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  1. I was deeply cynical about the ONTC "test run". Can anyone advise a good reason to have done it other than to have fresh pictures on Tory election literature, that CN's inspection RDC or similar couldn't have ascertained about the state of the track (especially given south of Washago the state of the track is hardly a mystery)
  2. dowlingm


    Can’t see who is going to want the Series 6s for revenue if WSDOT don’t; which insurer is going to want to touch them given what NTSB feels about them? At least the 7s have their own cab cars instead of requiring NPCUs. WSDOT have put them up for sale but I suspect a final use akin to the Turboliners - police/fire training or something similar. https://www.wsdot.wa.gov/business/trainsets-sale
  3. Metrolinx reneges on provision of land for a promised Jane-Finch community centre, claiming the commitment wasn’t “properly vetted”. Instead the property will be sold to the highest bidder. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2020/07/21/metrolinx-reneges-on-plan-to-donate-land-for-jane-finch-community-centre-will-instead-sell-to-highest-bidder.html Metrolinx (which we now know receives direction from MTO) have hamstrung future consultations with communities and municipal representatives, adding this to the resiling from the public art on the Davenport Overpass. On the other hand, budget realities may make FWLRT, Davenport and Crosstown the last active transit projects in 416 for some time to come.
  4. Interesting that Churchill, White River, Northern Quebec not discontinued. Presumably due to lack of alternatives.
  5. I was referring to Coxwell Subway where Line 2 crews are exchanged, not Coxwell loop.
  6. Agreed, but compare to the subways. It is simply not tolerated to have crews take a break at Coxwell and return. The crews are exchanged. The vehicles get moving. Now, there can be reasons to hold a car in order to not have too big a gap to the next one arriving, but that's a different situation. In any event, this work should have been done before the 505 was made a streetcar again - the queues to enter the station were bad enough before.
  7. Pouring concrete (and reducing accessibility) to store cars rather than swapping operators to keep vehicles in motion...
  8. The Mount Dennis Metrolinx yard will have a 30MWh energy storage facility. Some back of the envelope math using the 125kW system as a guide says one of those in an e-bus yard means a full charge for 80 buses (probably 60-70 in practice)
  9. I was thinking something simpler; using Canpa as a wye after Canadian has been serviced, so it would point east on departure from Union which hasn’t been possible for some years now. Would still be time consuming but only for the essential crew and not passengers and passenger service crew.
  10. I would really like to see a west to north curve from LSW onto Canpa/Obico (which would entail some expropriation) especially if it meant Canadian could also be turned and save a bunch of time on backups from Newmarket onto York. But who pays...
  11. It seems that CP has been - quietly - lending track capacity to CN. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cp-cn-arrangement-blockade-1.5474684
  12. Caltrain last year took delivery of two ex-Amtrak AEM-7 locomotives, to use in tests of their new catenary installation https://sf.streetsblog.org/2019/06/28/eyes-on-the-rails-caltrains-first-electric-train-arrives/
  13. dowlingm


    Really not a fan of the coach colour scheme. Even if you have to have that white along the windows, why not continue or blend the lower blue stripe along the power car?
  14. Saw 3725 the other day and seemed a bit “toy like” from the back, I guess because I have gotten used to a “flat” back end in TTC buses where this seemed curved and a bit plasticky visually. Obviously none of that matters as long as it does the job! It was on 141; not sure if that route suits the vehicle but if people are going be expected to pay a premium for 140 series routes the least the TTC can give them is a quiet bus.
  15. these protests generally occur at grade crossings, as did the one on CP near Dupont on Toronto. Closing the 401 or blocking the approach roads to YYZ or YOW would get a lot more attention but would also attract a much more rapid and confrontational response from government.
  16. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/sto-tramway-lrt-gatineau-ottawa-1.5446921
  17. There are several occasions during this contract when Bombardier either told barefaced lies or demonstrated complete incompetence, embarrassing their customer (TTC) who were obliged to retransmit assurances to Council and the public only to have these promises broken. This materially impacted public confidence in the transit commission. If you are going to “check your schedule”, we have no idea when 4401 will be delivered to Toronto but that is the final car. Additionally, there were intermediate expectations for vehicle delivery which a flood of cars at the end (with backlogs of cars waiting for offloading/commissioning at times) doesn’t rectify; this meant that the TTC was unable to ramp up service on routes like 504 as quickly as demand called for, and even now is cancelling service on 508 for lack of available cars. Over a quarter of the fleet have to be rewelded and while the number of cars off property will likely be the same as originally specified, the proposed time to complete this work (and therefore the date before TTC has a full 204 car fleet on property) is receding into the distance. These were not small sins.
  18. My point was that when that service summary was generated, the number of production spec cars delivered, never mind in service, was more like 200 (4601-4603, 4401). But TTC gotta keep massaging things to make it look good.
  19. Flexities in service: 204 oooooooooookay.
  20. Dude, they knew all this when they signed up for the tender. If Steve Munro’s take is correct, it was their lobbyists who persuaded the Commissioners to have this trial in the first place! They were not ready, their order was curtailed, they are still not ready.
  21. While we haven’t been polar vortex hammered yet this winter, the reality is that we are in the most vulnerable period for CLRV reliability. Re-introducing 508 as a streetcar route with no certainty of enough vehicles to operate it on an ongoing basis is very on brand for TTC in the Late 2010s tho, just like when they were rushing to designate 510 and 514 as accessible but having to run Cs on them for various reasons.
  22. Since streetcars are apparently cancelled/bustituted on the 508 for this board, where is the pinch point (other than possibly parts in the case of the crash units where bits not normally replaced may be needed) for getting some of these back on the road? Is it labour (in which case those working on the CLRV fleet will presumably start filling some gaps) or is it availability of LFLRV bays?
  23. I was on the 905 Eglinton East from UTSC to Kennedy on New Years Day which was running on 10 minute headway mid afternoon with maybe 8-10 people on board. How that makes economic sense (which is fine by me given I was using it!) but we can’t bear the cost of running the 14x routes on a standard fare 5 days a week at peak and eliminate this premium administration/hassle eludes the hell out of me.
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