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  1. Just a little updates in the East Valley, it appears the New Flyer XN40s have pretty much completely replaced the Tempe-based Gilligs on the 72-Scottsdale/Rurral and 81-Hayden/McClintock. Now I often see the Tempe-based Gilligs on the 77-Baseline and 96-Dobson.
  2. I think as of the April schedule changes, all 2009 RPTA New Flyer C40LFRs are now at Tempe, except the two silver-painted ones.
  3. Looks like the 77 Baseline extension won't happen this October for now. However, in Mesa, Saturday frequency is being expanded in Mesa and Sunday service is being added in Mesa. Also, Sunday service is being added to the Mesa portions of the 104 Alma School and 136 Gilbert Road.
  4. Looking at some recent Valley Metro documents, the Peoria POGO will in fact be operated by Total Transit/ValuTrans, not First Transit as previously suggested by an online news article. This makes sense, since even the Tempe yard is a long distance from northern Peoria.
  5. Apparently, the new XN40s for service expansion is to accommodate proposed service changes in October of this year. The 77 Baseline is proposed to be extended to Gilbert Road. Service expansions are planned on the 104 and 128. Either the 81 or the 96 is proposed to be routed to serve the Price Corridor. Since the 77 will probably get more Mesa-based buses if the extension is approved plus the additional buses needed on the 128, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the trips on the 104 are shifted to Tempe. Alternatively, they could move the 2009 C40LFRs back to Mesa.
  6. Actually, with the delivery of the XN60s and the retirement of the 60-BRTs, the Mesa-based D60LFAs can often be found on local routes now, chiefly the 61-Southern and possibly the 45-Broadway, with the XN60s mostly operating the express routes. Also, all 2016 Gilligs and two 2017 Gilligs are at Tempe.
  7. Unfortunately, we still don't know who was awarded the West Valley RPTA operations. I know it was supposed to be awarded today, but I wonder if there was a delay or potentially an award protest.
  8. BTW, most likely we will know in two days who gets the new West Valley RPTA contract. The scheduled award date is supposed to be December 20. The contract is for five base years and five option years.
  9. The L40LFRs and D40LFAs should still be active. The L40LFRs mostly operate the Flash routes near ASU, while the D40LFAs mainly operate the 40-Apache/Main Street and 112-Country Club/Arizona Ave. It does seem like there is a history of assigning oddball fleets to the Flash. When the D40LFRs were in Tempe they frequently operated the Flash.
  10. I know Valley Metro is staying away from EVs for now, since the BYD demo they tested performed poorly in the summer heat. BTW, the finalists in the most recent RFP were New Flyer, Gillig, and ElDorado.
  11. Valley Metro is switching their annunciator systems from Orbital/ACS to Clever Devices. Perhaps the Tempe-owned fleet haven't gotten the installs yet.
  12. ABQ RIDE


    I'm guessing due to the issues with electric buses, they don't want hybrids either. ABQ RIDE moved away from hybrids under the Berry/Rizzieri administration; it was mainly the Chavez/Payne administration that was a big proponent of hybrids. Not sure what is the Keller/Toon stance on hybrids, but I'm guessing they didn't want to take any chances.
  13. ABQ RIDE


    As for going with clean diesel and not CNG, the Daytona Transit Facility is not equipped for CNG, and the Yale Transit Facility doesn't have space for artics.
  14. I wonder, are there still any Tempe-operated buses on the 104 or 112? I haven't seen any Tempe-operated buses on those routes for a while now.
  15. As for Nova, they did attempt to make a bid for the most recent Valley Metro contract, but did not score high enough to make a BAFO, eliminating them from the competition which New Flyer won.
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