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  1. GRT Retirements

    First 8... now 15.. What next? 20?
  2. TTC in the news

    Hey now...
  3. In 2013 Allison introduced LBSS (Load Based Shifting Schdule) they shift at a lower RPM to save on fuel like a ZF. The transmission also adapts to crush loads and adjusts the shifting accordingly. It's kinda annoying as you never know when to expect power. It is the same on a flyer as it is a nova with LBSS.
  4. Oakville Transit

    Calm down.. A deal has just been reached according to the Unifor Twitter.
  5. Oakville Transit

  6. I saw one on the 1W Sat night at about 7ish while enjoying my Apache burger (Couldn't get the number as it zoomed by) . I checked transit55 and none of the novas were tracking for Sat. Could have a tracking issue.
  7. Mississauga Transit Sightings

    Miway0310 quit being an @$$. There are many more qualified individuals for that job.
  8. GO Transit

    So you report my posts for abusive behavior and now you're doing exactly the same thing to another user? Words from the wise: Don't bite off more then you can chew!
  9. Have you ever been to downtown MTL?
  10. Burlington Transit

    Spotted a brand new promaster today doing a handi trans pick up at the Burlington North Wally-Mart. Can't recall what the fleet number but it was a 17 so that could explain the gap in the fleet numbers with the Vicinities. This is just speculation but they could have as many as three of them as the gap is 7029-17 to 7031-17.
  11. MiWay

    They only have 2 units and all the others were scrapped in port perry. Nothing is "painted" it's all decals so they can change the appearance very quick for customer specification. Here's one of them from a few years back.
  12. MiWay

    Smarten up and we wouldn't have this problem.
  13. MiWay

    The stupidiy from miway0310 and flyerLFR never stops...