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  1. Why is Eglinton sending any buses to Arrow at all? Wouldn't it make more sense to just send the Eglinton Novas to McNicoll directly, and then the balance is provided by Arrow sending theirs over? I know that they're basically identical buses but I can't quite fathom the logic of these movements.
  2. It's been exactly a year since I last rode transit.
  3. Speaking of capacity limits, am I the only one who thinks big box stores, by virtue of their build and the types of services that they offer, should have capacity limits calculated differently than some indie bookstore or coffee shop? Our store has a normal capacity of just under 1000 people (!!!), so the capacity under the reopening restrictions is just under 250 people. That may seem sound if our store was a sports arena that packs every vacant spot regularly, but in practice things are just as bad as they were when they shut us down in December in the first place. It would be one thing
  4. https://www.blogto.com/city/2021/02/doug-ford-paid-sick-days-waste-taxpayer-money/ But I guess the costs of rebuilding the shattered remains of our society post COVID aren't?
  5. Why? Why should students pick up the tab for the fact that, in a year, we haven't been able to develop a more sophisticated pandemic response policy besides demonization of anything that doesn't generate economic value? I haven't had a March Break in 7 years, but my brother is still in school and I see how much he's suffering from everything that's been going on in schools. A cancellation of March break would be just another brutish kick in the teeth, though I expect young people have come to expect such a thing at this point. In fact, why have any weekends at all? Or any time off? Let's
  6. Ha! That would at least justify the insane pricetag on them. Going after travel is an easy and politically safe way of looking like you're doing something. People are starting to get mad that they're not allowed to socialize or go to work, but the average person doesn't have family or friends that matter to them that live overseas, so what do they care if travel goes away, forever if need be? They've gotten everything they need, be goddamned to the rest of us. With the talk of keeping out variants, that's basically a free pass to keep this going indefinitely. Not one person ever has
  7. Ontario will let more businesses reopen, gradually lift stay-at-home orders It should come as no surprise at this point, but none of this makes a lick of sense. Remember David Williams saying that he wants us to get below 1000 new cases a day, which we haven't? Or when he said we should get below 150 patients in the ICU, which we also haven't? Could this be any indication that society is ready to deal with the virus? No, of course not. We can kiss this coming summer goodbye, too! Everyone, too, is panicking about all the new variants. Now that they're here I guess it's cool to let th
  8. By all accounts, our store should be reopening to the public by the middle of next week.
  9. A little humour to lighten the atmosphere.
  10. I don't know about whether people have gotten nastier since the pandemic started, because my previous retail gigs were back room jobs where my interaction with the public was minimal. I don't really mind people being stupid, though, as long as they're not malicious about it. It's the bozos that scream at me, curse me when things don't go their way, and expect me to move heaven and earth for them that bother me more. No, I'm not going to return your used toilet. No, I can't do anything about an item being out of stock. No, I can't do anything about our delivery drivers placing your deliver
  11. Looks like 4434 is going next https://www.instagram.com/tv/CK4odvlnXHf/?igshid=3z3ppkwphtf6
  12. Granddad got his first dose of the vaccine this morning. Happy to report it was a complete success. My grandmother decided not to go get hers as she wanted to be present if he should have had any adverse reaction, which is fair enough, but happily nothing of the sort happened. She turns 75 before the month is out and he will also be getting his second dose within that timeframe.
  13. Because it's 1999, I bought a CD copy of a fairly obscure racing game on Amazon this past weekend for $10 + shipping. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuel_(video_game) This morning, I got an email saying that the order has been cancelled, without a word of explanation. I went to the product page for the game and the same seller is now selling the game for $45 + shipping.
  14. Wow, can you imagine being one of the poor bastards who actually has essential travel right now? Not only do they have to pay out their ass for a plane ticket, the costs are basically doubled now. What a joke
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