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  1. Here's mine, 19042. I had a good chuckle when I saw it 😎
  2. 10 minutes is reasonable for sure. Use the washroom, grab a bit or simply reset yourself. I find that some runs have tight running times that cuts into your layover time if you arrive late. This is noticeable on long runs like the 49.
  3. The union said steps will be taken to pressure the company before a strike action. They will do things like overtime ban, slowing down and taking long breaks, uniform ban and refusing to collect fares. I personally like the uniform ban idea...
  4. 41 is going to be trolley to Crown yes. 43 is becoming the R4 which will run day/night and weekends/holidays. I'll check on that.
  5. From what I saw the 555 is it's own block, the relief point is Lougheed stn but also lots of on and off at the depot. I saw quite a few am and pm trippers too. I can look again
  6. Yes, 555 is confirmed RTC for January. Also the 480 becomes peak hour only and 49 replaces the 41 portion of Wesbrook Mall.
  7. Talks are still continuing in mid October, they want everyone to vote yes so the union has support to get what they want for the new collective agreement. The company said they couldn't meet what the union is asking for and hence the strike vote. Chances are is that the vote will be yes for strike and then the company will come back with a better offer, that's what happened last time.
  8. I remember driving that when it was the 199, It was boring as heck to drive!
  9. Perhaps that bus was on an 84 and the driver didn't remove the EXPRESS PR code and so the next driver didn't realize it was still on. Occasionally I see 49's with the EXPRESS code on when the bus was previously on an 480 and the driver didn't realize it was still on.
  10. I got a feeling that things are not going so well... 19303 was not out yesterday either. 😒
  11. And the bus stop sign broke 😢 Maybe a bus turned too early and the tire ran over the curb hitting the sign, or someone pulled a 3 point turn around and backed into the sign.... just a guess
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