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  1. yup anyways a 10/10 im liking flxibles today i just wish oc or STO had them
  2. Banned because isnt that 5208? o wait i just realized 416 is the model
  3. LOL um k that beats mine today i took the 680 home and some kid was like lets take one of the seats off the bus i got off before them so i wont know till tommorow if they took it ( bus was a Orion Vi)
  4. Cute looking "Friendly" Squirrels who eat......
  5. Banned for showing two T/A even thought its a good picture
  6. Just finished some steak with roasted potatoes and broccoli
  7. out comes a coke bottle I insert a 1999 coke commercial
  8. 9/10 love the Frisbee part and the 2011 thing
  9. Same here i like never swear only if im mad or it pops out. Today i went to look at a house because me and my mom are going to move and the presentation made the house look like s***. For this reason i swore in my head
  10. Banned because my birthday is a whole year away and because it's on independence day
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