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  1. Yes you board at the sleeping car you are assigned to. The attendant will meet you on the platform. One door might be open between two cars and the attendant will tell you to take a left or right at the top of the steps......or sometimes take you right to you room.
  2. When a Viewliner is attached to an Amfleet coach.....how do they compensate for that 3" difference at the diaphragm plate between cars?
  3. Those CP Rail 'Skylines' with the reversible seats would have been rebuilt into the standard configuration prior to or along with the rest of the Skylines and Stainless Steel cars in VIA's HEP1 program of the late '80s/early '90s. CP's Atlantic Limited lost the Skylines when VIA took over in 1979 and extended the train to Halifax. Domes didn't return to the Atlantic until it was reinstated in June 1985 and a Park Car was added.
  4. Back in their CP Rail days.....a couple of VIA's Skyline Domes did have reversible seats when they ran on the Atlantic Limited between Montreal and Saint John. The Atlantic Limited was not turned in Saint John so the seats were flipped-over. The Alaska Railroad has a similar type of seat in their domes. (around the 7:30 minute mark in this video below) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_Z2pxi5jjk&t=475s
  5. Although other International Travel with Canada won't resume until September....this Border did reopen last week along with the US Border: the 'France-Canada' Border between St- Pierre and Newfoundland and the first time French citizens have been able to 'Drive' to Canada on the first scheduled arrival of the new vehicle ferry. Previously this was a pedestrian only ferry and service had been suspended for 17 months due to Covid. (video in this link) https://la1ere.francetvinfo.fr/saintpierremiquelon/transport-maritime-des-retrouvailles-attendues-entre-saint-pierre-et-miquelon-et-fortune-1077934.html https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=external&v=372882564391328
  6. After nearly 17 months......here's the first run of VIA's Ocean making it's way west through Truro, Nova Scotia this afternoon..... August 11, 2021. The Ocean now uses a hybrid mix of Budd and Renaissance equipment. As the train is no longer turned in Halifax it will operate with a bi-directional consist and the power will just run around to the opposite end. Previously the F40's had run 'Elephant Style' (nose to tail) They are now back to back. The train has a baggage car on each end now so one will always be adjacent to the locomotives and convenient to the 2nd Engineer in the cab as he also does baggage car duties.
  7. The new Ferry (above post) will have a new concept for sleeping accommodations on Marine Atlantic....'Sleeping Pods' This video shows the Sleeping Pods on similar Stena Line Ferries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZvrKYKYU7M Currently on Marine Atlantic night crossings you have the option of a private Cabin or Coach & Business Class type seats......so the new 'Pods' should be popular at a fraction of the cost of a cabin. People just want a place to put their head down for the 7 hr crossing.
  8. Here's Marine Atlantic's new ferry for the Nova Scotia to Newfoundland route due to arrive in 2024. It will carry 1000 passengers and have 2.5 km of lane length (that can accommodate about 450 cars or 90 18-wheelers) There will also be 146 cabins, 40 sleeping pods and a full range of meal and lounge options. https://www.niferry.co.uk/marine-atlantic-opts-for-stena-to-supply-new-ferry/
  9. Here's the Ocean using the old loop track in Halifax that was taking up valuable space at the Container Terminal. In photo #3 the Ocean is backing down into the station.....properly positioned to depart the next day.
  10. Yes it is a Transition Car but it is also part of the 'REN fleet' (as you state in your original post).......and that's the photos I posted here! A Park Car 'just tacked on the back of the REN fleet'.......and VIA has been doing this (covid aside) for about 15 years. The Park Car originally operated in the summer and fall tourist season then year 'round since 2013. And yes.......shipping containers are much more important to Halifax than a 3day/week train that can be configured to operate bi-directional and no longer requiring the loop-track that was taking up valuable container terminal space. Just google 'Marco Polo Container Ship'.....carrying the equivalent of 16,000 TEU 20' Containers. (this thing was huge when I saw it docking in Halifax!) https://www.portofhalifax.ca/port-of-halifax-welcomes-largest-containerized-cargo-vessel-to-call-a-canadian-port/
  11. The loop track that VIA used at the Container Terminal has been removed and there is no longer any place to turn a train in Halifax. VIA has decided that when the Ocean returns....the consist will be bi-directional. The F40 locomotives will be back to back and just run around the consist to opposite end... ready to depart west the next day.
  12. VIA has been running a Park Car on the back of the Renaissance equipment for years. But when the Ocean returns next month it can no longer be turned in Halifax so the Park Car is being dropped from the consist. There is still hope a Skyline Dome might be added when social distancing onboard permits.
  13. That would certainly be a waste of money. Ontario Northland currently operates a bus service between Ottawa-North Bay-Sudbury that's quite sufficient to handle any passenger traffic now. https://www.ontarionorthland.ca/communications/schedules/2021/NEW/ONTCSched670-680-en.pdf
  14. Here's CTMA's new 'Madeleine II'..... that will soon enter service between Prince Edward Island and the Iles de la Madeleine in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This is a former Mediterranean Ferry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAOrTbV8pS0 Some interior photos https://media.ctma.ca/carnet/visite-guidee-de-linterieur-du-navire/ The CTMA Canadian crew went to the Canary Islands to bring the Madeleine II across the Atlantic to it's new home. https://media.ctma.ca/carnet/20-choses-a-savoir-au-sujet-du-madeleine-2/ https://traversierctma.ca/en/
  15. This is great stuff.....thanks so much!
  16. Thanks for this......interesting! Regarding that photo above I posted of the train to Senneterre/Cochrane in 1974. I was connecting from the 'Scotian' that arrived at Levis at noon and had about a 10 hour wait for that Cochrane train. I took the ferry across and spent the day just walking around the city. I remember walking through the St. Roch area and a street roofed over for several blocks to create the 'pedestrian mall'. I also had a tour of the Chateau Frontenac and the Historic Fortifications. Fascinating! I was young and finally got to use my high school French..... and remember getting along pretty good!
  17. When Gare du Palais closed the only passenger trains passing thru Limoilou were the runs to La Malbaie/Clermont and Riviere-a-Pierre/Chicoutimi. (and they had been discontinued before Palais reopened) The other CN route trains from Montreal, Senneterre/Cochrane and Richmond came in from the west for about 2 miles on the CPR from Cadorna (roughly St. Sacrement) to Gare du Palais. A block or so east of Gare du Palais was the Quebec Railway Light & Power Station. An Electric Interurban Railway to Ste. Anne de Beaupre & St. Joachim that lasted 'till 1959. Here's some pictures of the west alignment at Gare du Palais. (First photo is the train to Senneterre/Cochrane in Nov 1974) The CPR Dayliner via Trois-Riviere to Montreal in 1976: With the rebuilding of Gare du Palais.....the CPR west approach tracks and yard were abandoned and the track alignment turned about 90 deg so all trains would now approach from the north across the St. Charles River. [/url] And looking at this map...... https://goo.gl/maps/uqw8V4T2DN1BDbj5A ..........the old CPR route continues east from St. Sacrement then swings south under Boul Charest to enter the Tunnel down to Wolfe's Cove along the St. Lawrence River. CP transatlantic Empress Liners once docked here and CP would run connecting 'Steamship Special' trains between here and Montreal.
  18. When Gare du Palais closed in 1976 the xCN route trains originated/terminated at Gare Sainte-Foy......not Limoilou. Limoilou was in the Yard about 1km north of Gare du Palais and was a stop for the Railiner to Clermont and the trains to Riviere-a-Pierre/Chicoutimi. St. Sacrement closed on Dec 1 1979 and the xCP Dayliners running via Trois-Riviere also moved to Gare Sainte-Foy.
  19. Here's my tour last weekend of CN's Caribou....a.k.a 'The Newfie Bullet' Narrow Gauge Equipment on a short section of remaining narrow-gauge track at Mile 404 at the Railway Society of Newfoundland in Corner Brook. I'd been to Corner Brook previously but always 'off-season' so I was surprised to see the cars open in these Covid Times and finally an opportunity to get 'inside' and able to walk-through the cars and the excellent displays and photo collection in the museum. This was North America's last full-service narrow-gauge passenger train with Coaches, Sleepers and Diner that made it's last run in 1969 Some coaches were still in service for another 20 years on Mixed Trains until the railway was abandoned 1n 1988. But there's been a bit of a play on paint schemes here! Old #593 would never have hauled equipment painted in CN's 1960's era black-white scheme.....and the cars would have had the red 'CN' logo.....not that green-gold 'NFLD Railway' tilted logo that disappeared after 1949 when Newfoundland joined Canada and CN assumed control of the railway. (I must admit that NFLD logo looks pretty cool on the CN scheme in photo 3 ) The Narrow-Gauge Sleepers had 8 Sections and 1 Drawing Room.......where on the Mainland the Standard Heavyweight Sleepers had 12 Sections and 1 Drawing Room. In the diesel era...the Caribou would have been led by GMD NF110 or 210s like #931 here: And here's a typical 'Caribou' consist from the late 1960s GMD NF210 GMD NF210 Steam Generator Unit Storage Mail (wood boxcar) Baggage/Express Diner (as lounge) Coach Coach Coach Diner Sleeper (as Dorm) Sleeper Sleeper Sleeper Sleeper Sleeper (Corner Brook set-out/pick-up) Sleeper (Corner Brook set-out/pick-up) In the fall of 1968 CN had introduced a fleet of new Roadcruiser buses and passengers soon abandoned the train for the frequent and faster bus service that now covered the 900 km run in 14 hours vs the 22 hours the train took. The 'Caribou' was discontinued and and completed it's last run between Port-aux-Basques and St. John's overnight on July2-3, 1969. Here's the CN Timetable from 1969 showing the last 'Caribou'.....Trains #101-102 along with the new 'Roadcruiser' bus service (#500 series):
  20. Marine Atlantic Ferries load from the Bow in North Sydney NS so they must spin around upon arriving in Port-aux-Basques, Newfoundland and back-in to unload from the Stern.
