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  1. TTC in the news

    I have never understood the objection that loops would have to be rebuilt to accommodate bidirectional cars. Just rebuild the ones you want to and don't rebuild those you don't. Unidi cars have to do wasteful on-street loops or access off-street loops. The latter loops are disruptive - they require grade separation or crossing traffic lanes whereas bidi cars can turn back within the ROW without blighting corners of blocks like Gunns or Coxwell-Queen. By the time bidi cars are acquired the OCS would be fully panto-compatible. However, the switches argument is more pertinent given the TTC's record on that item.
  2. Today's Special Sightings

    4229 OOS leaving Cherry Loop yesterday
  3. Streetcar News

    I raised this with Steve Munro in connection with the TTC/consultant paper on the OCS conversion, which makes at least two references to trolley enabling fittings being removed when the revenue fleet is fully pantograph. His reply was that the decision to abandon poles had not yet been taken. Being a philistine, I would shed no tears if the Witt, PCCs and UTDC cars became a part of a future morning shave, but even if some heritage cars are to be kept and the on hand cars cannot be easily retrofitted, there is the possibility of a swap for a heritage car in a trolley OCS agency which retains panto wiring in decent condition.
  4. VIA Rail Canada

    Do you mean Churchill?
  5. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Why would a cost-negative/revenue positive change like this take until April 2018 to implement???
  6. General Subway/RT Discussion

    There has been talk in the past that Greenwood would become a trainyard for relief line (primarily) with secondary storage for BD. How the hell to get a clear path from Greenwood yard to Pape is another matter, as there is no continuous cross street. The most immediately appealing is Boultbee to Jones and then squeeze along the railway line, but the French Catholic DSB just acquired the elementary school in that path and likely wouldn't be happy to move or suffer significant impacts.
  7. GO Transit

    Transit Toronto lists the answers as 16, and yes. http://transit.toronto.on.ca/regional/2512.shtml
  8. Today's Sightings

    A Facebook friend just posted a pic of TTC PCC 4500 at Queens Quay Station today
  9. RDC in Windsor

    Personally I'm torn on this. More RDCs if the Vermont project goes south probably means VIA can get started on some expansion projects sooner, but it's still shelling out $ for 1950s equipment.
  10. GO Transit

    Canadian Railway Observations facebook is trailing their 1 September with, among other things, an image of GO 667. First MP54AC on the way to join its DC cousin 647?
  11. Streetcar News

    Standards, procedures and requirements - let's represent that another way: 1. Would require the Legislature (primary legislation) or the Minister of Transportation (regulations, if empowered by legislation) to vary 2. Would require TTC Board to vary (in a public meeting, albeit possibly in camera when the item came up) 3. Would require TTC CEO or streetcar department head to sign off. I don't think burn-in falls under (1) but given the likely implications for warranty and/or workplace safety of skipping it and something going wrong later, it probably falls under (2) so burn-ins won't be skipped on the basis proposed in posts upthread. Would be interesting to know how it was managed through - sending 4441 out all day and night? As far as the 2016 cars go, if doing final work in Leslie is so "no big deal, no impact on TTC operations or finances" then... why not do that final work for all cars in order to hurry them up, especially now BBD are falling behind again? To me, the answer is - because it did have an impact, and now the 2016 work is public, people will be watching out for it and checking what impacts arise.
  12. Streetcar News

    Given the undisclosed nature of the work done at the Barns in Q4 2016, TTC and Bombardier can't be simply asserted to be following the contract. Dan says the burn-in was done and so, fine. But you can't blame people for wondering what "flexibility" is occurring.
  13. Streetcar News

    One wonders if sending 4441 into service without recompleting burn-in (if that is what occurred as drum113 thinks) is another example of TTC "helping out" Bombardier. Could speak to 1) desperation to fill gaps left by failing/derailing CLRVs 2) desire to fireproof themselves against a future BBD suit by saying "look how we bent over backwards to help them" 3) both