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  1. The lack of safety protocols illustrated by this incident are alarming. How is it ever considered routine to stop a train in a place that the wayside signal cannot be properly viewed? Or to allow an operator to proceed in manual mode with no supervision present?
  2. Yes, according to TransSee. Now joined by 0012 as well (accounting for four of the five buses on that route at this time): 1: Vehicle 12 Waiting 5:00. on route M50-W 42 St Pier - East Side 0:51 ahead of 4:30:04PM. Run 354 going ←West Side 42 St Pier Crosstown at 1 Av on E 49 St 2: Vehicle 13 on route M50-W 42 St Pier - East Side 3:40 behind 4:25:45PM. Run 356 going →East Side 49 St-1 Av Crosstown at 5 Av on E 50 St 3: Vehicle 14 on route M50-W 42 St Pier - East Side 1:18 ahead of 4:30:31PM. Run 355 going ←West Side 42 St Pier Crosstown past 7 Av on W 49 St 4: Vehicl
  3. As proof, 0013, 0014 and 0015 are in service on the M50 as I type this.
  4. Both TTC and OC Transpo retired those Orion NG hybrids while keeping older buses in service, so the retirement policies do not appear to be a factor.
  5. Given that both TTC and OC Transpo have also retired their Orion NG hybrids early, it does seem that there may have been an issue with the lithium-ion batteries in those buses.
  6. The fact that the Orions in question are hybrids may be playing a role here - this is the first time that the MTA is having to deal with aging buses equipped with expensive battery packs. At some point it stopped making economic sense to replace those batteries.
  7. The new Gillig 29-footers are in service in Rome. The number series is apparently 2100-2102.
  8. Not really. There are already seven preserved RTS buses in the historic fleet. There is nothing historically significant about those Metrocard buses - when most people think of buying a Metrocard, they think of a Ticket Vending Machine, not an old bus. The Transit Museum should preserve a TVM as part of a display about the Metrocard era. The MTA has been saving far fewer buses in recent years. There is only one Orion V preserved. There are no New Flyer buses currently in the historic fleet, which is a real shame given the historic significance of the D60's as the system's first artic
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if there is structural damage from the front end pulling down on the articulation joint at an extreme angle like that.
  10. Federal funds are available for capital purchases. Perhaps CTA put its available Fed funds towards the new 'L' car order.
  11. Baby steps - I know it wouldn't be considered frequent in larger cities, but it would be plenty helpful in Syracuse and build support for more and better transit.
  12. What would help first and foremost would be more funding to operate more service on the key trunk routes. Most of the current 123 James Street-Walmart schedules are far from padded - it's often a challenge to make the lineup because of the constant stops. Running 20-minute 'frequent service' core network would eliminate the need to wait for lineups, which could then be held for the longer routes only.
  13. 24-hour subway service resuming on May 17th - https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/transit/2021/05/03/24-hour-subway-service-to-return-may-17
  14. I think ridership on suburban bus routes will not return to previous levels, in Philadelphia and elsewhere, unless there is a major trip generator like the KOP mall.
  15. Not impressed. Maybe there will be some graphics to go along with this, though.
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