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  1. There’s so much about Airport People Mover recommendations that don’t make sense. It needs ~30x today’s ridership to even consider a rail option over bus – this won’t happen for decades and assumptions made today will be completely outdated.

    The way they justify not to connecting to the Green Line are ridiculous. APM because it takes too long for drivers to switch ends? Passengers might get confused about which train to take? I can understand not wanting to build a 4-car platform. But why not run a 1-car floater train and save the trouble of building another maintenance facility.

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  2. Ric McIver's June 18 statement:


    We're consistent in saying that we've put money through legislation aside to build the Green Line ... that's always been contingent upon the city building essentially what they promised to build when the money was promised


    The NDP government pledged $1.5 billion for Shepard to 16 Ave. The UCP can't use the excuse the money was meant for the full 46 km. They're going to fund it. They just need time to find the money.

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  3. I received a reply from Councillor Farrell’s staff. She wants Centre Street to be a community street and favors less car traffic. She supports surface LRT in Crescent Heights and I have a feeling the City considers 50% community support a win.

    One interesting thing form the presentation was a diagram that showed Eau Clair station at a 3% grade underground. Edmonton’s LRT guidelines state a maximum station gradient of 1%. What’s the grade at Barlow station?

    Clipboard 1.jpg

  4. Today’s Greenline presentation revealed that tunneling under Centre St to 16 Ave is estimated at $250-$300 million. This sounds like back-of-a-napkin math as they admitted it wasn’t a detailed estimate. Anecdotal support from Crescent Heights is 50/50 support for surface LRT and I’d imagine it’s quite less city-wide. Michael Thompson, the Greeline head, previously stated an option to not proceed if there isn’t community support. Can Councillors justify building this section with tepid community support? Is it reasonable to delay this section until funding becomes available to go underground?

    They didn’t explicitly answer my question if they had a contingency plan if funding is delayed. The response was the federal and provincial partners remain committed to the project. It tells me there is no contingency plan and all the eggs are in stimulus spending. 🤷‍♂️

  5. Some tid-bits from today's open house:

    • There's no plans on how to cross 16 Ave. That's for future planners to decide.
    • 2nd Ave station will need land from Eau Claire Mall. The houses north of the mall will probably be expropriated.
    • They are considering having Centre Street BRT share lanes and stations with LRT. If a bus breaks down on the track, the train can single track around it.
    • If feedback shows there isn't community support for surface LRT on Centre St, it will be up to council to decide what to do, ie proceed anyways or stop the line downtown.
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  6. 19 minutes ago, armorand said:

    Considering Eau Claire Market right next door, with tons of multicultural businesses along with Chinatown, I'm surprised the station design isn't a little more distinct. 

    Also, I really hope they dont clone the Esplanade Riel across the Bow River... that would a) be a ripoff of Winnipegs bridge, and b) destroy Calgarys skyline. 😛

    The renderings are purposely generic. They've made no effort on the station design and architecture and won't until feedback is collected.

    There's a lot of discourse online about destroying Prince's Island, destroying Centre Street, culturally segregatting Chinatown, etc. There's no way to camouflage the bridge. You might as well embrace it's prominence and make it beautiful like the many other clones of the Esplanade bridge than try to pretend it's not there.

    However I'm iffy about Centre Street. I don't see it as a net positive for the community without going to 64 Ave. If there's no community suport I don't see how they can proceed.

  7. 3 hours ago, Transit Fan said:

    I honestly don't think it's even worth building this across the river.

    Objectively it probably isn't worth going up to 16 Ave in stage 1. It's a big ask to trade the disruption and downgrading of a functioning street to serve only ~11,000 riders. You can probably make up those riders by extending further south without the disruption. But it's questionable if Council can get past the politics of North vs South.

  8. 8 hours ago, Transit Fan said:

    The 30 minute commute reduction claimed by the one student seems horribly exaggerated though.

    This is very situational but going home from SAIT where I live involved Red Line > Blue Line > Bus. A bad connection with those transfers could easily mean a 30 minute wait. If you live close to MAX Purple east of 52st, eliminating 1 transfer is significant.

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  9. NIMBYism. Chinatown community association doesn’t want the line beside the Chinese Cultural Centre. But frankly that place needs the foot traffic. And bringing the alignment closer to Chinatown’s core would only help. 

    Surface on 1st street and sacrificing Sen Lok park for a bridge approach may be more palatable than sacrificing part of Prince’s Island. 

  10. 8 hours ago, Blake M said:

    I'd like to see what would happen if they told Chicago that their El should be street running

    Chicago has had decades with the El so a surface version of the same thing would be a downgrade. Similarly a massive guideway through downtown Calgary would be considered a downgrade.

