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  1. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    New buses spotted in service so far: 1750-1751, 1753-1759, 1761-1763, 1766.
  2. BYD "E-Bus"

    Albuquerque should have purchased hybrid buses from Nova or NFI for most of the fleet and just acquired a few electric buses to test the concept. They've now tied the success of the entire BRT project to a unproven fleet.
  3. BYD "E-Bus"

    Boston's MBTA has been waiting several years for their five XE60 artics from New Flyer - they are supposed to be delivered some time this year, so Albuquerque would likely have to wait until those are delivered.
  4. BYD "E-Bus"

    Major issues in Albuquerque: https://www.abqjournal.com/1116887/mayor-outlines-major-problems-with-art-including-inability-to-charge-buses.html From the article:
  5. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    Today was the last day of operation for the MBTA's six remaining RTS buses. Three of the buses ran in revenue service during the afternoon rush - 0002, 0018 and 0109, all TMC buses from 1994. The final trip was made by 0018, on a route 94 run from Davis station to Medford Square. The six buses will be driven to Everett Shops tomorrow morning to join the reserve fleet.
  6. Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT) discussion

    As noted in the CNYRTA thread, TCAT is borrowing two 2005 New Flyer D40LF's from Centro due to a bus shortage - https://www.tcatbus.com/tcat-thanks-centro-for-lending-buses-to-help-it-deal-with-shortages/ A couple of questions about the TCAT fleet: The Wiki page for TCAT lists their 2002 D40LF's as having Detroit Diesel Series 40 engines. These busers sound very loud and not like any Series 40 bus I've heard before - does anyone know if these were repowered at some point? Also, TCAT is operating Gillig bus #1118. I don't see this bus on the Wiki or in any Gillig production list I've come across. Perhaps this was renumbered? It was equipped in 2016 with some experimental seats for input for future bus purchases but I'm not sure if that would really be a reason to renumber a bus.
  7. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    Orion V #9977 was out all day on Monday doing a 121 James-Sunnycrest/410 South Salina-Nedrow run. New Gillig CNG's in service so far are #1750-1751, 1753-1755.
  8. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    Centro is lending two of its D40LF's to TCAT (Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit) in Ithaca to help the smaller agency with a bus shortage. Looks like #2520 is the bus in the photo but I can't tell for sure. https://www.tcatbus.com/tcat-thanks-centro-for-lending-buses-to-help-it-deal-with-shortages/
  9. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    1751 has entered service with a temporary 'plate' in the driver's window (1750 does have plates).
  10. CitiBus (Watertown, NY)

    I've heard it was Gillig but there is nothing on the City of Watertown website to confirm the order. There is a reference to at least three new buses to be purchased, but the city is also buying an overhauled Series 50 engine for use in one of the Orion V's.
  11. It would probably be more likely that Gillig's parent (Henry Crown & Cos.) would buy NFI.
  12. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    Yes - all five of the 2003 Orion V 35-footers (2378-2382) plus five inactive NFI D30LF's (2401, 2402, 2406, 2408, 2409).
  13. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    1750 in service today. The D40LF's and C40LF's in Syracuse will be heading to contingency fleet status soon.
  14. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    The NE Transit inventory page has been updated - the XDE60 with the extended-range battery option will now arrive in 2018.
  15. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    Update on the Rome changes - Centro has now posted the new route schedule and map information on their website and contrary to initial reports, the Amtrak station will not be the new hub (it will receive more frequent service, though). The new hub will be in downtown Rome on Dominick Street, just a few blocks from the current hub, which makes a lot more sense than having the buses go all the way over to the remote area where the train station is located. Centro is also using this opportunity to streamline the Rome route structure with some streets and stops with low patronage eliminated. The new schedule will essentially be the same setup as they implemented in Auburn, where a bus will start on route 2 and then become a route 6 bus when it returns downtown, then a route 4 or 7 bus on the next trip and a route 5 bus on the trip after that before becoming a route 2 bus to start the circuit again. Service will remain on a 45 minute headway Monday through Saturday.