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  1. That makes sense. However, when including the replacements for 6648-6668 (2009 C40LFR) and 6669-6675 (2010 L40LFR), that leaves 42 more buses ordered (not including options). Where the total seems to add up is if the replacement includes Tempe's 2011 C40LFRs and the RPTA's 2012 Express C40LFRs, which totals exactly 121 buses, however, the latter won't be 12 years old within the contract range and I don't think they will have enough mileage since they sit in the yard most of the day.
  2. That is more than enough buses to replace the 2008/2009 C40LFRs and 2010 L40LFRs, however, perhaps the 2006 C40LFR replacement has been moved into this contract instead of the Gillig contract. Is the RPTA not satisfied with Gillig? As for the 20 XN60s perhaps they will replace both the 2008 D60LFAs and the 2010 D40LFAs. Interesting they are going with CNG for their replacements though. However, for replacing the 2007 D40LFRs the RPTA is forced to go with diesel since the ValuTrans/Total Transit facility is not equipped for CNG (that is assuming they keep the contract). I wonder if those for the West Valley will be in standard transit, semi-suburban, or full suburban configuration.
  3. My guess on the RPTA side the artics will replace the D60LFAs and perhaps some may be used for fleet expansion. As for the D40LFA replacement that may be in the next 5-year contract after this one (even though they were only delivered only a few months after the L40LFRs which replacements included in this upcoming contract).
  4. So, are they are going back to LNG, or is that a typo? As far as I know the LNG tanks at the Mesa yard have been sold off. I remember the RFP was for diesel and CNG. I don't think New Flyer even offers LNG anymore. However, the Tempe yard fuels their CNG buses with LCNG, which is CNG produced from LNG.
  5. Was New Flyer again the only bidder for the articulated bus contract or did Nova bid as well?
  6. Looks like Gillig wasn't able to offer a low enough price this time to win the contract, since I do believe in both RFPs New Flyer scored higher in technical merit points.
  7. As stated, perhaps the XN40s may be for Rapid trips with fewer boardings, similar to the flexibility the RPTA has for its express routes. The 40 foot bus options with New Flyer are for BRT-styled buses, so I think they would more likely go to RAPID rather than local routes, otherwise Phoenix would simply exercise more Gillig options.
  8. https://www.newflyer.com/rss/835-city-of-phoenix-exercises-options-for-32-new-flyer-transit-buses The City of Phoenix has exercised options for 20 XD60s, 2 XN60s, and 10 XN40s. The 20 XD60s may be used to replace some 2007 D60LFs. The 2 XN60s will probably be for RAPID. However, I wonder what the XN40s will be for. I believe these are from the BRT options that they signed with New Flyer. Perhaps they may be assigned to RAPID trips with fewer boardings.
  9. KCM has 100 Gillig Low Floor Hybrids on order. I believe they are options off a state contract.
  10. Going to the subject of light rail, Valley Metro has awarded the fleet expansion contract to Siemens for 11 S70 LRVs plus 67 options. Also, the contract to supply vehicles for the Tempe Streetcar has been awarded to Brookville Equipment (probably the Brookville Liberty).
  11. For those who were wondering what became of the Sky Harbor terminal shuttle fleet of ElDorado Axess buses, they are now operating as part of the airport's rental car shuttle fleet which will continue to operate until 2021 when the Sky Train Phase II (the extension to the rental car center) opens to the public. The rental car shuttles are a separate system from the former terminal shuttles, and the Phoenix Aviation Department simply used the former terminal shuttles to augment the rental car shuttle service in the interim until Sky Train Phase II opens.
  12. With the demise of the New Flyer MiDi, I wonder if New Flyer could show interest in buying Grande West. Nova may show interest as well considering they don't offer a 30-foot or 35-foot bus.
  13. I saw some photos on the web of the pink ones, but none in green. I did see some in orange though. I wish LYNX would paint more buses in light pink. I wonder why that color is no longer used by LYNX. Was fading a problem with that color?
  14. I've never heard that at all. Note that for the RAPID artics, the I-17 and SR-51 RAPID routes are based at the North garage.
  15. The 2006 C40LFRs were retrofitted, however, the 2008 C40LFRs were not. The 2009+ RPTA/Tempe C40LFRs came with the system from the factory as far as I know.