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  1. 4587 showing in service on 504 https://www.transsee.ca/triplist?a=ttc&fleet=4587
  2. 4588 is at Roncesvalles signed in as 501, 4589 at Fleet Loop and also signed 501. Presumably testing in both cases.
  3. Adds: Fully grade separate line = stations
  4. If it's fully enclosed it's a station. If it's served by heavy or subway rail (Rosedale, Glencairn, etc.) it's a station. Does that cover the permutations?
  5. 4586 is signed in on the 506 at the moment - first service run? https://www.transsee.ca/triplist?a=ttc&fleet=4586&date=2019-10-30 4587 testing on Spadina
  6. You forgetting that Russell is gonna close for rebuild? My suspicion is that the left hand (the one writing the fleet plan) at TTC finally figured out what the right was doing - even with CLRVs being turned into razor blades they still have to put extra Fs on the night routes to keep yard space available.
  7. I guess Stuart didn't want his contact at Metro to get scooped
  8. Shawn Micallef was on 4178 last night - during a fairly poor effort by TTC scheduling
  9. Looks like 4584 has done a signed in test https://www.transsee.ca/triplist?a=ttc&fleet=4584&date=2019-10-17
  10. No tail tracks is a pretty iffy call; with phase 2 moving forward, presumably they won't get added as an interim measure because it would screw with the delicate PPP contracts? Zero pockets is pretty wild too - you'd think one of the damn sinkholes they made would have been wide enough to put one in!
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