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  1. I did hear that some of the over-stimulated nuts had to be told to stop using profanity, as they were loudly swearing every time an R179 passed by.
  2. I don't expect to see a 60-foot Proterra for a long time, if ever - that is a huge engineering expense for a company that is still relatively new and has a much smaller overall market share than New Flyer, NovaBus and Gillig.
  3. Update - just checked the tracker and 9977 is doing a school run right now.
  4. I drove past the garage at 4:30 this afternoon and 9977 was out front, fired up with '872 TOWNSEND' on the destination sign, so I can confirm it is still alive! Ex-Utica Gillig bus 2721 is parked off to the side - it is still plated but hasn't moved from its spot in at least a month.
  5. I saw it on the tracker in late November or December on a school run.
  6. Gillig is wisely focusing on getting a battery electric bus to market first, as they should be.
  7. Judging by the photos, those panels have been installed on diesel buses, not hybrids.
  8. The AN440LF's will be replaced by the current order of 194 XDE40's that are entering service now (# 1925-2118). To date, none of the Neoplans have been pulled off the road yet because the MBTA fleet has been short due to the ongoing rebuild of the 2008-09 D40LF's at Midwest Bus. That program is winding down now, and as additional new XDE40's enter service at Charlestown Garage it will allow the older D40LF's there to begin to be transferred out to begin to retire the Neoplans.
  9. So, given the news that OC Transpo is reaching out to other operators for loaned buses, are the remaining serviceable hybrids safe for now?
  10. Gillig and NovaBus are certainly conservative, but I think New Flyer hasn't exactly been standing still - they are the one builder that has attempted not once but twice since the 1990's to introduce a brand new design (first the Invero and then the Xcelsior), and they were an early adopter of both CNG and hybrid-battery propulsion. They also took a chance introducing the MiDi bus to the North American market and under their ownership MCI has introduced a new commuter coach in the D45 CRT LE. You also see numerous operators taking a chance right now with BYD and Proterra coaches.
  11. Oh, thanks - I didn't click on the link in the number series, I was just looking at the main TCAT roster page on the Wiki.
  12. I've never heard of a transit agency removing bike racks for the winter season. They don't do so here in Syracuse and we get a lot of snow here!
  13. Interesting. What color scheme is it in? Given BC Transit's track record with used buses, I can't imagine they will repaint it anytime soon.
  14. The CNYRTA board will vote on Friday 10/25 on a contract with Gillig for 15 new buses for 2021 delivery - the order will consist of seven 40-foot CNG buses, one 40-foot diesel bus, four 35-foot diesel buses and three 29-foot diesel buses. These will replace the 2008 and 2009 Gilligs in the fleet. This will also be the final order from the Gillig five-year procurement contract awarded in 2015, with a future five-year bus contract set to be undertaken in 2020. This contract should only be for 35-foot and 40-foot buses as there will not be a need for any more 29-foot buses until 2029 at the earliest, so New Flyer may have a good shot with this contract - I for one would love to see what an Xcelsior would look like in the Centro scheme! This contract will cover the upcoming replacement of the 1000-series, 1100-series and 1200-series Orion VII's in the middle of the next decade so that will be a good-sized order.
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