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  1. Delivery of SEPTA's brand new Siemens ACS-64 locomotive #901 (recorded a little over an hour ago)
  2. SEPTA NABI 416 my last video its safe to say they are retired with 2 left in emergency service. The last of another dying breed in philly 1 more Neoplan AN460 left on the active roster has not seen service in weeks though (7244) Here is 7150 whipping the turn. Ex Foothill Transit Gillig Phantom Krapf's Transit 9411, WAS retired but it has been resurrected. Beastly sounding DD50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge1AQLlSm_4 High speed tunnel action in the subway of SEPTA's Market-Frankford Line SEPTA testing AMTRAK's ACS Locomotive
  3. Didn't do so good with the side but I'm going to completely redo this paint job when the spare time comes around. And this
  4. KRAPF's 1994 Gillig Phantom With a Beastly DD50! SEPTA 1997 NABI 416 With a another beastly DD50!
  5. Brand new SEPTA 2014 Novabus LFS HEV #8648 Audio Recording of the engine.
  6. My latest Upload KRAPF'S NovaBUS LFS 1313 in Philadelphia PA, USA Cummins ISL9 / Allison B400 2013 NOVABus LFSA HEV #7300 on its first day of Revenue service!
  7. My latest Upload KRAPF'S NovaBUS LFS 1313 in Philadelphia PA, USA Cummins ISL9 / Allison B400 2013 NOVABus LFSA HEV #7300 on its first day of Revenue service!
  8. Here is my vid of LFSA 7300 leaving HQ for NJ to get finalized.
  9. The pilot came to Philadelphia for a short while today. It was on display at SEPTA's Headquarters 7300
  10. SEPTA is known for the rear sign being on top of rear of the bus on the right side. Thanks for the heads up. I will definetly be on the lookout for these next week!
  11. Luminator now offers the Horizon (smt) sign with both Amber and now White colored signs. Can a Wiki editor please update the Luminator CPTDB wiki page to reflect that? http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Luminator http://www.luminatormasstransit.com/images/stories/smt%20brochure.pdf
  12. Changed the group privacy settings to open for a limited time. Anyone who see's the group can join now. Anyone who has a facebook and would like to share videos and pictures of and ad wrapped transit vehicle can come join and post them in the group. https://www.facebook...53034488143518/
  13. Reading the Wiki page the 1998 MCI's without Wheelchair lifts will be transferred to Canada. Will this include 6001 and 6002 in the original paint scheme it was delivered with? I haven't seen these buses in a while. Was it or will it be repainted?
  14. Audio recording of a ride on SEPTA's 2004 New Flyer DE40LF 5840H Due to the unreliability of the batteries on top, they batteries have been disconnected on these hybrids. All you hear in this recording is the sound of the Cummins ISL reaching at very high RPMs!
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