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  1. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    The Silver Line busway in Chelsea opens today. Also called the Silver Line Gateway, the centerpiece of the new line is a 1.3 mile dedicated busway with four stations built along an unused section of the former Grand Junction Railroad right of way. Route SL3 operates from Chelsea to South Station via the busway, Airport station (but not Logan Airport itself which is served by route SL1), the Ted Williams Tunnel and the Waterfront transitway. As with the other two Waterfront routes, the SL3 will be operated with the Neoplan dual-mode buses. More info here - https://mbta.com/projects/silver-line-3-chelsea-sl3
  2. Nice shots. Are those CNG's or hybrids?
  3. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    Yes. Both 1016 and 1017 are unwrapped also and running around with the wave scheme still (1017 already has ads on both sides). I'm not sure if Centro has some deal with Syracuse University to wrap those three buses but they ran more often than not on regular routes around the city with regular buses running the Connective Corridor service, so IMO they should keep them unwrapped.
  4. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    1015 repainted.
  5. Regional Transit Service - Rochester NY (R-GRTA)

    From the March board meeting minutes - NovaBus won the five-year contract for 40-foot diesel buses. Initial order is for 14 buses. https://www.myrts.com/Portals/0/Documents/Board/Board Meeting Minutes/March 2018 Board Minutes.pdf?ver=2018-03-27-073333-730&timestamp=1522154059232
  6. NFTA-Metro

    A standardized New York State fare card wouldn't be so much for passenger convenience as it would be for greater buying power and (theoretically) lower purchasing and operating cost for the agencies. I doubt there are many transit riders north of Westchester County who use more than one transit agency on a regular basis.
  7. Chicago Transit Authority

    When I visited Chicago last summer, they were operating mixed trains of 2600's and 3200's on the Orange at all times. The 2600's make up the bulk of the Orange fleet so they were definitely easier to find.
  8. An XE40 was tested at Altoona is 2014-15 and passed. Wonder if NFI has changed the design significantly and put more weight on the roof?
  9. Chicago Transit Authority

    I wonder if the Orange Line will become all 2600-series cars, or if both the Blue and Orange will be a 2600/3200 mix?
  10. NFTA-Metro

    The real issue is that New York State is either unwilling or unable to get its upstate transit agencies to work together on a common fare payment system. The obvious solution would have been to convince them to adopt the MTA's Metrocard system years ago but that never happened. All of the big upstate TA's have either recently bought new payment system or are doing so, so I doubt whatever the new MTA fare payment system will be in the future will be adopted statewide either.
  11. Four NFI employees were injured when they rolled over a battery bus on a test drive in Anniston AL: https://electrek.co/2018/04/06/electric-bus-rolls-over-crash-new-flyer/
  12. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    At the January 2018 board meeting, the CNYRTA board approved the purchase of fourteen new buses from Gillig - twelve 40-foot CNG buses for CNY Centro in Syracuse and two 35-foot diesel buses for Centro of Oneida. No indication of when these buses will be delivered although I have noticed that the new paratransit buses that have been delivered this year have numbers beginning in the 1820's.
  13. RIPTA (Rhode Island)

    A poster in a Facebook transit group visited Providence this week and reports that five of the 2004 Orion V's remain in service. Interestingly, one photo showed a Orion in service on the R-Line bus rapid transit route.
  14. CitiBus (Watertown, NY)

    Good luck to them on the days that the lone transit bus needs service and they have to run a cutaway on Arsenal St. They should probably pick up a second-hand Gillig 35-foot or 29-foot bus as a spare.
  15. CitiBus (Watertown, NY)

    Some more information on new buses here - looks like one 35-foot bus will be purchased for the heavy Arsenal St. route and three 26-foot buses will be sourced from a New Jersey manufacturer (maybe a dealer?): http://www.watertowndailytimes.com/news03/watertowns-citibus-en-route-for-new-buses-20180322