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  1. Up to 60 new artics for Halifax

    Interior shot suggests we're switching to passive restraint for wheelchairs on this model.
  2. Metro Transit Retirements

    The wrap on 716 looks great so I wouldn't worry about that. As for its uses, I'd expect to see them on the 1 more often than not. They get insanely busy on Saturdays (with only 15 minute service and no 20 to downtown), or any day for that matter. Lately, Saturdays have seen one artic on the 10, another on the 20, and one on the 80 for some odd reason.
  3. Halifax (metro) Transit.

    Consider 511, 512, 513, and 871 retired. Someone updated the Metro transit page on regular Wikipedia, I forgot to check the cptdbWiki. Far as I can tell, everything pre-902 is retired. 902 now has the new livery on it. As for the artics, 701, 702, and 708 have been parked there for over a month but I have no idea what their plans are for those artics as of yet.
  4. Halifax (metro) Transit.

    For those of you wondering about the Fishbowls, here's where they are now. Someone already updated the wikipedia page to relect the retirements. Here's 871, 512, and 511, with 919 in the distant background. I don't think that bus'll ever leave. As you can see, any "Metro Transit" logos have been blacked out on 513
  5. Up to 60 new artics for Halifax

    It'll be a few years before they all get scrapped (706 just got rebuilt and is back on the road), but there are a few in the back now that I think might be done when the new buses arrive.
  6. Saint John gets artics

    http://telegraphjournal.canadaeast.com/gallery/803145,370364 The pic looks like a Nova artic to me. Interesting. Further digging, I saw this item mentioning they were made near Montreal. Definitely Nova. $600k seems cheap for artics. http://telegraphjournal.canadaeast.com/city/article/793097
  7. Cape Breton Transit

    I can see it. Transit Cape Breton is very undersized for the population it serves and the buses look like they're being held together with paper clips at times. I would guess replacements.
  8. Ad Wrapped Buses

    Got a pair more here. First off, for the Royal Canadian Mint. These have been popping up around Canada: And the english version of Weblocal.ca. Not a great shot, and as the ad has been up a while, the wrap is showing wear. The full text reads, "Rate your record shop"
  9. Halifax (metro) Transit.

    As promised, here are the shots of 999. In shot #2, it looks like they might have renumbered bus 998. As bus 998 is still in service (parked around back when I took this shot), this is not the case, it was simply a sticker error.: And might this be the Mint bus?
  10. Halifax (metro) Transit.

    Yep, bus 999 is back and in new livery, and yes, I do have pics. I'll pop them up here tomorrow, as well as a shot of our latest wrap featuring the Royal Canadian Mint. The LFS is usually an ugly bus in my opinion, but it looks awesome in the new livery. Driving wise, I'm not a huge fan of the tail swing those things have, or the neck craning to see passengers. I do like that they are fast buses, but overall, not a fan of driving them.
  11. Halifax (metro) Transit.

    The MetroX is a rural express service MT is looking to launch this year, starting in Tantallon, then to Enfield and Musquodoboit. The buses are comfy for the passengers, with LINK-style seating (but no foot rests), and wheelchairs go in the back, like in an Access-a-Bus. Drivers putting said wheelchairs in will likely hit their head on the A/C unit overhead, if they haven't hit their head getting in the driver's seat first. There was a delay getting these because GMC temporarily shut down the plant that makes them due to the recession. I got to sit in the driver's seat, definitely not what I'm used to.
  12. Halifax (metro) Transit.

    Yes, seems like a lock to me too. In the meantime, here are our newest toys. If I can grab a shot, there's something else I want a photo of that made me nearly crap my pants when I first saw it. Stay tuned for more.
  13. Ad Wrapped Buses

    It looks like Pepsi has gone nuts in Halifax. This is one of 4 buses they have wrapped. The other 3 have the same ad, but in red, pink, and yellow. I love how they put our logo on the back on top of the wrap.
  14. Halifax (metro) Transit.

    Buses 1001-1082 have that perimeter seating shown in the picture, while 1083+ have a more standard configuration. Both seat 36, but I have no doubt you can jam more people on the perimeter buses. That, and wheelchairs only take up 3 seats per chair in that layout, as opposed to 5 per chair in the standard layout.
  15. Metro Transit Ex-Victoria Fishbowls

    You and me both. I'm not saying anything until I can get a straight answer on 999.