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  1. Honestly couldnt see but from livery, appears to be an XDE40
  2. These four units are in Arnprior, ON at the NFI Service Centre
  3. Why does this need to be discussed in the Edmonton section? It doesn’t. Refer to the Vancouver section for Vancouver related topics, please and thank you.
  4. According to Transit55, September was the last time 6001 was used
  5. Had a photo sent to me a short while ago, 4332 is toast, literally.
  6. There are currently 2 Barrie D40LF, a dozen or so Windsor Inveros and 5 Windsor Nova LFS on GovDeals
  7. I would like to bring everyones attention back to this post from nearly 10 years ago. The individual who was spamming this section has been banned. Please remember to be respectful to one another. Thanks
  8. According to this, there is 35 units coming, unless someone else tagged onto the order.
  9. I ended up quoting the wrong post, my mistake! I meant to quote this post:
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