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  1. Southland Transportation

    6102, a propane C2:
  2. Southland Transportation

    Spotted 6102, which is a propane 72-passenger C2. They look identical to the diesel C2s, with the addition of the propane logo on the rear and some green stickers on the sides and rear (I forget what they said =P). I'll try and get some pics =D.
  3. Southland Transportation

    Spotted 6257, a 72-passenger C2.
  4. Southland Transportation

    Spotted 5698 and 6121; both are new Blue Bird propane units. Also, Southland has some brand new, unnumbered, propane C2s.
  5. Southland Transportation

    Spotted 5655 yesterday, which is an Access Calgary Starcraft unit and 6063 and 6066, both C2s.
  6. Southland Transportation

    Here ya go! Enjoy! I also spotted some brand new C2s that are supposedly going to be numbered in the 60XX.
  7. Southland Transportation

    Southland has a demo unit of a Lion Bus numbered 1501. Spotted it pulling out of the Ogden yard. Nice bus!
  8. 1993 D40LF (#7501-7550) Tracking Thread

    Spotted 7543 on route 1 just now.
  9. Southland Transportation

  10. Southland Transportation

    Snapped a photo of a Southland C2 #5643 in Forest Lawn: http://www.flickr.co...N07/9845415573/
  11. Southland Transportation

    Photo was taken at the Ogden yard. Also spotted 5631, which is one of the new Blue Bird Vision propane buses.
  12. Southland Transportation

    Not sure about the smaller C2s, but these full size ones are originally from Whitehorse:
  13. Southland Transportation

    Southland 3919 working the GlobalFest shuttle from Tuesday night (sorry for the bad angle, didn't want to stand in the way of traffic! ): Also, several C2s numbered in the 46XX were brought down from Whitehorse. I will have some images posted at a later date.
  14. Southland Transportation

    Nice find. Looks to be in pretty good shape for an old Vista. Here is a rare sighting of a Southland C2 in Calgary from Monday afternoon:
  15. Username Change

    Hi, I would like to have my display name changed to: SNSD160. Thanks!