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  1. PCC Guy

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    I believe ES-1 is the other. Does anyone know if any of the buses will be brought out for the end of the parade at Nathan Phillips Square on Monday? I'd rather like to grab a shot or two before their colleagues follow them down the same road
  2. 4065 was reported that it had been set aside for decommissioning by bus_7246. Perhaps it is being used as a mule in the meantime. IIRC, 4178 has been like that since they removed the anti-Saudi oil ad it was wearing during the winter.
  3. It was not so long ago that 4226 was being outshopped from the life extension program... Toronto Transit Commission 4226 - 01 by t6a5iii, on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 4226 - 02 by t6a5iii, on Flickr Or was a part of the last hurrah for ALRVs on the 504. Toronto Transit Commission 4226 - 04 by t6a5iii, on Flickr
  4. PCC Guy

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    NEWMAN TRANSIT JUNE 11, 2019 NEWS EXTENSION OF ROUTE 2 Due to concerts and sports events that will be taking place downtown, route 2 will be extended to deal with the crowds. From June 12 – 23, from 16:00 until the end of service, all trams on route 2 will continue from Lakeshore and Kenworth via Lakeshore Avenue to Lumber Yard Road. At all other times, regular service patterns apply. SERVICE CHANGES The following service changes will come into affect at the start of June: Special Expresses Newman's special express routes are weekend only routes, that provide service to high demand locations within the city, and outside the city. Special expresses operate between two stops with no intermediate stops, and they operate daily between 9:00 and 22:00. They will begin service on June 15, 2019, and will serve the following locations: Route 201 – Trnava Terminal to Newtown Lake Division: Fairport Route 202 – Trnava Terminal to Concord Forests (Newcastle) Division: Trnava Route 203 – Newman Station to Newman Castle Division: Fairport All routes will use articulated buses. Regular route changes 3 This route will operate at all times from 09:00 to 18:59, as it does on weekends. 35 Branch 35F (Newman Station – River Oaks College via Fairport) will cease to operate for the summer. The last day will be June 14, 2019. 43 Service on seasonal branch 43A (Newman Station – Kipling Park) will commence on June 15, 2019. Buses will operate from 9:00 to 22:00, 7 days a week. Buses will alternate between branch 43 (Newman Station – Lakewood Avenue) and branch 43A. 53 Branch 53A (Livonia Student Residences – Newman University) will cease to operate for the summer. The last day will be June 14, 2019. Summers Under The Wire Newman Transit is pleased to announce the fourth annual "Summers Under The Wire" event, which began in 2016. Every weekend, from Friday-Sunday this summer, two historical tram cars will run on a special, free-to-ride service running every hour. Starting June 14, 2019, the historical streetcars will be running on the following route from 13:00 to 20:00 on the appropriate days: Kittiwake Road – Prospect Avenue – Beethoven Avenue – Wilson Road – Edwards Avenue - Newman Station – Strausberg Street – May Street (eastbound)/Richmond Street (westbound) – Flatbush Avenue - Lakeshore Avenue – Kipling Avenue – Newman Falls Station. Revenue service on Richmond and May Streets was introduced this past winter, and to avoid tram congestion, the historical service will run on these streets for the first time. After the tram line to Derby closes on June 29, 2019 (see below), service will be rerouted from Beethoven Avenue & Rimava Avenue via eastbound on Beethoven, through Don Park, northbound on Rickman Avenue, and westbound on York Mills Road to Trnava Terminal. NO TRAM SERVICE TO DERBY This summer, and continuing into the early fall, there will be no tram service to Derby due to track reconstruction. The segment of the line from Kittiwake Road to Dashwood Road was built in 1987, while the segment from Dashwood Road to Bicknell Avenue was built in 1972. While both of these segments have received maintenance, the Kittiwake – Dashwood segment has never been fully replaced and rebuilt, while the Dashwood – Bicknell segment was last rebuilt in 1997. Both of these sections will be torn up and rebuilt at this time. Construction will commence on June 29, 2019, and is expected to last through until early October 2019. During the construction, there will be no tram service between Kittiwake Road and Kipling Hospital. Service will be rearranged as follows: -route 5 will operate with two branches: 5A (Highland Drive – Queensway) and 5B (Highland Drive – Kipling Hospital). Branch 5B will exclusively utilize double-ended KT8D5 tram cars, and will turn around just east of the Kipling Hospital stop using a Californien switch. Both branches will operate at all times, but branch 5A will operate more frequently. -route 10 will operate from Creekbank Road to Queensway Road. -route X5, a replacement bus service, will operate from Kipling Hospital to Kittiwake Road. Maps attached to provide context:
  5. PCC Guy

    The Eglinton Center Track in Line 1 Yonge

    Is it a spelling error if both words are valid spellings and mean exactly the same thing?
  6. PCC Guy

    TTC 2252 GM Fishbowl Charter

    Wonderful work on the charter today guys!!! Great stuff.
  7. PCC Guy

    TTC Photography additions

    Not a content addition but I had no idea where else to post this. This photo is erroneously tagged as being of 4053, when in actuality it's of 4083. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Toronto_Transit_Commission_4053-a.jpg
  8. PCC Guy

    Current TTC Wraps

    4070 has been retired since April 2017.
  9. It was used as a mule at Leslie for months after it disappeared from service. What's more likely is that after it stopped reporting GPS data it was moved up to Russell since they don't appear to store dead cars at Leslie anymore. It's missing its left hand front skirt right under the driver's window. Any other parts it may be missing will have been obscured by the cars in front of and behind it.
  10. 4103 was my bad, I previously flagged it as MIA on May 15 but I forgot to update the first page accordingly. The unit hasn't tracked for about two weeks but it's been reporting fresh data these last couple of days. 4111 is a new discovery, so thanks.
  11. PCC Guy

    GO Transit

    Having relied on the route extensively when I studied there a couple of years ago, it most certainly was. Even so, all of those students will now have to deal with a far longer, less pleasant commute... or they'll flock to the car, if they can.
  12. PCC Guy

    GO Transit

    The cancellation of the 20 is really disappointing. Getting around anywhere in Halton without a car is already a nightmare. You'd think they'd be improving transit service in such a growing community, not making it worse.
  13. 4098 is out on the 501L this morning.
  14. Going over my photographs from yesterday, I also noted that rustbird 4120 was back at Russell, parked right in front of 4041. 4065 has been previously reported as being retired in this thread, so I'm not sure anythig will come of the unit still tracking anywhere.