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  1. Bringing up an old topic. Does anyone have a seating count or interior photo for the 5500 series GMC buses? Thanks
  2. Bus 533 was retired last year and disposed of.
  3. Ex. Memphis by the looks of it, probably a 5305.
  4. 8 more were due in the next little while.
  5. 80 buses per year, 350 hours roughly per bus. Has been talk of some being contracted out, no word on if that will happen yet.
  6. There is still one white D60LF at NFI in Arnprior ONT.
  7. Which scrapyard are these buses going to? Thanks
  8. Would anyone have a complete list of 1981 GMDD New Look "B" VINs I could add to the Wiki? Thanks
  9. All legal aspects were covered before importation of the buses started.
  10. Up to 3 more units are headed over in 2014. More info will be posted as time allows.
  11. No kidding... it's pretty bad.That's a real FML moment vs. doing homework. God forbid people learn.
  12. Remaining Orion VI buses from OCT; 4024 (historic) 13 to SSM 4095, 4095, 4127 in scrapyard Unknown; 4133 (fire bus, not sure dispo on it currently)
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