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  1. 898 remains a bus at all times post COVID 899 has reverted to vans except when vans are not available due to maintenance The schedule for the 899 has always suffered, but with Transitway closures in the west end, each round trip loses 20+ minutes due to the detours.
  2. I can confirm Zone 3 West is one of the 4 workbus signs. Others are: Zone 1 East Zone 2 South Zone 4 Central
  3. Not really, as technology gets updated, the equipment is changed on the entire fleet. If the buses get retired, they just unmount them and put them in a new bus. We only got 4 XE40s, which had zero effect on the number of Inveros in the fleet.
  4. CP 1401, 1406 and 1900 headed east out of the Walkley Yard crossing Conroy Road to turn around before heading back west out of Ottawa
  5. Was just about to post the same thing! Seen at 15:12 departing Blair.
  6. Hybrid rear doors kept getting caught on them, and also the double deckers.
  7. I have gone by numerous times over the last week, correct me if I am wrong, but essentially buses will travel over the bridge WB, and turn right down a “slip ramp” to the NB stop which is EB technically before turning north onto the Transitway? What is expected to happen to the Transitway between Lincoln and Iris Station over the next few years? Will the Transitway remain parallel to Line 1 on this corridor to provide access to the 417WB and route 50/58 to Lincoln Station in the future?
  8. Yes @Mrkaboom1, its been previously stated twice now, as shown in the two quoted posts…
  9. 4477, 6363, 6430 and a Nova have the new readers as part of a “mini-fleet” to test before full switch over happens.
  10. No, not at all. Even though they make up over 1/3rd of the fleet, don’t expect to see them anywhere.
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