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  1. The oldest NABI's are 12 years old this year and they get a lot of hard use.
  2. Yes, I had noticed interlines before at Shoppingtown - route 530 outbound buses becoming route 223 inbound and the like. Given the new setup with the 123 and 530 terminating at Walmart while the 168 and 176 terminate at Home Depot, that will limit interlines to those locations I assume, unless a bus goes out of service at one location and deadheads to the other. It would be good if a new east side hub could be found - I think that Marshalls Plaza on Erie Boulevard would be an ideal location. I noticed that the 462 Manlius buses will go express from Wegmans Dewitt to downtown via I-481 and I-690. Still just the four midday trips, with time changes (the two morning trips run earlier than the old schedules). Also, trips have been added on the 36 Camillus and 46 Liverpool routes to replace the previous service on 236 Auburn and 246 Oswego which ran local in Onondaga County, since those intercity services remain suspended.
  3. Despite its continued decline, Shoppingtown had value as an east side hub to allow transfers between routes. I was able to use the trip planner on the website with next Monday's date to see the new schedules - it appears that the route 530 buses and some route 168 and route 176 trips will service both Home Depot and Walmart to allow for connections with the James St. buses. The 168 and 176 will pass Walmart on select outbound trips only, but the 530 will terminate there.
  4. Centro will be resuming most regular service on Monday June 15th along with front-door boarding and fare collection. Routes that will remain suspended include: • Sy 682 Lakeview Park – Fairgrounds (seasonal service) • Osw 246 Oswego-Fulton-Syracuse • Aub 236 Auburn-Syracuse via Skaneateles-Camillus • Aub 38 Auburn-Syracuse via Weedsport-Elbridge • Aub 138 Auburn-Syracuse via Taunton • Aub 8 Auburn-Moravia There will also be a number of route changes in Syracuse due to the discontinuance of service to Shoppingtown Mall in May. A summary of these changes: 223 James St-Shoppingtown permanently cut back to Walmart in East Syracuse 530 SU-Westcott-Shoppingtown will extend to Walmart and no longer serve ShoppingTown Mall 62 Manlius buses will no longer serve ShoppingTown Mall 462 Manlius will extend to/from the Syracuse Transit Hub and Wegmans – DeWitt and no longer serve ShoppingTown Mall 168 Erie Blvd-Shoppingtown will extend to Home Depot and no longer serve ShoppingTown Mall 176 Salt Springs-Shoppingtown will extend to Home Depot and no longer serve ShoppingTown Mall I also noticed that the Orion VII's on the Syracuse division began returning to service last week - for most of the pandemic they were parked and the reduced service was provided by the newer Gillig CNG's.
  5. RailBus63


    NFTA temporarily suspended five low-patronage bus routes: 7-Baynes Richmond 29-Wohlers 54-Military 68-George Urban 79-Tonawanda This was done earlier in May to redirect resources to other routes. The five routes were those with alternate service available on other routes.
  6. Some of the newer Gillig CNG's are now wrapped for Syracuse University - I've spotted 1752, 1772, 1775 and 1904. Syracuse services are being operated by the Gillig CNG's. No Orion VII CNG's have been in service for a while due to the reduced schedule. The Rome routes are now being operated with 35-foot two-door transit buses normally used in Utica. At least one 40-foot Gillig from Syracuse (2903) has been operating in Utica alongside the normal Gillig and Orion 35-footers. The Oswego-Mexico-Fulton route and the Fulton local route are the only services still operating with 29-foot single-door buses, and even the Mexico route is seeing 40-footers at times including green Orion VII ex-demo diesel 1267.
  7. I think that looks so homely. The traditional Low Floor looks sharper in my opinion.
  8. RailBus63


    Federal Transit Administration directs the NFTA to take a second look at a bus rapid transit option for the Amherst rail extension: https://buffalonews.com/2020/05/03/costs-competition-may-substitute-rapid-buses-for-metro-rail-extension/ Between this and likely Covid-19 related financial cutbacks, this is probably the death knell for a Metro Rail extension beyond University station.
  9. The overnight closure is sadly necessary to address the issue of homeless people who have camped out on trains during this outbreak. The MTA needs to restore a sense of order to the system and instill confidence in riders who will need to use it as normal operations begin to be restored in the near future, as well as for the safety, health and well-being of employees who have had to deal with this issue in addition to the other hazards they are now facing. The images of homeless encampments on trains became a national news story and no doubt would have depressed ridership even more had it not been addressed. The city and state do need to seriously address the health and shelter issues which have driven those poor people into the subways as part of the overall drive to end the spread of the virus.
  10. The reason that fines are necessary is because we still have too many irresponsible people who refuse to follow important health guidelines. In my area (upstate New York), law enforcement officers are generally avoiding writing any tickets if a warning will suffice - they have no desire to get in someone's face, handle their ID, etc. and risk exposure to the virus. Making an example of a few idiots will be useful. Certainly, any overreach by police or others should be addressed via official means or via the media if necessary. The key to resuming our normal activities will be an agreement to follow health regulations such as wearing a mask in public and continued social distancing - it is not optional. People can be asymptomatic carriers of this virus and pass it to others, so it is necessary to compel everyone to wear a mask and exercise caution around others. No one has the right to put my life or your life at risk. The efforts to develop treatments and an eventual vaccine are unprecedented and we will get there, but we all have to make changes to our normal routines to protect one another until we get there.
  11. I remember hearing similar sentiments from fellow bus fans and rail fans when Fishbowls and PCC cars were being replaced by Advanced Design Buses and modern light rail cars like the CLRV in the 1980's (I even knew a few old timers who largely considered the PCC cars to be newfangled and largely uninteresting!). That being said, I periodically find myself going through periods where I get bored with my 'home' system and it all feels like I've done everything and there is nothing new or interesting. Taking a break usually helps me to recharge, and when I come back I find a new angle to my system, places I haven't visited, etc. Getting away and visiting other systems helps too. Ottawa and Toronto are still fascinating cities to ride and photograph from a transit fan perspective for those of us who don't live there.
  12. Correct, repairs have finally been completed.
  13. In the U.S., Bee Line in Westchester County NY still has O5's.
  14. Centro has announced cutbacks due to the Covid-19 outbreak: Effective Monday, April 6, 2020 The following bus lines will be discontinued until further notice: Onondaga County 323 Minoa 84 Henry Clay 510 Tully 82 Baldwinsville 88 North Syracuse 388 Central Square Cayuga County 8 Moravia 236 Auburn-Syracuse via Skaneateles Camillus 138 Auburn-Syracuse via Taunton 38 Auburn-Syracuse via Weedsport Elbridge Oswego County 246 Oswego-Syracuse via Fulton Effective Monday, April 13, 2020 Centro buses in Syracuse (Onondaga County) will operate the following schedules: Monday through Saturday - Saturday schedule Sunday - Sunday Schedule Call-A-Bus (paratransit) and Senior Shopper bus service will remain unchanged in all counties.
  15. The Auburn local routes are now being operated with 40-foot transit buses, all of which have two doors. The Rome and Fulton local routes are still using the 29-foot Gilligs with single doors.
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