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  1. 4089 went up to Hillcrest for some reason today. The aforementioned 4052 and 4190 are both MIA, and given where 4171 is parked I suspect it may have met a sticky end.
  2. Both of you are correct, the bus was first on the 85 for the first run and then moved to the 985.
  3. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2019/08/19/ttc-sees-dramatic-rise-in-streetcar-maintenance-orders.html
  4. CLRV 4146 at Woodbine loop in Toronto today.
  5. 4051 still tracks but is missing parts. I would mark it as retired but this apparently happened to 4171 before it came back in service too. Does anyone know if this unit is done?
  6. LOL so last night I was listening to a podcast, and one of the topics of discussion was conspiracy theories. I am not a conspiracy theorist by nature nor do I listen to podcasts oriented around that, it just happened to be a point of discussion (i.e. "what do you guys think about conspiracy theories?" etc). I finished listening and buggered off to bed. While I was asleep, I dreamt that I was at my library looking for a book on Audrey Hepburn. (I've recently been getting into a lot of classic cinema, and I've also been reading a lot about her life because I found her to be a really fascinating and engaging character). I stumbled upon a person-sized book (which, later, when I tried to stuff it into my backpack, shrunk down enough to sit inside the pack, but not enough to not stick out) from a man who claims to have been her son, but was abandoned by her shortly after birth. According to what I remember of the book in the dream, he claimed to have had only positive interactions with her until her mysterious death in 1960 and replacement by a body double. I should post on r/conspiracies and see what they would have to say about this
  7. A few operators in the Toronto Transit FB group seem to think they are. Seems foolhardy, but I guess we'll see in the coming days. Sorry for the delay, I was out of town. The list has been updated. We are currently at 71 (known) remaining CLRVs. The other day I had a look on TransSee and observed 7 cars on the 501L, 28 on the 506, and 4 on the 511. Unless they are cycling through cars to ensure none of them run too many days at a time, I suspect the number of CLRVs that are still good for active duty may be even lower, even if not all of the inactive ones are stripped yet.
  8. Isn't the Bathurst hill closer to 8%? During the TTS PCC charter in 2016 attendees were given a facts package of the streetcar network with some of the steepest grades outlined. I don't have the sheet to hand but I recall Bathurst was in the neighbourhood of 8%.
  9. I doubt people were any more charitable to the PCCs, especially considering that there were 750 of the things in operation at their peak. No air-conditioning, wildly energy inefficient... not sure why they'd be any more or less of a hard sell than the CLRVs. The CLRV has been a part of Toronto heritage for 40 years. They've earned a historical reputation.
  10. Ordering the same bus as another company does not a copycat make. Not to mention that the TTC was not the first agency to use Nova hybrids to begin with.
  11. 4119 on the 501L today 4034, 4039, 4191 at Hillcrest 4049, 4052, 4077, 4143, 4180 MIA at Russell
  12. Personally, I can't say that I'm particularly bothered by posters and the like advertising that people should be aware of their surroundings, because after a while you can tune it out (and I usually do). What I'm way more bothered by is the criminal "use" of the LED interior signs inside the GO buses. This afternoon I was on a bus I ride semi frequently, but I began to nod off and when I woke up I found that the bus was nowhere that I recognized (on diversion, maybe?), and I panicked that I might've accidentally gotten onto the wrong bus or something like that. I wasn't able to verify until a good 15 minutes later that I had, in fact, gotten on the correct bus, because the destination display kept alternating between displaying the next stop (not helpful, because many bus routes in the Mississauga area service this stop), announcing that said stop had been requested, and reminding passengers to report suspicious unattended packages to transit personnel. The name of the route didn't come up until the bus actually serviced the stop. How many times does a captive audience have to be reminded about suspicious packages?!
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