    A representative from Chinatown spoke at the Sept 18 meeting to reaffirm the community's support for a tunnel under 2nd street. He doesn't support surface on 2nd, 1st or Center street as it "destroys Chinatown by having it dissected". I would argue Chinatown is already dissected with heavy traffic on Center. A quiet, low floor surface system on 2nd will only bring more visitors to Chinatown.

  11. 3 hours ago, TimmyC62 said:

    So what's the main reason why we can't have an elevated section through downtown? Is it the lack of width? I can't imagine it being just due to the pedestrian +15s, which could probably be replaced with a covered ground level crossing or something similar - whatever it is, it has to be cheaper than tunneling through all downtown?

    • The building owners don't support it and will fight it aggressively.
    • The councillors were never a fan of it because of negative impacts to the public realm.
    • A lot of the public think it looks ugly.

    Because of this no one really took this option seriously.

  12. 3 hours ago, Nick B said:

    If the challenge of constructing the central segment of the future Green Line LRT through downtown Calgary is not overcome, the northern segment could be built first instead.

    This is mostly media speculation with agitation by Councillor Jyoti Gondek. At the September 18 Green Line update, Gondek said she would rather have buses feeding regional rail down Nose Creek than support a delay in Green Line north. Everyone else remained focus on the (precarious) status of Stage 1 rather than go into hyperbole and hypotheticals. There is no appetite at committee for 2 disjointed segments.

  13. They are proposing removing C Track to make room for the reconfigured station. My understanding is they will build a replacement storage track further south.


    A new CTrain bridge over the Elbow River to relocate the track siding which is currently located at Victoria Park / Stampede Station



  14. 2 hours ago, GrandeWest_B35G said:

    I'm working on a map for fun of an At-grade routing of the green line through downtown, but I need to know a couple things: 

    1. What is the minimum clearance of a Flexity/S70?

    2. What is the maximum grade for an over/underpass?

    3. What voltage range do the existing trains actually run on? I know for sure it's more than 600V (I've seen 640-780)

    The downtown feasibility study from 2006 may help you.
    Page 15 is of interest showing downtown routing options.

    I'm not sure why the city pushed so hard to go underground at 12 ave. The original at-grade 10 Ave option seemed more feasible. Two blocks of economic development didn't seem significant enough to justify the massive cost.

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  15. 1 hour ago, downbeat said:

    I watched the March 20 Greenline update and some of Coun. Gondek’s and Coun. Chu’s questioning were based more on emotion and grandstanding than facts and reason.

    Gondek is worried that Greenline to the North would compete against all transportation projects (Blue line extensions, Center St. BRT enhancements, Deerfoot enhancements etc). She questioned if she should be pushing for affordable housing in her ward to "jack up our rating" for Greenline to the North (affordable housing is one of many criteria for where Phase 2 should go next). She suggests that administration is setting up a competition among wards.

    Administration’s responded they aim to make the best investment for the city as a whole and for taxpayers in general. They do not want to create competition among wards.

    Chu questioned if the North is getting ignored because there is no money budgeted in Stage 1 for land acquisition north of 16 Ave. Chu has previously expressed how the north was getting “screwed” in previous Green Line updates.

  16. 11 hours ago, LRT said:

    The rumor was that the Calgary cars were ordered specifically without air conditioning and actually paid more money not to have air conditioning.

    FWIW I asked Calgary Transit customer service a few years ago about paying more to remove AC and they replied saying it wasn’t the case. 

    However the philosophy at the time was utilitarian and no frills: 

    Strict adherence to a philosophy of using basic, proven technology (e.g., LRT cars are without automated diagnostics, automated passenger counting, air conditioning) and utilitarian design (e.g., primarily surface operation) has minimized the cost and risks associated with system development and has enabled the LRT extensions to be delivered on time and within budget.




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  17. There are some interesting tid bits from the mayor's speech at the grand opening.

    • SW BRT may be called Max Brown, though I think Yellow or Gold would be better primary options before resorting to tertiary colours.
    • The idea was briefly floated to name the lines after fruit: Max Grape, Max Lime and Max Tangerine.
    • The Green line is looking for $3 Billion to complete the route to NorthPointe and Seton (23:55 in the video).


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  18. 15 hours ago, 1604 said:

    Annoys me how fragmented the line names still are.

    The fragmentation is silly for a system with 2 lines. There was a discussion a few years ago that the system has multiple lines (ie trains going from NE to NW) and would cause confusing "rainbow lines". Sorry, no. The system has 2 lines: red and blue.

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