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  1. Its been one of the more tougher things to figure out how to organize and display them. When we started this VIN project there were certain things that were not anticipated or realized. (ie difficulty with changing alternating colours for different orders, repeating VIN year codes, large transit agency orders needing 150-200 individual lines for each vin). On the test page I only consolidated the vins that already had pages. My preference is to leave the full vin until pages are created for them. For some of the transit bus pages especially, full vins result in very long tables and a lot of editing for large orders or big production years. The format may not work for everyone but I think we have found a good balance between editing time, page/table length and displaying info.
  2. Did a test page so people can visually see how it would look.
  3. Something like New Flyer Industries 2022 VINs as an example? I think that would be a good idea.
  4. Bit of a late reply (busy with work and life - limited editing time), but I'm seeing merits in this arrangement having each production year on it's own page. I think its the best option going forward. I possibly may be starting to consolidate the MCI pages (as time permits). I could give this a try and see how it flows/works.
  5. Link to the cgiforme one. Link to the etspe.ca one.
  6. That could be another possible option for them. They could certainly be archived. About merging histories of the pages, that is probably a limitation of the wiki. Not sure on the value of doing it as it would be a big incomprehensible mess if I was to do that with the New Flyer pages.
  7. No. That was a test to see if there could be a balance between the cell being fully blacked out or if thicker boarders might work. Just an option I was trying out. After I did them I was also favouring #3.
  8. Speaking for myself, I would never delete any info. I would move it to/create a new page for it. Those would likely be the last to convert and we could have more discussion at that time on how to proceed. Creating new pages for full VINs with limited information is a possible option that I could agree with. Great! Once the page is created, adding things is quick and easy. I find it looks better visually too and would be in support of everything left aligned. I've been trying to figure out what works best visually for these and how to display that. On the New Flyer G VINs page (the first three of these) I've condensed and tried a new format for displaying them. First one spans all columns. Second one is aligned to start with the build year. Third one has the serials in their column and aligned to start with the build year. How do they look?
  9. As a compromise, would anyone be in support of a separate section at the bottom of the VIN pages for unidentified/unverified VINs?
  10. I'm fine with the unknown stuff as it can be useful later when you do find out. Same with the temporary stuff, but often I've found things that hasn't been removed or duplicated/added for no reason in the notes. This topic has been up since August 3. Aside from the moderators and a few others there has been little response. Sadly, this isn't the first time there has been a lack of interest. I've added info after I created the new pages and it takes 1/4 to 1/3 of the previous time and far less painful. Nothing on the pages I've changed has been deleted. If its not relevant to the VIN page I've moved it the the fleet page. A lot of that was happening recently, either not adding them to the VIN page at all or worse linking to the VIN page but not adding the VINs.
  11. This was seen as a big deterrent to adding information to the pages for several editors. Anyone with more time/less work is welcome to create a page for those CT XD40s. They were only there temporarily until a page was created, otherwise they would have been deleted and gone from the wiki.
  12. Switched the Nova Bus K and L VINs page to the new format. Seems easy to do and I like the result.
  13. Nova Bus might be a good one to try out.
  14. Should we go forward with the changes (like in the test pages)? We could do it gradually by manufacturer and figure out what works best for each case.
  15. The reason I did the GM ones like that was to avoid the possibility of duplicate IDs since all models start off at 001. The two sample pages have been modified based on the feedback above. To summarize what's been discussed above: No alternating colours. No longer have the cutaway/chassis lists. When we convert the pages, I think we will need to chose the best format for the manufacturer. Most (New Flyer, NovaBus, MCI, Prevost) could be done by year, some (like Orion, Gillig) would need more separation by model or serial range. The Gillig one will be tricky. Grouping them by serial number range (possibly in groups of 5000 or 10000?) may be the best way. It's been a good constructive discussion, so I'll let it continue for a bit longer and then we can agree/disagree to go forward with this.
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