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  1. There are currently 2 Barrie D40LF, a dozen or so Windsor Inveros and 5 Windsor Nova LFS on GovDeals
  2. Old news...see post quoted below dated March 29.
  3. Good afternoon all, After discussion with @SMS, a joint venture fan trip is in the works for this summer as the end of the line is nearing for the Invero. Please refer to my pinned thread in the Ottawa section for information and for polling. Thanks!
  4. I would like to bring everyones attention back to this post from nearly 10 years ago. The individual who was spamming this section has been banned. Please remember to be respectful to one another. Thanks
  5. According to this, there is 35 units coming, unless someone else tagged onto the order.
  6. Ive been told 4943 has N4943 on the rear also
  7. I ended up quoting the wrong post, my mistake! I meant to quote this post:
  8. Your assumption was correct! Here are photos sent to me courtesy of a former coworker:
  9. Was informed by another operator. Checked Transit55 and sure enough. On another note, I am being fed the VIN info to fill in wiki, and this photo was sent to me. Apparently this and one other unit so far have had this on the rear. See if you can spot it!
  10. Funny thing, I was having a conversation regarding the unit that was at CUTA yesterday, and Shawn decided to post the pole incident photo...wow, just wow...
  11. Ouch, and I take it, since there appears to be too many Vicinitys, its scrap?
  12. Any idea whats going on with 2045? It hasnt been on Transit55 since January
  13. Highly likely there is work going on in tunnel, or a slow order in place due to new tracks recently laid down.
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