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  1. Centro also received Gillig 40-foot CNG buses in 2016 and 2017, with another 12 due this year. Agencies in the Northeast U.S. that formerly operated CNG buses included Rochester-Genesee RTA and Broome County Transit in New York and the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority.
  2. 2907 is the first Centro of Oneida bus to be repainted in the 2012 scheme. Probably not the only one for long, though - 1263 is running around in white with the blue and green waves removed. Also, 2721 has a repainted front but the body has not been touched otherwise. All of the other Gilligs in Utica and Rome are still in the old scheme for now.
  3. RailBus63


    I see from the Orion V photos that a least a few of those buses received the updated paint scheme.
  4. Update - Orion V #1880 was spotted last week in service on the mall route, with two of the new cutaways on the other routes. The other four Orion buses were parked next to the garage, all with plates and the two facing the street had fareboxes still.
  5. Yes - 9977 and its former sister buses also had the Series 50 CNG powerplant. The main exterior difference was the doors, since LI Bus spec'd those odd front doors instead of Orion's standard slide-glide doors and the Centro buses had a double-width rear door versus the single-width door on the Long Island buses.
  6. Where are some good public locations to photograph test trains in action?
  7. RailBus63


    The 204 is becoming the 24X - http://metro.nfta.com/Routes/Limited.aspx
  8. RailBus63


    Annual federal funding is roughly proportionate to the size of the metropolitan area, so in that sense Buffalo will receive more capital dollars than those other Upstate cities because it is bigger. However, a bus and rail system is also much more expensive to maintain than a bus-only system so I'm assuming that this may be putting a pinch on NFTA's ability to buy new replacement buses at the 12-year mark. There are also competitive funding programs that a transit agency can apply to (often for new construction) but obviously there is no guarantee of getting the money that way. I'm not familiar with NFTA's actual financial situation so this is mostly based on conjecture.
  9. RailBus63


    I would guess that NFTA does this because some of their capital money has to go to maintaining the Metro rail system, especially the car rebuild program in recent years. Those other agencies can devote most of their state and federal dollars to new bus purchases. Here in Syracuse, Centro does typically keep some older buses on as a contingency fleet after their replacements arrive. Right now, this includes D40LF and C40LF buses from 2005 (a few of the D40LF's are kept active, the rest in operational storage) and some older MCI cruisers. I suspect the 2007 Gillig hybrids will join the contingency fleet when new Gillig CNG's arrive this year. The only fleet I can remember getting retired right away in recent years was the Neoplans (rust issues) and the Nova RTS WFD's (seemed to have issues and were used on school trips and rush hours for most of their service lives).
  10. Yes - the school routes have 800 and 900-series routes numbers and do show up on Centro's online bus tracker and all buses in service on a scheduled route are viewable, showing the bus number. Morning runs are roughly from 6:30 to 7:30 a.m., afternoon runs from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.
  11. Yep, still active. It is mostly used on school trippers but does see occasional use on regular routes. It has survived because it has longitudinal seating with wheelchair securements running the length of the bus, so it can be used on special charters for disabled patrons. I think you are correct about it being the last Orion V CNG bus on the East Coast now that NICE has retired theirs. I also believe that it is the oldest active transit bus used by a transit agency in New York state along with NFTA's Nova LFS's (despite its '99-' number, 9977 and its sisters were built in early 2000).
  12. Gillig hybrid #2702 (battery issue) and the four 2009 Ameritrans cutaways (#2945-2948) are up for auction. Those cutaways haven't been on the road for a few years - the last time I recall seeing one in service was back when Centro was still doing the Syracuse University quad shuttle before SU contracted that route to Birnie Bus.
  13. How much notice does OC Transpo have to give the bus operators who are being let go when the LRT opens?
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