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  1. PCC Guy

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Although I'm far from being done with it, as I haven't touched it in a few weeks I thought I would share a snapshot of the current state of Newman's downtown. The further north you go, the less complete it is (and some of it is straight up incorrect, for example none of this territory lands in the borough of Folkestone anymore... I just don't have the time right now to correct all the errors). It looks small, but the distance between High Street and Kipling Avenue (the unlabelled street that is on the east end of Kipling Park) is 4.06 km, and the distance along Davis between Lakeshore and the street at the north end of the non blurry area (Marlee Avenue) is 2.36 km, so there's a decent amount of area covered. The history of how this part of town came to be is interesting. When I first started on this project, I was just a dumb teenager who didn't understand anything about urban planning, and I believe at one point I remarked in this thread how Newman has no real city centre. Well, in the months and years afterwards, I've travelled to a variety of different European cities and learned that was dumb, and this ended up taking form as the city's downtown core. Although not as large as the cores of a city like Prague, there is nevertheless a ton of stuff packed into this area. Lakeside, as the borough is known, is Newman's center of culture and society. The area is clean and well maintained, and the city's residents are proud of their downtown. Transit service is provided by buses, trams, trains, and even trolleybuses from the west. As for the blurry area, some of them are residential zones, while others are industrial ones, and neither is anywhere close to being finished or presentable so I thought it would be kinder to blur it out than to force you to look at it in this state
  2. PCC Guy

    TTC non-Fishbowl Fleet Nostalgia

    From an outing 10 years ago, when I went looking for some of the last unrebuilt D40LFs: Toronto Transit Commission 8001 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 7344 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 7302 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 7333 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 7327 - 03 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 7302 - 02 by Andrew P., on Flickr Toronto Transit Commission 7327 - 04 by Andrew P., on Flickr
  3. PCC Guy

    Missing in Action buses

    If they're going to survive past April 2019, yes. The current indications are that 7 of the things are planned to last into 2020.
  4. PCC Guy

    Missing in Action buses

    Now that it's been a few months, and we've seen just under 25 former Arrow LFSes moved to Queensway, would anyone happen to know what the plan is with the 7900s? We know the 8000s are receiving VISION as we speak so we can presume those are safe for the time being, but did the foamer rumour mill end up being correct about the plans for the 79s to be canned? There's a few that haven't been around for a long time like 7935 so I wouldn't be terribly surprised, but I'm still hoping I'm wrong lol
  5. PCC Guy

    Streetcar News

    perhaps instead of being snippy and belligerent, you should clarify what the hell you're asking. Are you asking for the address of Bathurst station?
  6. PCC Guy

    TTC non-Fishbowl Fleet Nostalgia

    Would anyone happen to recall what kinds of buses operated on the 43 and 86 prior to the VII invasion?
  7. PCC Guy

    TTC Service Changes

    https://stevemunro.ca/2018/12/10/ttc-service-changes-effective-january-6-2019/ Highlights: Conversion of the 45E to 945, 53E/F to 953, and 86E to 986 The ALRVs will no longer be scheduled as anything more than 501 trippers The 503 will be converted to buses and revert to its Church-Wellington-York looping The 510A Spadina will have its recovery point revised to the south end of Spadina instead of either terminal (why??) The 512 will resume running out of Roncesvalles (first example of a Flexity operating out of somewhere that's not Leslie?)
  8. Picture Vehicles Visit - 07 by Andrew P., on Flickr
  9. I too would like to find a proper job. I'm currently in a seasonal retail position and I'd like to finally get a career in journalism. Heaven only knows how I'll do that though... even these days I keep getting rejection emails from jobs I applied to back in the summer. I really don't want to do more retail work, but I also really don't want to be unemployed for several months again
  10. Thank you! I have updated the movement history page on the wiki with these splits.
  11. PCC Guy

    Missing in Action buses

    And how many people who are members of the board live in those towns, compared to Toronto? Honestly, your question is akin to pointing at any number of significant transit events in Europe, and saying "Why are people freaking out over this, but not over that?" Your point would have weight and validity to it if you'd made it when everyone was losing their minds over 7575 retiring, and comparing the retirement of the bus with the aging of one's family, or any number of weighty emotional situations that don't compare to a bus being retired at all. But all we've seen over the last two pages is updates on the status of the individual buses (this is very useful for record-keeping), and reminiscing over a bygone era - incredibly mild stuff that rings true to the overall interests of the board. How do you justify acting so high and mighty about that? Everyone, except foamers, realize that the TTC is a business, and that buses retire for a reason. It's not a contradiction to those truths to appreciate transit as more than a utilitarian function of day-to-day society. The fact that you're posting in a sightings forum, have an avatar of a specific bus and a Flickr and Youtube account, on a board where discussion of vehicles is commonplace, and where private photo charters are regularly advertised to readers, is all because someone somewhere had the idea to show a little more interest in transit than the average passenger would. No clue what's supposed to be so bad about that.
  12. Does anyone recall the exact split of the 7500s between Eglinton and Arrow when they arrived? I currently have: 7400-75?? at Eglinton 75??-7699 at Arrow 7700-7809 at Eglinton 7810-7881 at Birchmount
  13. PCC Guy

    Missing in Action buses

    I'll be sad to see them go, all things considered. They were no GMs or Vs, but they'd nevertheless become a fixture, an eternal presence in the Scarborough landscape. Glad I got a chance to photograph the vast majority of the 7700s and 7800s earlier this year. Here are my photos of each of the last 8: 7719: Toronto Transit Commission 7719 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr 7808: Toronto Transit Commission 7808 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr 7811 (with a bonus of 7734, which was one of the first Birchmount units to die): Toronto Transit Commission 7811, 7734 by Andrew P., on Flickr 7821: Toronto Transit Commission 7821 - 02 by Andrew P., on Flickr 7833: Toronto Transit Commission 7833 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr 7846: Toronto Transit Commission 7846 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr 7848: Toronto Transit Commission 7848 - 02 by Andrew P., on Flickr 7879: Toronto Transit Commission 7879 - 02 by Andrew P., on Flickr
  14. PCC Guy

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    To create the maps you saw, I used Paint.net. I began work on the map back in 2013 and the project has grown substantially. The pitfall to that is that the image file is HUGE now, and I have to very carefully manage how many tabs and programs I have open while mapping, otherwise the whole thing will crash. I don't LOVE it... What I use for any new maps (and my national level map, linked here) is Campaign Cartographer 3+. It's expensive, and it's not for everyone, but it's a fairly professional software that handles map files much better, and the experience of working on a very large image is far less (read: not at all) excruciating compared to Paint.net. At one point I wondered if I should've redone the Newman map in that software, but I figured that it wouldn't be worth the trouble. In any case, I wouldn't dream of using anything else for any new projects now. Once I got comfortable with using it it revolutionized my mapmaking process.