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  1. Bus 533 was retired last year and disposed of.
  2. Ex. Memphis by the looks of it, probably a 5305.
  3. 8 more were due in the next little while.
  4. There is still one white D60LF at NFI in Arnprior ONT.
  5. Which scrapyard are these buses going to? Thanks
  6. Would anyone have a complete list of 1981 GMDD New Look "B" VINs I could add to the Wiki? Thanks
  7. All legal aspects were covered before importation of the buses started.
  8. Up to 3 more units are headed over in 2014. More info will be posted as time allows.
  9. No kidding... it's pretty bad.That's a real FML moment vs. doing homework. God forbid people learn.
  10. Last I checked, I was aloud to leave the Ottawa forums, I apologize that this may inconvenience you. If you would like proof I have worked on buses, at OC Transpo (through my high school cooperative education program, never said I was employed by OC Transpo) by all means please give them a call or I can ask my school for log sheets to prove I worked on NFI products, as well as Orion and Nova. Unless you have it on solid proof I have never touched a transit bus, mechanically or for body work, I would step away from that now. This wasn't personal until you decided to drag my credibility into this, which was your choice.
  11. Seats are 3rd party (as stated above), NFI just bolts them into the bus.... I don't appreciate you telling me how I handle posts on this board. "You understood wrong" "You are getting worked up". Don't tell me how I react to these posts. No I'm not getting worked up thank you, I am just genuinely disappointed for peoples hate of NFI product when the issues present aren't even NFI caused issues. I have worked on NFI vehicles, overall, they make a good bus.
  12. No, I got the point. I'm pretty disappointed by everyone always blaming NFI for the issues at MT (seating, transfer cutters).
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