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  1. As most are aware, last night, Line 2 shut down for the 2 year expansion for Phase 2. C6 was the final train to run a full round trip on the line before shutdown.
  2. 1138 in service coupled to 1114
  3. There are at least 2 identical units, the one photographed above and 4702
  4. Old news...see post quoted below dated March 29.
  5. I haven’t posted this yet as I wasn’t sure, however, I have heard a couple of units have possibly returned to service. I guess such is true and 5142 is one of those units, in addition to 5153 which was active today.
  6. Photos below are posted with permission from “Ottawa News Network” on Facebook 4712 I am going to assume has blues as it is a completely new unit as seen in these photos
  7. The hybrids at Pinecrest are starting to be decommissioned and stripped of decals etc.
  8. 4498 has been retired after sustaining major damage to the back end in a collision
  9. There have been buses (mainly Hybrids) staged at various points in the city including Bayshore, Hurdman, Tunneys, and Millennium to be used for quick bus changes to keep service rolling.
  10. Spotted 1137 at the MSF without the “Testing” decals
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