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  1. Maybe our next trolley fleet will have a bigger fleet to keep the 41's as trolleybuses. 🙂
  2. Why don't you contact Translink and see if they can answer??
  3. Well there's a 1 in 188 chance of guessing right. My guess is 2242 😎
  4. Also to add, I saw 9276 on the retirement line this evening.
  5. Looks like 9222 is on the retirement line, also the D40LF public relations bus is on the retirement line too.
  6. That's how it always goes. I wouldn't be surprised if I do a 301 and get the only Orion and all others being Deckers.... 😀
  7. 18049 is now unwrapped, there's a video of it being unwrapped for the Rapidbus launch.
  8. I spotted 16225 on the 99 today.
  9. 19414 and 19425 at RTC. I saw them pulled in 😀
  10. I read an article on the Winnipeg free press that Edmonton has brought 35 new flyer 60ft buses. I think it's safe to say there are 35 in this order.
  11. Another Orion towed away this evening, I didn't get the number as I passed it opposite direction on hwy 99.
  12. 9214 got towed out of RTC this evening
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