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  1. O-Train Line 1 is operational end to end! Full service has resumed as of 5am.
  2. Line 1 is currently down between Hurdman and Blair Station due to an overhead catenary line breaking. R1 is running Hurdman to Blair. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/mobile/lrt-train-stalled-at-st-laurent-due-to-broken-wire-1.4770368
  3. Once again, having to post in this thread for 2nd time in over a month. You know who you are. Please refer to this warning from @SMS from October.
  4. 4763, 4764 and 4766 active 4765 and 4767 delivered
  5. No, the 88 doesn’t take the Transitway to South Keys. It should have its own category “West”
  6. Didnt even notice that, I think the South Keys means towards South Keys There is another though
  7. I realize I failed to mention earlier, 4749 is active
  8. Cost is variable depending on total cost and number of attendees. Aim is to have it under 40$ per person for any charter anywhere but exact amount is up in the air until about the week before.
  9. Not trying to argue with you but I can tell you this, I looked even closer in the photo on Flickr, theres 3 Inveros in the photo. Look thru the windows of the main unit in the photo. More to that, it appears as if the first batch of Inveros (looking at photos of other units pictured when brand new) did not come with any New Flyer decal and most if not all Inveros came with that silver license plate piece.
  10. Routing and photo stops will be predetermined, however suggestions are welcome. Routing and photostops will however be under the following restrictions: -within the Greenbelt -Historic routes used by Inveros that pre-date the Sept 2011 service change going as far back as 2003
  11. What makes you assume this is 4201 or 4202? As it was in 2004, spring-summer it appears, there in an Invero behind it that looks to already in service. 4201 and 4202 are 2003 units.
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