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  1. I had an opportunity to talk to a maintenance employee, he said the new order came with the same issues the 2019 order had. He said they are taking their time to get all the issues corrected with the dealer on the island before they take them for service. The latest issue that popped up were water leaks. Interestingly, he said our Decker's are the very first to come with ZF transmission, Electric doors, Roof Mounted tailpipe. The new design/features made for hiccups.
  2. Yah, I asked an operations supervisor and he said they had issues, they haven't reached the final inspection stage yet.
  3. I don't see a mention of the 408 so I will mention it right now. "408 Garden city To Brighouse stn To Ironwood To Riverport"
  4. I wasn't observant enough to notice, I only took a quick look inside and there was another driver looking too. From my understanding, all new orders will come with a three-point seatbelt
  5. 21401 and 21402 has arrived at RTC!
  6. I spotted 21408 on Steveston and No 5 Rd near the depot.
  7. I got a picture of 21017 leaving VCC Clark!
  8. Last night I noticed they swapped 9240 and 9269. 9269 is now parked BEHIND 9240.
  9. But there's more to the story than that, the engine did not die on its own, the low oil and stop engine light stepped in and shut the bus down. Otherwise the engine was still idling but unusually loud and surging.
  10. It's a very long story, but to put it in as few as possible.... I was driving, then suddenly the engine made a loud bang and started rattling, almost like it threw a rod. It ran for a bit and then died.
  11. Actually, I should re-word that. I didn't blew the engine, it blew when I was driving.
  12. I was the last operator to drive 9269. I blew the engine while doing a 352....
  13. 19401 ran into the ditch on hwy 99 near King George Blvd late Wednesday night and it's been there since. I passed it all day yesterday while driving the 351, it's four way hazard lights were flashing all day so the battery is likely drained now.
  14. There's a Decker parked at HTC this morning, I didn't get the unit number because I was WB on hwy 91 and looked over as I passed by.
  15. That's correct, gone back to the old font. At least for this order
  16. 9204 did an EB 49 trip yesterday afternoon though it didn't show up on Tcomm site. Later, I spotted it at Langara station NIS at 16:41 traveling WB.
  17. I actually like doing those trips that end along the route, I pull over, go on the PA and say loud and clear "this bus is no longer in service". And I like to be consistent too, if people try to argue I say the same words over and over "this bus is no longer in service" until they get off. It works, no need to explain/argue
  18. Yes right on. I did the 41 today and the wires along 41st Ave is sagging quite a bit, I saw several 41's and NIS trolleys dewired today. I kept my speed down and had no issues.
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