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  1. Go Durham, NC, has 12 new Gillig 40'  diesel (not hybrids) units, 1701-1712. They were delivered in August and entered service in September.


    Six were for fleet replacement (retired vehicles as yet unknown), six were for fleet expansion.


    Hope this of interest in updating the GoDurham page. 


    Mick Capon, Durham, NC

  2. Central Georgia changes

    Changed & Added.
  3. Cornwall Transit

  4. Modifying a page title

    Done. Main page moved to Salem Area Mass Transit District. Other pages will be moved as time permits.
  5. Modifying a page title

  6. Baton Rouge adds

    The MBS Gillig builders list doesn't have fleet numbers for serials 31112142-31112145 but it would seem to be the logical fleet numbers.