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  1. 2210 and 2211 are now in service on the Oswego division.
  2. NovaBus is absolutely a competitor for orders from major transit agencies, but less so for small and mid-sized agencies which buy some or all of their buses in 30-foot and 35-foot lengths.
  3. Like the new name, but not loving that new logo and paint scheme.
  4. I spotted a new 35-foot Gillig BRT bus last evening heading east near Syracuse on the New York Thruway. It did not have any logos or markings but it was painted in the colors of the Cape Cod RTA so I presume it is a new bus for this agency.
  5. There is now a photo of 2230 on Centro's Facebook page, so the number series for the CNG's appears to be 2230-2247.
  6. Nice catch. Should be interesting to see how the number series shakes out for the entire order, given the multiple size and powertrain configurations. The clock is ticking on 1000-1017 and good thing - those buses have served well but they are beat.
  7. RailBus63


    Nice! If NFTA's past repainting history is any indication, perhaps we'll see Nova LFS's and maybe even some Gilligs repainted into this new scheme.
  8. According to the meeting minutes from the February 25th board meeting, the build for next order of new buses from Gillig was scheduled to begin on March 11th. This will be 18 40-foot CNG buses and 8 40-foot diesel buses for Syracuse, 4 35-foot diesels for Utica and 5 40-foot diesels with highback seats to begin replacing the MCI's, with delivery expected between late March and May. This will likely mean the end for the 2800's, 2900's and 1000's and the oldest MCI's (likely 2009 model buses 682-686), although it is always possible that some will end up as reserve fleet buses.
  9. I'm not sure, do those operators bid on work that could run out of either depot? On the MBTA, the Cabot and Albany St. garages also comprise a single rating station with a common pool of operators. Albany St. operates weekdays only and it's routes like the 57 Watertown-Kenmore are run on evenings and weekends with Cabot buses.
  10. Charlestown Garage is essentially two garages in one, with operators assigned to one of two districts (also known as 'rating stations' in MBTA terminology). The 'Charlestown' district comprises the routes which operated out of the original Charlestown Garage plus the Fellsway Garage routes and some routes from the defunct Eagle Street garage like the 111. The 'Somerville' district (also known as the Bennett St., rating station) comprises the routes which operated out of the closed Somerville garage plus the North Cambridge trackless routes. The only change going forward is that operators will pull Xcelsior hybrids in and out of Charlestown instead of Neoplan TT's from North Cambridge.
  11. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Neoplan model AN440 LF/ETB trackless trolley #4104 and Neoplan model DMA LF dual-mode bus #1105 on a fantrip at Waverley Square in Belmont on February 19, 2022. The last day of operation for the MBTA trolley coaches will be on Saturday March 12th, bringing to an end 86 years of trackless trolley service in the Boston area. Photo by Jim Devlin.
  12. The 4100's are low-mileage buses thanks to reduced vehicle requirements (no more 72 Huron or 77A North Cambridge service), minimal use on weekends, and construction-related dieselization of trolley routes during their lifetime. They do appear to be in great shape - 4104 was used two weeks ago on a fantrip and looked and rode great. They could easily have another 5 to 10 years of service with proper maintenance.
  13. Not so fast. The trackless trolleys are still running Monday through Saturday on routes 71, 73 and 77A, but only until March 12th.
  14. There is only a limited market for CNG articulated buses, so I'm not surprised. Nova has had a very good seller with the hybrid LFSA, and battery-electric is the future of the transit bus market so they will be going there for sure.
  15. Not sure, but I'll be surprised if they go with anyone but New Flyer. The electric bus order hasn't been placed yet.
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