at Halton County and one ex-Philly nee Kansas City ones in Maine are both in desolate condition is a crying shame. Can't speak to the one at Seashore, but 4684 has sunk onto its trucks and will never run again. I believe there is an ex Kansas City car on display outside that city's Union station, but that's a bit out of the way. Anyways, I was going back through the thread and noticed all my photos that I shared in here have dead links from the Majhost days, so I guess now's as good a time as any to dump some of my photos in here. The legend #2017 at York Mills station while operating on route 95 in March 2009. Toronto Transit Commission 2017 - 02 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 2017 - 03 by Andrew P., on Flickr #2252 undergoing restoration in September 2016. Toronto Transit Commission 2252 - 07 by Andrew P., on Flickr #2271 at York Mills station while operating on the 78 in February 2009. Toronto Transit Commission 2271 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr One of my earliest GM photographs, #2279 at Scarborough Town Centre, in service on the 169 Huntingwood, September 2008. Toronto Transit Commission 2279 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr 2316 among the colours, somewhere in Scarborough on the TTS charter on November 5, 2011. I have no idea where this photo actually was taken, so if anyone has the list of photo stops for that charter, I'd appreciate it. Toronto Transit Commission 2316 - 23 by Andrew P., on Flickr Posing with bus #2326 at Concorde Place on that same charter. Toronto Transit Commission 2316 - 49 by Andrew P., on Flickr Parts bus #2345 at Mount Dennis, in January 2012. Toronto Transit Commission 2345 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr #2435 southbound on Bay at Harbour, September 2009. Toronto Transit Commission 2435 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr The sun sets on an assortment of dead GMs at the Mount Dennis lot, January 2012. Toronto Transit Commission GM buses - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission GM buses - 04 by Andrew P., on Flickr A slightly shabby #2794 approaches Meadowvale on Ellesmere in February 2009. Toronto Transit Commission 2794 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr