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  1. Its not 6635 it was on the 24@2:37pm towards Blair today
  2. Oh.. I was way off lol thanks for correcting it
  3. I seen another video of it on fb it looks like its 6635 search for bus caught on fire today https://www.facebook.com/brandon.ozzykobza/videos/1148453911979826/
  4. Has anyone posted this if not here it is this is not me that recorded this i thought i'd share I was riding the 96 back to Kanata from downtown Ottawa and it's just me, a mentally ill 20 something male, and the bus driver. During the bus ride I had my ear buds in listening to music. I heard a voice behind me that was rather loud. I paused my music and over heard this young man saying that he "sleeps on the ground, run around with no clothes on, tries to be as spontaneous as possible, that he hates pregnancy and loves nudity." I gathered that this individual suffers from some sort of mental illness. He continued to talk loudly as if the phone in his hand was a microphone and he was the host on a game show of sorts. I was on guard because of his "spontaneity." The male walked to the front of the bus and started talking to the bus driver. This quickly enraged the bus driver and he started to yell at the mentally ill young man. After trying to apologize and state many times, "I'm sorry, I have a mental illness" the young man was subjected to verbal abuse from the bus driver. I witnessed quite a few threats by the bus driver before I had a chance to take out the iPhone and get this video. The bus number was 6671. Read more: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/YouTube+...y#ixzz1d4nXXqWT
  5. what is anti-graffiti/vandalism package and the emp cooling system
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