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  1. Modifying a page title

    MJofLakeland seems to have already done it with the Howard Transit page. I've redirected that page to Regional Transportation Agency of Central Maryland. Done.
  2. OCTA Updates

    Does 3176 exist? A1371 is Milwaukee's 3225. Everywhere it only says 3001-3175 for the fleet numbers and serials A1196-A1370.
  3. Lubbock Citibus (TX)

    320 has been noted as sold to TARTA 1407.
  4. Milwaukee County Transit System

    Added. Thanks!
  5. Milwaukee County Transit System

    Added. Thanks!
  6. Kenosha Transit

    Added. Thanks.
  7. Wisconsin Coach Lines

    Added. Thanks.
  8. Milwaukee County Transit System

    Thanks. Added.
  9. Modifying a page title