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  1. Great choice! The D3400 has the same imaging sensor as some of Nikon's higher-end cameras, so it is capable of taking amazing photos.
  2. Interesting - I wasn't aware it was a split order.
  3. Looks like a diesel - no roof hump for the CNG tanks or hybrid batteries.
  4. Nice shots! Interesting that the Tube stock and the Docklands cars have longitudinal seating with armrests.
  5. So far, I've only spotted four of the 1700's on the tracker - 1700-1702 on the Oswego system and 1705 in Auburn. 2533 is now repainted in the new scheme. The New Flyers in the old scheme are definitely less common now than the repainted buses.
  6. What are the 1700's going to replace?
  7. Nice shots!
  8. Reading the article, it states that the bond sale will 'double' the number of CNG buses being purchased, so it seems that they are actually buying 135 more buses in addition to the 135 already on order = 270 buses. Regarding the NABI fleet - were all of these buses rebuilt using Federal stimulus funds, or just part of the fleet? Are the rebuilds the ones in the newer silver scheme with the various colors?
  9. 1700 is in service today on the Fulton local routes, according to the tracker.
  10. Someone in the 'Bus Lounge' Facebook group had photos of 1706 and 1707 enroute to CNY. Interesting that they are being delivered without the Centro markings on the side.
  11. I'm not aware of anything in North America that is like those 40LFW's. Transit operators have come to accept the suburban versions of typical low-floor buses, or they go for an MCI or Prevost coach with a lift.
  12. Thanks for sharing! Any word on which subsidiary is going to get the 1700's first? 9977 was out on the 74 Solvay route one afternoon this week. Latest repaints I've spotted are 2527 and 2530.
  13. As you can tell by the windows, these NABI 40-LFW suburbans only had a short low-floor section and were high-floor for most of the bus. Rochester-Genesee RTA and Gwinnett County Transit were the only two operators who purchased this variation that I'm aware of.
  14. All Phantoms had the half-octagon wheel openings - 30-foot, 35-foot and 40-foot. The 35-foot and 40-foot Advantage/Low Floor buses have the half-octagon wheel openings. This allows them to use the same full-size tires as a high-floor bus, compared to most other low-floor buses which use lower-profile tires. Only the 29-foot Advantage/Low-Floor model has the rounded wheel openings. These buses use smaller tires than the 35 and 40-foot versions.
  15. Four more new articulated buses on order, plus two 'trolleys' for a new route servicing the Schenectady casino: https://dailygazette.com/article/2017/01/25/free-trolley-service-is-coming-to-schenectady