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  1. January 2005 - a cold Saturday afternoon in Syracuse, New York (click to enlarge): Jim D.
  2. The next-gen O7 is certainly not a duplicate of the Citaro, but I do see resemblances in terms of the general look of the front and the slightly protruding destination sign. My point was that Orion has a European sister company that is designing some stylish buses, and it is much more likely that OBI is borrowing from their expertise instead of copying New Flyer or other North American competitors (as some of the anti-Orion bus fans seem to be assuming). Jim
  3. For those who think Orion is copying New Flyer’s look – keep in mind that Orion is part of DaimlerChrysler and can draw on expertise from sister company Mercedes-Benz. In fact, check out the look of the new Mercedes ‘Citaro’ buses - I believe it’s much more likely that Orion took its cue from this and not NFI. Jim
  4. Looking at the larger versions of the ad posted above, the right front photo appears to show a bus with regular-style O7 windows, not the frameless windows shown previously in Orion's drawings. JD
  5. I like it! I wonder if the flush side windows will be standard or if they will be optional, similar to the way Gillig offers this feature on their newer buses? I have a hard time imagining TTC, MTA New York City and others who have traditionally favored opening side windows abandoning this for non-opening ones. Jim D.
  6. How do the bus lines and other mass transit operations work? Do you get to plan out the specific routes vehicles take as you could on the old Traffic Giant game? I owned the original Sim City back in the 90's, and while you could build rail lines on that program you couldn't control the specific routes that the railcars took. Also, is there any value to buying the 'Rush Hour Expansion Pack'? Jim
  7. Someone should change the thread subtitle.
  8. Perhaps, but why take the chance? CD's and DVD's are cheap - just save it to one of those.
  9. That is a system-specific complaint, though - I've ridden Orions, Gilligs, New Flyers etc. that have only lightly-tinted windows and feature much more natural light than a typical New look bus. I agree with you about the lack of rear windows in buses - for the same reason as above, today's buses with their big vented rear walls just feel more closed in than a New Look bus with that wonderful big rear window. When my son and I rode New Looks in Ottawa and Toronto this summer, we sat back there every time. Jim D.
  10. I think it's funny how the poll assumes everyone is a digital photographer - some of us still do use film (I've been shooting 35mm slides for 26 years). My rule - if it's a little bit blurred, I usually keep it unless I have a better version of the same subject. Very blurry shots go in the trash, though. Same for dark photographs. Now that I can scan slides and work on them in Photoshop, I'm very glad I didn't throw some of those slides away that were taken in less than perfect lighting. Remember - once you delete or throw away an image, it's gone forever. CD's and disk space are cheap, so keep those shots if you're not sure. Jim D.
  11. RailBus63


    Tokyu car did build the LRV carbodies for Boeing, so in a sense the Buffalo cars are a 'cousin' of the Boeing cars.
  12. Maybe I'm missing something, but I think the article is referring to older Orion buses and not the VII's. I find it hard to believe that the TTC (or any transit operator) would simply shrug off cracked frames on nearly new buses and say, 'Oh, it's not an option to fix them'. They'd be forcing Orion to fix the problem. Jim D.
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