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  1. A while back, someone from CT said the NW line will be the first line to be completed (can't remember the source), ie, it's done, no more extensions planned.
  2. The mask is a good concept but its appearance is so aggressive and even intimidating - down to the fang-like accents on the bottom. It'll be interesting what the paint scheme will be. The fleet is already a mish-mash of painted and unpainted so I suppose a completely different look won't make much of a difference.
  3. I think they're future-proofing Marlborough for a level crossing when funds become available. I agree that the reasons to not put one in are ridiculous. The city probably doesn't have the funds to upgrade the intersection and sidewalks right now.
  4. I've given up any hope of consistent messaging from Calgary Transit or accuracy with these signs. Wasn't Saddletowne misspelled at one time? I think "11th Street" would have been a better name for this station. So much for moving away from hyphenated station names.
  5. Anything that sounds modern. The SD160s are an assault on your ears: loud exterior fans, ear piercing chopper buzz and overly intrusive door beeping. Siemen's S70 seem to be quiet inside and out. It's disappointing the series 8 haven't improved acoustically to match the visual improvements.
  6. It's ridiculous that Ctrain lines are named by destination, number, and color. At the very lease, eliminate references to route 201 and 202. The Stampede Service webpage still uses 201/202. Few people know what it mean. The numbers are not on maps any more. Ideally, remove destination names and label the trains by direction: South, West, Northeast, Northwest. You don't even need to look at a map to know where you're going. I've seen people board from Bridgeland station because they thought the Saddletowne train went to the Saddledome.
  7. I don't think the area (and especially the station) will end up looking like this. It's a conceptual drawing imagined by architects to demonstrate "what if", not what's realistic.
  8. It seems like a lot of expense and trouble to add 2 sets of elevators, plus exterior ramps on the north side, vs 1 ramp on the south side. No one deserves to die because they weren't paying attention. But it's really, really easy to not get hit by trains. I think one problem is the bells and lights no longer trigger the message of "do not cross", but instead mean "cross with caution". They can ring for a long time while the train is not moving. This naturally tempts people to cross and sets a bad precedence. Maybe the timing of the signals can be improved. Also, I've noticed in the US that trains honk the heck out the horns at every crossing. If people are desensitized to bells, a horn should still activate a "get out of the way" response.
  9. The stations were built in 1979-1980ish and accesiblilty wasn't a concern back then. They didn't add wheelchair accisible ramps until the 90s. Yes, it would have been been better to have accessible stations (with elevators) in the first place but this was 30 years ago and priorites were very different back then (and yes, a little short sighted). I agree that one level crossing on the south side seems safer then the new crossing exposed to trains in both directions. But getting rid of all level crossings? That's crazy expensive. You'd have to retrofit ramps and elevators everywhere.
  10. Elevators would not be cheaper. The south stations were not designed for them? Where would elevators go? The station head would have to be torn down and rebuilt to accommodate them. Much more expensive.
  11. Since this is a residential area, I wouldn't be surprised if there were complaints about the flow of the sidewalk or some other silly reason. The open space + crossing arms could have been a compromise. Unlike what was suggested in the news clip, trains won't be travelling through the crossing at 80km/h. They will be stopped at the platform before proceeding through the crossing. The trains may be going close to 5km/h after all.
  12. There's lots of room for the platform on the south end. You can see it on Google maps. Remember the tracks were desgined to accomodate 5 car platforms. The crossovers are located way south, towards Glenmore Trail. I highly doubt this was the reasoning to remove the station head. It's probably because of the crowding and access issues.
  13. Also greed from the community developer. They could have made that area a park, but if people were willing to buy those lots, the developer was more than happy to sell it to them.
  14. I agree with direction. If I designed this 25 years ago, trains would display South, Northeast, Northwest, and West. Very clear and simple. The "Next Train" signs on downtown stations used to display this years ago. I disagree with numbers. There's no indication of 201 or 202 anywhere on the train (the ones that do show them due to a programming glitch do not count). 201 and 202 are too similar and easily confused. You would need numbers like route 200 and route 300. Since CT seems to be going with color, color blindness can be addressed by labelling the lines. This gets around the printing issue. I'm not an expert but I believe color blind people can distinguish between red and blue. Instead of green you can use yellow/orange for the future SE line. Unfortunatley, you'll have to add direction as well as color, ie Red Line South, Red Line Northwest, etc. Whatever the solution, it should be simpler than the current or proposed. Since CT has made the new destination signs for Saddletowne, Tuscany, and 69St, I have a bad feeling things will just get more complicated.
  15. Simple system, complicated names. Three names for 1 line: number, color and destination. This is ridiculously overcomplicated. Red Line, Blue line. Very simple. Don't know where the red line goes? Look at the map. You instantly know it goes south. No need to move close to read the last station name.
  16. It's not about dumbing things down. It's about usability. Why does someone need to study a map to figure out which train they need to take? Which of these conveys more information the fastest: Southbound train vs Somerset-Bridlewood train? If you're not from Calgary, you have no idea where Somerset is. Somerset doesn't mean anything for someone headed to Chinook whereas Southbound makes sense. What's worse, the destination-based line names are confusing. "Somerset-Bridlewood/Crowfoot" can be interpreted as Somerset to Bridlewood/Crowfoot. Of course someone who uses the train knows where Crowfoot is. They aren't the people who will be looking at a map. When new stations are added, the name of the line changes. However Blue line will always be Blue line, not Whitehorn, then McKnight, then Saddletown a few years later. Imagine if the NE line was called "Westwinds" instead of McKnight. There's a potential point of confusion that makes it sound like a westbound train. When Saddletown opens, imagine people taking that train to go to the Saddledome. Why needlessly create ambiguity when they can be easily avoided with a better naming system.
  17. I found this video on Youtube. It shows a Series 8 (2232 ?) being unloaded from a freight car at Haysboro.
  18. Seems like Siemens has enough trouble getting their own cars to communicate with each other (never mind a different manufacturer). Besides the issues with our Series 8s, Salt Lake’s new S70s seems to have occasional “communications problems“ ( ). Portland had technical issues with their S70s (). And our Series 8s can’t communicate with the Series 5/6/7 yet, as far as I know.However, our original SDs run with the U2s; and San Diego’s S70s run with their SD100s ( ) so we know Siemens is at least capable of doing that.
  19. It could be that a wider tunnel/guideway for the approach cost more than an extra set of stairs and elevators. It could be an operational issue. The planners made this decision with information that is not available to us. All we know is that terminal stations must be center-load (so the train can arrive or depart from either side, if another train is already there.)
  20. I've seen two consists on the NE line today. Didn't get fleet numbers, but most of them were unpainted ghost trains.
  21. Off the top of my head, I remember there were stuck breaks and communication issues due to slightly out-of-spec couplers. I presume there were other issues too but, as we can see, these got worked out. I don't work for CT either so I don't know how they compare to right now. I too wonder if Edmonton is having these reliability issues.
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