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  1. PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    On twitter last night including TTCHelps it was mentioned that only registered cards would be fixed...
  2. Streetcar News

    Does anyone have a sense of how the Hillcrest offload will work? Will they do separate local jobs to avoid having to work around the flatcar in between or something else?
  3. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4451 AND 4452 https://twitter.com/chrisjamesdrew/status/932012019435307008
  4. Streetcar News

    More like all 10 being finished at the Barns like end 2016?
  5. Future TTC Bus Orders

    perhaps, but still surely vastly lower impact that diesels running all night to avoid freezing over and likely not too far off what a streetcar yard's impact would be. We keep hearing how TTC is stuck for garage space. We can't put them all in the suburbs and even the ones that are attract opposition.
  6. Future TTC Bus Orders

    Burning through federal cash (and future operations cash) for the sake of hybrids - looks like John Tory and David Miller have something in common after all! For me, acquiring an e-bus fleet should have a strategic objective in mind - a downtown bus yard to reduce non-revenue mileage in a location where a diesel fleet would attract overwhelming opposition, such as the west Portlands and/or Lansdowne Garage. There would still be some noise/emissions aspects from the maintenance side of things but the vehicles themselves would presumably be significantly quieter coming and going.
  7. Ontario Northland Railway

    VIA equipment, VIA operations. That way you get VIA's booking system and you can still do interlining with GO along Richmond Hill line if you want. From what I recall ONR's equipment is aged and presumably whatever good condition stock remains is on Polar Bear.
  8. Streetcar News

    Well, I suppose my thinking was that it isn't 2018 yet, and the 514 will be running over the entirety of the pilot.
  9. Streetcar News

    I believe there is an issue with the Roncesvalles bumpouts? Could put them on 511 and save some buses. According to Flexity Tracker, 4449’s GPS is online so hopefully out for burn in soon if not already.
  10. Streetcar News

    No doubt many TTC folks will have to be flown to Melbourne and other cities at extensive cost to figure out how to manage a mixed fleet, the components of which are significantly bigger than all but a handful of light rail systems...
  11. Streetcar News

    The Alstom product would need extensive preproduction design and testing. By the time car #1 was ready for service (let's be optimistic and say late 2019) Bombardier would probably have 150 or more Flexities in service. The existing fleet can't wait for Alstom to catch up even if every stage was perfect (unlikely). So maybe give Alstom a contract but for 50 or so from a single production line for a total fleet size of something like 225 (with Bombardier deliveries winding down early)
  12. GO Transit

    Isn't 667 the first "true MP54" with 647 being sent with DC motors?
  13. Streetcar News

    There was a big article about Sahagun in the Globe I think? Issues with the welding set up (Germans didn't stay long enough) with retaining trained welders and an overcomplicated welding procedure which was later simplified.