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  1. No more service to the Wegmans Distribution Centers just beyond the airport either.
  2. The first of the 2021 order from Gillig has been delivered - #2101, a 29-foot diesel.
  3. The photo credits are shown on the bottom right of each image, so I don't know if I'd characterize these as 'stolen'.
  4. It's possible that #2020 as a specially-equipped bus was originally going to be numbered differently, similar to how #540 was numbered higher than the other 1991 Orion V's.
  5. 'Parts availability' is often a convenient excuse used by transit agencies that don't want to spend money on older buses. There are multiple examples of cities which kept transit buses in service for decades after those models were retired elsewhere (Altoona's GM New Looks and Minot, North Dakota's AM General's being two notable examples). Aftermarket parts is a very profitable business and New Flyer likely still has LFR parts available. There is also the option to buy retired buses from other agencies as parts donors.
  6. Bus #2021 - 15GGD3119L3192543 Bus #2022 - 15GGD3110L3192544 Bus #2020 - 15GGD3112L3192545
  7. TCAT in Ithaca NY also ordered their Proterra buses in 2018 and those are just arriving now.
  8. CTA has 20 Proterra electric buses on order: https://www.transitchicago.com/cta-expands-electric-bus-fleet/
  9. I believe the Syrculator is being funded by the downtown business committee.
  10. ElDorado is only a serious rival in the shuttle market, in my opinion. They sell few buses to any medium or larger transit agencies. Gillig's main rival is New Flyer, with BYD on the horizon if they ramp up their production in the U.S.
  11. Makes sense - Nova doesn't offer anything shorter than a 40-foot bus, and Gillig winning the order would have been a surprise.
  12. Exactly. An experienced professional bus or truck operator learns to anticipate the idiotic maneuvers that motorists repeatedly attempt to get around their larger and slower vehicles. I have a hard time envisioning an autonomous bus that can safely operate amidst human-operated vehicles without seriously degrading on-time performance or a comfortable ride for the passengers.
  13. 2020-2022 are now in service.
  14. I'm more interested in the 'how' and 'why' of this accident than the bus itself. Initial comments from the investigators indicate that the bus was traveling between 17 and 26 MPH based on GPS - not sure how accurate that is, though (GPS unit accuracy can vary greatly from bus to bus). I suspect we'll see the camera footage in the media before too long. It doesn't look good for the operator (supposedly he was on the last run of his shift, plus he reportedly refused a post-accident drug and alcohol test) but it's best to avoid a rush to judgment and make sure that other causes are ruled out.
  15. I saw some 2800's in GoRaleigh livery during a visit in May 2019. Don't remember the numbers.
  16. WMATA isn't going anywhere and those draconian cuts will not go through as threatened. All of this is a necessary act to wake up Congress, elected officials, community leaders and citizens to fight for public transit, same as is being done in other cities. I suspect that there will be cuts and that they will be the worst ones we've seen in a while, but nothing like 30-minute Metrorail headways and other scary headlines.
  17. If they maintain the buses properly, they should do Ok.
  18. Gillig has traditionally been very careful about which larger transit agencies they pursue - there was an article in an industry publication back in the 1980's where a company spokesman mentioned that they didn't want to 'bite off more than they could chew'. That said, they have successfully sold the Low Floor in recent years to King County Metro, Denver RTD, TriMet, Miami Dade Transit. Metro Transit in Minneapolis and now MARTA in Atlanta, which are all in the top 20 of U.S. bus transit agencies so they seem to be gradually moving towards doing business with all but the largest transit agenci
  19. The Gillig Low-Floor is a basic heavy-duty bus. The city of Syracuse has some pretty rough streets in places and Centro's Gillig buses are holding up fine. I've also ridden on a brand-new New Flyer Xcelsior in Boston that had been in service less than one month and yet rattled like crazy, so I'm not convinced that there is a North American transit bus available right now that is head and shoulders above Gillig's product.
  20. The 2010 Orions were from another agency's option order if I recall correctly. Not sure about the 2011 and 2012 orders. The 2800's and 2900's replacements are the three buses just delivered and the upcoming 2021 order from Gillig. The five diesels in this new order may be replacements for the 2009 MCI buses, but I'm not sure. Those '08 and '09 Gillig suburbans probably have lower mileage because they were largely used for peak hour expresses over the years. The 2010 Orion CNG's are workhorses but they are starting to show their age. Like many transit agencies, Centro ideally tri
  21. Not if New Flyer and NovaBus are going to bid higher than Gillig.
  22. Gillig was low bidder on the five-year bus procurement contract - according to the November board meeting agenda on the Centro website, the CNYRTA board will vote on a contract for up to 92 buses at this Friday's meeting with the initial order being placed for 18 40-foot CNG buses and five 40-foot clean diesel buses. Gillig's 40-foot price was $430,679 diesel/$478,571 CNG compared to New Flyer at $443,660 diesel/$488,158 CNG and NovaBus at $486,316 diesel/$535,672 CNG. The total contract will allow for new replacement buses for everything up through the 2012 Orion VII's.
  23. Centro has received three new 40-foot CNG buses from Gillig, numbered 2020-2022. Bus #2020 has four wheelchair securement positions instead of the normal two positions and will be available for Carrier Dome shuttles and other special event services (similar to what Orion V #9977 was used for prior to its retirement). These buses also have a restyled roof tank enclosure that goes all the way to the back of the roof.
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