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  1. yup anyways a 10/10 im liking flxibles today i just wish oc or STO had them
  2. Banned because isnt that 5208? o wait i just realized 416 is the model
  3. LOL um k that beats mine today i took the 680 home and some kid was like lets take one of the seats off the bus i got off before them so i wont know till tommorow if they took it ( bus was a Orion Vi)
  4. Cute looking "Friendly" Squirrels who eat......
  5. Banned for showing two T/A even thought its a good picture
  6. Just finished some steak with roasted potatoes and broccoli
  7. out comes a coke bottle I insert a 1999 coke commercial
  8. 9/10 love the Frisbee part and the 2011 thing
  9. Same here i like never swear only if im mad or it pops out. Today i went to look at a house because me and my mom are going to move and the presentation made the house look like s***. For this reason i swore in my head
  10. Banned because my birthday is a whole year away and because it's on independence day
  11. outcomes my new student ID I insert a 2009/2010 OC Transpo ID
  12. out comes a burnt lfs i insert the LRT plan
  13. OC8792


    well my dad last week said he was at beri on the yellow line and he said he saw the jeumont train and he said it sounded louder than ever
  14. LOL who would actually think that there could be a cookie in a computer!!!! but i doubt it will be a winning case 5 million imo it would either be settled or most likely thrown out ( im not good with law but that just what i think)
  15. OC8792


    Sorry to bring you off topic but does any body know where i could catch a jeumont train or " element" i just want to hear that sound soo bad lol
  16. at baseline station the TV that tells you when your bus is coming says 86 Southvale instead of elmvale
  17. i said it once and ill say it again trolley's are the best ! 9/10
  18. 10/10 it is time for them to sleep but never be forgotten Edit Alex LY beat me to it 9/10 for Alex LY
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