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  1. 4021, 4042, 4048, 4069, 4123, 4164, 4187 on the 511 this morning. No 4178.
  2. Today, in the morning rush: 4021, 4024, 4048, 4057, 4069, 4081, 4123, 4124, 4155, 4176, 4179 on the 511. 4178 is doing its own thing, looks to be on the 506 right now.
  3. December 5, 2008: the only time I ever saw a TTC D40. Toronto Transit Commission 6469 - 01 by Andrej, on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 6469 - 02 by Andrej, on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 6469 - interior by Andrej, on Flickr
  4. DEC 4 Morning rush hour: 506: 4021, 4085, 4110, 4147, 4170, 4178, 4184 511: 4024, 4042, 4057, 4069, 4074, 4091, 4104, 4123, 4164, 4165, 4176, 4179 DEC 5 Morning rush hour: 506: 4178 511: 4021, 4024, 4040, 4042, 4048, 4057, 4081, 4091, 4123, 4165, 4176, 4179
  5. TTC 28 was one of the first transit history books I ever bought, when I visited the HCRR as a kid about a decade ago. At the time I had no idea just how valuable the volume I'd picked up was, I just saw that it was a cool old book about streetcars. Definitely one of the better decisions I made that ended up paying off in the long run.
  6. 4024 also doesn't have the farewell stickers. You may have mistyped 4124.
  7. Legendary transit historian John Bromley passed away on December 1st, 2019 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1451587878333253&id=568380536653996
  8. The reason for that is because 4067 has been retired since February.
  9. But aren't the terms of the contest that you need to be 18+ and a resident of Ontario? (And other requirements like that you can't be related to a TTC employee...) How would they verify that without demanding some form of ID?
  10. Oh man, can you imagine being picked as a winner, only to end up being redrawn? I'd be livid. Hopefully someone will have the schedule for the final cars and will share it. I don't remember now but I don't think the ALRVs had a schedule posted for the final cars publicly, but the operator of 4204 shared it on Facebook which allowed photographers to coordinate their comings and goings.
  11. I don't, either. It's about as much the last run as any charter that the vintage CLRVs will run on after December 29. Really, whichever revenue car finishes its run last (whether it be the contest car westbound at Bathurst, or the other car pulling into Russell) would make the most sense. However, given that the 501 is a fickle line at the best of times, it would be useful to be able to ride this car and not have to try to beat it to Russell and grab the photos of it pulling in. I still find this contest idea completely absurd. At least with previous surface vehicles, anyone who couldn't get on was not able to get on because of the physical limitations of the vehicle. A CLRV has much more space than 40 people + the special guests they will be having on. If you want a comfortable, luxurious ride, the last day of operation after 42 years seem like a piss poor time to demand it.
  12. Because no one has released that information yet.
  13. In retrospect I maybe should've aimed a little higher, because I was done with all of this by March LMAO. Still, I'd say it's been a fairly productive year for my photography. I've grabbed tons and tons of old streetcar photos, including around 700 (that is not a typo) of them being broken apart at Russell yard and sent for scrap. What will next year bring? 🤔
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