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  1. Yes you board at the sleeping car you are assigned to. The attendant will meet you on the platform. One door might be open between two cars and the attendant will tell you to take a left or right at the top of the steps......or sometimes take you right to you room.
  2. When a Viewliner is attached to an Amfleet coach.....how do they compensate for that 3" difference at the diaphragm plate between cars?
  3. Those CP Rail 'Skylines' with the reversible seats would have been rebuilt into the standard configuration prior to or along with the rest of the Skylines and Stainless Steel cars in VIA's HEP1 program of the late '80s/early '90s. CP's Atlantic Limited lost the Skylines when VIA took over in 1979 and extended the train to Halifax. Domes didn't return to the Atlantic until it was reinstated in June 1985 and a Park Car was added.
  4. Back in their CP Rail days.....a couple of VIA's Skyline Domes did have reversible seats when they ran on the Atlantic Limited between Montreal and Saint John. The Atlantic Limited was not turned in Saint John so the seats were flipped-over. The Alaska Railroad has a similar type of seat in their domes. (around the 7:30 minute mark in this video below) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_Z2pxi5jjk&t=475s
  5. Although other International Travel with Canada won't resume until September....this Border did reopen last week along with the US Border: the 'France-Canada' Border between St- Pierre and Newfoundland and the first time French citizens have been able to 'Drive' to Canada on the first scheduled arrival of the new vehicle ferry. Previously this was a pedestrian only ferry and service had been suspended for 17 months due to Covid. (video in this link) https://la1ere.francetvinfo.fr/saintpierremiquelon/transport-maritime-des-retrouvailles-attendues-entre-saint-pierre-et-miquelon-et-fortune-1077934.html https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=external&v=372882564391328
  6. After nearly 17 months......here's the first run of VIA's Ocean making it's way west through Truro, Nova Scotia this afternoon..... August 11, 2021. The Ocean now uses a hybrid mix of Budd and Renaissance equipment. As the train is no longer turned in Halifax it will operate with a bi-directional consist and the power will just run around to the opposite end. Previously the F40's had run 'Elephant Style' (nose to tail) They are now back to back. The train has a baggage car on each end now so one will always be adjacent to the locomotives and convenient to the 2nd Engineer in the cab as he also does baggage car duties.
  7. The new Ferry (above post) will have a new concept for sleeping accommodations on Marine Atlantic....'Sleeping Pods' This video shows the Sleeping Pods on similar Stena Line Ferries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZvrKYKYU7M Currently on Marine Atlantic night crossings you have the option of a private Cabin or Coach & Business Class type seats......so the new 'Pods' should be popular at a fraction of the cost of a cabin. People just want a place to put their head down for the 7 hr crossing.
  8. Here's Marine Atlantic's new ferry for the Nova Scotia to Newfoundland route due to arrive in 2024. It will carry 1000 passengers and have 2.5 km of lane length (that can accommodate about 450 cars or 90 18-wheelers) There will also be 146 cabins, 40 sleeping pods and a full range of meal and lounge options. https://www.niferry.co.uk/marine-atlantic-opts-for-stena-to-supply-new-ferry/
  9. Here's the Ocean using the old loop track in Halifax that was taking up valuable space at the Container Terminal. In photo #3 the Ocean is backing down into the station.....properly positioned to depart the next day.
  10. Yes it is a Transition Car but it is also part of the 'REN fleet' (as you state in your original post).......and that's the photos I posted here! A Park Car 'just tacked on the back of the REN fleet'.......and VIA has been doing this (covid aside) for about 15 years. The Park Car originally operated in the summer and fall tourist season then year 'round since 2013. And yes.......shipping containers are much more important to Halifax than a 3day/week train that can be configured to operate bi-directional and no longer requiring the loop-track that was taking up valuable container terminal space. Just google 'Marco Polo Container Ship'.....carrying the equivalent of 16,000 TEU 20' Containers. (this thing was huge when I saw it docking in Halifax!) https://www.portofhalifax.ca/port-of-halifax-welcomes-largest-containerized-cargo-vessel-to-call-a-canadian-port/
  11. The loop track that VIA used at the Container Terminal has been removed and there is no longer any place to turn a train in Halifax. VIA has decided that when the Ocean returns....the consist will be bi-directional. The F40 locomotives will be back to back and just run around the consist to opposite end... ready to depart west the next day.
  12. VIA has been running a Park Car on the back of the Renaissance equipment for years. But when the Ocean returns next month it can no longer be turned in Halifax so the Park Car is being dropped from the consist. There is still hope a Skyline Dome might be added when social distancing onboard permits.
  13. That would certainly be a waste of money. Ontario Northland currently operates a bus service between Ottawa-North Bay-Sudbury that's quite sufficient to handle any passenger traffic now. https://www.ontarionorthland.ca/communications/schedules/2021/NEW/ONTCSched670-680-en.pdf
  14. Here's CTMA's new 'Madeleine II'..... that will soon enter service between Prince Edward Island and the Iles de la Madeleine in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This is a former Mediterranean Ferry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAOrTbV8pS0 Some interior photos https://media.ctma.ca/carnet/visite-guidee-de-linterieur-du-navire/ The CTMA Canadian crew went to the Canary Islands to bring the Madeleine II across the Atlantic to it's new home. https://media.ctma.ca/carnet/20-choses-a-savoir-au-sujet-du-madeleine-2/ https://traversierctma.ca/en/
  15. This is great stuff.....thanks so much!
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