  21. Only on the Ocean, Corridor, Maple Leaf, White River and Senneterre/Jonquiere trains. See here: https://www.viarail.ca/en/travel-info/onboard-train/methods-payment
  22. Here's 'Greendale' xBangor & Aroostook RR (closest to camera) in VIA Stripes and 'Greenwald' (xBoston & Maine RR) on the e/b 'Atlantic' at Saint John NB on September 7, 1981. 'Greenwald' would have been in Saint John 20+ years previously running on the 'Gull' from Boston.......and just hours before this photo.....the 'Atlantic' would have crossed over the Bangor & Aroostook route 'Greendale' took to Northern Maine on the 'Potatoland Special' And 'Greendale' and 'Greenock' on the 'Atlantic' at Moncton on November 10, 1981 'Greendale' at Stellarton NS in March 1973. It's the through Sleeper between Sydney and Montreal on the 'Cabot'. It eventually went to VIA
  23. Since July 3rd.....residents of the four Atlantic Provinces have been able to travel between those provinces (NS NB PEI & NL) without having to isolate for 14 days once they cross a provincial border. (anyone coming from outside....say Quebec into New Brunswick still has to isolate) So with that in mind.....after four months at home.....time for a day trip over to Prince Edward Island on Northumberland Ferries. Something we've been doing several times a summer for years! https://www.ferries.ca/ns-pei-ferry/overview/ But a bit different now. You have to register on line with the Government of Prince Edward Island to enter the day before...... then once on the ferry...... the PEI Heath Dept. checks your Photo ID/Drivers License to confirm you're a resident of the Atlantic Provinces. Then you're given a 'pre-clearance' form to hand in when driving off the ferry. Returning that evening....... Nova Scotia just checks your ID....no form to complete. Below is something I though I'd never see.....checks at the provincial borders within Canada and a Form allowing me to enter another province! But hey.....the lockdown has worked and we're seeing the benefits of it now! And the Ferries: This time of the year they're usually full and reservations are recommended on some crossings. Now they are only running at half-capacity to allow for social distancing and something new: they will let you remain in your vehicle down below for the 75 min crossing. Previously a no-no! (we had 12 cars going over + 5 trucks. Capacity is 225 cars) And up on deck.....no 'Islander Big Breakfast' being served in the cafeteria.....coffee and muffins only!....with a curtain now closing off half the restaurant area. And returning to Nova Scotia that evening......again lots of room! And those PEI Beaches!......Lots of room to Social Distance!
  24. ghYHZ


    I notice the flat sides of the power cars do not match the contours of the following passenger cars.
  25. The intent it seems is to have reversible seats. Here's a quote in the Moncton Times & Transcript from a VIA Press Release: ”The solution involves using a 'hybrid' train that includes locomotives equipped with features allowing for back-to-back operations, so the trains don't need to turn around” ”Passenger cars used will have seats that can turn to align with the direction of travel to “ensure optimal comfort for passengers” When I rode the Ocean in March just before the service was cancelled they were already using a 'Hybrid' type train on one of the two consists (the other was all Ren except for the Park). It had the Budd Stainless Steel coaches which have reversible seats. There were no Renaissance coaches and in fact the only seats on the train that weren't reversible were the 24 dome seats in the Park Car and the 'Cabins for One' (Duplex Roomettes) in the Chateau Sleepers. There were also a couple of Renaissance Sleepers being used and those Bedrooms are already set up so half the rooms face the direction of travel and half face away. Yes....just leave the Park Car off but if there is any intent to market the Ocean to tourists other than a point to point coach/sleeper corridor type train....it needs a 'Signature' or 'Feature' type car and this could be accomplished (as noted above) by replacing the existing seating with 24 reversible seats in a Skyline Dome. A Skyline could also provide meal service in the off-season instead of a full diner.....just like the CP Rail Skyline did for years on the Atlantic Limited. The kitchen is still there. >>>>>>> The Ocean was inaugurated in 1904 and for it's first 80 years it only had a run-of-the-mill Lounge Car. The first Domes or Park Cars weren't used until 1984.....after VIA obtained them from CP Rail. For a couple of years in the '60s....the Ocean did have a 'feature' type car.....an exMilwaukee Road 'Skyvtop' but they didn't last long in service. Here they are in the dead-line at Halifax awaiting disposal in the '70s:
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