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  1. I noticed 19010 has a white front sign.
  2. They been asking for volunteers to work on their day off at RTC.
  3. Yes they are electronically controlled, same with the Xcelsiors with the exception of the 2012's.
  4. I agree, considering the 84 frequency the 21000's are not getting much mileage. On weekends there are only around 4 blocks out and thus a bunch of XDE60's sit idle at the depot.
  5. I know all too well. I have difficulty telling if the switch is in the on or off position.
  6. The trolley wires was restored WB going into the UBC loop. Expect the 4,14 to return to regular route soon.
  7. I hope it doesn't turn out like Edmonton Metro LRT line
  8. 16137 it sitting at RTC, saw it parked near the fuel bays/washrack
  9. The new deckers are stacking up at RTC! 21402 arrived today
  10. The XD40's that went to Surrey are back in Richmond. I spotted them parked with a maintenance man changing the prefixes back to "R". I saw 16125, 16126, 16130, but there's a bunch more parked on the tracks
  11. 21401 was being showcased at RTC today. I asked an instructor and he said 21401 has been accepted. Also, it does NOT have passenger seatbelts and yes it has a driver 3-point seatbelt. I hope this puts to rest the questions regarding seatbelts that people have asked in previous posts.
  12. The overhead intersection at Dunbar St/41 ave is being rebuilt.
  13. No idea yet, it only arrived Thursday afternoon.
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