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  1. Oh yes, and I forgot about the trio that went to Boston! Thanks for the article!
  2. Just looking at the two lashed together... so long. Now picturing three of them for Eglinton.... Question for those in the know. I have never in my life seen the blue MU lights on the legacy fleet.. 1. Have they ever ran any of the C/ALRV's together as one (not just one pushing/towing the other) like the PCC's did on the Bloor-Danforth route? Even if they were not in revenue service,. And/or has seen the blue light illuminated anyway? 2. Since they decided to run units individually, what were the main reasons back then to discontinue it on the record?
  3. 7632 has one Presto device. No evidence to support that a rear door one was installed before that I can see.
  4. Between North Queen Street and the CPR main line, west of Kipling Avenue and west of the Canpa Sub. https://www.google.ca/maps/@43.6285279,-79.5352783,15z
  5. 4086 is on the 514 now with the external speaker announcing the route and destination. In case you're wondering, it's the exact same voice and dialect as the buses.
  6. http://www.gotransit.com/public/en/news/gormley/default.aspx I might pass by since I'll be in the neighbourhood. WELCOME TO YOUR NEW COMMUTE! Starting December 5, 2016 we’re introducing GO service to the new Gormley GO Station, located on Stouffville Road between Hwy 404 and Leslie Street, in Richmond Hill. With train and bus service, plenty of parking and a brand new station, there’s more reasons to GO. VISIT THE STATION You're invited to our community event at Gormley GO Station on December 4th from 12-2pm. Before we launch service come celebrate with us! There will be a free train ride from 1-1:45pm, which will travel to and from Gormley. We know kids get a kick out of trains. You can also check out the new station, one of our newest GO buses, meet our mascot GO Bear and hang out with our Transit Safety Officers. If you have small children and need to bring a stroller, please use small strollers that are compact and foldable. If you have a larger stroller or a wagon, etc. we recommend storing it in your vehicle for the short train ride. Also, try to avoid boarding the Accessibility Coach – 5th coach, in the middle of the train – as priority seating is given to those with special needs. We know space is limited; courtesy and consideration will help make it a comfortable and safe ride for everyone.
  7. TTC: To add to the 501 sightings, one Flexity made it to Neville Park this afternoon. I made it out to be 4405 from where I was at Bay and Queen.
  8. Is this a common thing from time to time where the floors come apart after usage? Never have seen this before... This is 0512's today, throughout the bus, one female tripped over after passing through the white line (see attachment). Also this afternoon saw the dispatch of at least six artics for the Ti-Cats Express via Downtown with 931 as the lead of the convoy. My 05xx on 1 King was just barely full as we caught people. One, then few, then the crowd. By that point, we were just behind one of the artics waiting to pull up to the stop after the one ahead was loading. On a separate note, I sincerely appreciate that the general public often thanks driver from the rear door. It's truly a thing here.
  9. Quick note, the CLRV that IRT_BMT_IND spotted with the bright LCD by the driver one page ago was 4053, at least that is what I caught just now. Roll signs are still par for the course by the looks of it.
  10. Think this was mentioned.... but visuals are always great. 590x set.
  11. I'm more vexed that this guy filmed at least four of these videos on YouTube, and called out on one of them that (I believe it was) 4056 for ringing the bell to his buddy as he was pulling out from Sumach to King. And he disabled comments....
  12. Question: What is the purpose of the sides of the new cabs flashing the passenger assistance indicator light every second when a train is parked/stationary?
  13. 584x came out of Greenwood Yard this morning towards Kipling. The end result is attached; at 7:30 this morning. 611x was training southbound with all the electronics inside above opened up. Southbound this evening at 9:00pm.
  14. Speaking of which, I'm not sure if it's been mentioned, but there was Birchmount unit today on the 121 that had Not In Service on the rear display sign. I take it this is going with the reprogramming as well?
  15. Earlier today, trains going westbound on Line 2 approaching Yonge were playing the usual Line so-and-so is closed between one and the other bit. Only thing today is that it said Line 2 was closed between Jane and Ossington stations for track work. Shuttle buses are operating. Edit: Looks like that has been rectified.
  16. You know, I can live with 15 or 20 minute service after 10:00pm on some of these "10 minute or better routes" with the obvious exceptions routes like King and Dufferin to name a few. It's not the worst to have them a little far apart as at least having service and options will still prevail.
  17. TTC: 4403 is on 504 to Broadview Station right now. I'm on it to just be sure of it. Will provide update shortly. EDIT: Yep. 504. The driver even announced that he was going up to the station and not the Distillery.
  18. Those would be 9070 9078 and 9080 as well. It's either these
  19. TT9C: Birchmount and Eglinton units accompany 9070 and 9073 on the 22 right now for the surge to Ashbridges Bay fireworks.
  20. TTC: Numerous LFSA's have been found as Training Buses around Broadview Station and along Danforth in the last week. 9138 and 9142 were two I recalled on Wednesday around1:00XM. LFSA 9007 and VII 8008 amongst others were on Line 2 between Jane and Keele due to the subway closure/fire investigation.
  21. We need it. Especially at this time of the year, more riders are demanding for double deckers over the trolleys when all hands are on deck. They will wait for one. I'm glad to see this purchase and be given another life and contribute to increased service. I'll wait for the day the GO DD's are retired and may face this similar fate. If they do.
  22. Yes, I recalled 7316 being one of them amongst a litter of about at least a half dozen of D40LF's. They will likely be out today too.
  23. If anyone was curious but was not able to come out today (or avoided it)... after reading in that Friday bit in the 24 Hours newspaper that articulated shuttle buses would be running during the subway closure this weekend. From what I observed, definitely about 40-50% of the fleet in service (on the shuttle, of course) around 5:00pm were articulated units. Big difference from the last few closures and really helped the surges that would arise following every train dumping a heavy load of passengers at Bathurst for one when the timing was proper. I recall the one weekend where we had snow in April and the same stretch was closed, there were none.
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