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  1. STM 16-XXX, 17-XXX & 18-0XX Retirement Watch

    I rode 17-176 on the 144, it had "Climatisation a l'essai" stickers on every window.
  2. STM 16-XXX, 17-XXX & 18-0XX Retirement Watch

    I rode 16-117 this morning on the 51, the dirtiest bus I have ever seen in Montreal. Some seats were ripped with the upholstery coming out, the paint was peeling off... a terrible ride.
  3. Agence métropolitaine de transport

    Don't they only have low platforms though?
  4. STM 16-XXX, 17-XXX & 18-0XX Retirement Watch

    I saw 17-027 being towed away from the 97 stop on Mont-Royal/Parc/Cote-Ste-Catherine this afternoon around 6:30.
  5. MÉTRO

    Isn't that the firefighter exercise train?
  6. VIA Rail Canada

    No more trains after 5pm between Toronto and Montreal, shame.
  7. Société de transport de Montréal

    Does anyone know if the 357 runs on weeknights other than Fridays? According to the schedule on their website, it doesn't seem to, but they also say that all night buses now run every night of the week. I emailed their support, who basically told me to check the schedule to answer my question. Tous azimuts doesn't suggest it either when I try to get from, say, Montreal-Nord to Frontenac station.
  8. MÉTRO

    I took the metro yesterday, same place, same direction, and indeed it's going much slower for about 10 seconds prior to entering and leaving the station. I couldn't see any scaffold or other work though.
  9. Endless wall of buses

    This would have fit well in the existing thread.
  10. Ghost stop…

    There's also an old bus flag on Bernard, just West of Park, for the 368. I couldn't say if the 368 still stops there. Either way, cars can park there. I couldn't find a picture, so there we go: http://maps.google.com/?ll=45.523383,-73.6...,249.35,,1,5.06
  11. STM 31-XXX Delivery watch

    31-147 on the 129
  12. STM 11-XXX & 12-XXX Watch

    11-014 on the 80, early afternoon.
  13. STM 31-XXX Delivery watch

    31-016 on the 124 around 4pm today (Thursday).
  14. Agence métropolitaine de transport

    Then they may just as well park downtown.
  15. Agence métropolitaine de transport

    But the ATM logo is on its side