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  1. Chicago Transit Authority

    I actually heard the Orange is already almost all 2600-series except during rush hours. Perhaps if these rumors are true the Orange will become all 2600-series, plus with some 2600s going to Brown as well. So if these rumors are true Orange will probably be all 2600-series while Blue and Brown will be a 2600/3200 mix.
  2. Chicago Transit Authority

    Sorry to bump, but according to some rumors, once the 3200-series rehab is complete, 100 of them will be moved to the Blue Line, with displaced 2600-series cars going to the Brown and Orange Lines. Not sure if these rumors are true, however, this should potentially give the Blue Line fleet a minor refresh until the 7000-series arrive.
  3. Considering today is Good Friday, it would be interesting to know which transit agencies run holiday schedules on Good Friday. While I know that in the United States 26% of employers give the day off (schools in particular), it would be interesting to know which transit agencies run holiday schedules on that day. Here in the Phoenix area Valley Metro runs a regular weekday schedule on Good Friday.
  4. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    I wonder if the RPTA will be receiving any more Gilligs. Considering that Valley Metro mentioned that the New Flyer contract enabled them to receive more buses, this makes me wonder if they are dissatisfied with their latest batch of Gilligs and decided to replace the remaining batch of 2006 C40LFRs with New Flyer XN40s.
  5. Actually, I think they currently operate Gilligs. They did the last time I was there.
  6. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    One thing I have been wondering about; considering that Total Transit has lost the East Valley, Northwest Valley, and Regional Paratransit contracts, this was a major part of their revenue. I wonder how will this affect their ability to continue operating the West Valley express routes via Valu Trans, since most of the non-Paratransit Discount Cab business has dried up to Uber and Lyft. Will Valley Metro have one of the Phoenix divisions operate these routes if Total Transit goes under?
  7. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    So, does anyone know if the 112 still has any trips out of Tempe? I haven't seen any Tempe-based buses on that route in a while. I know it used to be split in the past, but I have only seen Mesa-based buses operating that route recently. That is one of the two local routes that regularly get ex-LINK D40LFAs, the other being the 40. Also, what about the 40?
  8. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    FYI, I just got an email from the City of Phoenix Public Transit Department; additional Gillig buses are still planned; they said they will be delivered in early to mid 2018.
  9. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    I wonder, are there still any buses out of Tempe on the 112? I haven't seen a Tempe-based bus on that route in a while now. I know it used to be split in the past, but I have only seen Mesa-based buses on that route recently. That is one of the two local routes that regularly get the ex-LINK D40LFAs, the other being the 40.
  10. Cummins

    Interestingly, the only buses in the Valley Metro RPTA fleet with ZF EcoLife are the 2016 Gillig Low Floors. With the 2018 Gillig LFs and New Flyer XN60s, they switched to Voith.
  11. Colored lights for holidays other than Christmas

    No, a black light is a purple-looking light that causes things to fluoresce. There are actually two types of black lights - the bug zapper type black lights (known simply as "black light" or BL) and the deeper party-style black lights known as "black light blue" or BLB (which is counterintuitively named since this type actually looks less blue and more purple than BL style bulbs). The bulbs I am using are BLB.
  12. I have discussed this on other forums before, but I think it is worth sharing here. I was wondering, have you ever considered putting up colored lights for holidays other than Christmas? While we put up Red and Green light bulbs in our light fixtures for Christmas, we do different color combinations for other major holidays. Here is what we do for the other major holidays: Valentine's Day - Red and Pink St. Patrick's Day - Green (sometimes skipped if Easter falls on an early date) Easter - Yellow and Pink Fourth of July - Red, White, and Blue Halloween - Orange and Black Thanksgiving - Orange, Red, and Yellow (last year we did just Orange and Red, but this year we decided to incorporate Yellow into the mix) Do you use colored lights for major holidays besides Christmas?
  13. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    Interesting. If the D40LFs are replaced by Gilligs, I wonder if those Gilligs will be diesel or CNG.
  14. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    I actually wonder if Phoenix still plans on taking delivery of additional Gilligs to replace the remaining 2001 NABI 40-LFW buses, or have those replacement plans been shifted to the new contract with New Flyer. Considering that new Gillig buses are currently arriving for the RPTA but not for Phoenix makes me wonder what is going on with the remaining Gilligs for Phoenix.
  15. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    As far as I know the green C40LFRs were never officially assigned to Mesa unless that has recently changed; the only green buses that are assigned to Mesa are some of the DE60LFRs. I do believe the 140 is split as are most of the major east-west routes. I actually wonder if all the 2009 C40LFRs were moved to Tempe, since in my previous post I saw 6663 on the Mill/Kyrene, and I also saw 6661 recently on the Mill/Kyrene as well.