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  1. UMass Transit in Amherst MA still has a few that are used for special occasions. Foxwoods Resorts & Casino in Ledyard CT still had a few RTS's parked in the lot the last time I was there in 2017. These included both Novas (ex-Coach USA?) and the ex-NJT Millennium buses. They likely see little use these days since the casino's business has greatly decreased in the past decade and there is no longer a need for parking lot shuttles.
  2. Today is the first big Syracuse University football game of the season, so older buses were out running today - 2903 was out all day and 2800, 2801, 2802 and 2900 came out to do the added Saturday service that starts at 2:40. No New Flyers 2500's or Gillig hybrid 2700's were spotted, although I didn't venture up to the SU campus to see what was running on the parking lot shuttles. I haven't seen any of those pre-2008 buses at all lately. Thanks for the heads up! I picked one up myself today - I didn't know they had been issued. Very surprised the newer map isn't on the website.
  3. A couple of technical questions - how do Presto readers mounted in the passenger areas of buses and streetcars communicate to the 'main' unit on the vehicle? Are they wired or is it wireless technology? I'd also be curious if there were difficulties or not in setting up the interior readers on older vehicles.
  4. RailBus63

    UB Stampede

    Next electric bus demo scheduled for next week (Sept. 17-18) - http://www.buffalo.edu/ubnow/briefs/2019/09/e-bus-demo.html
  5. Only four of the Citibus V's up for auction - perhaps 1880 is being kept as a spare bus?
  6. Since they are hiring both full and part-time, I suspect that they have open F/T positions that existing P/T operators are not opting to fill. I can't believe they would be skipping over their existing trained drivers to bring in people off the street. It's hit or miss - a few weekends this summer have found several New Flyers and/or Gillig hybrids out in service, while others have been newer buses (mostly Gillig CNG's with some Orion VII's). I thought the old buses may have been out in force on State Fair weekends but that wasn't the case last weekend, and again today it's newer buses only so far.
  7. Centro definitely seems maxed out on the number of State Fair buses they can operate, likely due to driver availability. They have reworked the park & ride network several times to try to get customers to park at closer lots and reduce the running times and buses required, although the 2016 plan to eliminate the long run to Shoppingtown Mall in Syracuse's eastern suburbs ran into opposition and was not carried out. The route network was adjusted this year with the 912 Farrell Road shuttle fully replacing the former 907 Long Branch Park route. The new shuttle locations opened in 2018 at the airport (operated by RGRTA buses) and East Syracuse (operated by NFTA buses) were also discontinued. One interesting change was the re-designation of the Orange Lot parking shuttle route from route 900 to route 582, with the new Willis Ave. shuttle designated as 782 Willis Ave. Lot - this is continuation of using the '82' route suffix to designate routes operating to or in the fairgrounds area (since the main route serving this area is 82 Baldwinsville). I have not noticed any spike in cancelled runs but they are now hiring for full-time as well as part-time bus operators for the CNY Centro operation in Syracuse, which is a major change from past practice of starting all new hires as part-time. As in past years, State Fair time is when the oldest buses in the fleet have seen more frequent service. Orion V 9977 has been in regular service as well as the four active D40LF's (2500, 2505-2507) which were parked all summer, and these were joined by contingency fleet buses 2519, 2523 and 2532. The latter two are the first C40LF's I've spotted in service since last fall. 1996 MCI cruisers 669, 670 and 671 have also been spotted in State Fair service on the Cayuga division.
  8. The RGRTA New Flyers Xcelsiors have arrived - at least five 1800-series buses. They are being used on the Farrell Road and Willis Ave. park & ride shuttles alongside Centro buses.
  9. I've seen 2501 on the tracker in the past week. The 30 and 82 seem to be a good bet for the 2500's, although I've seen them on the 31 and 32 also and occasionally on other routes.
  10. Didn't know they already auctioned them off - thanks for the information.
  11. Effective Monday 8/26/2019, Centro has won back most of the Syracuse University shuttle routes that have been operated by Birnie Bus the past few years. The route numbers will be: 145 – James St/Westcott St (replaces Birnie route 33 James/E. Genesee) 245 – Nob Hill (replaces Birnie route 31 Nob Hill) 243 – East Campus (replaces Birnie route 35 East Campus) 443X – Connective Corridor Express – College Place/Warehouse (replaces Birnie route 39D Warehouse Express Direct) It appears Birnie will continue to operate several campus shuttles as well as two late night/Sunday routes. It will be interesting to see if they keep the ex-San Jose Airport C40LF's.
  12. Spotted CATA 40-foot LFS #703 passing through Syracuse NY yesterday.
  13. 1900-1911 have all been spotted in service thus far. Since the 1900's entered service I haven't spotted any New Flyer buses in regular service, although the 2700-series Gillig hybrids are still showing up during rush hours. Took a ride by the Centro facility in Syracuse this morning and saw #1912 alongside the building plus the two new 35-foot Gillig diesels for Oneida County - #1920 and 1921. The final CNG in the order (#1913) was not seen but may have been elsewhere in the facility. Also saw #9977 sunning itself along with four New Flyer D40LF's (including the elusive #2519) and C40LF #2523. All still were plated and had fareboxes from what I could see, so hopefully some or all will be back in service next week when the State Fair shuttle operations start.
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