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  1. RTS is postponing the planned June 29 launch of its network redesign - https://myrts.com/Newsroom/News/Article/286/RTS-Postpones-June-29-Launch-of-Reimagine-RTS-Transit-System-Redesign
  2. Per a posting from Chapel Hill Transit director Brian Litchfield on his Twitter account, five new Gillig 40-foot diesels have been received (numbered 2001-2005) and the Nova RTS's are retired.
  3. Looks like 1807-1809 and 2900-2902 are in Auburn to operate the intercity route to Syracuse (this division usually has one 2800 or 2900 Gillig suburban along with the MCI's). Green Orions 1267 and 1268 seem to be the regular buses right now on the Oswego to Syracuse route.
  4. Completely agree. This will likely be the worst economic crisis any of us have lived through, unless you are over 80 years old. Recovery is going to be slow, but the 'curve' of this pandemic will bend and governments can slowly start to ease the restrictions. There will have to be unprecedented support for people and businesses to help everyone get back on their feet, but many people will go back to work after the restrictions ease and life will slowly resume. We need to accept that there will be small outbreaks that will flare up and governments will need to be prepared to respond quickly with targeted responses and temporary restrictions to prevent spread until there is a vaccine or we can determine who is immune. Everyone will need to make adjustments and sacrifices, whether you are unemployed or not. Many people will have to take pay cuts and taxes will go up but we have no choice. In the end, trust that we will get through this.
  5. All Centro routes officially fare-free now, with rear-door boarding except for those who need the front-door lift or kneeler. Still operating regular weekday service despite a 55 percent drop in ridership in order to keep the vehicles from becoming overcrowded.
  6. They can't shut everything down - public transit is still vital for many health care workers, grocery store employees and other essential workers. Rear-door boarding is a start but MTA should be shifting to free rides and putting up a partition on buses to prevent access to the front, with the front door and ramp used only for passengers who use a mobility device. Also, the express routes should be run with transit buses to avoid every passenger having to pass by the operator both entering and exiting.
  7. 1267 and 1268 are EPA10 diesels. Ex-Orion demonstrators PT3 and PT4, still in green demo paint.
  8. I found this blog to be informative and somewhat hopeful. In short, the author believe that the next two weeks are going to be rough, but if we and our fellow citizens can get with the program and practice social distancing for a little while, we have a shot to get the virus under control and be on the other side of this by mid to late May or early June. https://covid19-insights.squarespace.com/blog/covid19-insights-3
  9. Orion VII ex-demo 1268 has joined in the fun on Osw246 along with 2802. 2900 and 2902 are doing Aub236.
  10. In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, Centro is requiring all able-bodied passengers to exit via the rear door, with front-door exiting to be used only by riders who use mobility devices. All entry remains through the front door for now. To help implement this policy, two-door transit buses will be used on the longer Auburn-Syracuse and Oswego-Syracuse routes which normally use MCI cruisers. Right now they are using Gillig diesels (2008, 2009 and 2018 models). There is no shortage of buses since Syracuse University is closed down and there are no school runs for the city high schools either. The Auburn, Fulton, Oswego and Rome local routes are still using various single-door 30-foot buses.
  11. Nice shot! New Flyer #2519 was parked a little further down the row right before the Fair began - I took a similar 'through the fence' shot of it since I didn't have any shots of that bus in the new scheme yet.
  12. The 1996 MCI's have been held for State Fair service the past few years. I haven't seen the New Flyers parked on that side, but the last time I drove by the garage was in January. I did see ex-Utica Gillig #2721 parked over there.
  13. They have the small number of New Flyers that ran during the State Fair last August-September - 2500, 2505, 2506, 2507 and 2519, plus C40LF's 2526 and 2532. I haven't seen any of those on the scrap list, but I also haven't seen any of them in service. I hope they are in the contingency fleet.
  14. I thought this might happen - hadn't seen it in service lately. Looks like engine issues did it in, plus I wouldn't be surprised if the reduced fleet requirements from the Syracuse University shutdown played a factor as well. It had a good run. Interestingly, previous retirements of CNG buses by Centro included notations that the bus was non-operable and the CNG tanks had been drilled through to prevent refueling. Nothing on this auction notice about that.
  15. Greetings all - I hope that my fellow CPTDB members and your families are staying healthy during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak and continue to do so. This is obviously a very stressful time for all of us and will likely continue to be a challenge in the coming weeks and months. I'm interested in learning how others are handling this situation personally, especially given that we have a number of members who are on the front lines in the transportation industry. (Note: I'm not interested in a political discussion about whether this is real, how politicians are handling it, etc.) Personally, I like to think that I've always been a careful person in public spaces and have always washed my hands or used sanitizer after riding a transit vehicle, been in a public building, used a gas pump or ATM, etc., but I've tried lately to make an even more conscious effort to avoid touching surfaces, not touch my mouth, eyes, face, etc. I have no intention on wearing a mask out in public because I don't believe it would be useful in avoiding disease. We did recently stock up on supplies (got lucky and was at our local Wal-Mart right after they got a new shipment of Clorox wipes) but I'd sure like to get more hand sanitizer - hopefully it will be more available soon. Also stocked up on canned goods in the event that a quarantine becomes necessary. Hopefully we in North America can avoid the current lockdown that has taken place in Italy and China, but I don't think it hurts to be prepared. I'm also thinking about where I travel locally and how crowded the venues are. The guidance I've read has indicated that the greatest risk of public exposure would be to be exposed to an infected person who is within six feet of you for 15 minutes or more. I don't go to movie theaters much but I think this will keep me out of them for a while. Likewise, I don't think I want to spend much time in a crowded restaurant either. We're not shutting ourselves in at home, just trying to be mindful of where we go. I'm not currently a transit commuter so I don't have to be concerned about riding crowded vehicles - I'm curious how others feel about having to do this (or to drive them). In terms of transit enthusiast activities like photography, I haven't been doing any lately but that is more due to weather (and dirty buses) and not much new going on around here that I haven't already photographed. I don't see this stopping my activities once spring arrives. Be safe out there - I'm thinking about all of my friends in this difficult time.
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