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  1. Thunder Bay Transit

    I know that. However, I was just making fun of how the British House of Commons is cramped, just like 172 would probably be if everyone was sitting on those seats. Everyone on this bus, like the British House of Commons, would have to get along because they are so close to each other. This is coming from a person that's familiar with the fact that the Canadian House of Commons is much more 'roomier' than the British one. I don't blame the British for that though because their Parliament building is MUCH older than ours; It was built in a time when the world's population wasn't as large as it is today. I meant that, but if you actually rode this bus you would feel like the bus actually slew. I held on to my life fearing I would go flying off, especially if someone was running toward the bus to aboard it and the bus had to stop suddenly. Edit: Added content to the first reply.
  2. Thunder Bay Transit

    So I had the opportunity to ride the British House of Commons on wheels (172), and I have to say I was a bit intimidated by the experience. To start off, the seats on the lower part are shaped differently (these seats curve outwards as opposed to the old seats which curve inwards), so I can only imagine how I would react if the bus suddenly stopped (or accelerated). Every time the bus slew down, sped up, or turned, I would be in fear of falling off. Since there was no one sitting beside me on either side, I felt intimidated because I could fall off at anytime. If that wasn't enough, there were also no bars to grab onto on the drivers side. So if I wanted to move to another seat or alight, and the bus suddenly stopped, you could bet I would go flying. There are accessibility issues as well. I observed the handicap areas, and they had the bar in between the two ends. A handicap person wanting to settle in those areas, would be difficult to achieve because of this. Overall, this was a bad move for Thunder Bay Transit. Not to say that the bus is bad, as the look of it is sexy! With the nice blue lights inside and all. I just find that the seating arrangement was perhaps not planned that well. I mean, they did an incomplete job as they still had some of the old styles of seats alongside the new ones. This is uneven. I honestly think that Thunder Bay Transit should perhaps reconsider amending this seating arrangement, and look into it a little more.
  3. Thunder Bay Transit

    Hmmm, I saw 117 on the 4 Neebing on Friday coming home from school. I thought it was gone as well, but apparently I'm wrong.
  4. Thunder Bay Transit

    I'll lose faith in T.B.T. if they include 2 forward-facing seats in front of the front wheel-well instead of one side-facing seat. I like that seat and wouldn't like the idea of facing the wall . But at least they're changing the seats and the layout, which is nice. Addition: I've noticed there's a lot of commotion at City hall today when I stopped there. There were many police officers and there was even one cruiser parked on Donald St where a bus should be.. I saw a person with some sort of sign, but there weren't enough people and too many police officers for it to be a protest. Does anyone know what's happening? Because im too lazy to check the news
  5. Thunder Bay Transit

    Thank you very much for your help. It is greatly appreciated. Also, I heard that Thunder Bay Transit will be ordering 3 new NovaBus LFS'. They are said to have the new seats/seat layout and is expected to arrive late January/early February. Do you know if this is true or not?
  6. Thunder Bay Transit

    This seems useful. Is there any way I could maybe use this to display the routes, stops, time, etc... on a map of some sort? Sorry for this question, I am not knowledgeable at coding.
  7. Rigs Of Rods

    I wish that D40LF would get out of the way
  8. 2D Google Maps Bus Sim

    Sorry for bumping a dead thread, but the steering in this simulator is like driving an Orion VI
  9. Thunder Bay Transit

    THE WORST BUS EVER?? The D40LF's were fine until they retired the Orion V's and started driving the D40LF's in the middle of nowhere. The D40LF's were a simple bus and the simpler, the better. The point is that they're gonna retire those buses Keep in mind that I still like the 3rd gen Nova's but not the 2nd gens or the 1st gens.
  10. Thunder Bay Transit

    Since they bought 3 more Nova's, they'll probably retire 3 perfectly fine D40LF's
  11. Thunder Bay Transit

    But I like the Orion VII NG's are better besides, the interior of the 3rd gens are probably the same. I'll kill myself if Thunder Bay orders Orion VII NG's or even D40LF's. <OFFTOPIC>So I'm a loner at Westgate </OFFTOPIC>
  12. Thunder Bay Transit

    NOOOOOO! Not more LFS's <OFFTOPIC>Does anybody here go to Westgate?</OFFTOPIC>
  13. Ban the user above you

    Banned for having a train instead of a bus in your avatar
  14. Favourite songs

    Some songs I like: Kevin Rudolf - Welcome to the World Darude - Sandstorm OAR - Shattered Prince - Lets go Crazy Almost every Lady GaGa song Scooter - Ramp! (The logical song) Haddaway - What is Love AHA - Take on Me 2PM - Tetris There is a variety of music that I like, some older than others
  15. Rigs Of Rods

    Lol I can tell the bad modelling from your signature . Ya there are a lot of people who model vehicles like that. Look at the Toyota Treuno AE86: http://repository.rigsofrods.com/uimages/g...q1lykzofnai.jpg Thank god that vehicle is not on 0.36 anymore.