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  1. So what if the stroller had been a bundle buggy - would it have made a difference? Strollers, bundle buggies, luggage - this is not the problem. With or without these things people are still being left behind. Chill out a bit - "FIDO"
  2. Do you honestly believe this? Let's look at LRT as an example: A private owner comes in to build and operate, hires you at lower wages with no benefits - where are those cost savings going to go? Better service? Sure if that will help you sleep at night - lets go with that. I'm sure you'll provide me with better service at $10/hr with no benefits, because hey the other $10/hr you could of been earning will go right back into the service and wait!! maybe they can even reduce fares with it right? Private owners are there for one reason - PROFIT. People don't generally operate a business so they
  3. Nice.....Not! GRT should let the mechanics do what they were hired for ... fixing buses, not running around and cleaning them! Buses are not getting 'locked out'. They are being sprayed with air freshener and released back into service. Mould abatement needs to be done by a professional remediator, not a mechanic! Buses that have been so called 'abated' are still being changed off for odour and driver illness. See for yourself - BUS_2203_8014.pdf BUS_2203_8014.pdf BUS_2203_8014.pdf BUS_2203_8014.pdf BUS_2203_8014.pdf BUS_2203_8014.pdf
  4. GRT has more than enough drivers. What they need are BUSES! Maybe if they let the mechanics do what they were trained to do (i.e. their JOB) there wouldn't be so many buses parked out back!
  5. Can you tell me what enjoys growing in bird dung? Also testing was not completed in the ducting of the HVAC system. Is the particular species you are referring to Aspergillus? Thanks
  6. It's amazing how many people stick their head in the sand to avoid issues. If a health and safety notice went up stating that the buses had a highly contagious strain of aids, I wonder how many people would still be posting about possible bus shortages?! The whole issue is being put under wraps. The right to know only exists in Health and Safety Legislation, which apparently isn't worth the paper it's written on in this Region.
  7. The zamboni is really a 'sweeper' which stirs up all the dust, there is no water with it because it freezes in the winter. The sweeper doesn't clean the yellow metal girders. Look at them some time. Also the bus washer is indoors and buses are parked dripping wet with doors closed, adding to the humidity and moisture. Driver's seats, when cleaned are left wet with no fans blowing.
  8. Take a look at the garage - massive dirt and dust, bird (and other critter) droppings, constant moisture and all those buses blowing around the dust when we walk in there. When has it ever been cleaned? I thought is was 2201? No?
  9. The following is posted on our website Health_effects_of__Mould.pdf and today the following press release was sent out in a mass email PRESS_RELEASE_AUGUST_26___2010.pdf Health_effects_of__Mould.pdf PRESS_RELEASE_AUGUST_26___2010.pdf Health_effects_of__Mould.pdf PRESS_RELEASE_AUGUST_26___2010.pdf Health_effects_of__Mould.pdf PRESS_RELEASE_AUGUST_26___2010.pdf Health_effects_of__Mould.pdf PRESS_RELEASE_AUGUST_26___2010.pdf
  10. Verbal assaults happen to almost every driver on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day as frequently as vandalism, fare fraud and more. Female drivers are sexually harassed and every incident has the potential for physical assault. Not all of the assaults that occur are publicized. This would be bad publicity for the Region so the reporting of assaults are discouraged and kept quiet where possible. Over 70 physical assaults took place in 2008 and those numbers are on the rise. There are very low cost measures the Region could adopt to reduce the number of assaults and further to impr
  11. I was reading an article in the Sun about the town hall meetings that kinnear was holding and came across the following in the comments section: Riders give transit union an earful By TOM GODFREY, TORONTO SUN Last Updated: May 2, 2010 8:04pm What goes up... Report Comment May 2nd 2010, 11:37pm I work for Otis and the availability of parts for ALL types and models is there. We also service other manufactures products and believe me, the wait time for parts is no more than 2 days on 99% of the componentry of any escalator. The wait can be a little longer on older elevators, sometime up o
  12. Been there - I didn't like it, but I did it and I made daily trips - good for the kids to get out daily, and I made sure I only bought what I could carry. That is why FIDO is correct, this is about oversized strollers and those who think 5 - 7 year olds are unable to walk or otherwise use their stroller as a grocery cart.
  13. Sure, strollers are a mobility aid - for babies and toddlers who have problems with walking. What about the 5 to 7 years olds, or empty strollers carrying groceries and whatnot? Here's an idea...Let's follow the policies of third world countries and carry livestock as well....why not farmers are people with needs too! So what happens now if the bus needs to be evacuated and we have all kinds of obstructions blocking the aisles? Don't get me wrong, I can understand how strollers would be considered a mobility aid - but why encourage abuse? There are wheelchairs that we cannot accommodate beca
  14. When we're not accused by the customers of being rude because we're doing our job - and - when management backs us up for doing our job instead of disciplining us.
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