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  1. They're a dying breed.... Out of curiosity I wonder if the 15 battery electric buses will kill them off. I guess we'll find out.
  2. Yes I know how it is, police and CVSE almost never stop city buses. Although it has happened.
  3. Yes, they are only allowed to carry 24 passengers. They are not permitted to carry anymore than that.
  4. My goodness, I hope no one was injured. Look like that bus is going to out of action for a while.
  5. I spotted it WB on 41 ave/ Granville at approximately 13:50 The sign clearly said R4 UBC
  6. I just spotted 21022 doing an R4. It's not showing up on Tcomm so I wonder if it's training doing revenue service
  7. Interesting, They recently had a survey asking the operators what features they would like to see in the new trolleys. It had timelines and that's what it mentioned
  8. CMBC is tentatively (not final yet) going to borrow a demo unit in mid 2023, I'm assuming a Seattle XT40. The first pilot trolley is expected to arrive in 2025 with production units starting in late 2026
  9. A couple of spottings: 18031 was at VTC on Wednesday night, and 18030 was at VTC Thursday night.
  10. So I drove this coach yesterday 2126 on the 41, it's better than nothing. It does a good job at blowing away your body heat, especially between your back and the seat. Given these coaches are only about 5 years away from retirement. I do not see them installing AC. The drivers compartment especially, is much more hotter than the rest of the bus.
  11. They're installing an extra fan above the driver seat in the trolleys. 2126 has one installed
  12. They also have the Tmac installed, almost ready for the road!
  13. Today at RTC, 21401 up and running, having work done
  14. They have been doing work on those new Deckers, I noticed they installed Compass validators, and wires hanging down. Slowly, but surely being commissioned.
  15. I noticed 19010 has a white front sign.
  16. They been asking for volunteers to work on their day off at RTC.
  17. Yes they are electronically controlled, same with the Xcelsiors with the exception of the 2012's.
  18. I agree, considering the 84 frequency the 21000's are not getting much mileage. On weekends there are only around 4 blocks out and thus a bunch of XDE60's sit idle at the depot.
  19. I know all too well. I have difficulty telling if the switch is in the on or off position.
  20. The trolley wires was restored WB going into the UBC loop. Expect the 4,14 to return to regular route soon.
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