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  1. Phillip

    2001 Orion 5 Retirement

    Confirmed! I saw it there as well.
  2. Phillip

    2019 Garage Transfers

    You probably misunderstood me, I meant that it will probably spend it's final days at RTC until retirement. I saw 8091 with an R prefix so I knew it would still be in service.
  3. Phillip

    2001 Orion 5 Retirement

    9224 retired
  4. Phillip

    2019 Garage Transfers

    8091 is at RTC. Probably going to die there.
  5. Phillip

    2001 Orion 5 Retirement

    9219 and 9257 on the retirement line
  6. Phillip

    Edmonton Trolleys

    And 151 was in Centennial Garage in 2015. I literally saw it with 100,137,140,113 😊
  7. Phillip

    New Flyer D60LF Retirement / Storage watch

    Now I'm curious to as what RTC has now in place of those buses? 😀
  8. Phillip

    2018 60' Articulated Bus Order

    Well, we're getting 110 new XDE60 total, they are also retiring the remaining D60LFs. I think they will transfer out buses in BTC to replace the D60LFs while they take the new XDE60. All 110 new XDE60 is supposed to come green.
  9. Phillip

    2018 60' Articulated Bus Order

    18001 in service on a 43!
  10. Phillip

    2018 60' Articulated Bus Order

    The article also mentioned that buses will be wrapped throughout the year. So my guess is that all new 18000's will be wrapped as they enter service until the new B line launch in September.
  11. Phillip

    2001 Orion 5 Retirement

    9273 has been parked on the retirement line behind 9230.
  12. Phillip

    2019 Standard 40' and 60’ Bus Procurement

    So I read an article about 30 articulated buses with art wrapping that's going into service this month and there's a video of 18001 at BTC showing it off. I guess that means the first batch of 2018 XDE60 will be in service this month.
  13. Phillip

    2019 Garage Transfers

    I had 9563 on the 311 this afternoon, still had a V prefix. I was getting messages from tcomm that was for VTC operators 😀
  14. Phillip

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    When I went for training with Edmonton transit (ETS) we had to back around a corner between pylons and stop before the back hits the rear pylon and it was automatic failure if you hit any. No rear windows on any ETS 40 ft buses, only used mirrors. ETS used Alberta government employees to conduct road test and they are TOUGH, about 6 of my classmates failed for the smallest errors. I found CMBC road test easy for backing, only a straight line and the training instructors conducts the test.
  15. Phillip

    West Vancouver Blue Bus

    Likely they will get some of the new green rapid buses XDE60s yes. The 43 is becoming a B line so it seems logical 🤔 to me at least 😀