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  1. 2104 will be based on routes out of Tunneys all day today! Happy hunting!
  2. This closure was postponed until June.
  3. It also fails to mention the 61 and 62 return to the Transitway from Lincoln to Pinecrest…
  4. Unfortunately the new bus smell disappears after a few months, and we have had the buses for testing/training for a few months now.
  5. 2102, 2103, and 2104 are in service this evening! Happy hunting! 2101 will not be in service UFN as it still has weights onboard for testing.
  6. So, I have to say, the bus is EERILY quiet with all of the fans/blowers off!
  7. If I get one tomorrow, it will be warm enough that I will likely have the heaters off tomorrow, for most of the day at least. Supposed to be doing the 16 and 81 so fingers crossed that I get it. Only 2103 is available for service right now.
  8. That would be because the basic specs of this bus were followed from the last order we received from New Flyer. Hence the reasoning for Luminator Horizon signs also.
  9. 2102 and 2104 were plugged in at the back of lane 22 when I finished my shift. 2101 (weight simulation test) bus was parked at the front of 24. 2103 was not seen.
  10. Here it is on Albion Road at 3 this afternoon.
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