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  1. In another thread you said the order was cancelled. Make up your mind already!
  2. Took me less then 10 seconds to find it..
  3. TTC.CA should have all the closures and planned detours.
  4. L10L
  5. what about the UPX?
  6. That's right! Because bed bugs can infest anyone regardless of where they live or how clean/dirty one could be. Public Transit is for everyone and for some it's their only life line.
  7. Right.. Let's label people with bed bug issues as "dirty scums".
  8. Check Brad Rosses twitter. he confirmed the above.
  9. According to a source in Belleville, The bus is on property being prepped for service.
  10. Was that the fire bus?
  11. Tunnel Visions: The Story of Toronto’s Subway The Market Gallery presents the exhibition "Tunnel Visions: The Story of Toronto’s Subway" in partnership with the Toronto Transportation Society. The exhibition will highlight the building of Toronto's subway system using photographs, maps and artifacts, and will explore the complexity and massive scale of Toronto's subway's operation. Toronto’s subway system is much more than a few lines on a map or a list of numbers on a spread sheet. Every day for over 60 years, it has been the backbone of this city and has moved billions of passengers. The exhibit focuses on the enormous effort that it takes to keep the subway rolling, enabling visitors to better appreciate the vital role played by rapid transit in Toronto. The exhibition runs from February 13 to June 11, 2016.
  12. TTC strips the horizon signs out of the buses prior to being sent to scrap.
  13. There are reports that they're getting more than 4 express buses in this order. someone posted a photo of 1510 a few posts above.
  14. New Flyer supplied us with a generator on a trailer when we demo'd it.