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  1. I say incentives in regards to policy, the policy realities govern what constraints you're willing to work with. For example, in NL our policy is that by 2030 every public transport vehicle just be zero emissions. From 2025, no public transport vehicle can be purchased that is not zero emissions. Additionally, we have concessions, so anyone wishing to win these concessions must have an aggressive plan to meet those policy goals or risk losing the concession bid to another vendor. Vendors also generally buy the vehicles, so there is an incentive for them to make the most efficient plan possible. In the USA, the agencies are mostly a public entity that will exist whether or not a policy goal is met. So there's no forces pushing for improvement. Especially logistically. For example, much of the conversation in the USA about electric buses is about the wish they'd have the same range as a diesel bus. There is no effort here to consider that the way driver and bus interact in their duties might need to change in order to make the range (opportunity charging) work for a full-time shift. It is true that OTS has Hastus, but just because you have the keys to a Ferrari doesn't mean you can drive it! if you take some time to look at the timetables for TheBus, you'll see they're all over the place. There's a policy failure here to coordinate service, and perhaps skill as well.
  2. It's not about buses actually, it's about scheduling. Also proterra is actually ahead of European and Asian manufacturers in the most important part of a battery electric bus, the battery. North America lacks the incentives to be better at the logistics of scheduling. The better you are at this, the easier it is to implement electric buses. Later this year (think end of 2021) I'll take real schedules from Honolulu, and show that it can be done.
  3. Actually the technology is ready and the technical knowledge exists. In The Netherlands we have fleets as large as 250 electric buses running around. This is because we have to do it, because we are in a concession style system where companies must bid on operating a region, we have to meet the demands of the authorities (RFP). By 2030 all public transport must be zero emissions and from 2025 new public transport vehicles must be zero emissions.
  4. Actually, the reason the fleet is old is because DTS lacks the staff to procure.. among other things. DTS determines all bus acquisition and retirements. The city could run the existing service with fewer buses, but that's not something they've been interested in doing.
  5. A Gillig electric bus will be testing Friday until next Thursday. The best place to find it is if you hang around town near downtown / Ala Moana.
  6. Yes, all 30ft buses are now at Kalihi. There was no need for them to be at Pearl City in regards to street constraints.
  7. It's actually shared between Pearl City and Kalihi
  8. The electric Gillig bus is not happening until the bus passes Altoona testing.
  9. all new 700 series are in service now
  10. Just an update, 11 buses will move to PC for June.
  11. No, PC is the only division that needs more buses for June. August may be different, but it'll be a few more months before that's decided.
  12. I don't totally remember which series, I remember that there is a series that goes back and forth -- whatever that series is those will be the ones that swap because both yards are familiar with them and have common parts.
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