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  1. I've always found this portion of the route was where we would make up the time. Once the train is beyond's in directional running territory: all westbounds (VIA CN & CP) are on CN and all eastbounds are on CP so there's little opposing traffic.
  2. I see that Westjet will be back again this summer with those short hops across the pond on the Transatlantic ‘737s. With a strong tailwind....the St. John’s-Dublin flight can do it in just under 4 hrs. YYT-DUB YYT-LGW YHZ-GLA (Halifax will also Has a ‘737 flight to Dublin and Paris on ASL French Airlines)
  3. Doesn't the southbound Rocky Mountaineer to Seattle already pre-clear US Immigration in Vancouver the same as Amtrak's Cascades? Or is Immigration for Rocky done in Blaine WA? The only thing I note that's changing for the Cascades the US Customs will now also be done in Vancouver instead of Blaine WA so I imagine this is the same for the Rocky Mountaineer.. For the Rocky Mountaineer to be 'pre-cleared' to enter Canada.....Canada would have to establish a CBSA facility in Seattle. Wouldn't it just clear CBSA in Vancouver the same as Amtrak's Cascades? There is no need for pre-clearance on the Rocky Mountaineer between Vancouver and Banff-Jasper or Quesnel as these are puerly domestic trains.
  4. Please elaborate.......where are they going?
  5. Sure they do: Directional running in BC for about 250km: the eastbound Canadian crosses the Fraser River over to CP at Mission then runs to Nepa/Coho/Basque just south of Ashcroft. Westbound trains run on CN. They also use different station stops in the BC directional running territory (CN Westbound – CP Eastbound) Abbotsford w/b and Mission e/b – 14 km apart Chilliwack w/b and Agassiz e/b – 24 km apart Hope w/b and Katz e/b – 8 km apart Boston Bar w/b and North Bend e/b – 1 km apart And there is also about 150km of directional running in Ontario. All westbound trains including the Canadian run on CP from just south of Parry Sound to the Wanup/St Cloud diamond south of Sudbury. All eastbound trains are on the Canadian uses different stations in Parry Sound: e/b CN and w/b CP.
  6. Effective today (October 31/16)....... VIA is adding an additional Ottawa-Toronto round trip increasing service to 9 trains a day each-way....and all offer Business Class. Weekend service varies. VIA owns nearly the entire 110 km between Ottawa and Brockville (except for some terminal trackage in Ottawa and Smiths Falls) and has extensively rebuilt this route. At Brockville, trains enter CN's Montreal-Toronto main. And on a side note....the Moncton Times & Transcript is reporting that VIA is still planing to introduce a Maritime regional rail service in 2017.
  7. Wi-Fi is available on the Ocean's Renaissance Lounge-Service Cars....and has been for several years.
  8. The VIA Rail station in downtown Halifax is a far east as you can go and it wouldn't include serving Campbellton....600 km northwest of Halifax. Perhaps what you are thinking of is the regional rail system proposed by VIA last fall that would included services linking Moncton with Halifax and Campbellton.
  9. The hood would have been there for the extreme heat generated from the Turbo Train’s gas turbine engines. In the photo above.....the exhausts were located above the ‘CN’ where the panel is between the windows. I remember reading that the carpeting in the dome started to smolder once from the heat from the duct behind a wall panel.
  10. I recently spotted a couple of SPM plated vehicles (European style with the EU symbol) passing through here on the Trans Canada Highway. And here’s some SPM plated vehicles in this Street-View link...sitting on the dock in Fortune, Newfoundland. I’m just guessing here .....since the current ferry is passenger must be barged across now on an irregular basis.
  11. Perhaps......but not in any VIA timetable of that era. Don’t know how that one would have escaped me with all my corridor riding back then as I would certainly have gone out of my way to ride! The early ’90 was also the time the xCP cars were being rebuilt so not that much spare equipment around. Maybe what you saw were recently rebuilt cars on shake-down/trial runs in the corridor. It was finally such a pleasure to have a Dome (Park Car) on the Enterprise in the early 2000s.
  12. VIA has moved the Canadian’s equipment between Toronto and Montreal deadhead for positioning and service and also special charters and movements.....but occupied on a regular scheduled basis???.....other than the Enterprise and the Canadian in the ‘80s
  13. VIA has run Skylines on Charters in the corridor but I don't believe they were in scheduled service.
  14. The Canadian could run on the Kingston Sub between Toronto and Montreal just as it did between November 1981 and June 1985. The through cars between Vancouver and Montreal were attached to a corridor train which also carried through cars from Toronto to Ottawa that were dropped in Brockville. Here’s the combined #2 Canadian, #44 Capital, #54 Lakeshore at Brockville ON, January 22, 1983 6760 FPA4 (Tor-Mont) 6868 FPB4 (Tor-Mont) 607 Baggage (Vanc-Mont) Club Laurier (Tor-Ott) 3215 Coach Snack-Bar (Tor-Ott) 5487 Coach (Tor-Ott) 5603 Coach (Tor-Mont) 5529 Coach (Tor-Mont) 111 Coach (Vanc-Mont) 512 Skyline Dome Coffee Shop (Vanc-Mont) Chateau LaSalle (Vanc-Mont) Banff Park (Vanc-Mont) Here’s a shot at Brockville: This was one of the few times you could ride a dome in the corridor: others being the Park Car on the Enterprise in the early 2000s before it began using the Renaissance equipment and the other: CP’s short lived Royal York and Chateau Champlain that ran on the CPR via Smiths Falls after the end of the Pool agreement. There was also the Turbo Dome: