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  1. I spotted 8050 turning into BTC today! Is it too early to call it retired? 🤔
  2. They're replacing the on board radios on all buses, they been testing the new radios on the 19000's before they entered service last week. So likely reason is that those last few 18000's are getting the new radios as well. The new radios are still in the testing stages.
  3. 8119 returned to BTC after making all that effort to put a R on!
  4. Well either way, they need to be charged at the stations. So if they're late because of traffic and such you can't turn and burn. I would think they should be able to put them on any regular block because there should be at least 4-7 minute recovery time at both ends at allow the operator to use the washroom, grab a bit and such. Sundays will be interesting because almost everything is tight and turn and burn.
  5. I saw 8050 being towed away about a month ago, so yes it's gone
  6. I spotted 19007, looks like it's going into service
  7. Or at least paint it blue to make it more discreet
  8. 19003 and 19007 is sitting at BTC and here's the evidence 😀
  9. Not sure where 8118 was last but it's sitting at BTC
  10. So looking at 19008 there is two screens, the farebox still has it's own screen. Not single screen as a few said.
  11. Look what I spotted at BTC today 😀
  12. Upcoming projects from the OTAP team This year, CMBC will begin to make improvements to onboard technology across our fleet and non-revenue vehicles. Our equipment is nearing the end of its useful life and must be upgraded and replaced. Four main projects to bring our fleet up-to-date by 2021: Replacing onboard and handheld radios Replacing touch-screen terminals onboard Implementing a new security camera system Adding new routers to improve communications In addition, the T-Comm work area will go through some changes and upgrades to accommodate our revenue expansion fleet. 2019 schedule for project roll-out: April: Pilot plan will begin with new vehicles September: Full system roll-out begins
  13. Yeah I thought so, all buses are getting the new radio system within the next few years. Tcomm is also getting an upgrade.
  14. Even dieselize is already outdated because of hybrid buses! Or like you said battery buses in the near future!
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