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  1. It's not the wires that are shifted over that's the problem, it's the power switch NB on Joyce st to turn left into the west loop that's the problem, the pylons are set up too far to make the switch. The 41 is trolley work, any operator who signs it knows to expect a trolleybus.
  2. Joyce stn construction is the reason. The pylons on the road are set up in a way that doesn't allow trolleys to pass - too far from the wires. I don't know when it will be back to trolleys but soon I hope, the sign says construction till October 9th last time I saw it.
  3. So apparently there's construction on the Grandville bridge and all trolleys must use Seymour Street instead. there are some 5 and 6 blocks that must turn right from Seymour onto Davie st and they are unable to with the trolley and hence the diesels. They said that will last till the end of October. So today I noticed there's a temporary 41 unloading stop on Joyce Street at the station. I think they're probably going to put trolleys back on the 41 and have them unload on Joyce Street and then just turn right into the East loop to avoid having to use the power switch to turn left into the West loop since they're unable to because of construction.
  4. The one issue I have is that because it's smaller, you have to be closer to see it. Other than that it's a good idea.
  5. Yeah it's quite complex. I don't like how you can adjust the temperature and everything. I'd rather it be set automatically like many other buses in our fleet.
  6. Probably a driver who's first time driving a Double decker since training, they are quiet different from the other buses. The passenger A/C is operated separate from the driver's A/C.
  7. 15021 is driven by me this afternoon 😁
  8. Come and say hi, don't be shy! 😆 I'm doing block 66/41. 14:05-21:51 Monday to Friday!
  9. And the 480 will continue to be suspended. I wonder if the 480 will ever return because they been trying to eliminate that route for quite some time.
  10. I'm going to miss driving the 49.... 😉 I'm going to be a few blocks north on 41 ave so I'm not far!!
  11. Agreed, and some canned announcements she talks weird or pronounce words weird. If the PA is not working (Like fallback mode) then I'll turn the heaters/ climate control off and talk with my outside voice, also I ask people to move back with the PA, never mind the canned announcement. I like my voice better than her. 😎 I'll be doing the 41 in September, transferring to VTC. Looking forward to trolleys again! 🙂
  12. I'm sort of a "PR" person, I like making announcements with the PA on the bus. Doing morning NB 311, 351, 352, 354, 603, 604 trips I will tell people to ring the bell if they want off at Mathews exchange and/or Steveston hwy or else we're passing it with the PA. If I'm early at a time point I will announce how long we're waiting for. And use the PA for many other reasons, me and Crystal (automated next stop announcement) working together. 🙂
  13. Was the purpose of this dash cam footage for the bus? Or a road rage incident? 😉
  14. I had plenty of opportunity to take a picture of it since I was in my bus on the track in the yard and it literally passed in front of me. But I didn't... 😒
  15. Yes the front was lifted off the ground.
  16. I saw it pulling into RTC at around 3! There's no way it will fit in the Massey tunnel the way it was hooked up like that!
  17. Maybe 19422 was purchased to be used for parts for the other deckers. 😆
  18. 19419 and 19422 moved from the spot they were sitting. Looks like they're finally doing something!!
  19. I saw it on the employee site yesterday. I'll look again later and list the stops being closed. I looked at it again and apparently it's only a 6 week pilot project. The stops will only be closed from September 21st till October 31st.
  20. In regards to the bus stop consolidation, the 22 route will have a total of 23 stops removed as of September 21. Apparently it's the first route to have it done.
  21. I saw ex ETS #43 too out there! Also ex ETS #45 is in Merritt, I spotted there when I was on a day trip.
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