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  1. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Gonna be interesting to see if 4466’s pole is deemed fit at Hillcrest (surely not) and if so where a replacement pole gets mounted, i.e. will it have to be towed to Leslie and then worked on
  2. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    A new streetcar and GO coach were spotted in Weston
  3. The issue here is that REM need to use rolling stock light enough to be used on the Champlain Bridge but heavy enough to coexist with some form of VIA trainset, at least in the Mont Royal Tunnel. With high end train control VIA and REM could coexist BUT likely not with existing VIA rolling stock so the Hervey Junction trains would probably run exactly as they do now. One additional wrinkle - REM might be able to get VIA and AMT to adopt new train control systems, but what about Adirondack (and Vermonter, whenever that happens), not just for station access but also MMC for servicing? I guess VIA could take over the power from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu to Montreal as it does in Niagara Falls but that throws away a chunk of the whole point of doing customs etc. A variant of the Bombardier B82500 AGC could probably check the necessary boxes: compatible with all necessary sensor and control requirements for CBTC able to run on diesel, 1.5kV DC (REM) and 25kV AC (ARTM) designed under European Railway Agency Technical Specifications for Interoperability (including "SAFETY IN RAILWAY TUNNELS" http://www.era.europa.eu/Document-Register/Documents/ERA-CON-2012-05-INT.pdf ) jobs for La Pocatiere which just got stiffed by the Caisse The problem would be the level of redesign required to run on the general mainline with conventional VIA/ARTM equipment. (Oh, also giving VIA the money to buy them)
  4. The current exit from Centrale is 4 tracks, narrowing to two past Wellington Tower, then four again over the bridge, and splitting 2/2 towards Dorval and Victoria Bridge. Questions: 1. The viaduct would definitely need to be widened and I believe REM have already said as much. The question is how much and where, and does Wellington Tower in particular need to be shifted west (and the swing bridge removed). I think 6 tracks would actually be doable based only on Google overheads with the exception of the building at the corner of Rue Ann and Rue Brennan. 2. How does REM get from the viaduct exist past the Pointe-Saint-Charles yard to the Champlain Bridge?
  5. CSX to dispose of Canadian trackage?

    Given how constrained the infrastructure around Montreal is by the St Lawrence, I wonder if there is any interest by CN (and Quebec/Montreal governments also) in acquiring the CSX track, and then finding a way to get from Beauharnois to the abandoned alignment heading southwest from Delson somewhere around Mercier, which would create in effect a "southern bypass" for trains for points east that do not need to go through the Montreal yards or the Port.
  6. CSX to dispose of Canadian trackage?

    The swing bridge in Wallaceburg might be a pretty expensive reason why CSX needed a lot of revenue to bother keeping the line beyond there open.
  7. CSX to dispose of Canadian trackage?

    If this is the current state of affairs I doubt it's very good at the Chatham end https://chathamvoice.com/2015/06/24/old-csx-line-remains-for-sale/ http://www.wallaceburgcourierpress.com/2016/05/09/council-votes-to-hold-on-to-rail-line
  8. TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    Any news of 4239? (which rear ended 4212)
  9. VIA Rail Canada

    If only VIA could get some of those Caltrans-spec Siemens coaches, since the renderings I've seen have cab cars...
  10. Ontario Northland Railway

    CN Bala Sub is Class 4 track - would an F40+HEP1 set manage 80mph over any appreciable part of the Washago-Toronto section? I strongly believe insisting on restoration to Cochrane, rather than initial service between Toronto and North Bay, will skew the numbers to the point of killing this idea in infancy.
  11. http://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2018/01/22-csx-reviewing-8000-miles-of-rail-lines-for-potential-sale (excerpts below - CSX subsequently denied the B&A would be disposed)
  12. TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    This link should show ALRVs out on routes: https://www.transsee.ca/fleetfind?a=ttc&q=4200-4251&Go=Go
  13. Streetcar News

    Main Station surface routes to be disrupted to refurb the nearby streetcar tracks and the bus/streetcar loop this summer. Hydro One also doing some work. http://ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Projects/Station_Improvements/Main_St_Station/index.jsp
  14. Streetcar News

    If 505 is buses for a bit, but still using the normal platforms at Dundas West and Broadview, does that speed up streetcar ops a touch given that the entry and exit switches shouldn’t need to be operated? (Also the manual switch at Broadview-Dundas won’t require the operator to jump out depending on which car went through last)