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  1. Yes right on. I did the 41 today and the wires along 41st Ave is sagging quite a bit, I saw several 41's and NIS trolleys dewired today. I kept my speed down and had no issues.
  2. I wonder how the personal driver AC units that ETS installed on all their non AC buses is working out? Sure would be useful here.
  3. I had a trolley on a Monday during the extreme heatwave at the end of June when it reached 40C. I brought a thermometer to record the temp, it reached 45C in the driver seat. Everything was hot, my water bottle, everything in my backpack.
  4. Today when I started my shift all 41s were trolleys. Several trolleys got replacement buses because of EPU issues, the 41 was running on EPU both directions at Oakridge. By the time my shift was finished there were only three trolleys on the 41 and about four diesels.
  5. Putting out as many air conditioned buses as possible, No a/c for me as I got a trolley on the 41 today.....
  6. So we're going to start managing the trolleys like Edmonton Transit?
  7. 32 doesn't really need to exist and they been trying to eliminate the 480 for quite some time. 340 is going to Richmond
  8. The 41s are diesels because their prioritizing air conditioned buses, there's nothing along the 41 route that requires taking trolleys off so it's obvious. I'm driving 18329 on the 41 today and it's nice! Yesterday I had 2165 on the 41 and it was very uncomfortable as I work a straight afternoon piece. Correct
  9. I saw 19014 on the 99 a few days ago.
  10. Yes! 311 could use deckers. I think when the 25 additional deckers are in service they will be more frequently used on those routes. It's just that 57 deckers is more than enough to cover the 301, 351, 620, 555. But 32 deckers is not enough hence why highway coaches still appear on those routes.
  11. I think it's because of the additional 25 double deckers coming they will have an excess number of double deckers, and they can't run them on the 354 and 601 so they need a place to use them. The 601 doesn't really need highway buses, regular conventional buses will work because it serves local stops in Ladner and Tsawwassen. The only time it's on the highway is on 17A and 99.
  12. Yep, also position the bus in the number 2 lane so they do not go over the curb and hit the pole, I've seen an artic trolley do that on that turn already.
  13. They are rerouting the SB 3's to turn right from SB Main st to WB Marine Dr, They will not loop around 65 ave, Sophia st and Marine dr. It's only a temporary reroute for construction.
  14. Likely just a swap from a previous trolley bus. Probably a mechanical issue and they pulled a garage bound bus to replace the trolley.
  15. Yep, that was the block behind me just now. now it's going to be the block ahead of me for the second half of my shift.
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