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  1. They likely installed bike racks at the factory, and theyll be removed before entering service
  2. Funny thing, I was having a conversation regarding the unit that was at CUTA yesterday, and Shawn decided to post the pole incident photo...wow, just wow...
  3. Ouch, and I take it, since there appears to be too many Vicinitys, its scrap?
  4. Very strange location for them to be! Nice find! Doesnt seem to be much difference except the vents at the rear. Did you notice anything else?
  5. Any idea whats going on with 2045? It hasnt been on Transit55 since January
  6. I second that, anyone can make 50 posts in a short amount of time. Maybe a post limit for 6 months to a maximum of 5 posts per thread, per day.
  7. An Admin, whom is regularly active in the Ottawa section of the board, should be appointed. A sub forum for spottings should be created, and removal of any useless threads that may still be present in the forum and are creating clutter. A list of constantly broken broken rules should be pinned as a reminder for those who break them, this way, there is no excuses when one is being called out for breaking said rules.
  8. 4684, 4685, 4687, 4689, 4693, 4695 and 4699 are confirmed in the city. As to where, I am not sure, but all have been on OC property briefly
  9. The following Inveros are being retured to active duty after being restored to service ready condition: 4215, 4228, 4277, 4325, 4394, 4431, 4468 and 4515
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