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  1. 3461 is on 34 right now going to Kennedy, another LFS HEV was on 56 an hour ago, but finished at Eglinton station.
  2. Richmond and Adelaide are already plagued with traffic flow issues as it is throughout the majority of the weekday. The car and truck also contends with bike lanes, reduced speeds (not that anyone follows the limit) and non-synchronized signals that disrupts proper traffic flow.
  3. This is why children should be on the Presto system NOW. Parents bring their child's birth certificate or other acceptable ID to an agent, pay a nominal fee, let's say $5-10. And they keep tapping for free (but must tap to use the system) until the last day they are 12. Thereafter, fill your Presto, or pay cash for a student rate. (Hopefully) It'll instill positive habits early. And if they lose their card (because it happens), they just cancel the other card and buy a new one. Sucks to pay again, but these days they walk with cellphones, so... As for the single mothers who claim their three year old is twelve.... That's another post for another time.
  4. TDE


    MiWay does not have any Proof of Payment/honour system service anywhere on the system, that includes the Transitway. All "inspections" really are done with the driver regardless if it's MiLocal or MiExpress on the bus. Only time I see an inspection outside of them happening could probably be through an enforcement officer or added staff member to help with boarding quicker at a huge event requiring their presence with passes and transfers, customer service, etc., likely off the bus.
  5. A friend of mine took it to his surprise as he was expecting the shuttle bus parked at Sheppard West with the destos set up and all at the time, officials ended up saying the subway was back open moments later. The operator on (apparently) the first trip for the evening, was repeatedly telling everyone that right now they were riding on an automatically-operated train, but not to worry, we humans can interact if something goes wrong. He noticed a smoother ride, but nothing that said "oh wow." Let's be clear, he's no enthusiast. Eventually by Dupont, the operator said that they were now being driven by a human operator. I was tempted to go a few stops this evening, but..... no. I'm tired.
  6. Take this with a grain of salt until MTA or the TTC confirms.... https://www.timeout.com/newyork/blog/the-mta-just-bought-200-diesel-busses-to-use-during-the-l-train-shutdown-043017 http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/50367-new-york-mta-buy-200-ex-ttc-orion-vii-diesels/
  7. Heard a few legacy streetcar units this evening using an updated version of the external announcements. Instead of "Five-hundred-four... Dundas West Station via King," I heard "Five-oh-four ...Dundas West Station via King." Also the Downsview moniker this week was removed from the overhead lighting. But the wall, last I checked, still had it for now. I would attach pictures, but the "choose files" link doesn't send the nudge to my phone to open my selector to choose files. EDIT: after all that typing I found a temporary work-around.
  8. If anyone is wondering.... the one crossover at King is being utilized. Trains go into King's southbound. Platform, then crossover afterwards northbound. Track crews at track level manually change the switch point over.
  9. The point is that streetcars (namely for the 510 in this case) are delayed getting out to the route because of a stalled streetcar. It will affect those relying on it frequently and noticed a longer than usual wait. Whether a streetcar is out of service here or there where the incident occurred is totally irrelevant.
  10. They also had a serious injury on the Broad Street Line and other remarkable delays plaguing some of the Regional Rail Lines all within hours of each other. SEPTA couldn't catch a break.
  11. There you go. Nothing a whole lot special. Didn't bother to get the outside as it's not operational. Managed to catch it minutes ago.
  12. DRT: PULSE 8621 had an audible alarm sound off for a "Check Engine" issue. Eventually he went as far as he could and went out of service at Westney and Kingston Roads. Replacement bus 8601 showed about 15 minutes later by a mechanic; returned to service immediately with the replacement. Kudos to the team for keeping everyone warm and moving again.
  13. That would be the nasally one... Come to think of it, there may be a fourth. If you notice there are "arrival" voices now for some rocket and express routes. Namely the 196 and the 95E that I recall... Anyhow. Hopefully GO comes with a more robust voice for the train lines at some point as they continue to expand and roll-out. AMT's auto voice was pretty on-point, I must say. Regardless who she is.
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