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  1. Banned for being so close to niagara falls
  2. well i am strongly hoping i get my camera next week so i can dedicate it ( it is dedicated to 8792)but at the moment i dont have a camera
  3. Added Recomendation to ALEX LY and a page dedicated to ALEX LY
  4. OC8792

    Rigs Of Rods

    O sorry i cant help you there i only have .34 because for some reason .36.2 wont work on my PC
  5. OC8792

    Rigs Of Rods

    which version do you have?
  6. OC8792

    Rigs Of Rods

    http://repository.rigsofrods.com/files/107/ here you go
  7. To prevent photos being stolen cant you do what i saw Dennyip do this with his MR 73 drawing -Belong's to Dennyip
  8. LOL was only 8 hahahahaha my mom thought it was my fault/still does
  9. no not really it more or less tilted like 30 degrees to the right turns out mcdonalds was not maintanning there play set properly
  10. LOL my coisin and i broke the mcdonalds play area once we were jumping & one of the floor's came out of their hinges ( 2nd floor)
  11. Sure 1203 sound's good ( double decker) Out come's duracell batery I insert mc donalds Fries
  12. Out comes Joe Clean i insert 1202
  13. im just posting what the bus said at the time it passed me.
  14. Saw final destination 3-D 4.9/5!!!
  15. You get an old Banana I insert a glass of water
  16. Where does the 111X Special go? Billing's Bridge i saw it today on a invero
  17. Out comes a 1st gen LFS I insert that 1 gen LFS
  18. OC8792


    thank you for the information the driver looked like he was in his late 40's he did go out of the car at Cote-vertu to talk to someone in that room he was the only one in the cab. the stop time was normal 45 Seconds ( wasnt busy) the ride for the first few stops ( cote-verty to Snowdon) was very jerky i found when taking off it was a MR 73 but im not sure but IMO it seemed like he was intentionally puting it past the no pass zone for some reason because he gentally glidded to the pass zone and smoothly stoped. Either way he did cause some minor invonvieniece for passengers but not much Edit: at Georges-Vanier he did talk to another operator but it was a friend convrosation not buisness/work related also is it common for their to be a operator at the opposite end i thought it was just one driver now? This was edited by OC8792 at 9:50pm
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