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  1. Actually, the reason the fleet is old is because DTS lacks the staff to procure.. among other things. DTS determines all bus acquisition and retirements. The city could run the existing service with fewer buses, but that's not something they've been interested in doing.
  2. A Gillig electric bus will be testing Friday until next Thursday. The best place to find it is if you hang around town near downtown / Ala Moana.
  3. Yes, all 30ft buses are now at Kalihi. There was no need for them to be at Pearl City in regards to street constraints.
  4. It's actually shared between Pearl City and Kalihi
  5. The electric Gillig bus is not happening until the bus passes Altoona testing.
  6. all new 700 series are in service now
  7. Just an update, 11 buses will move to PC for June.
  8. No, PC is the only division that needs more buses for June. August may be different, but it'll be a few more months before that's decided.
  9. I don't totally remember which series, I remember that there is a series that goes back and forth -- whatever that series is those will be the ones that swap because both yards are familiar with them and have common parts.
  10. It is not 50/50, a majority of it is run from Pearl City. About 15 40ft buses will be transferred to PC. The purpose is to improve efficiency, which include but are not limited to creating better duties for drivers and using less vehicles.
  11. Don't expect any retirements aside from the Chance Opus buses in June.
  12. Not that many 300's will go, need buses for service expansion in August.
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