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  1. Guys, ENOUGH! The system is back in operation, get over it! I am getting tired of numerous notifications about this pointless argument!
  2. User 8010 has been permanently banned from accessing this site, as not only has he or she ignored previous warnings about off topic discussions, they have also created a second account to personally send me a message privately that is very aggressive. This behaviour will NOT be tolerated.
  3. So they are no longer going to show up in Transit55 now?
  4. Im surprised these buses are okay after being parked in storage for over a year.
  5. Recent comments have been hidden. There is to be no “conspiracy” type discussions. Any further issues will be dealt with promptly, without mercy.
  6. Has anyone been near any of the NFI facilities and seen any OC Transpo XE40s?
  7. Also note @A. Wong, the little access door forward of the front door is an exterior control switch inside for the front door, when the bus is secured.
  8. Units 461, 463 and 465, along with another unit I could not see, at the Donnelly Fleet Service centre in Ottawa as seen 10 minutes ago. 461 was seen driven with a Quebec plate.
  9. New tow truck? I cant tell what chassis that is...
  10. The inappropriate post and those relating to it have been removed. Please keep discussions respectful, regardless of your opinions of the subject matter.
  11. @Vancouvers Trolleys @Amaryah Johnson Keep senseless discussions out of the thread and take it to private messages please.
  12. @Transit 20 @Byfold Anyone can post anything so long as its on topic. I am not going to go back pages and pages of dialogue to see what has and hasn’t been posted here in the past, as I have better things to do with my time. If something was previously posted, be respectful in responding that its “old news”. Lets get back to a meaningful discussion. Thanks
  13. Honestly couldnt see but from livery, appears to be an XDE40
  14. These four units are in Arnprior, ON at the NFI Service Centre
  15. Why does this need to be discussed in the Edmonton section? It doesn’t. Refer to the Vancouver section for Vancouver related topics, please and thank you.
  16. According to Transit55, September was the last time 6001 was used
  17. Had a photo sent to me a short while ago, 4332 is toast, literally.
  18. There are currently 2 Barrie D40LF, a dozen or so Windsor Inveros and 5 Windsor Nova LFS on GovDeals
  19. I would like to bring everyones attention back to this post from nearly 10 years ago. The individual who was spamming this section has been banned. Please remember to be respectful to one another. Thanks
  20. According to this, there is 35 units coming, unless someone else tagged onto the order.
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