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  1. Baton Rouge adds

    The MBS Gillig builders list doesn't have fleet numbers for serials 31112142-31112145 but it would seem to be the logical fleet numbers.
  2. Modifying a page title

  3. Baton Rouge adds

    Serial is Lafayette Transit System
  4. Wiki Fixes - Report Any Problems

    Anything after the redirect happened seems to have disappeared when this fix was done. This looks like the only option.
  5. Wiki Fixes - Report Any Problems

    Seems to be fixed now.
  6. Image removal

    Thanks for alerting me to these. Removed.
  7. Modifying a page title

  8. Modifying a page title

  9. Photo Naming on wiki

    https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:RĂ©seau_de_transport_de_la_Capitale_1105_interior-a.jpg Done.
  10. Donnelly Transit Inc.

    Updated. Thanks!
  11. Modifying a page title

  12. Rules regarding uploading multiple photos at a time and thumbnail replacing have been added to the CPTDB_Wiki:Photographs section of the naming conventions. These appear to have not been officially in the naming conventions but were treated as such.