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  1. That's what I'm planning on doing, but I really don't like the idea of using Stubhub, and putting money into the pockets of the wastes of air and water that program ticket scalping bots in the first place.
  2. Tried to buy tickets to see Paramore live, all of them were either sold out or picked up by bots. Lovely.
  3. They probably neglected to reprogram the fleet number.
  4. Today I went on a walk around my suburban neighborhood and along a main road, I was accosted by a man on a bike with a guitar on his back. He asked me where some street was, and I told him that it was much further south. Afterwards, he told me that he had spent the last two days biking from Oshawa and was trying to get back to London, having had his backpack and wallet stolen. He said that he didn't want my money, and then proceeded to ask me if I knew how to get food around here, having apparently not eaten anything in the last two days. I pointed out how there's restaurants all over the place, but I didn't know what you would do if you didn't have a penny on you. He then asked me if I wanted to trade his guitar for a burger and fries, I told him I had no money (a truthful statement; I left my wallet at home) and then he left again. I don't know whether he was telling the truth or not - there were parts of the story that made me raise my eyebrows, such as what he was doing in Oshawa with just a bike, and how he had gotten there in the first place - and ultimately, I don't think it matters in this case, as I really didn't have any money on me anyway. But I'm reasonably certain that I lack the ability to figure out when someone is being truthful and when someone is trying to make a quick buck off me, and if this is the future of interactions with strangers in suburbs - God help me, especially if I don't have my wallet on me again!
  5. Marianas Trench - Lover Dearest
  6. Sometimes, I really hate music fans lol 1) Musical snobs. In the last year, I've listened to some classic albums, including Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper's by The Beatles, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel, and Pinkerton by Weezer, and I didn't like any of them - the former three were boring as tar, and the latter had excruciatingly asinine lyrics. I can respect these albums for the impact that they made on music history, but they are certainly not something I got any enjoyment out of whatsoever. My musical tastes are more "uncool", and consist mostly of pop and pop rock. I have my share of issues with a lot of pop music, and how it can frequently be cynical and artless, but in my view, the closest parallels to pop music are animated CGI movies. Occasionally, a gem comes along that is infinitely satisfying to the ears, but does not sacrifice artistry, good songwriting, or passion. There is no shortage of people on the internet who would consider me idiotic for the words I have just written, and say that my opinion is somehow less valid than theirs, and while I am, of course, not ashamed in the slightest for liking the music that I do like, it can still get very frustrating to have elitists on the internet insulting you for it. I don't look for music that is the most cutting edge or experimental - as far as I'm concerned, as long as something is decently catchy, comes from a real place and is delivered by someone who is decently talented, I'm satisfied, and I think if someone can't accept the fact that people look for different things in music they do, it's absolutely shameful. I used to be like this, back in 2011 I was your stereotypical pop hating teenager and I like to think I've moved past that place in my life and it's really frustrating to see other people still in this mindset. I'm not saying you have to like pop, frankly I don't really care, but just because something is popular or not experimental enough for you doesn't give you the right to insult people for liking it. 2) When the phrase "selling out" is thrown around for no reason. At this point, I think the phrase has become so watered down that it's essentially lost all meaning. If an artist moves in a poppier sounding direction, they're a sell out. If an artist makes the same stuff over and over again, they're also sell outs. I think that to accuse someone of selling out is colossally arrogant, as it makes assumptions that the shift in sound was specifically for monetary gain, rather than because that was a sound that the artist wanted to experiment with. While I understand why someone would prefer a band's older sound, I think it's quite grotesque to expect them to stick to the same sounds that you like forever, and saying that they have lost their artistic integrity because they made music you don't like the sound of is asinine. 3) The flipside to that is when an artist disavows an older album in their discography, like Linkin Park, who recently said that fans need to "move the f**k on from the Hybrid Theory (?)* era". You shouldn't recreate the same sound over and over again to appease a certain subset of your fans, but telling someone they should "move on" from an album that they love and that means a lot to them is a really dumb thing to say as well. What is the problem with someone still resonating with something that you made almost 20 years ago? I can't imagine under what circumstances this is a justifiable thing to say to someone. * I think that was the album, I haven't listened to LP's discography so I'm not sure.
