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  1. I noticed all Surrey buses had that PR sign on yesterday, I tried to find the code but I couldn't.
  2. Buses were overcrowded this morning as a result. Keep weekday schedules and only cancel the school special runs!
  3. Do anyone know what bus is 3101? It's been appearing on BTC runs the last few days.
  4. I did the 49 yesterday and I had a few angry people. Not because I didn't tell them. I was on the PA making announcements but because the detour was an inconvenience and there was a bus missing in front. I let people off at Oakridge stn EB, I stopped past the R4 and 41 stop to avoid confusing people but some still came on my bus and I told them "You understand this is a 49 right?" Then some got off and some stayed on. I made it clear the next stop is Main and 49th ave on the PA so no one can fault me. 🙂 I turn the PA volume all the way up and talk slowly pronouncing every syllable so everyone understands to the best of their abilities.
  5. Also, there's not enough running time between UBC and Dunbar/ 41 ave SB, especially in the evenings. The trips from UBC are often crowded and late while trips leaving Dunbar loop leave on time and thus close behind the UBC bus and not busy. I filled out paperwork and claimed overtime every night I finished late and now they added running time for the April sheet, all trips in the day time now leave UBC 2 minutes earlier and trips in the evening leave 1 minutes earlier and arrived Metrotown 1 minutes later. I've passed up at Alberta and Manitoba st EB, even at 9:39 pm .
  6. And as of the June sheet drivers get a minimum 30 minute recovery time. And 45 minutes in January 2021.
  7. Nearly an hour NIS trip from RTC to the 555 only to be BO and needed a replacement. 😁
  8. Here's my two cents on the Double Deckers. They are nice buses to drive, they turn very sharp and you barely notice the top deck while driving. However, I feel they need some adjustments done. When the rear door is open the driver monitor only shows the rear door, I wish it showed the top deck so I can see when everyone who wants off the bus is off and it's clear to load passengers. Also the door controls are sensitive, the doors will not close until the bus is fully raised from the kneel position and the brakes are applied, the brakes having to be applied I can live with but sometimes I jump the gun and close the doors before the bus is fully raised. This makes the double deckers bus slower to operate. I had some issues with the rear doors freezing up while closing, it happened to me on three occasions and I ended up having to BO the bus and get a replacement. And I had an occasion where the rear door would not open when you push the gray bars despite the rear doors being activated.
  9. Ops! I saw it on the commissioning line. Shows how observant I am. 😀
  10. 9275 is on the retirement line.
  11. Double Decker bus training, Either an operator who transferred to RTC or someone who hasn't received training yet.
  12. All 16200's have barriers yes, all 26.
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