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  1. MiWay

    Pulled into Clarkson in the early PM and saw 1359 on the 13. First time in years for me to see a 60 footer on the 13. Is this normal?
  2. Brantford Transit

    Visited the bus today.
  3. MiWay

    You're a little late to the party bruh. Admins asked us all to stop so we're stopping. Thx bruh
  4. MiWay

  5. MiWay

  6. MiWay

    @MiWay0310 quit posting stupid stuff and they'll leave you alone. The Admins pay monthly fees to maintain this forum free of charge to members like us. Show some respect.
  7. MiWay

    Call and complain to miway. Theyll tell you the same thing.
  8. MiWay

    Hope you learned your lesson to be at the stop 5 minutes before departure time. My post was speculation but I can't speak for that specific operator.
  9. MiWay

    Nothing justifies running early. but.... Miway seems to have their own standards and +2 is quite normal to them. BTW that 1CW was probably trying to make the connecting buses at the terminal. Miway requests passengers to be at the stop 5 minutes early for this very reason.
  10. MiWay

    Do they not teach you how to read at UTM? http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/miway/readytoride "Please be at your stop at least five minutes early"
  11. MiWay

    Again... grow up and move on. No one cares! Frig
  12. MiWay

    Omg kiddies can we all grow up?
  13. GRT Retirements

    In another thread you said the order was cancelled. Make up your mind already!
  14. TTC D40LF 7300-7350 Retirements

    Took me less then 10 seconds to find it.. http://www.ttc.ca/Service_Advisories/Route_diversions/Streetacr_Diversions_Service_Changes.jsp