  7. TRANSIT ROUTES THAT I HAVE RIDDEN Italics = temporary route North America: Toronto Transit Commission Bus: 29 Dufferin, 50 Burnhamthorpe, 68 Warden, 83 Jones, 84 Sheppard West, 85 Sheppard East, 86 Scarborough, 95 York Mills, 102 Markham Rd., 107 Keele North, 111 East Mall, 123 Shorncliffe, 169 Huntingwood, 192 Airport Rocket, 196 York University Rocket Streetcar: 501 Queen, 503 Kingston Road, 504 King, 505 Dundas, 509 Harbourfront, 510 Spadina, 511 Bathurst Subway: Yonge-University Spadina Subway, Bloor-Danforth Subway, Sheppard Subway, Scarborough RT GO Transit Train: Lakeshore East, Lakeshore West, Milton Bus: 20 Milton/Oakville, 21 Milton Milton Transit 2 Main, 3 Trudeau, 4 Thompson/Clark, 7 Harrison, 8 Willmott, 52 School Special MiWay 19 Hurontario, 35 Eglinton Sarnia Transit 9 Exmouth MTA New York City Subway: A, B, C, F, J, N, Q, R, Z, 1, 2, 3, 7, Times Square-Grand Central Shuttle, Rockaway Park Shuttle New Jersey Transit Bus: 320 OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA EUROPE Dopravný podnik Bratislava (Transport Company of Bratislava) Tram: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 Trolleybus: 202, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 210, 212 Bus: 20, 21, 34, 39, 50, 61, 63, 69, 70, 83, 93, 95 Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy (Transport Company of Prague) Tram: 5, 10, 13, 16, 17, 22, 25 Metro: Line B, Line C Pražská integrovaná doprava (Prague Integrated Transport) Buses: 296 Trains: S1 Student Agency 000038 – Prague to Bratislava via Brno 000044 - Košice to Prague
  8. Today I was in Toronto for a doctor's appointment and on the way back downtown, I took the 505 streetcar. After relying on rubber tired vehicles for my commutes for so many years, this was a really refreshing experience. Everything was so smooth - we weren't hitting every pothole and being bounced around. It was a refreshing experience.
  9. I now have an updated numbering scheme for Newman Transit's tram fleet. All cars, except for the K2, KT8D5, and K3R-NT cars operate in two car units. 1979-1981 SLRV: 1101-1142 → An SLRV is the Swiss Light Rail Vehicle - it's essentially the CLRV, but somewhat adopted for use in Newman with elements such as pantographs. All cars are built by SIG, who supplied prototype cars 4000-4005 to Toronto. 1985 Tatra T3YO: 1201-1212 → A version of the Tatra T3 manufactured for the Yorkish tram market (hence the "YO" designation). The 1985 version lacks a third doorway, as demonstrated in this video at 1:38. 1987 Tatra T3YO: 1213-1252 → The 1987 version of the Tatra T3YO are largely homogenous with the 1987 Tatra T3SUCS built for the Czechoslovak market. 1977-1983 Tatra K2: 2001-2020 → These cars were purchased second hand from the Slovak town of Prešov in 1995. The K2 is an articulated variant of the Tatra T3 tram. These cars have all been rebuilt, with the exception of cars 2015, and 2019, which survive as historical units in their original condition. Car 2017 has been rebuilt to type K2G, and other cars have been rebuilt to type K2S and renumbered to #2151-2160. The remainder of the fleet has been rebuilt to type K3R-NT (see below). 1975-1989 Tatra T3: 2021-2072 → These cars were numbered in the order that they were delivered in in 1995, and come in a variety of variants, including the T3SUCS, T3G (#2051+2052, 2057+2058), T3M (#2021+2022, 2043-2048), T3S (#2053+2054), and T3R.PLF (the majority of the fleet). The lead cars of various units, including all T3Gs and T3S, have been fitted with wheelchair lifts at their rear door, for more wheelchair accessibility. 1991 Tatra T6A5/I: 2073-2082 1993 Tatra T6A5/II: 2083-2094 → These cars also arrived second hand in 1995. These fleets are largely similar to each other; the most notable differences are in the sliding windows on the series I cars as opposed to the tilt in windows on the series II cars, as well as the pantographs used: series I vs series II. 1997 Tatra T6A5/III: 2095-2104 → These cars were built brand new for Newman in 1997, and represent somewhat of a stylistic change to the old T6A5 design. New features include plug doors, driver cab air-conditioning for the front cars of every set, and a more modern interior. 1989 Tatra KT8D5: 2105-2114 → These cars were delivered second hand in 1995. They are unusual for Newman's fleet in that they are bidirectional, but otherwise, are largely similar to the T6A5 class of car. With the exception of car 2114, which has been preserved, all cars in this series have been rebuilt to type KT8D5R.N2P, with a low floor middle section. 1977-1983 Tatra K3R-NT: 2115-2123 → These cars were formed during the rebuild of older K2 cars. Both ends of the carbody were refurbished, and had a newly manufactured low floor section inserted in between them. Cars 2115-2118, 2120-2123 were rebuilds of older K2s, car 2119 was formed from purchasing two old T3s second hand from Bergen in 2007: both cars had their bodies cut in half, with a low floor section placed in between. 1999 Tatra T3RF: 2131-2134 → These cars were purchased second hand from Bergen in 2007, to increase wheelchair accessibility. Cars 2131 and 2133 come equipped with rear door wheelchair lifts. Conceptually, this car is a simplified version of the Tatra T3S built for the Russian market - notable changes include folding doors instead of plug doors, and hand operated diamond pantographs compared to the electrically operated half pantographs. These cars had their pantographs upgraded in 2008 to be controlled electronically. 2016-2017 Bombardier Flexity Outlook: 2201-2250 → These cars began to arrive in December 2016 after prototypes were tested earlier in the year. They are built to Toronto specifications, but without trolley poles. They are currently undergoing delivery and are expected to phase out the majority of T3s without wheelchair accessibility by the end of 2017.
