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  1. I spotted 9798 leaving Joyce station as at 28 at 16:36
  2. Very recently, they are in process of replacing the fareboxes in the whole fleet with the manual TAG farebox, a Canadian company. Also, we are now using paper tear off transfers,
  3. Oh my goodness, I would never risk my safety or my job to do something as stupid as that. We had a similar incident here the other day though it wasn't physical. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/translink-bus-driver-passenger-mask
  4. There was a switch problem at EB 41 Ave Granville St. Power switch not resetting after someone triggers it to turn SB on Granville St. I dewired on it twice this week, they put a slow order effect last night.
  5. One thing I find interesting is that ICBC numbers the lanes from left to right, number 1 lane is the most left lane and going right. CMBC numbers the lane starting from the right lane and going left..... 🤔 Actually, most places numbers the lanes from left to right...
  6. Looks like 8000 made it out today on a Saturday!
  7. I had a collision driving 4332 back in 2015, I got rear ended. Small dent to the bus and damage to the car.
  8. Not sure, but this was the second time I saw trolley come to Joyce stn to short turn, and dewired taking this left turn. Not enough room to allow trolleys to properly take that turn with the construction.
  9. 2207 on the 19 attempting to short-turn at Joyce station. Attempting to turn left leaving the station East loop to SB on Joyce st, couldn't make the turn properly and now the pole is tangled with the wire. Taken today at 18:45.
  10. Ha! I saw 2140 enter Joyce station at 18:50 this evening doing a short turn on a 19. It entered into the East loop no problem, but leaving Joyce station it dewired turning left onto Joyce Street. Not enough room to take that turn.
  11. Joyce station is still under construction, if you go to Joyce station you'll find out why the 41 are not trolleys. The 41's are unable to enter or exit the station with a trolley bus. It has nothing to do with Oakridge, trolleys go through there all the time and they got pull pullers on site.
  12. If you display anything else you will confuse the people.
  13. Don't worry! Those buses are well passed halfway their life, won't be too long!
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