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  1. Today's Special Sightings

    TTC: Uhhh.... 8571 on 87 right now.
  2. Take this with a grain of salt until MTA or the TTC confirms.... https://www.timeout.com/newyork/blog/the-mta-just-bought-200-diesel-busses-to-use-during-the-l-train-shutdown-043017 http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/50367-new-york-mta-buy-200-ex-ttc-orion-vii-diesels/
  3. Heard a few legacy streetcar units this evening using an updated version of the external announcements. Instead of "Five-hundred-four... Dundas West Station via King," I heard "Five-oh-four ...Dundas West Station via King." Also the Downsview moniker this week was removed from the overhead lighting. But the wall, last I checked, still had it for now. I would attach pictures, but the "choose files" link doesn't send the nudge to my phone to open my selector to choose files. EDIT: after all that typing I found a temporary work-around.
  4. If anyone is wondering.... the one crossover at King is being utilized. Trains go into King's southbound. Platform, then crossover afterwards northbound. Track crews at track level manually change the switch point over.
  5. Streetcar News

    The point is that streetcars (namely for the 510 in this case) are delayed getting out to the route because of a stalled streetcar. It will affect those relying on it frequently and noticed a longer than usual wait. Whether a streetcar is out of service here or there where the incident occurred is totally irrelevant.
  6. Anyone else took notice lately?
  7. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    They also had a serious injury on the Broad Street Line and other remarkable delays plaguing some of the Regional Rail Lines all within hours of each other. SEPTA couldn't catch a break.
  8. Today's Sightings

    There you go. Nothing a whole lot special. Didn't bother to get the outside as it's not operational. Managed to catch it minutes ago.
  9. Today's Sightings

    DRT: PULSE 8621 had an audible alarm sound off for a "Check Engine" issue. Eventually he went as far as he could and went out of service at Westney and Kingston Roads. Replacement bus 8601 showed about 15 minutes later by a mechanic; returned to service immediately with the replacement. Kudos to the team for keeping everyone warm and moving again.
  10. GO Transit

    That would be the nasally one... Come to think of it, there may be a fourth. If you notice there are "arrival" voices now for some rocket and express routes. Namely the 196 and the 95E that I recall... Anyhow. Hopefully GO comes with a more robust voice for the train lines at some point as they continue to expand and roll-out. AMT's auto voice was pretty on-point, I must say. Regardless who she is.
  11. GO Transit

    Originally there was the one voice for the surface routes, now there are three (two of them are computerized). One that sounds like GO Buses and TTC Flexity's. An example would be "Jack Layton Way, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare" on a C or A unit. The other is a nasally-sounding woman. Her example would be "Mortimer Avenue, Michael Garron Hospital." Or even "Dockside Drive." ---- I was on a Barrie train just yesterday and had the CSA do his bit from 5 mins before until we left Union and the bit after departure. I wasn't exactly a fan of Ava, mainly because I couldn't hear the lady at all. Sadly, the volume needs to be turned up, regardless if there's a "Quiet Zone" that may be an issue to some.
  12. Today's Sightings

    TTC: 5136-5137 on Line 2 with the electronic signs installed and the loud TR-ish chimes. ..more like trumpets.
  13. Today's Sightings

    TTC: 5355 on Line 2 showing COLLEGE on the roll sign.
  14. So I managed to catch an updated Ride Guide Lite in print on a Wilson unit today and I am digging the design. Al of the expresses and rocket routes have been added. Including the 199 restructuring have been added. While I'm not exactly expecting inch-by-inch precise routing to be shown on this simplified map, the 199B around Alness (SB) and Dufferin (NB) has not been properly depicted despite the route map showing it. Might not matter if there aren't stops en route. *Out of all eight major post-secondary institutions, George Brown College was the only school that was nowhere to be found. One reason I'm thought before was just no room as even the main campus is in in tight space, but they managed to get it in there. *The restructured routes 514, 72B and 121 has been added. *97C has been added. *They now show all the routes entering Humber College North Campus. *25's split at Don Mills Station has been added plus the 25A. ** 22A: While yes, the 22A goes to Queen, it does still utilize Eastern and Cowell to return northbound. The way they have this piece of route done, it appears as all service runs on Queen both ways. Lastly, they gave this a Winter 2017 designation. So should we expect a Summer 2017 5-6 months from now? Yes I am at a bar. Gone to bevy up now.
  15. TTC T1 Movement thread

    Thanks for that historical reminder. Very informative actually! For sure you would have added here it had it been up there, I was just more sure that it would have been there based on all the shifting from time to time. Then the odd special sighting out of nowhere. Side note, I have been passing by Davisville quite often lately, have not seen those two pairs, but 5004-5005 have been sitting outside on Track 6(?) for about a week now with a few more T1's inside the carhouse, where I'm completely unable to see the unit numbers from the mainline. So I'm not sure if 5000-5001 cars are still there as backups.