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  1. Considering there is a proposal to extend Route 77 to Country Club Drive in Mesa, I wonder if we will see a more even Tempe/Mesa split on the route. The route is predominantly out of Tempe, with Mesa runs mainly being artics during rush hour as far as I know. I wonder if we could end up seeing Gilligs on the route.
  2. I wonder if in the next RFP Valley Metro may reconsider electric buses. Valley Metro must be watching what is going on at SunTran in Tucson to see how their Gillig electric buses perform. I know the BYD bus that Valley Metro tested failed miserably, but that doesn't mean electric buses from other manufacturers will necessarily have the same problem.
  3. Looks like VIX Technology won the contract for the new fare collection system. VIX and INIT were the only ones who submitted bids.
  4. According to some info, the first 7000s will be tested on the Red Line. I find this surprising considering the Red is the busiest line. The plan is to have the Red, Purple, Yellow, Brown, and Orange Lines use the new 7000-series, while the Blue, Green, and Pink Lines will use the 5000-series.


    I wonder, does Transdev use Starcraft cutaways in most cities where they own their paratransit fleets? Here for Valley Metro Paratransit they use Starcraft cutaways (the current paratransit fleet is owned by Transdev, not by the RPTA).
  6. It appears some 2009 New Flyer C40LFRs have recently been moved back to Mesa. They still have Tempe sign programming. As for route assignment, it usually seems like the RPTA tends to assign newer buses to express routes and busier local routes, while less busy routes tend to get more older buses. However, recently there has been a lot of older buses on the busier routes (especially 2009 C40LFRs). I think they want to get as much miles as possible out of them.
  7. I thought the previous group were the expansion buses. I think the original plan was to take XD40s this year to replace the 2007 D40LFs. As for the express routes, there are still the 2012 silver RPTA C40LFRs which as far as I know do not have a replacement schedule. Since these are in a full suburban layout, they are unsuitable for local routes.
  8. So it looks like they are taking deliveries of XN40s instead of XD40s, and they are replacing the 2008 C40LFRs since it looks like these are over at Tempe. I think the 2007 D40LFRs over at Glendale will be replaced by the new MCI D45 CRT LE coaches, but what will replace the D40LFRs at Mesa which are used almost exclusively on local routes? I know they don't really have to be replaced by diesel buses at Mesa since Mesa has full CNG fueling capability.
  9. The RPTA and the City of Tempe will be replacing all Starcraft cutaways on the Orbit with new 29-32' low floor buses. The RFP is up. Looking at the sign-in sheet, I see Gillig, Schetky Bus and Van Sales (which I think is representing ElDorado National), and Creative Bus Sales (which I think is representing ARBOC even though they also sell ElDorado).
  10. I recall Orbit Earth and Mars being interlined; I'm not sure if that is still the case or not.
  11. Looks like ElDorado buses are now on the Orbit Mars. They were previously only on the Jupiter and the Mercury.
  12. ABQ RIDE


    I wonder, does Starcraft still offer GM chassis options on its cutaways? Practically every new Starcraft light duty cutaways I see nowadays are Ford-based, while the medium-duty cutaways are International-based.
  13. I wonder, are there still any New Flyer DE60LFRs in Mesa? Every one I seen recently had Tempe sign programming. I think the reason for putting a few in Mesa originally was due to an uneven fleet age of artics between Tempe and Mesa when Mesa had the NABI 60-BRTs, which I think in their final years were less reliable than the other artics in the East Valley fleet. With the NABI 60-BRTs gone and Mesa now having New Flyer XN60s, I'm guessing having the DE60LFRs in Mesa is no longer necessary.
  14. Just a little updates in the East Valley, it appears the New Flyer XN40s have pretty much completely replaced the Tempe-based Gilligs on the 72-Scottsdale/Rurral and 81-Hayden/McClintock. Now I often see the Tempe-based Gilligs on the 77-Baseline and 96-Dobson.
  15. I think as of the April schedule changes, all 2009 RPTA New Flyer C40LFRs are now at Tempe, except the two silver-painted ones.
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