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  1. Great photos - thanks for sharing!
  2. Amazing - C40LF #2523, the bus that was broadsided by a pickup truck four months ago and became famous on the Internet, has been repaired and returned to service. The bus looks immaculate - great job by the Centro shop forces. Centro2523_052417_JDevlin by Jim Devlin, on Flickr Centro2523rear_052417_JDevlin by Jim Devlin, on Flickr
  3. All of the 1700's are now in service, as 1709 finally showed up on the tracker yesterday running on the Oswego division on the 3 Mexico Loop route.
  4. I happened to pass through Jackson on a business trip a few months ago and was surprised to see one of their Phantoms pass by. I didn't expect anything bigger than a cutaway in such a small city.
  5. Photos of 1701 and 1706: Centro1701_051217_JDevlin by Jim Devlin, on Flickr Centro1706_051517_JDevlin by Jim Devlin, on Flickr
  6. I'm guessing by the ElDorado fleet and the number series that these are operated by First Transit?
  7. Any word on when the 1700's will begin to enter service?
  8. 1700-1708 have all shown up on the tracker now - 1700-1704 on the Oswego/Fulton routes and 1705-1708 on the Auburn routes. Still haven't seen 1709.
  9. I spotted VIA LFS #476 this afternoon heading through Syracuse NY on its way from the Nova plant to Texas.
  10. Great choice! The D3400 has the same imaging sensor as some of Nikon's higher-end cameras, so it is capable of taking amazing photos.
  11. Interesting - I wasn't aware it was a split order.
  12. Looks like a diesel - no roof hump for the CNG tanks or hybrid batteries.
  13. Nice shots! Interesting that the Tube stock and the Docklands cars have longitudinal seating with armrests.
  14. So far, I've only spotted four of the 1700's on the tracker - 1700-1702 on the Oswego system and 1705 in Auburn. 2533 is now repainted in the new scheme. The New Flyers in the old scheme are definitely less common now than the repainted buses.