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  1. A big thank you to Mario and everyone involved for a thoroughly enjoyable charter! The beautiful weather and well-planned itinerary resulted in a great collection of photos from the trip. Very much looking forward to attending some future YUL charters. Jim D.
  2. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    I spotted new LFS #620 heading westbound on I-90 in western New York on Saturday.
  3. NFTA-Metro

    Wow, is 9623 still on the property? The video is fairly recent given that we see a 1600 in the background of one shot.
  4. Same here - preference would be an STO original 9100-series bus or 9204.
  5. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    VIA LFS #567 is on the way from NovaBus - spotted heading westbound on I-90 passing the Rochester NY area this afternoon.
  6. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    The March-April 1988 and May-June 1988 issues of Motor Coach Age have an extensive history of San Antonio buses up to that point. Interlining of bus routes through downtown has been practiced by San Antonio transit management for many years, primarily due to the street congestion caused by the lack of a central meeting and transfer point. Matchups of routes for interlines have changed over the years.
  7. New Flyer Xcelsior

    Boston isn't getting its five XE60's until 2018 or 2019.
  8. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    Perhaps the NABI's were in better condition since some were overhauled with stimulus funds. Were the older D40LF's ever overhauled?
  9. Connecticut Transit

    Great photos - thanks for sharing!
  10. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    Amazing - C40LF #2523, the bus that was broadsided by a pickup truck four months ago and became famous on the Internet, has been repaired and returned to service. The bus looks immaculate - great job by the Centro shop forces. Centro2523_052417_JDevlin by Jim Devlin, on Flickr Centro2523rear_052417_JDevlin by Jim Devlin, on Flickr
  11. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    All of the 1700's are now in service, as 1709 finally showed up on the tracker yesterday running on the Oswego division on the 3 Mexico Loop route.
  12. Jackson Transit Authority

    I happened to pass through Jackson on a business trip a few months ago and was surprised to see one of their Phantoms pass by. I didn't expect anything bigger than a cutaway in such a small city.
  13. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    Photos of 1701 and 1706: Centro1701_051217_JDevlin by Jim Devlin, on Flickr Centro1706_051517_JDevlin by Jim Devlin, on Flickr
  14. University of Tennessee Knoxville The T shuttle

    I'm guessing by the ElDorado fleet and the number series that these are operated by First Transit?