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  1. Here's the document discussing why they chose not to refurbishing the U2's. TLDR: refurbishing would have costed $2.2 million/car to upgrade them to modern standards (security cameras, air conditioning, wheelchair ramps, etc) and would only extend their lifespans by 10 years. The S200's costed $3.6 million and would last 30+ years. U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf U2 Fleet Refurbishment or Replacement.pdf
  2. The SD160s costed $4-4.5 million-ish in the early 2000s because of the weak Canadian dollar. Conclusions can't really be drawn with these numbers without context.
  3. How come the operator steps are different on each end. Is there a reason for the asymmetry?
  4. Shaw sold Global to Corus. Global's partnership with Pattison is nationwide from Vancouver to Halifax.
  5. I noticed the cars that are decalled at the factory have "www" in the website address whereas the ones decalled here is just "calgarytransit.com" which seems to be the new city standard. It must be an oversight since no one else has mentioned it.
  6. lucx

    Green Line LRT

    This document suggests it will be a simple connection like Edmonton: http://agendaminutes.calgary.ca/sirepub/cache/2/bsh2lekwhifv1n3sngmfij2s/56422207072017021457715.PDF I watched the last 2 council meetings on Green Line and both Mac Logan and Fabiola MacIntyre were very reluctant to talk about anything that would indicate scope creep. I don't recall the point about a 2018 tendering timeline, however Mac Logan made it very clear that it would be more expensive build the tunnel in 2 phases. The tunnel portion from 7 Ave north to 16 Ave is estimated at $800 million as part of phase 1 but could be dramatically more if they built this portion later. If bids come in lower or additional funding becomes available in the next 9 years, they would use it to build more of the line. However none of this is known right now.
  7. The buzzing during braking is higher pitched, and to me, more annoying than the SDs. I was disappointed it hasn't gone away. The buzz is very noticeable in Nick B's video and others that have been posted on YouTube. What I don't understand is why you never hear this in videos of low floor S70s. Is the sound something they can't dampen out because of the high floor configuration?
  8. I rode today's last train from downtown to Somerset. The new door closing tones are much nicer than the harsh beeps of the SDs. I guess they couldn't remove the buzz when braking but the reduced HVAC noise is welcome. During my ride on 2401, the station announcements were too loud almost to the point of being distorted.
  9. For those who haven't seen it, Siemens has updated their Trusted Partner promo video with new footage of the S200 in motion.
  10. In addition, the 2 destination signs on the side are probably more useful since they are visible from any spot on the platform when the train is stopped.
  11. I'm not a fan of the white on the roofline. It's disjointed and looks like an afterthought. They could have put the city logo on the black where 2401's wordmark currently is and it would have looked fine. My guess is it's against the corporate branding rules to have the logo on a black background - which is silly. They wrote the guidelines, they are allowed to tweak it.
  12. lucx

    Green Line LRT

    The flooding issue was touched on during Druh Farrell's Green Line presentation a few months ago. Vancouver's Canada Line goes underneath False Creek so its technically feasible to tunnel under water.
  13. From the videos posted online, the car seems a lot quieter on the inside and outside when idle, which is very welcome. I was hoping the door closing beeps would be less harsh and more like Salt Lake's S70 door chime. Does anyone know if the braking chopper buzz is still there? I'm curious what the technical reasons why they couldn't use low profile resistors instead of the ones that are protruding above the roofline. There seems to be space on the roof to accommodate them.
  14. I'm by no means an expert, but would it make sense for the Series 5/6/7 to be compatible with the Series 9? That would allow the option to upgrade the Series 8 later and unify the SD/S200 fleet
  15. I'm not sure if you are trying to be humorous but those comments were not constructive. If this is the/your attitude towards passengers, that too isn't right.
  16. Does that mean they're not compatible with the Series 8's?
  17. Here's a PDF with more details https://www.sfmta.com/sites/default/files/agendaitems/7-15-14%20Item%2011%20LRV%204%20procurement.pdf
  18. I'm not an expert at bus routes in the NW, but wouldn't most people have boarded from Tuscany to begin with and thus know to disembark at Tuscany? I'm not trying to argue with you but I'm trying to understand the logic behind these decisions. This will probably forever be the Tuscany train. If one day it said Red Line, it will be a chorus on "Does the Red Line go to Tuscany" the first day. Once again, I'm trying to understand how Transit is trying to bring clarity with this Red/Blue Line experiement.
  19. If we see this operator error again, should we report it? If the trains displayed "Northwest", this would not be an issue.
  20. Granted there are much more important thing than route naming. But your point about platforms being patrolled is irrelevant to naming consistency. As an operator would you not want all trains to strive for clarity and have them display "Crowfoot" vs "Tuscany" until the station opens?
  21. If you can't rely on signage and need to ask someone where to go - that's a problem. I don't understand this point because it doesn't help if there's no one on the platform. Thus it's makes sense to designate trains by Northwest, Northeast, South, West and Downtown where applicable. I don't understand this point. What's wrong with "Downtown CTrain disruption" or "Northwest line disruption"? How is this not better and clearer than what we have now?
  22. Yes, I have commented multiple times when they asked for feedback on the new Red/Blue line. I endorse colors. What I don't endorse is the continued use of "Route 201" despite introducing Red Line 2 years ago. Neither do I endorse "Tuscany/Somerset - Bridlewood" which can be confused with "Tuscany/Somerset" to "Bridlewood". #hypenationfail #spacingfail The issue is not the people who use the train everyday and know where Tuscany is. It's the lack of consistency for the people who aren't familiar with the system and take the Saddletowne train when they want to go to the Saddledome. Been there, seen that during non-stampede time when there's no staff on the platform. This is not the NYC subway; there's only two routes. If people are having problems figuring out where to go due to the inconsistent naming, that's a problem.
  23. Red Line Route 201 Crowfoot/Tuscany/Somerset - Bridlewood "Customers traveling to the Northwest must disembark..." on announcements "To Northwest" on signage All being used publicly and interchangeably is horrendous. "201 & 202 CTrain Service Disruption, August 16 - 17". Really? Calgary Transit needs to do a better job. Are they afraid that two lines are too easy to figure out, thus the need to layer on more names?
  24. Ugh, why is Calgary Transit still using destination-based names. They should have switched to Northwest, Northeast, West & South long ago. Are they afraid it'll be too easy to know where you're going?
  25. The city doesn't get property tax revenue from Cochrane commuters. They're certainly not going to spend hundreds of millions to accommodate out-of-towners.
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