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  1. I asked ttc the other day, and she told me "there are over 100 candidates ahead of you, so U have to be patience right now" that's what she said. So i just wonder guys who got training date,how long did they wait for...
  2. Congrats. I'm also waiting for my training date,it's been almost 4 weeks now.
  3. I ve been transfered to ttc recruiter,she informed me that the reference done and others,and what i missed
  4. I applied on jun 10th 2022, they received all my documents like education proof,medical report,police background check, mto letter,wonderlic test, job shadowing assignment ,full vaccined proof, offer sign paper,right now im waiting for the training date, the last recruiter said,someone will contact to me, however there are several candidates before me,maybe couples of weeks for the start date. Thx for asking me,i thought my english is too bad to understand, and i found ppl respond quickly in reddit but not here. Gl to everyone who applied this ttc job, I will work hard on future ttc training days, to change my family's life, I heared many stories about fail on training days and probabtion days,thats scary for me. Also the copy of driver licence,and abstract, refference check succesfully,English is my second language, i finished high school in Canada, so education proof is easy for me, i heard if high school dipolma and above from abroad will be more complicated to the process, good luck to u,hope u everything goes well
  5. Update : received a call from TTC today, medical test next Monday, at eglinton bloor somewhere,waiting for the email about the details,and asked me to submit document soon,since Im still waiting for my employment letter for the reference
  6. hey,dude, im new here, and i have a couple of questions for u, cause it seems like we have a similar time 1, what is ISN , i just know the recruiter from Cadre 2, my time line, 6.10 create a ttc account 6.11 submit application 6.17 confirmation of phone interview 6.20. interview and got a conditional offer 6.21. accept the offer at 1:00am, got email afternoon about required pre-employment Documentation, education proof, driver's abstract, reference check and so on. 3,I submitted full vaccine proof then got the latest email,i guess so, yes , i did not do the wonderlic test,just got interview , am I lucky ? i did wonderlick test 5 or 6 years ago, but when i tried to log in using the old 1, it did not exist,so i created a new account on ttc website. i dont know what the order, like wonderlic test 1st, then interview,then medical check and police check, or these checks go after document ? right now , i have all the Documentation except employment letter, my current company told me, U can get it after 2 business days from HR, the questions is the recruiter always say in the email " please submit documents within the next three business days " however in the offer letter, its 3 months not 3 business days and in the offer letter, i did not see the shadowing assignment, or maybe i dont which one is. I thank you all of you who left messages/infos, it helped me a lot p.s. the interview guy said, right now a lot of operator applications, for me probably someday on 2023, he said nobody knows when. i know this job has a long process, and i gave it up 5 years ago, because i know im bad at messy colors. and i just knew couple of days ago, i can do others but subway and LRT, thats why Im here now. communicate my future colleagues ,yeah hope so. in the future ,if everybody succeeds to become an operator, i heard , for the first 5 years, all split/night shift,life will be struggle. sorry my english is not very strong, but i typed alot, hope u guys understand what im talking about, thank u for ur time. just do not forget my question, thx
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