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  1. The May sheet is cancelled. We haulted signup after the news. Scrapped.
  2. Were doing a summer sign up so yes there's summer service changes.
  3. The 222 is reinstated and running today despite not showing on Tcomm. Apparently the routes that were reinstated are not announcing the stops and only shows the terminus but they said it should be fixed by Monday.
  4. 301 also has "Express" with it's destination sign. I'm going to take a guess and say that all or most limited stop routes is now programmed like that.
  5. Agreed! Also you can display "sorry bus full" or other PR codes and it will still show Express.
  6. I noticed the 430 now has "Express" as part of it's destination code, separate from the PR code.
  7. Well, you beat me to 17,18,30 😉
  8. I listened on the news that the federal government has announced a $4 Billion deal to help essential workers stay on the job, $3 Billion from the federal and $1 Billion from provincial government. It will be up to the provincial government to decide who qualifies. Could this be Translink's break??
  9. One more thing I want to point out is that I see people practicing physical distancing out in public but yet they fight to get on the bus, and on the bus they sit or stand close to one another defying the practices. I take the Canada line home after work and I see people literally sitting beside each other. I had to ask people to leave because the bus got full and a response I got by a man one morning was "f*** off" Also I had two girls come on the bus at Metrotown and they stood at the joint in the middle despite being lots of empty seats, I went on the PA and said "standing is not permitted at this time", they disregarded my message and still stood together. After I turned the corner onto Imperial st from Central Blvd I went on the PA again and said "you two girls standing in the middle, you need to respect the rules, please sit down, standing up is not permitted at this time". They sat down very reluctantly.
  10. Funny you say that, you probably know but the Orions and Community shuttles have temporary barriers and as I was parking an Articulated bus in the yard this morning I caught a glimpse of a Nova (9500 series) with a temporary barrier too. 🤔 As long as there's some kind of barrier or protection device for the operators that should be sufficient enough. Lots of stores and restaurants have something similar at the counters.
  11. Everyone has an opinion on that. Some say it wasn't a good idea to waive fares and rear door boarding in the first place and others say otherwise. I think some people are become paranoid and anxious. I don't feel it was good to make buses free in the first place, lots of people are not grateful, almost like they take it for granted. Tim Hortons is not giving out free coffee, grocery stores are not giving out free food. Anyways I'm not here to argue, if someone wants to disagree with me that's fine, it is what it is.
  12. Front door boarding and fare collection to resume on June 1st for both CMBC and BC transit.
  13. And looking at the paddles it looks like the 41 is going to be 30 minutes frequency all day.
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