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  1. Hey brother, need your help, I guess you got subway right ? I have questions and need your help, can you shoot me a dm with your contact ? Please would really appreciate it. I’m in quite complication situation. Your support will be appreciated
  2. When did you do your medical and training date email? I want to know how long was the process for you after you gave your medical.
  3. Did you get a training date yet ? I beleive you did medical In January and waiting for training date right ?
  4. Apparently not, I don’t know, I have been in the que for almost 1.5 months now. Followed up twice and same response. Seems like they want people to start by end of the year more likely than compared to now.
  5. I got confirmation from MTO on May 31st and yet still waiting for training date. The recruiter said I am in the que for training date. It’s been almost 1.5 months but haven’t received anything yet. Anyone waited this long ?
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