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  1. I'd have a feeling it's the latter.
  2. Maybe maintanence? Could be a possible retirement though.
  3. Shall anybody be going to ride them? I'm busy.
  4. I could've sworn I saw 1427 on the 12 once idk
  5. Alright, thanks for the information. Thank you guys for making me feel welcome as a new user!
  6. Does anybody know why Hamilton chose the articulateds to have a new livery? Also, why not carry it over to the 40 footers?
  7. I'd assume they'd arrive around December - January 2023.
  8. Ah, okay! We might need to start fanning the 60LFR's more, huh? By the way, why were the DE41LF's retired? 0602 was dead already, but 0601? Last time I saw it, it was in pretty decent condition. Plus, wouldn't the 07's be more suitable for retirement? They're around 16 now.
  9. Good god, are they replacing the 09's aswell? While yes I'd love some new XN60's, I'll sure miss the LFR's.
  10. Jesus, if this kid is causing that much trouble, should there not be IP bans? Thats the only reasonable punishment that I can think of if we're saying he's causing this much trouble.
  11. Ah, so they aren't retired. Can't wait to see them out and about again! Was there any reasoning for this? (sorry for another notification)
  12. Does anyone know where 0610 & 0615 are? I haven't seen them since 2021.
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