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  1. Went into my archive of old photos looking for a photo of my favourite wrap of all time to no avail, however, I have found this shot of 4433 I took at Hurdman in 2009 when it was wrapped for uOttawa
  2. Photos below are posted with permission from “Ottawa News Network” on Facebook 4712 I am going to assume has blues as it is a completely new unit as seen in these photos
  3. The hybrids at Pinecrest are starting to be decommissioned and stripped of decals etc.
  4. 8164 and 8165 delivered to St Laurent
  5. I cannot remember if it was here or elsewhere if someone was asking whether these buses had an Allison or ZF transmission...I can confirm they are Allison. Also, on the rear, fleet numbers were installed on the top right.
  6. Seems as if they dont want buses turning left onto Bank from a street that is solely controlled by a stop sign, whereas Bank St is completely freeflowing
  7. Apologies for posting in the wrong thread, 8161, 8162 and 8163 have been delivered to St Laurent for IT component installations
  8. I believe the photos posted are proof enough. Wasnt there when I arrived at work at 17:00, was probably there early in the day
  9. Finally, all Novas are active. 4736 is going in service this evening
  10. 4498 has been retired after sustaining major damage to the back end in a collision
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