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  1. Around 18:20, I spotted a black and pink Proterra on a flatbed on 417 WB passing St Laurent
  2. Ever thought about this? You have all of these buses still getting delayed in the same traffic in the core, only to get slammed by a large amount of people waiting for the buses that got delayed in traffic. If there was proper traffic flow in the core, there wouldnt be people waiting at the end of the train for their bus. Should be less of an issue come Oct 7.
  3. Structural, the powerplantson most of the D60LFs have been rebuilt already
  4. Just like every other light rail system on the planet.
  5. Umm, so you’re saying that because the train stops at every station, you are inconvenienced? Wow.
  6. It went in service last week, I thought I posted
  7. Why? The route is serving an area just off the 97, the 197 makes perfect sense. I have a feeling the 91, 94 and 95 will be given to new routes that will be seen sometime during thr Phase 2 service change. Specifically 94 to Findlay Creek as the 294 is down there.
  8. Your point about routes under 100 connection to the OTrain is invalid as the 114 connects at Rideau Station. The 116, 144, 146, and 147 were renumbered the 96, 93, 92 and 197 respectively because the routes in the 90s are routes in the south end. The trips to Merivale and Slack from Lincoln the 186 because those trips stay in the west end, and use Meadowlands to Merivale similar to the 86, and it wouldn’t make sense to number it in the 90s or 190s as it doesn’t reach the South Keys area; which brings me to the 291, which should be numbered in the 240s.
  9. 87 is staying the 87 in the west. IMO, the 151 should have been renumbered 51, leaving the 81 for the 111. The western portion of the 16 could then have been renumbered the 52, 54 or 59. The route 54 should have kept its original number which I believe was the 159, or to make it somewhat in line with the area it services, the 151. Another strange one I thought of, the 41 was renumbered to the 291. Why? It serves Alta Vista, which to my understanding is supposed to be routes in the 40s. Why not renumber it the 241, at which point, the 112 Herongate trips could be renumbered to their original route, 141. The 141 was given to the Kaladar trips while the 140 was given to the Herongate trips.
  10. Asides from my original point, theres no direct overnight connection between Hurdman and St Laurent stations as there is today.
  11. No overnight service between St Laurent and Hurdman when the train is down for the night...
  12. Looked more into it, the farebox has been removed, and based off the work required, and the pending LRT opening, shes done.
  13. 6385 has returned to service 6402 has been undergoing refurbishment since before 6374s started. I forgot to mention it.
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