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  1. Remember when people thought that the vaccines would calm people down? There are now calls for Ontario to close its borders to people living in Alberta 80% vaccination rate in Ontario and this is the best that they an come up with? Our civilization is beyond help.
  2. Today at work, we received a call from an extremely agitated customer who said that she had spoken with one of the managers and had asked for the phone number for the district manager, and that person had given them the phone number to a car dealership instead. A co-worker of mine was taking the call and the customer was pissed beyond belief, demanding the personal contact information for our store manager and getting increasingly rude, and he told her to "please stop yelling at me or I'll have to hang up", and then she swore at him and he hung up. Never a dull moment here.
  3. Today at work, some contractor called the store inquiring about the whereabouts of his delivery. We had a lot of deliveries to go out this morning, and the driver had to come back and make a second trip because not all of the deliveries could fit onto the truck the first time. I told him as much, at which point he started to argue with me, saying that since the driver works for us (he doesn't, we have a contract with a delivery company) we must know, when I argued this point with him he began to swear at me, saying "Don't give me any of that bullshit", demanding that I track him down, etc.
  4. Work just approved my time off request for September for three weeks. Slovakia just declared yesterday that the third wave had started (they reported 82 cases). This is going to be the most tense and least relaxing build up to a vacation in my entire life.
  5. They going to ban standees next?
  6. Does it? You can track a vehicle if it's short turning while it's on the regular portion of its route, isn't it?
  7. "I am not a robot" exercises on websites that require you to identify objects in photos, and when you're done, they ask you for more, and then again, until you've lost any desire to access the service / location that you were trying to get into in the first place.
  8. Just wondering, what's going on with the Proterras right now? I don't know I'm just not checking the trackers at the right time but over the last while there's been none out and about, including at rush hours. There were issues mentioned with them back in May but I've heard nothing new on that front since then.
  9. Per the 2021 Canadian Trackside guide, 5866, 5871-5878, 5919-6028, 6046-6049, 6055, 6060-6069, 6071-6073, 6075, 6077, 6079, 6080 were so equipped
  10. Glass frame broke clean in half today.
  11. You're absolutely right. The level of vaccination coverage in this country is already absolutely staggering, we are in a much better position with vaccination than the majority of countries, some of which may never, ever, reach our levels, and we're out here, like a toddler throwing a tantrum that we only got 99 presents for our birthday instead of 100. Then, of course, it's also a nightmarish proposition from the perspective of a retail worker who'd probably be expected, by these out of touch clowns, to enforce this rule. If you ask the customer for proof, they'll throw a tantrum and you
  12. Toronto board of trade calls for vaccine passports for non-essential activities Man, all the good ideas are coming out of the woodwork now. Imagine popping into an electronics store or something and needing paperwork before you come in. This is beyond the pale.
  13. There are some retired SD40-2s in the action red scheme parked in Toronto yard, viewable from the overpass on Markham north of Nugget. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ16902LJOw/ Unfortunately, this past Saturday the tracks in front of them were packed with wagons so I didn't get to photograph them, but I did see this interesting line up of locos from the other overpass on Finch west of Markham, including SOO Line 4410 which apparently has been parked there since April 2020. The SD40-2s in this line up, I've been told, have apparently been parked there since 2015-16. Th
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