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  1. No, the Artics are out all day!! The UofS is really busy throughout the day!! Traffic is bad on most major streets. Circle Dr, College Dr, Idylwyld Dr., 22nd St. among others.
  2. You should live in Saskatoon now! With the growth of the city in the last 5 years and with over 20,000 students enrolled into UofS now we need the artics to service the citizens!! We also use the artics for big events that are happening @ CUC. Come on home and you'll be amazed at how much the city has grown and changed. The traffic is a mess right now and we need to build another bridge right after the south circle drive is completed! Saskatoon sure is a great place to live!!!
  3. Opal I might be able to shed some light on your questions. 1.) It was changed back to avoid confusion from the D.T.T. It was a change made by the former Supervisor of Planning to go from just the 6 to the 6 & 16. 2.) Ridership is the answer, the ridership off peak just didn't make sense to have the 23 go there off peak, the #23 connects with the #40 in the industrial area. 3.) In order to do that we would have to add 1/2 hrs to the run and add a bus. If you remember there was the #31 that did just this, it was interline with the 23 & 40. That may have worked if the added more time
  4. The truck has a tow bar that is connected to the buses and tow's them in that way.
  5. The Operators like them. I haven't a chance to drive them yet.
  6. I think 449 has one too, I could be wrong. It's great now we can use those buses on any route including the DARTS. Those electronic signs are going to be the voice and visual stop annunciation once they get all of the bugs worked out.
  7. Saskatoon Transit is also working on a deal to get 6 New Flyer Artics from Ottawa. And yes we do have a shortage of buses and of Operators. with the Brier coming here in March we need to get more buses and more Operators. The city s growing (#1 in the country) and soon we need to look at re-alining our routes.
  8. Some of the ex- Regina buses are in service already and some on in the compound north of the maintenance shop waiting to be sent to big rig for refurbishing.
  9. The rumour about painting the darts to blue is correct. We figure that any bus should be able to do any route and we're not handcuffing ourselves because we shouldn't put a blue bus on a green bus route and vice versa. Not sure about the ordering? I heard that the maintenance manager might be picking up some used artics form another property, not sure which one though. The # of artics I heard is 5. I hope that we do get them it would help out the 6's going to the UofS from Clarence.
  10. They are going to get refurbished sometime down the line. Not sure when but they will.
  11. Great work Preston!!! I'll try and make it up for the celebration!!!!
  12. This is the bus I'll be operating on my trip to California # 159
  13. I'll do my best to remember to get that for you tomorrow.
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