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  1. I see a lot of drivers who dewire in the intersection and clear the intersection before stopping. That's dangerous practice, if a pole gets stuck with the wires it could pull something down. I come to a complete stop wherever I am and I first go outside and look at my poles to ensure they are down before moving the bus out of the way. Most pedestrians and traffic are impatient and are not nice to the bus so I don't mind inconveniencing them and block them
  2. 41 ave and Dunbar st sounds like crap going through the overhead, several 41 drivers asked me for advice for not dewiring, I only go 10 km/h both EB and WB. Also the WB power switch, when an NIS trolley turning WB to SB into the loop powers that switch, but dewires before clearing that switch screws the 41 going straight. The EB power switch at Granville St sometimes doesn't reset on the left wire, so a 41 going straight the left pole will make friends with the right pole before dewiring. I dewired on both locations several times, I did my part and reported it.
  3. That's likely the case, I always listen to my poles when they pass through a power switch and I look at my ropes out the rear window to confirm I'm on the correct wires. The worst spots on the 41 route is the WB Dunbar st power switch and EB Granville St power switch.
  4. Yes, more and more charging stations are being installed. I passed several along hwy 1 at rest stops and at gas stations and parking lots, almost every town I pass has one. Driving between Vancouver and Edmonton is doable with an electric car nowadays. But that's still a ways away for me, I'm going to run my Civic as long as it will live. I will only replace it when it dies or I'm involved in a major collision and the car is a write off...
  5. My Honda Civic is manual transmission and I decided this will be my last because my next vehicle will be electric. My Civic ONLY has 238,000 km and a new clutch last winter, still has lots of life given how reliable they are
  6. You could say the same thing for the 99B line, why isn't that trolley when it's under wire the whole time? Excuse me, WAS under wire the whole route, not now with the Broadway construction.
  7. Given that this is only theory and hypothetical talk I won't go much further in this discussion. Have a nice day
  8. The only issue with having the R4 trolleys is that the 41 would be causing delays to them unless they remove timepoints along the 41 or install layover wire, even then the 41 would still be holding them up making local stops. The timepoints along the 41 route are Fraser st, Oak st and Granville st both directions.
  9. The problem that I had with the Nova was the ZF transmission, the retarder brake is way too aggressive and jerky. The 2018 Nova's in Vancouver are a lot better, much improved with the BAE system. The article says that those battery electric Nova's can do about 350 km to 450 km and can charge in 5 minutes at a charging station. I think something is wrong because that seems a bit much for a fast charging battery bus. The Proterras in Edmonton are slow charging and they do about 350 km on a charge.
  10. Yes, likely a short turn, I've seen 20 short turn there before. Today there was a trolley power outage along Hastings towards Kootney loop and on Renfrew Street, 14 and 16 were sitting with no power.
  11. That was actually block 67 on the 41, the run box was incorrect. It leaves VTC at 13:00 and cuts in service at Crown and it's out till 26:09. I know because it was the block ahead of me that day
  12. Looks like 4966 is out on a block that wouldn't normally get artics..
  13. It should be out soon, they had the service changes up at the bus depot.
  14. Who would have thought that trees would become such a political issue.
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