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  1. Amtrak took a special past St Albans (Vermonter terminus) to Montreal...
  2. Would it have been so expensive to wrap all of the old blue and yellow cars with the Canada 150 stuff so that there were only two livery types in a consist, not three?
  3. I did pick it up on Transsee and NextBus at Bathurst and Fleet (thus the edit). Not to say that something did send it back to LB later of course
  4. It was missing on Transsee but has now just now popped up at Bathurst and Fleet. Anyone have word on 4441?
  5. Flexity Tracker twitter reported 4440 in service on 509 this morning but it is not on Transsee right now so not sure what the situation is EDIT: it is out and about so a GPS coverage issue perhaps.
  6. On 4209 this morning. I do wonder about TTC's choosing to wrap LFLRVs - better to wrap ALRVs to cover up the rust and leave the new-shiny as is, even if it meant taking lower $. Maybe the advertisers like the 514 because the vehicles traverse downtown more frequently? (also - maybe we could get some 3D printing types to design nicer front skirts - 4209s looked rusty and awful)
  7. Did the same issue (Fs and CLRVs) happen when 510 converted? as for two hour transfers, yes it's a terrible thing that 2hr transfers weren't expanded throughout the system but is 512 such a dodgy route that there are legit operator safety concerns even with signage etc?
  8. Issue of the moment seems to be doors not frames (75pc of faults according to CEO report)
  9. The cabs are being flown from Vienna. Doesn't account for Sahagun's production rate, and the rest of the supply chain.
  10. Except the decision to skip the ALRVs for the 512 and go straight to Flexity strongly implies the TTC has no interest in tackling Bathurst without the extra power. So - that makes it an operational imperative, not a preference.
  11. Unless every quality inspector at AB was fired by the new Hitachi owners, nobody should buy their stuff.
  12. Absent:
  13. Denzil Minnan Wong does not have the downtown's interest at heart. A motion from him on a TTC matter is worth suspicion, based on past actions.
  14. 2 locomotives and some coaches, according to Global. Apparently barging is not off the table but I think VIA want to be sure the line can't/won't be fixed before they risk that. That said, I've been saying for years VIA should be operating a train from North Bay to Toronto and if they barge the stranded stock over to Moosonee we might see it happen