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  1. 68 Warden to Danforth for the same reason. At least, there used to be. There's also the 32F to Royal York and & York Memorial C.I. AM only
  2. TTC Line 2: 5318-5319-5316-5317-5314-5315
  3. Yes, the intercar doors are a feature that's being redone across the fleet, pending funding, of course. The 26's were/are undergoing refits as they came/come in.
  4. But that will still mean that the last departure to Mc Cowan Rt Station from Durham College North Campus will be at 17:42, so, technically not "all day," no? Or is there more to this?
  5. https://urbantoronto.ca/forum/threads/go-transit-service-thread-including-extensions.4952/post-1730520
  6. Physical Sighting: 1786 or 1784 on 42 Derry. Tried to check back on Transee to verify, but it's not tracking at the moment.
  7. Back at least a year or so (perhaps since the branch splitting into two in the first place) there were early Sunday morning trips that went from the Airport to Kennedy Station as 300B instead of to Warden as 300A. However, nearly two hours later, I'm now coming to remember when McNicoll opened, it ended up servicing the 300 and effectively joined all the other divisions running on this route. Therefore, trip runs have changed, so that the two overlaps stay separate, thus now not have any thru runs. If I'm correct in this assumption, mystery solved.
  8. Does anyone know if the longer 300B from the airport on Sunday morning is still a thing? I see nothing but 300A on the website.
  9. TDE


    https://www.petoskeynews.com/story/news/state/2022/01/10/detroit-toronto-train-plan-gets-boost-amtrak-agreement/9155865002/ Detroit to Toronto by train plan gets boost with Amtrak agreement Eric D. Lawrence Detroit Free Press A mega freight railroad merger appears to put a Detroit-to-Toronto passenger rail connection closer to reality. Amtrak, which provides much of the passenger rail service in the United States, said it has gotten a commitment of cooperation for its own expansion plans from Canadian Pacific Railway Limited, which has a $25 billion acquisition deal with Kansas City Southern. Amtrak said its plans include adding passenger rail service through the Detroit River Tunnel connecting Detroit and the cities of Windsor and Toronto in Ontario through VIA Rail Canada. Connecting Toronto via Detroit with Chicago and its many connections could go a long way toward improving service for U.S. rail passengers, who currently deal with a rail network that leaves many cities without direct connections. Amtrak was one of the beneficiaries of last year's big infrastructure package pushed by the Biden administration, which directed $66 billion toward passenger rail. It wasn't immediately clear how quickly a rail connection between Detroit and Toronto could be established. If it happens, it wouldn't be the only good news for rail passengers in Detroit being envisioned. The Michigan Department of Transportation is looking to build a new Amtrak and bus station in Detroit's New Center area, adding a $10 million federal grant to offset the estimated $57 million cost. The railroad tie-up, which still needs approval from the U.S. Surface Transportation Board, would create a rail network connecting the U.S, Canada and Mexico. The Wall Street Journal noted in March that "if approved by regulators, the deal would unite the two smallest of the seven major North American freight carriers, linking factories and ports in Mexico, farms and plants in the Midwestern U.S. and Canada’s ocean ports and energy resources." Amtrak has agreed to support the railroad merger before the Surface Transportation Board, calling Canadian Pacific an excellent host railroad for passenger rail service. Amtrak noted that Canadian Pacific "consistently" receives an "A" grade on Amtrak's annual host railroad report card, "recognizing its industry-leading on-time performance record." Passenger and freight rail often share the same tracks, and that is frequently blamed for many of the service delays experienced by Amtrak passengers. “We welcome CP’s commitment to our efforts with states and others to expand Amtrak service and are pleased to have reached an agreement formalizing CP’s support of Amtrak expansion in the Midwest and the South," Amtrak President Stephen Gardner said in a news release. “Given CP’s consistent record as an Amtrak host, we support CP’s proposal to expand its network. This is exactly what Congress and the Administration are seeking: Amtrak and the freight railroads working together to benefit freight customers, Amtrak passengers, our state/regional partners and the general public.” Amtrak's Midwest expansion plans, which Canadian Pacific will cooperate on, also include increased frequency between Chicago and Milwaukee and extending service from Milwaukee to St. Paul, Minnesota, "to create a second round-trip on the Twin Cities-Milwaukee-Chicago corridor." The agreement could also help Amtrak connect New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and allow it to "study the potential for Amtrak service between Meridian, Mississippi, and Dallas." Keith Creel, Canadian Pacific president and CEO, said in the release that the deal with Kansas City Southern would have no adverse effect on intercity passenger rail service and that the railroad is "pleased to continue to support Amtrak and its infrastructure projects to provide capacity needed to accommodate additional service.” WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) reported earlier on the Amtrak agreement.
  10. How about when you have to book for a PCR test, but the government ('s self assessment tool) says you don't need to self-isolate.
  11. Front desto's "32 to Eglinton Station" display shifts to the left when it flips to "via Eglinton W Stn." Buses on Forest Hill side displays read, "33 TO ST. CLAIR STN." .... 937 ISLINGTON EXPRES.
  12. Well, it's happening again. 3187 left Broadview Station five minutes before 4:00, with 8636 running west at 4:00. And according to Transsee, 8636 is about 11 minutes behind its schedule. If he hustles.
  13. September 2nd: 1401 on 8 September 5: 8173 on 32C. Pulled off of 13A.
  14. Came across this tweet earlier today: https://twitter.com/MiWayHelps/status/1419615995598188545
  15. The 32 would be the best because Caledonia is one (if not, the only one) of the few intersecting roads with transit service that does not have an insane amount of construction and stop relocation to transfer buses. Biggest block though... Eglinton West Station with the Allen traffic. Might I suggest the 13 to St. Clair, then 512 to Lansdowne? Or perhaps 13 to Museum, Line 1 to Osgoode and take the 501 west? You could also do the 61 or 97A/F (pickup up the hill at Broadway if you can) instead to Lawrence and 52 across then 47B down if you don't mind enlarging your trip.
  16. I'd hope for Kitchener/Waterloo to Guelph bus service. Market may or may not be there between the two, but at least extend the 31 and 33 out that way entirely until the rail corridor upgrades. The 30 can be a full express to York Mills. And if desired, Union. Bramalea could still be a connector for the 407 buses. I'd be up for a blend of Hwy 6 and Hwy 8 service from Hamilton to Guelph and K-W respectively. Though, I believe Coach Canada may have that market, if I'm not mistaken. Because right now, taking the 25/30, 31, 29/48 to somewhere in Peel Region and a westbound 40/47 is ridiculous. Nevermind a thought put towards connections with the Lakeshore West train and/or bus.
  17. My company does it all the time. We get under the USRC without issue with our TD925's with, or without the emerency hatches open as sometimes our air conditioning fails to adequately chill our units.
  18. TTC 8731(?) on Avenue Road 09/22/20 TTC 3436 on Avenue Road 09/20/20 TTC 34xx on Avenue Road North 09/21/20 TTC 1339 on Don Mills (25A) 09/18/20
  19. Saturday: DRT 8580 was on RAD duty for route 900. I caught it on standby.
  20. Any commercial for Rogers or Bell since they rebranded themselves with möbius logo and blue stripe(s) on white (since Bell Fibe existed, really) respectively.
  21. 3461 is on 34 right now going to Kennedy, another LFS HEV was on 56 an hour ago, but finished at Eglinton station.
  22. Richmond and Adelaide are already plagued with traffic flow issues as it is throughout the majority of the weekday. The car and truck also contends with bike lanes, reduced speeds (not that anyone follows the limit) and non-synchronized signals that disrupts proper traffic flow.
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