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  1. Stupid kids making all this goddamn noise!
  2. Wow did that just flew over your head!
  3. The TTC is having a ribbon cutting ceremony for a brand new bus shelter at Albion Rd and Hwy 27 today! Don't ask me to source it because I don't think you guys deserve it consider the disrespect you've all shown me!
  4. I concur! At least everyone would still be alive.
  5. Transit City hybrid plan in the works Suffice it to say, I'll be quite relieved to hear in a few weeks that Eglinton WON'T be killed off.
  6. Not happening. Apparently time based transfers are being kept to encourage riders to shop on St. Clair.
  7. That's if the museum ever gets built, and that hinges on if the TTC relocates and builds their new HQ at Yonge & York Mills.
  8. It's too bad that transit enthusiasts can't open up a shop and sell TTC related items, since royalties would be the order of the day. :\ I'm sure there's a few people here who could design clothing that is definitely more trendy than what the TTC shop sells....
  9. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/ev...101884606521224 Is anyone attending? It's this Wednesday April 21 at 6pm!
  10. http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/76...t-on-video?bn=1 How low can the TTC go? Any bets here? lol
  11. Nah, they were recycled by other customers.
  12. Yep, No Frills. You're right on the bus service, when I was looking west, I often saw buses entering and exiting the Oakwood loop on a regular basis. The wait really cut into my time for watching the gold medal game!
  13. Running a streetcar through Swansea in mixed traffic would probably be all that's necessary, and it would be much cheaper as well.
  14. Seeing as how it's impossible now for the St. Clair car to turn south and head to Jane station, The Jane LRT (if ever built) should be underground until St. Clair where it may be possible to build an underground terminus station (heated for winter) there where people could transfer north or south or east.
  15. It wouldn't have mattered as much if Tuesday night wasn't -15 or so with the windchill. Oh, and add to that, I was carrying 2 bags of groceries as well.
  16. The scheduling is still messed up. Why can't they fix the headways? The schedule or lack thereof is atrocious! I had to wait 25 minutes for a streetcar eastbound last night (8pm) at Winona! And when one did show up, there was an empty car right behind it.
  17. Wiki still has the proposed stops on it. No word on official ones yet.
  18. Was anyone at the official ground breaking ceremony earlier this week?
  19. It will be multi level big box. Construction I believe is to start in late spring '10. I work for the planning consultant who is doing the planning for site.
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