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  1. Bus 533 was retired last year and disposed of.
  2. 8 more were due in the next little while.
  3. 7901 was in service yesterday afternoon 14 LFSA are on property making up the 2014 order. Because if your bulkheads crack on a Classic that cost more than the bus is worth to repair, and you have a serviceable bus sitting in the yard, you use the serviceable bus. Common sense.
  4. 9519 has also gotten this treatment. 9505, 9203 are retired.
  5. There is still one white D60LF at NFI in Arnprior ONT.
  6. Which scrapyard are these buses going to? Thanks
  7. Would anyone have a complete list of 1981 GMDD New Look "B" VINs I could add to the Wiki? Thanks
  8. 7901 did trips on the 51 and 59 today. Had issues with no heat again.
  9. They are on specific trips for the 57, but still interline on other routes.
  10. Buses 9419 & 9420 have had the interiors modified to accommodate service on line 57. They now have all inward facing seats. Bus 9704 has been pulled from service, the last unit in full stripe (besides 7901) and the last 1997 and DD50 powered bus at STO. 9203, 9505 have also been pulled from service. 7901 was down today- electrical issues.
  11. I sold all mine a day and a half ago on ebay.. I will have more TTC stuff up in a while.
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