  10. The official narrative is that the frame cracks were a fabrication on the part of someone in the company to stop them from buying the "dirty diesel buses". I don't know how true that is but this is a total shitshow
  11. That seems like a highly unlikely statistic.
  12. Because emissions are emissions, regardless of where on the planet the buses are operating? Don't get me wrong, I understand they're only meant to be a stop gap solution, but the fact that the TTC is selling them off at all for revenue service elsewhere is something I find rather odd.
  13. Doesn't this kind of defeat the whole point of retiring them due to emissions concerns?
  14. NEWMAN TRANSIT APRIL 28, 2017 UPDATES BRIDGE COLLAPSE ON BEETHOVEN AVENUE On April 9, 2017, a bridge collapse on Beethoven Avenue crippled tram service. The bridge which collapsed was a small beam bridge that carried the tram tracks on Beethoven Avenue across the Derby Creek, situated between the Brent Street and Hriňová Avenue stops. Both road bridges that carry the street across the creek remained unharmed. The bridge collapse was witnessed by a passenger on a Derby-bound route 5 service at noon, and the passenger hit the emergency stop button. The driver was able to report the bridge collapse and all trams were stopped in time. Currently, the tram line to Derby is closed, and an investigation into the bridge collapse is ongoing. Transit services are arranged in the following way: Route 5, upon arrival at Beethoven and Dundas, mirrors route 4 to Trnava Terminal. Route 10 and night route N5 are terminating at Beethoven and Queensway. Route X5, a replacement bus service, is operating between Queensway Road and Kittiwake Road in Derby via Beethoven Avenue and Prospect Avenue. Four tram cars were trapped on the far side of the bridge collapse: Tatra T3G #2057+2058, Tatra KT8D5R.N2P #2108, Tatra T6A5/I #2073+2074, and Tatra T3S #2053+2054. The cars were left at the loop in Derby for several days but due to the fact that it is unknown how long tram service in Derby will be out of action, were eventually recovered by flat trucks. Slow orders have been implemented at all bridges and tunnels operated by Newman Transit while their structural integrity is inspected. As of May 1, 2017, a new service pattern will be going into effect: -route 5 will operate with two branches: 5A (Highland Drive – Queensway) and 5B (Highland Drive – Kipling Hospital). Branch 5B will exclusively utilize double-ended KT8D5 tram cars, and will turn around just east of the Kipling Hospital stop using a Californien switch. Both branches will operate at all times. -route 10 will operate from Creekbank Road to Queensway Road. -route X5, a replacement bus service, will operate from Kipling Hospital to Kittiwake Road. Destination sign materials: TATRA T3G #2051+2052 BACK IN SERVICE WITH NEW AD WRAPS Tatra T3G #2051+2052 have returned to service on April 6, 2017, after receiving replacement ticket markers. As of April 24, 2017, they are both wearing ad wraps advertising the American band Paramore. #2051 is sporting a wrap for their new album "After Laughter", scheduled for release on May 12, and #2052 is advertising their shows in York City and Newman, which will be taking place on June 12 and June 13. In York City, they will be playing at the Ulfstead Memorial Arena and in Newman, they will be playing at the Lakeside Stadium.
  15. A pretty shocking video of the desolate conditions of the tram network in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Some highlights: 22:07 - 22:52 38:07 - 38:34