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  1. dowlingm

    TTC in the news

    Fatality at Kennedy Station (stabbing). SRT shut down, buses between STC and Warden until further notice.
  2. dowlingm


    I find it hard to believe the Heritage Baggage Cars up for sale are good for more than being parted out. Amtrak has run a few on CN track to meet axle count numbers but my sense was that they couldn't get the rest out of regular service fast enough once the ViewBags finally showed up. I don't see VIA acquiring P42s in any state since they seem to me the locomotive class most likely to be replaced by the next gen Corridor power. The P40s - I believe they were the ones who didn't get ARRA rebuild so also doubt they are coming. Maybe CTDOT picks up a few to provide parts for their other P40s. Any F40s in decent shape probably end up somewhere perpetually in power crisis like MBTA. I have heard Horizons don't do well in winter so I don't see VIA having any interest anyway - HEP wiring compatibility issues to start, but more importantly on railroad.net they are asserted to be long term stored wreck damaged and a glance at OnTrackOnLine makes me think that is correct. Essentially this feels like a bunch of stuff Amtrak held onto in the event of another stimulus rebuild, but with the Midwest order about to cascade a bunch of power and coaches plus Trump in the White House, someone decided it was time to clear out Beech Grove and Bear dead lines.
  3. dowlingm

    VIA Rail Canada

    CAF in NY just finished delivering Viewliner diners to Amtrak. Not the best run contract in the world, and Amtrak owns the design, but doable especially since the Mark II cars have relocated some vulnerable parts to the roof to make them more reliable in winter.
  4. dowlingm

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4503 in service on 504. 4505 on Queen, possibly coming back from testing
  5. dowlingm

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4503 has done a signed in test trip on 501 to Humber and back. 4504 testing near the Ex
  6. dowlingm

    Streetcar News

    Understood. Just wondering how long before that length of time becomes excessive. I didn't realize La P was doing anything to make 4401 production spec other than welding though?
  7. dowlingm

    Streetcar News

    Stuart Green (@ttcstuart) says 4401 is still in Quebec. I know as lead car for the welding project it isn't representative, and as an early car it probably has more issues than most, but that seems like a long time...
  8. dowlingm

    Ontario Northland Railway

    Let’s see if this plan has more to it than Greg G’s familiarity with the needs of local papers for free optimistic content by way of a well crafted press release. Anyone familiar enough with the Bala sub to know where and how long these two sidings are so we can estimate how many track-miles are required to connect them?
  9. I feel like the 501 is the best place for the ALRVs until they are scrapped, even if it means delayed route designation as accessible, to keep things nice and gentle for them (and generally close to a yard - maybe restrict to Humber Loop runs )
  10. dowlingm

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4502 did its sign in run on 501 on Thursday evening per TransSee, but GPS still has it in the service bay rather than the storage tracks so maybe in service on Sunday? Starting to wonder to what extent availability of service bays will delay cars coming into service given the normal maintenance requirements of a fleet approaching 100 cars in service and additionally dealing with Toronto drivers’ inability to stop running into them...
  11. dowlingm

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Perhaps Nova are promising better aftersales support than Orion provided?
  12. dowlingm

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4502 at Long Branch loop. 4501 at Leslie Barns.
  13. Shouldn't the smart folks at the Caisse be able to figure out their own contingencies rather than relying on public agencies to retain enough slack to do so?
  14. dowlingm

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    A service on Dundas miiiiiight work as for as Jones to capture the new developments around Carlaw as well as providing some options if/when DRL construction happens but east of Jones is almost all low rise. The other question is where such a route goes west of Broadview - overlap 505 or something else.
  15. dowlingm

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4502 at Main Station doing its 600km.