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  1. I saw ex ETS #43 too out there! Also ex ETS #45 is in Merritt, I spotted there when I was on a day trip.
  2. Today is the last day mag strip transfers are being issued. Paper tear off transfers in effect tomorrow Monday August 10th. HTC, PCT, STC buses are already using them, RTC, BTC, VTC starting tomorrow.
  3. Trolleys on the 41 today, everything back to normal??
  4. Do anyone have pictures from the inside? I would sure like to see more details....
  5. Now I'm having second thoughts about that 41 I signed! 😁 Naw! Looking at the paddles the 41 is a designated trolley run. Probably something happening that made them to decide to put diesels on it temporary.
  6. 7423 at RTC on Thursday with the double decker clearance testing equipment.
  7. From what I'm seeing it's the same, no change. Looking at the headway sheets there are 11 NB trips in the morning, the first being 4:12 and last 8:04 11 SB trips in the afternoon as well, first at 14:58 and last at 18:53
  8. Another change, the 352 will go along 16th ave to and from White Rock Centre. It no longer will use 144 st, 20 ave, 148 st.
  9. That's correct, every second trip only goes to White Rock centre. 30 minutes between White Rock and Cresent Beach, except for peak hours which most buses go to Cresent Beach.
  10. They are planning to put double deckers on the 351. It's not a wise use of resource to run empty deckers into Cresent Beach while the South Surrey to Bridgeport portion is very crowded. Another thing is to improve reliability, the train crossing at Cresent Beach messes the 351. I remember becoming 30 minutes late because of that train crossing and then your late for the rest of the trip. The 350 is supposed to be the same frequency as the 351 Cresent Beach trips. Because the 350 is being operated by RTC is will be regular buses and not Community Shuttles. I'm not sure how late the 350 will run though, I know that the 351 terminates at 128 st and Cresent road after Midnight unless someone requests the driver to go down.. because of a certain person who keeps complaining of loud buses going through Cresent Beach...
  11. Just for everyone's info, the 351 is being split in September. 350 will run between Cresent beach and White Rock centre and 351 between Bridgeport stn and White Rock. Both are RTC work.
  12. That's beyond my knowledge, sorry! 🙂
  13. That's correct, the entire fleet is switching to tear off transfers. Mag strip transfers are history. The electronic fareboxes will continue to accept cash fares, but we will issue tear off transfers instead of the mag strip transfers until they get replaced with the TAG farebox.
  14. Ha! I noticed quite a few buses at RTC has it this morning, 16215 and 9548 has the transfer cutters installed!
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