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  1. 5020 on 2 5023 on 16X 5012 on 7 5019 on 2 5010 on 2
  2. is it possible if someone could tell me the schedule for 86-9? i just need to know when it goes past baseline and hurdman from 1:00-6:00 pm if that makes any sense
  3. Today while hanging out with an operator while he was driving the 86 we were talking about random stuff but then all of a sudden he got a text message from the supervisor saying once you have finished your route going into lincoln field's he wanted him to deadhead to baseline even though he was doing the 86 again which started at LINCOLN FIELDS the reason for this was the downtown core recently has been getting really bad IMO with the add-ons of all the new routes and ect. so when we arrived at lincoln field's he was around 19 minutes late so he deadheaded to baseline ( he let's me deadhead with him all the time) and when we got there the supervisor told him that 2 86's had gone before him so they put him on 86X Hurdman
  4. Banned because that's not such a bad thing
  5. 1258 at lincoln field's St. comming from what i believe to be kingston
  6. ok i participated very good survey.
  7. did anyone catch the run number of 5029 yesterday?
  8. It look's like it could be the cover for the movie speed but in Toronto good job Hurdmanhugz
  9. OC8792

    OMG Thread!

    Perfect timing for this thread busrider today while waiting for the 117 i saw a squirrel get hit by a car!!!!! but then he jumped up and ran into the tree as if nothing happened!
  10. My friend said he saw it deadheading today through queensway station but im not sure if hes correct or not ( 8792 )
  11. Does anyone have a interior shot of greyhound # 905? i think it's the bus with only 30 seats because it's half cargo
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